Box Score Recap – 5/19/2016

Lehigh Valley (22-18) Beat Toledo 8-7 in fifteen innings.  The bullpen blew a 3-1 lead in the ninth inning.  The IronPigs had to rally to tie the game with 2 runs in the 12th and 14th innings before finally walking off in the 15th inning.  David Buchanan scattered 8 hits in his seven innings.  Edward Mujica blew his fourth save in the ninth.  Boby LaFromboise weathered the four runs allowed in the 12th and 14th.  James Russell got the win.  Michael Mariot got half of the IronPigs 6 strike outs in his two innings.

The IronPigs were out hit 20-12.  Taylor Featherston hit his fourth home run.  The HR and a triple supplied two of the IronPigs three runs in regulation.  Carlos Alonso tied the game in the 12th with a 2-run single.  Alonso and Cedric Hunter tied the game in the 14th with RBI doubles.  Andrew Knapp earned the walk off with an RBI double in the 15th.

  • Buchanan – 7.0 IP, 8 H, 1 R, 1 ER, 1 BB, 1 K, 1 HR.
  • Hunter (.279) went 2-7 with a double and RBI.
  • Featherston (.315) went 3-6 with a triple, HR (4), 2 RBI, and HBP.
  • Williams (.254) went 0-7.
  • LF Ruf went 1-6 with a double, SF, and RBI.
  • 1B Stassi (.242) went 0-3 with 4 BB.
  • Sweeney (.246) went 1-6 with a sac.
  • C Moore (.250) went 0-4 with a BB and 2 K.
  • Knapp (.252) entered as a PR and went 2-2 with 2 doubles and an RBI (18).
  • Alonso (.368) went 2-6 with a double and 3 RBI.
  • LaFromboise (1) committed the error that led to the 2 unearned runs in the 12th.

Reading (26-14) Beat Bowie, 5-1.  Anthony Vasquez (6-2, 1.82) pitched seven shutout innings.  Mark Leiter and Hoby Milner mopped up.  The Baysox scored a late run following an infield error.  Jorge Alfaro and Rhys Hoskins each had 3 hits.  J.P. Crawford blasted his third home run and drew 2 walks (that’s 30 in 36 games).

  • Vasquez – 7.0 IP, 4 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 2 BB, 5 K.
  • Quinn (.255) DNP.
  • Crawford (.265) went 1-3 with a HR (3), 2 BB, and RBI.
  • Alfaro (.359) went 3-5.
  • Cozens (.282) went 0-4.
  • Hoskins (.257) went 3-4 with double and RBI (23).
  • Martinez caught stealing (1).
  • Martinez committed 2 errors (6).
  • Vasquez pickoff at first.

Clearwater (26-14) Game against the St. Lucie Mets cancelled due to wet grounds.  They return to Clearwater for a 4-game series against the Palm Beach Cardinals.  Their scheduled starters are –

  • Friday, May 20th – Edgar Garcia (3-1, 2.27 ERA)
  • Saturday, May 21st – Will Morris (2-1, 3.64 ERA)
  • Sunday, May 22nd – Tyler Viza (5-1, 1.77 ERA)
  • Monday, May 23rd – Tom Eshelman (2-1, 4.08 ERA)

Lakewood (15-24) Lost to Delmarva, 4-0.  Luke Leftwich gave up 2 earned runs in 5.2 innings and struck out eight.  The BlueClaws managed 7 hits.  Emmanuel Marrero, Carlos Duran, and Damek Tomscha had 2 each.

  • Leftwich – 5.2 IP, 6 H, 3 R, 2 ER, 1 BB, 8 K, 1 HBP.
  • Marrero (.311) went 2-5.
  • Duran (.333) went 2-4 with a double and BB.
  • Tobias (.299) went 0-4.
  • Pujols (.270) went 0-4 with 3 K.
  • Grullon (.245) went 0-3 with a BB.
  • Pujols had an outfield assist at home.
  • Grullon had a passed ball (6).

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • 5/19 – Reinier Roibal assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 5/19 – Lakewood BlueClaws released RHP Alejandro Arteaga.
  • 5/19 – Kenny Koplove assigned to Lakewood BlueClaws from Phillies XST.
  • The Rosters are up to date here.

90 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 5/19/2016

    1. Vasquez didn’t dominate for Reading the way Pinto did for 3 innings yesterday but he was consistent throughout his 7 innings of work.

  1. Knapp is hot again Featherston still is over 800 ops. Hoskins maybe turning the corner 2 Philles teams Clearwater and Reading tearing it up. PUK ON TONIGHT 7 ON THE SEC CHANNEL.

      1. Shore started last night (thursday) at LSU. I turned it off in third inning when game was wealther delayed.

        Lange and Shore was a terrific matchup.

  2. Phillies, Pigs, Fightins and Threshers combine so far for a record of 88-53.

    Great to see Knapp come up big with 2 doubles, including the walk off. Pigs grind out a tough long wild 15 inning W! Valuable exercise in learning how to win.

  3. Leftwich, Lively and Pivetta are 1 – 3 in Ks in the Phillies Minor Leagues. Lively and Pivetta have done it in 8 games and have 47 and 44 IP respectively. Leftwich has 7 starts and 35 IP. His 13.4 K/9 is very good and #1 among the Phillies minor league starters. The mis-named righty has been outstanding and at 22 y/o has proven he should be promoted at the earliest possible time. Maybe June 1 for example. If he gets one more start in LKW, then he should be ready around June 1 for moving forward.

    I can’t just recommend a guy get promoted and not figure out what happens with the team he’s promoted to. The most impressive starter is probably Elniery Garcia. He could move up to Reading which causes a chain reaction there too. John Richy has been a weak link @ Reading so he could move around. If Leftwich would replace,and a guy were to be moved down, that’s not so easy to determine. The worst of the starters at CLW is Eshelman but I like him where he’s at. Will Morris is the next most likely candidate and he could be moved to long man or sent to LKW. He’s already 24. It’s not that easy this year, just saying this guy should be moved up because another guy, who might be a very good prospect, could be misplaced. The tracks are full and it’s up to the development staff to figure out who gets moved aside.

    1. The Phillies were aggressive with Eshelman. Will Morris needs more work where he is. Imhof is a question mark. I would think he may be the weak link there. It will be interesting to see what happens in June. In the meantime, maybe one or the other may distinguish himself.

      1. No No, why move him. He is finally getting some success. Poor kid took a beating for two years. let him stay there for now.

        1. rocco…..can understand that, but he can always start there again in 2017, which he would have, for the most part, anyway. Turns 22-years old prior to next season
          Give Viza credit. 🙂

        2. When Williamsport season opens I think we will see a lot of movement all up and down the organization. They will likely promote pitchers that deserve it. Heck there is arguably 2 maybe 3 pitchers at each level pitching well enough to deserve a promotion. Its very impressive.

          Now position players are a different story. More like a number playing well but not really excelling just yet.

          1. BobD…right after the draft every year, there is an influx some years of college drafted players…and a good portion of the positional players may very well start in Williamsport. For example, in 2014 the Phillies went with a heavy flavor of college players.

    2. Leftwich is an interesting guy – he was actually a fairly high draft pick last year so that gives him some additional credibility. I’m curious to hear the scouting reports. It’s always difficult to know what to make of college pitcher who dominates in Lakewood and even Clearwater. Until the scouting reports come in you don’t know if you’ve got a real gem or just a guy who is much more advanced than the hitters he faced. Is he a Brandon Beachy (a free agent college pitcher who was lights out dominant before the injuries) or Austin Hyatt (former Phils farmhand who had great numbers – until he hit a wall at AA)? Certainly the K numbers are extremely encouraging. He’s doing something awfully well.

      1. I think what he is doing right now is a good sign. I would agree that until he gets closer to age appropriate competition it will be hard to know what he truly is and what the Phillies have in him. To go along with your question/statement about Leftwich, I’m also curious about the rebirth of Shane Watson and what his stuff is like now.

      2. Early this year was 89-92 T94, was about the same last year. I have not heard anything but confusion over his results this year (best explanation I heard was that it seemed like hitters struggled to pick up his pitches), many were not impressed with the secondary pitches and noted that he struggled to hold velocity. The most optimistic future outcome I have heard is future bullpen arm.

        1. Well that is a little disappointing to hear, I was hoping the Phils could salvage something from the Watson/Gueller picks even if it was a 4th/5th starter type with a little upside. Do you think his stuff could play up as bullpen piece say 7th/8th inning guy?

          1. Shane Watson I have also heard bullpen, but everyone liked him more than Leftwich. He has been 91-93 T94 with lift, the breaking ball is more of a slurve and likely a slider going forward than the curveball it was pre-injury. It was more solid middle relief maybe 7th inning. Most have acknowledged it was still early with him and that he needs the innings. BP’s Jeff Paternostro noted that he is especially worried about the lower arm slot and lack of changeup as potential reasons why the bullpen is likely.

  4. The LHV win last night was a testament to their determination. Buchanan withstood eight hits over seven innings to hold Toledo to one home run. Knapp and Alonso were clutch twice when hope was dim. It is nice to have Alonso back playing. He is a rock in the lineup.

    1. He’s young and unfortunately, not ready at this time. Him and Cam Perkins need to start hitting close to .850 OPS in order to be called up before September.

    2. I predict he’ll get going as the summer temp rises. Just don’t look for him before September.

  5. I went to the Reading-Bowie game yesterday.

    Vasquez was very impressive and threw a very professional game. I know he is 29 years old and not a prospect but he sure looked like someone who could help the organization. I think this was his 6 or 7th consecutive quality start.

    Hoby Milner looks a lot taller than 6-2 because he is so thin out there on the mound. His delivery must be really tough for left-handed batters. Has a Diekman like delivery. He gives the batter very little time to pick up the ball. It’s like it is coming from behind his back.

    Crawford again showing great patience at the plate. His HR almost cleared the second fence at the park.

    Aaron Brown got a clutch hit to drive in a run. You can tell that a weight was removed from his back when he got to 1st base. He had a web-gem type catch. Robbed a Baysox batter of a HR when he leaped and had the glove over the fence to catch the ball.

    Alfaro is a big man. He runs out everything hard. He didn’t go deep in many counts. he attacks the ball.

    Almost scary moment with Crawford on third, Hoskins smokes one down the third base line that hit Crawford in the leg after one hop. Before the next pitch, Dusty Warthan was no-where near the coaching box. He was right in front of the dugout. Well, Hoskins gets a swinging bunt towards third to score Crawford. The official scorer gave him a single and went to second on the throwing error plus giving him an RBI. I would have scored it a two base error. Hoskins gets the rare benefit of a gift from a visiting scorekeeper.

    Cozens hard a frustrating day at the plate but made great use of his 6-5 frame to make a twisting leaping catch in RF.

    1. I did not know he caught that little in college. This actually gives me more hope that he can improve enough to be a major league catcher defensively. Not to say he will, but the fact that much of this is somewhat new to him makes it more likely he’ll improve than someone who caught throughout college. He definitely needs a full year, maybe more, catching in the minor leagues to work on his game before moving to the majors. Would much rather see Knapp and Alfaro both stick at catcher to optimize their value and see one of them traded for a position of need.

  6. with Mariot and Hollands close to being 100% – it’s probably time for LHV to move on from Mujica and LaFunky

    1. Hollands may only be a stopover at LHV before onto Philly.
      Elvis may be leaving the building when Mario shows up in Philly and back to LHV…I may be wrong, but I think he has one option left.

    1. Bowa was mentioned somewhere as saying he needs to work on certain aspects of his fielding. He said that because the field at Reading is major league condition any errors are not from the field etc. but the fielder(s).

      1. Most of Crawford’s errors are arm related, not glove related. (Yes his backhand does need work.)

    1. There are certain players like Crawford who transcend rote numbers. OBP is his biggest offense weapon. Game changing defense (which doesn’t show up in box scores) despite erratic throws which Bowa can tend to in time.

      Another player in that mold (although not as dynamic) is his likely future keystone mate (though time will tell).

  7. I figured JP was getting promoted soon. He slumped but then bounced back which I think they wanted to see. I’m guessing Mora will play SS everyday at Reading although they might try Valentin there to see if he has the skills to be a Utility guy. It doesn’t look like he has the skills to start in the majors. Now the question is when do they promote Kingery and Tobias. Also I really want them to promote Lively but that’s a bigger discussion. I wonder if Buchannan can be traded. I don’t think he’s the 6th starter anymore. I think both Asher and Eflin might be ahead of him. Also, it’s nice to see Featherston hitting. He was a rule 5 guy last year by our current GM and played horrible. He appears to have rebounded and is showing why he was selected as a rule 5. Him earning his way back to the majors will be a nice story for him and for Klentak.

  8. It was definitely time for JP. Yes the avg doesn’t jump out, but around 600 PA’s in AA if you include playoffs last year. 18% walk rate and 12% K rate this year. BB rate has risen as he’s progressed through the minors.

    Corresponding moves will be interesting. As some have said – maybe Featherston, Kingery and Tobias all moving up???

    1. I would slide Mora to ss, bring Kingery up to AA, Tobias to Clearwater. Simple and sensible.

  9. Romus remember Keon Broxton a hs kid we didn’t sign. He just got called up he was hitting over three hundred with 7 hr. I remember lot of people like him. but he never signed. 2008 draft.

    1. rocco…..oh man, don’t start that again…lets not go down that road again about not signing guys like Workman, Susac, Frazier, Garvey et al.
      Sheeesh happens……and credit to Broxton….he is 26 years old also.
      BTW……..Phillies were picked to win at a .420 clip this season… 68 wins….Vegas lines. A .420 percent the rest of the way will give them just shy of 60 wins for a total of 84 victories. I did not play the over. 😦

  10. Romus lmao calm down. Just saying he got called up.. I didn’t know a thing about him when they drafted him. But a lot of people liked him that’s all. and my pick on wins was 64 wins I believe.

  11. I don’t get the Crawford to lvh. Unless they are pushing him.Be cause they aren’t happy with Freddie. is obp is bad. I see him swing at a lot of bad pitches. when he has in the count in his favorite. or is it Herdanez who is in trouble. with his lack of power. I Really get frustrated at him for the mental mistakes he makes too. Crawford had some good numbers but love to see him get more seasoning at double a. I hate that triple a with all those junk ball pitchers.

      1. The right move with JP might be to wait until next May to buy another year before arbitration years kick in. He’s not close to a finished product yet, don’t rush him.

    1. If you get frustrated with Hernandez, how did you like Sweeney’s cerebral stutter last night?

    2. The Phillies are not making any decisions on JPC because of anyone but what’s best for JPC and the Phillies. A top prospect like him can’t be impacted by what others are doing or what the big club needs – his development and optimizing that are paramount to anything and everything else. And when team’s don’t do that, you get Domonic Brown…………….

  12. Jim I don’t know that he did. But I don’t like Sweeney at all. I Don”t think he cant hit a lick. I don’t know how good a fielder he is, but don’t like his bat.

  13. The Ryan Howard 0fer show penciled in tonight again , ugh!!!

    Corey Ray went big yard again today, .327, 14 HR, 37 SB

  14. Rocco, I agree Sweeney has holes in his swing. His ceiling is to be a useful and versatile bench player. Not sure how much more time in minors he needs. He has pop and decent wheels. This would be a good time to DFA Burriss, bring him up and find out. Then move on if after a few months he doesn’t contribute.

    1. Yeah I’m not feeling Featherston as much as you. 26 yr old journeyman AAAA all the way.

  15. On Wednesday afternoon I was a little perturbed to see TJ resting after his big night on Tuesday, but figured it is a day game after a night game, a day off the next day, it will all allow him to settle in and enjoy his big game. Now I see the lineup for tonight and see that the Phils are again trotting out Mr .168 to play 1B and I just don’t get it. I’m not saying TJ should play every single day. Yes, give him off against a RHP who is really tough on RH hitters from time to time to keep Howard in the lineup from time to time and to keep him fresh as a PH, or DH next week, but to bench TJ for the third straight day after that game, I think is terrible. I love what the front office and Pete M are doing with this team, but this I just don’t understand.

    1. It’s completely baffling. If they are not going to play this kid, send him down so he can play. He has lost so much development time as it is, but to have him sit on the bench just wasting away so the team can play a 36 year old guy who arguably is the worst player in baseball – it’s enough to make one’s head explode. I don’t get it either. There is no satisfying explanation for this decision.

      1. Buddy/.catch…perhaps the Phillies are thinking of ways to make the transition of RH’s exit honorable, respectful and tenable.

        1. Maybe, but if so, that’s foolish. They’ve treated him well and given him every chance of rebounding and he just keeps on falling deeper into the abyss. I love Ryan Howard the person and respect what he has done, but it’s still a performance sport and they’ve gone above and beyond to treat him fairly and allow him time to recover. It’s not going to happen and now it’s interfering with the team’s future and present in a very disturbing and material way. He’s a freaking baseball player, not a head of state, they can reduce his playing time or even release him and still treat him with respect and I know they would treat him with respect. Nope, this still doesn’t make sense.

        2. I think paying him 25 million is honorable and respectful enough, he should be honored they are paying him 25 mil to hit .168… Have some pride, if not then Tell him he’s going on DL with an” injury”.

      2. There is a way. Howard should announce his retirement and do the right thing. walk away. IMO the Phillies are saying by playing howard that he is more important than the team. and the fans. You cant tell me he deserves to play. its a slap in the face to the paying fans. You should play your best,

        1. How about Blanco bench Cesar Hernandez has the lowest .ops amongst starting 2nd baseman. Mack has to say do I want to put the best team out there or be best friends with everyone body.

  16. AJ Puk looked terrible tonight. He can’t throw strikes. He was missing his target by a foot every pitch.

    1. I was watching too and he was quite awful. He’s also really over reliant on his fastball which was all over tonight. That’s his best pitch and he can’t even consistently control it. How the hell is he considered the best college pitcher. I think Hudson from Mississippi state is a much better pitcher. Not as hard a thrower probably, but I think he has a much better chance for sucess and has better control and secondary stuff. This really is a crap draft to have 1.1 it seems. I’d rather them swing for the fences with this pick and take one of Groome/Moniak/Rutherford/Perez. The HS bats have grown on me and getting a guy at a premium defensive position like Perez who most are pretty sure can play SS in the majors very well seems like a good bet. If the guy hits even without much power that’s a huge trade chip down the line. Same with the two HS CFs.

      1. I’m dead set against HS Pitching at the top of the draft, but if it’s a choice between the High Schoolers and Puk, you might as well take the HS pitchers. Puk won’t be anything more than a relief pitcher.

        1. Yeah it’s a risky proposition to take a HS arm at that spot, but compared to Puk seems like a better bet to pay off. I’ve been on the Lewis train for a little, but the HS hitters are growing on me.

      2. Hudson has thrown 97 but every is down he has a wicked Spilt. I’m with you Groome or the Hs batters.

    1. They HAVE to release him. He won’t walk away from how many millions left on the contract?

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