Box Score Recap – 5/6/2016

Friday night’s starters turned in some impressive numbers.  Alec Asher, Ranfi Casimiro, and Luke Leftwich combined for this line –

20 IP, 15 H, 3 R, 2 ER, 4 BB, 20 K, 239 pitches/174 strikes (72.8%)

(Be sure to check out Casimiro’s pitch count below, over 80% strikes in 6.0 IP.)

The bullpens weren’t too shabby, either.  Edubray Ramos, Joey DeNato, Joely Rodriguez, Luis Morales, Zach Morris, and Robert Tasin combined for this line –

8.0 IP, 5 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 2 BB, 9 K, 125 pitches/85 strikes (68.0 %)

Lehigh Valley (14-13) Beat Scranton, 5-1.  Alec Asher (2-0, 0.00) threw a second quality start in his second AAA appearance.  Edubray Ramos made his first AAA appearance a memorable one with 3 K in 2.0 innings.  Tommy Joseph had 3 hits.  He, Nick Williams, Andrew Knapp, and Brock Stassi each had an RBI.

  • Asher – 7.0 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 0 ER, 2 BB, 5 K, 93 pitches/60 strikes.
  • Ramos – 2.0, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 3 K.
  • Sweeney (.244) went 2-4 with a double.
  • Williams (.286) went 2-4 with an RBI.
  • Joseph (.375) went 3-4 with a double and RBI.
  • Hunter swiped his first base.
  • Asher committed an error on a pick off attempt.
  • Joseph was thrown out going from first to third on a single to right.

Reading (17-10) Postponed, inclement weather.  Game to be made up tomorrow as part of a double header on Saturday.  Scheduled starters – Game One, Ricardo Pinto (0-1, 4.28) and Game Two, Yacksel Rios (1-1, 3.38 ERA).

Clearwater (18-9) Beat Tampa, 5-2.  Ranfi Casimiro (4-1, 2.77) turned in a strong start, striking out 5 in 6.0 innings.  Joey DeNato and Joely Rodriguez pitched 3.0, one-hit innings.  J-Rod picked up his first save.  Zach Green had 3 hits.  Derek Campbell had 3 RBI.

  • Casimiro – 6.0 IP, 5 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 0 BB, 5 K, 1 WP, 1 Balk.  51 pitches/44 strikes (86.3%)
  • 1st Inning – 3 pitches to retire the Yankees in order. (3 total pitches/3 strikes)
  • 2nd Inning – 6 pitches, 4 batters (the first two batters in the inning went out on first pitches, the third batter struck out on 3 pitches and reached first on a WP.  The final out was recorded on 1 pitch). (9 total pitches/9 strikes)
  • 3rd Inning – 9 pitches, 5 batters (first pitch 1B, 3-pitch K, first pitch 1B, run-scoring balk, 3-pitch K, first pitch out).  (18 total pitches/18 strikes)
  • 4th Inning – 7 pitches to retire the Yankees in order. (First non-strike.  Four-pitch AB bat, 1 pitch AB, 2-pitch AB).  (25 total pitches/24 strikes)
  • 5th Inning – 8 pitches to retire the Yankees in order. (Two non-strikes.  Three-pitch AB bat, 1 pitch AB, 4-pitch K).  (33 total pitches/30 strikes)
  • 6th Inning – 18 pitches, 6 batters  (Four non-strikes. Four, four-pitch 2, one pitch AB). (51 total pitches/44 strikes)
  • Casimiro faced 24 batters in six innings and threw 22 first-pitch strikes (91.7%).
  • DeNato – 1.0 IP, 1 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 1 K.
  • Rodriguez – 2.0 IP, 0 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 0 BB, 2 K.
  • Martin (.273) went 0-4 with 4 K.
  • Green (.278) went 3-4 with a double.
  • Campbell (.188) went 2-3 with a double, triple, BB, and 3 RBI.
  • Green committed his first error.
  • Campbell stole his first base.
  • Kingery was caught stealing for the first time when thrown out attempting to steal home in the first inning.
  • Drew Stankiewicz fouled off a pitch in the sixth inning and had to leave the game. Samuel Hiciano came in to finish the at bat.
  • The Threshers are thin in the outfield with Herlis Rodriguez on the DL and Carlos Tocci out of the line up since being hit on the wrist by a pitched ball on May 2nd (except for a pinch running appearance on the third.
  • And Lakewood is also thin in the outfield with Cornelius Randolph and Zach Coppola on the DL.

Lakewood (9-18) Beat Asheville, 11-2.  Luke Leftwich (2-1, 2.25) gave the BlueClaws a quality start, striking out 10 in 7.0 innings.  Emmanuel Marrero had 4 hits.  Wilson Garcia had 3 RBI.  Jose Pujols hit his 6th home run.

  • Leftwich – 7.0 IP, 7 H, 0 R, 0 ER, 2 BB, 10 K, 95 pitches/63 strikes.
  • Marrero (.307) led off and went 4-5 with 3 runs scored, a double, and RBI.
  • Tobias (.355) went 2-4 with an RBI.
  • Garcia (.309) went 1-4 with 3 RBI.
  • Pujols (.272) went 2-5 a HR (6), 2 RBI, and 2 K.
  • Tomscha (.243) went 2-5 with HR (2), and 2 RBI.
  • Hayden (.288) went 2-4.
  • Biter (.133) went 2-4.
  • The BlueClaws went 7-13 with RISP.
  • Asheville successfully stole 2 of 2 bases against Leftwich/Bossart.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • 5/6 – Gregory Infante assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • 5/6 – Edubray Ramos assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs from Reading Fightin Phils.
  • Rosters updated here.

41 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 5/6/2016

  1. I have to admit i didn’t know much about Casimiro until I saw him at Lakewood last year. After seeing him I became a big fan. He was my breakout sleeper prospect this year. I would love to see him consistently get into the 6th and 7th innings as a starter. That was incredible strikes to pitches ratio.

  2. Alec Asher doesn’t appear to have liked AA. AAA suits him just fine. He’s on the 40 man roster so he could get the call to Philly for a spot start or two.

    Kyle Martin is hitting .120 in his last 6 games with 13 Ks. The 13 Ks are nearly half of his season total. He was hot before that. Could he be a little binged up or is this his nature?

    I really like Zach Green especially when he has 3 hits. He still K’s way too much and he doesn’t BB too much… at least not in A+. I still like him better at 3rd base but I realize Walding is standing on that base right now.

    Lakewood is showing signs of life; 6 – 4 in their last 10 games. Pujols goes yard again but the K rate is frightening. As someone said recently, he either tears the cover off the ball or strikes out.

    Pitching top to bottom yesterday was pretty good. I was hoping Stassi might get the mop up role but it was not to be.

    Anybody sick of rain? I’ve been trying to get my garden ready for planting and I can’t get to it. Also my lawn is getting very long.

    1. Yeah the same problem here in philly. I have weeds growing between my cement. I need to call lawn service.

  3. Matt Klentak was on Sirius radio on a fantasy show. They asked him who he take from the Phillies minor league system to put on his team. He said Scott Kingery 2nd of our Clearwater team. MATT said they like his energy he brings to the game. You can find it on Twitter or search matt Klentak.

    1. I think they want to be aggressive with Kingery and get the promo to Reading next month and see how he does vs AA pitching. Which lets them also promo Tobias to CLW.

      1. I found an article from may 3rd by John Mayo of Mlb . He says the Phillies have 8 guys still in the hurt for the – #1 pick.I’m posting in the Draft section klye Lewis fans will want to read it.

      2. Yeah – Tobias is again clearly above the level of competition. They need to do something there. Tobias needs to move but I don’t necessarily feel that Kingery is ready either. Need not be overly aggressive there in my opinion. Then again, he’s hardly over-matched in Clearwater, and you can always promote Mora to LV.

  4. Does anyone have detained info on Leftwich? Could we get excited about what he’s doing? I too like Casimiro and think he has a good chance to be a major league pitcher. Asher clearly wasn’t excited about being in AA and is showing the team in the best way possible. He and Morgan could easily swap places if each has another start like they’ve had. Morgan needs to pitch better next time out.
    Williams with two hits and Joseph (at DH unfortunately) with three. Both one step closer to Philly. Edubray! He’ll be in Philly before Sept

    1. Matt Wink tweeted yesterday that Leftwich stuff isn’t that great. Not exactly sure what not great consists of.

      1. Eflin is not on the 40 and Asher is. That could make a difference, especially if Asher pitches well. Also remember that Asher got some starts last year.

    2. Leftwich 89-92 T94. I don’t know anyone at his last start, but the two previous had people there and they were not impressed. In one he faded fast and fell apart, in the other the evaluator was left questioning how he was doing it. The best guess is he has good enough deception that guys were just not picking the ball up well. I have yet to hear anyone outside the Phillies be really convinced he is a starter.

  5. Wilson Garcia he’s hitting good 1 of those DR league players.I like Ramos getting called up next stop Mlb . Kingery has tied his doubles amount from last yr in half the at bats. I’m not saying nothing rain after what I seen is going on in Canada.God help them we have a low on top of us it’s been raining for 2 days.

  6. I like Kingery, He plays a good Defensive 2B, seems to be a smart, hustling kid, who is one of those guys who looks like a ballplayer, and hits wherever he plays. Cards always find those guys. He is my early choice as the Phils future 2B.

      1. He’s actually hitting pretty well considering his OBP and the fact that he’s been promoted aggressively and is showing some power. Add the stolen bases the defense and he’s doing just swell. His projection arrow is definitely up.

  7. Pujols…Not insignificant when a guy brings his bp power to in-game. It’s something that shows mental toughness and work ethic. Once it arrives…look out. Leading the league in full season A in HR/RBI at 20 is simultaneously small sample warning and breakout alert.

    1. Definitely worth keeping an eye on but he’s still 3 yrs away. Quite a few of these kids need to beef up a bit as well, including Crawford and Williams.

      1. Speaking of Crawford I was surprised he appears to not have added strength this offseason. He was healthy.

  8. How long does Joseph have to hit around .400 before they try him instead of the Mendoza twins at 1b??
    Looks like Ramos didn’t skip a beat moving up toLHV
    Tobias is wasting time at low level ball , clearly too advanced a hitter

    1. Steve,

      Ramos was on my original Top 20 for this season. I saw him lights-out in Clearwater last year and became a fan. I expected a good performance at Reading, and moving up to LHV this fast is a pleasant surprise.

  9. I think around Memorial Day, to be honest, Steve. I think Perkins and Joseph deserve a shot, and we can’t forget Asche, who will also be given a chance. I don’t see them bringing up more than 1 though, because even though we could make 3 Roster moves immediately, the Phils won’t.

    1. I think you’re right. We’ll start to see a few things prior to any move getting made: Tommy needs to play every day, then, and get more time at 1B. He’s working hard, and serviceable over there, but if he’s going to get MLB reps at 1B then he’s going to need to keep things clean over there in AAA first and play every day–not just DH and sit versus RHP.

      For Williams, as we start to see his games in LF increase, we can start to think that’s what they’ve got planned for him in the bigs. It’ll probably be a little longer for him.

      Perkins same thing about playing every day. If they’re thinking about bringing him up, he has to play versus RHP and LHP. 2 days in CF was interesting.

      At Detroit 5/23 for the big club would be DH, right? That might be a spot for Tommy. Otherwise, I gotta think June 1 Tommy and/or Perk and July 1 earliest for Williams–and only if they’re all still going like crazy.

      Waiting to hear from some of the Florida people about Asche swinging a bat. It seems that would be the first move: Asche off DL, Burriss DFA.

      1. Asche posted a video of himself on Instagram yesterday taking swings in the cage.

  10. Asche may get the call. He would be merely a place holder. Don’t get the pining for him as a relevant piece in the puzzle. Seen him. Know what he is. Might be more valuable as a part of a package come trade deadline.

  11. Joseph was DH again last night after playing more 1b recently. Not sure they’re in a hurry to bring him up for some reason.

  12. Work has been crazy so I have not kept up with this site, and i’m sure there has been discussions on this but what is holding the Phils back from replacing Burriss?

    Why not Featherston? Or since you have Blanco why not Perkins??

    They brought up Lough to replace Hunter and there was some uptick to that.

    The only thing I can think of is they see Perkins and Featherston as legit prospects to be regulars and they won’t get enough at bats in a bench role? Although since 2nd, and the corner OF spots have not had good production, why not rotate them in more?

    I guess with Joseph he still needs more development playing 1st but would love to see how he did with big league pitching. I guess patience is the key there.

    I get it that this is still a developmental year, but they do have something going with their young pitching and I think replacing Burriss could help them win a couple more and give the young guys more of a winning culture versus trotting out half your lineup with sub-mendoza guys who are not generating enough offense to help your pitchers win.

    It really is a management conundrum I’m sure. I guess the bottom line is the Phils only have two position players in their lineup who are MLB regulars right now; Franco and Herrera – and they only have 1 year or so under there belts at being regulars.

    They have a couple of guys that are either no longer regulars; Howard and Ruiz, who will be replaced by others next year. Than they have a lot of MLB bench guys (if that).

    I guess you still hang onto Goeddel because he is the only one in that group that maybe has a future to be a regular…..can they transfer him to AAA next year without loosing him? He obviously needs to play regularly in the minors….the rule 5 conundrum.

    Ruf is one of those guys who has been flirting for the past few years with not enough really to stick even in a bench position. Hernandez just can’t seem to put it together with any kind of consistency. Galvis maybe is a bench guy. He actually still surprises me that he does as well as he does with the bat at times, if he only did not blow routine plays from time to time. Blanco is a good bench guy and Rupp is an adequate back-up catcher I guess. They have 3 nominal 5th outfielders right now.

    I’m impatiently awaiting to see some the log jam released on the offensive side of things. Just saying 😉

    Would have posted in the general thread but that died a couple days ago from what I saw.

    Your thoughts guys?

  13. TJ is NOT on the 40 man roster. If his hitting is for real, Phils could lose him to Rule 5 or maybe he can become a Minor League Free agent. They should try to see if it’s all a mirage or TJ’s for real. I don’t think he’s playing enough 1B at LHV to be given a chance for call up based on that. Maybe DH in an AL team’s park but that can’t be enough at bats to know. What do the Phils do? Damned if I know.

      1. I think Morgan deserves more leash then you are giving him, especially if the option is Asher. Morgan has had one bad inning in two starts. Asher did nothing but throw BP when he was up here last year. I’d like to see him have some sustained success in AAA first.

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