Busy Day in Clearwater

A quick update on the transactions and announcements that came out of the complex today:

–Vincent Veslasquez has been named the Phils #5 starter, meaning Adam Morgan, who has been very well in Spring Training has been optioned to AAA Lehigh Valley.

–RP Elvis Arajuo and Luis Garcia both of whom spent the large majority of last season with the Phils have been optioned to AAA Lehigh Valley

–Darnell Sweeney was optioned to Lehigh Valley, while C Logan Moore, INF Angelys Nina, RP Bobby LaFromboise, RP Reinier Roibal and P Chris Leroux were all re-assigned to minor league camp

–OF Will Venable was signed to a minor league deal and is expected to compete with Cedric Hunter and David Lough for the final OF position on the roster.


20 thoughts on “Busy Day in Clearwater

  1. I don’t quite understand the signing of Venable. His stats in the last couple of years have been mediocre. I wonder, if they are beginning to have doubts about Goedell. He seems to have fallen off, as the opposition pitching improves. Rule 5 keeps him from the AAA year he could need to develop.

    1. No, it means they don’t want to go into the season with three (3) minor league OF’s having to prove they are major leaguers. That’s too much to ask of Hunter, Lough and Goeddel. Venable, even in a down year last year, put up about the maximum line you could realistically expect from either of those guys. His signing means Lough or Hunter goes to AAA. That’s all.

      1. Don’t assume Burriss has no shot, he does. But only for a week or two until Asche. Is Venable better than Hunter? Probably but I like the way Hunter plays.

  2. Really thought garcia was in the running for a strong chance to setup. A strong spring doesnt constitute a strong upcoming year

  3. Hmm I thought there are two bench / OF spots open if Asche starts out on the DL?

    At least that is what the Phils sight is reporting; leaving Venable, Burriss, Hunter, and Lough competing for two spots.

    Hopefully there will a surprise or two along the way since there is not much attraction to the outfield right now offensively other than Herrera.

  4. Venable may be in a position to, at least, platoon with Goeddel. Hunter will probably still make the team. And, Venable, with a good season, could be dealt in July. Nick Williams may force his way to the Phils by the end of July. That last part is me wishing!

    1. Ya, if I had to guess I would agree. I would say the 3-5 OF spots are going to have a lot of moving parts this year but not sure who they will be by mid-season. heck I was thinking that Borjas was going to be one of them (may still be) but he is now considered a regular by most.

  5. It’s clear what Klentak’s plan is for the OF. If the OF is Herrera, Bourjos, Venable, Goedell and Hunter, then the Phillies are prioritizing defense. If offense was the priority, the Phillies would have signed David Murphy instead of Wil Venable. All 5 Outfielders will have the ability to play CF. They are trying to help these pitchers.

    The days of watching Ruf bumble around LF are over, and Cody Asche’s chair on the team seems very wobbly. Hooray.

    1. Perhaps Venable was signed because he accepted a minor league deal. Remember that one job is only for a week.

  6. Herrera , Goebbel are the only 2 OFers that will be on the Phillies by the end of the yr. Venable was signed to a minor league deal . Sweeney getting sent down might help Asche .

    1. After Franco the opposition pitcher can take the rest of the lineup off.Unless Williams gets up here in a hurry the outfielders home run production for the year is equal to an average teams production for a week.

  7. If they kept Mujica they would owe him 2.5 million and he was not pitching like a 2.5 million dollar pitcher. Last spot is down to Frieri, Bailey, and Neris.

  8. Really disappointed that Adam Morgan was sent down to Allentown. I would have liked to see what a six man rotation (with Morgan) could do and limit the innings for the younger pitchers.

    1. The only way a team in the Phillies’ position could properly run a 6-man rotation, is if they had 6 starters they had absolute confidence could go six-plus innings every start. That way they could use the short bull-pen. Outside of maybe Nola, the Phillies’ starters have not proved they can go six-plus. With pitchers that are only going 5+ innings you need extra bull-pen arms. It’s easy to just throw out there that they should use a 6 man rotation, but you have to consider where the other parts of the team are left short.
      And when did Adam Morgan become a pitcher that the Phillies must alter their plans around?

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