Phuture Phillies 2016 Reader Top 30 #27

Alberto Tirado was selected the 26th prospect in the Readers’ Poll.  He received 92 of 339 votes (27%).  He finished comfortably ahead of Tom Windle (55 votes, 16%) and Jose Pujols (48 votes, 14%).

The Toronto Blue Jays signed Tirado, a native of the Dominican Republic, as a 16-year old free agent on July 7, 2011.  He began his pro career the following season playing at both Blue Jays’ Rookie teams in the GCL and Appalachian League (Bluefield).

Tirado pitched the complete 2013 season at Bluefield.  In 2014, he started in full season A ball at Lansing before moving to short season A in Vancouver in June.  At the age of 20, he started the 2015 season at Advanced A Dunedin.

Tirado posted BB rates between 3.0 and 4.0, and K rates between 7.0 and 8.0 during his first two seasons.  Both rose during 2014 to 8.0 BB/9 and 9.0 K/9.  In 2015, he lowered his BB/9 to 5.0 at Dunedin while maintaining a 9.0 K/9.

The Philadelphia Phillies acquired Tirado with fellow RHP Jimmy Cordero in the trade that sent Ben Revere and cash to Toronto on July 31, 2015.  He was assigned to Clearwater.

Tirado was able to maintain his high K rate, but his BB rate jumped up to 10.1 BB/9. However, 9 of his 18 walks at Clearwater came in his two appearances against his former Blue Jays’ team.  In his 9 appearances for Clearwater, he posted a low 3.4 H/9 and allowed only 1 ER in 16.0 IP.

At some point, Tirado will have to master control to be an effective reliever.

Top 30 so far:

  1. Crawford
  2. N. Williams
  3. Thompson
  4. Appel
  5. “C” Randolph
  6. Quinn
  7. Alfaro
  8. Kilome
  9. Knapp
  10. Eflin
  11. Hoskins
  12. Kingery
  13. Pinto
  14. Cozens
  15. Tocci
  16. Goeddel
  17. Medina
  18. Cordero
  19. Eshelman
  20. Canelo
  21. Lively
  22. Pivetta
  23. Ortiz
  24. Grullon
  25. Sweeney
  26. Tirado

I added write-ins Seve Gonzalez and Bailey Falter to the poll.  No real reason for Gonzalez except that he was a write-in and it helps me justify adding a pitcher I enjoyed watching last season in Falter.  Next up is your selection for #27.

30 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2016 Reader Top 30 #27

    1. Nathaniel is still trying to make his way in the baseball world. I think he should have stuck with his given first name. “Nate James” sounds like a ballplayer. It’s all in the name.

    2. Pujols in LKW this year…hopefully after 4 instructs (’12 thru’15) his hitch is corrected. If LKW is not a success (> 265/315/675 – I set the bar low)….than put him on the mound with that arm or trade him to the Yankees for their RHP Jose Pujols.

      1. There are no scouts worth their salt that have Pujols in the top 30 and 0 metrics that would support it either. He’s pretty much failed at every level including 2x at WPT.

        Romus you could be right the mound could be his ticket to the big leagues.

          1. Matt you and I go back a ways and you know I love you but those two scouts are either out of their minds or Pujols used some of that Sal money to pay them to say nice things about him.

            1. Have you watched Pujols play or are you just looking at his stat line? He has big power and room to add 15-20 pounds of muscle. He missed most of the spring due to a broken hand which set his dev back. He has pitch recognition but struggles to consistently show a mature approach. His bat is very quick and he shows feel for contact. In the field he has an average glove but the strongest OF arm in the system.

              I am more in favor of taking risk and will always have him higher, but there are a lot of people in the industry who like him a lot.

            2. Yes Matt to the extent that I can on MiLB. I see what every one likes about him and I do at times see he has really quick and strong hands.

              but I disagree with anyone that says he has strong enough pitch recognition skills to make it. he is constantly leaking out on the off speed stuff. That’s not easy to fix.

              At best he takes an Altherr type path with the bat with less defensive value is that worthy of 15-20? Possibly 26-30 sure.

            3. DMAR….in these video clips you can see the physical maturity and weight gain.

              In the cage spring 2012:

              Spring 2013:

              Summer 2014:

              Fall 2014:

            4. Romus Matt did say add weight but I’m you, Pujols remember me of a pitcher with a 97mph FB and killer slider but no control . This yr we will know more as he finally plays a full season. Maybe he becomes an elite defense OF with a limited bat. Grullon as a defensive catcher doesn’t need to hit as well he could shutdown a running game with that arm.

            5. tim…..what the Phillies did with Tocci, I think they will do for Pujols. If LKW in 2016, is not up to par, he will repeat there in 2017 and hopefully rake and get the mid-season promo to CLW in 2017 as Tocci did last year. He is Rule 5 eligible in Dec 2017, but if he doesn’t make it to AA level, he can probably be left exposed and not claimed, again similar to Tocci and the Mets’ Berrera. So the Phillies do have a few years to try to get him jump started to a higher prospect value.

        1. DMAR…..we will know within the next seven months if he is what they project him to be.
          Though Pujols and Grullon signed at the same time in that LA 2012 class, it seems Grullon, though only one stop ahead of him (CLW I think), seems to be looked upon as a little more advanced, but his positional value may some bearing there also in that regards.
          It may be a fault of mine, but when I compare Pujols to Domingo Santana, players with similar physical and raw skill make-up, at the same juncture of their age/career I just do not see it so far.

          1. Can you believe Domingo is only 23 wow it seems like forever and a day ago we learned he was the PTBNL.

            if you can hit in the big leagues it shows up pretty early at least in the OBP.

  1. Arano for the reasons I mentioned yesterday over Windle, and over Pujols because while Pujols’ upside remains large, his flameout risk is easy to see as well.

  2. I’ll take Windle over Arano. Both are low ceiling, but as a Left handed with a decent Fastball/Slider combination, at least he has a clear role in the majors as a LOOGY. Arano, as RH pitcher with 45’s and 50’s across his card, may be just another Severino Gonzalez.

  3. Hey I get Pujols, but it looks like folks are putting Windle over Arano over Imhoff. Again not really sure about how folks are valuing a potential reliever over starters.

    I mean I understand folks must think Windle has a better chance of making it to the bigs but is it that much greater than either Imhoff or Arano getting a cup of coffee or maybe a 5th starter spot or a relief role?

    Don’t really care from a top 30 perspective since I have all three hovering around the 29-35 spots, just curious on peoples thought processes.

    Trying to figure who I will put in the 30 spot since I have 5-6 potentials that all seem about the same.

      1. Not looking to argue, and I get if its just feel thing, but if you have some basis for your argument would love to hear it. Again I am not biased and just taking notes to decide who I put after pujols.

        1. 1. Being a reliever puts you on an accelerated path to the majors.
          2. Windle’s stuff plays up in the pen and in short spurts.
          3. Windle has pitched and has had success in AA as a reliever.
          4. Windle pitched in the AFL this year and posted good numbers in his limited action.
          5. Windle is considered by most (from stuff I have read) close to be MLB ready.
          I am of the opinion that legitimate back of the bullpen guys (7th and 8th inning guys) are of more value than a number 4 or 5 starter. Windle might not become a back of bullpen guy but I think the odds of him doing that are good. Imhoff’s stuff has regressed since coming out of college. I think this year Arano moves to the pen (from what I have read something that he wants to do) and I believe that his stuff will play up there. I’m not trying to be argumentative just giving my opinion since you asked. In all reality I believe that most of the prospects that are ranked from 20ish to 35-40ish are very closely grouped. It’s mostly just a matter of opinion in my opinion.

  4. I was high on pujols last year…top 20…he hurt me…hurt me bad…now I’m the Falter guy! Breakout guy

  5. Voted for Aaron Brown. I see him in the middle of the risk and reward categories compared to guys like Pujols or Windle. He has a good glove, some power and showed growth as a hitter last year.

  6. Any news on Lazarito? Reportedly he was going to make his decision yesterday and was either A] going to sign now with either the Dodgers or Cubs or B] wait till July 2 and decide between teams like the Phillies, Braves, Cards and Padres among others.

    I was shocked that there was absolutely no talk about this yesterday considering he had gotten so much press and made it clear he was going to decide on Wednesday. Not even MLBrumors had one thing on it.

    Did anyone hear anything about what he is going to do?

  7. Two late blooming prospects. Just resigned Tyler Henson and I checked his winter stats in VEWL and found that Christian Marrero who the Phillies had signed earlier played on the same team and hit .338 playing RF.


    “Rumors regarding the destination for 16-year-old Cuban phenom Lazaro “Lazarito” Armenteros are heating up, and the latest report says he could be signing with the Los Angeles Dodgers. Since he is still a young kid, the decision for Armenteros is a big one. While he was expected to make the choice earlier in the week, he has pushed it back after further consulting with his family.
    As Fansided reports, Armenteros is the eighth best international prospect, according to multiple MLB writers. Standing tall at six-foot-two and 205 pounds, he is already the size of many seasoned MLB stars. Over the past few weeks, Armenteros has worked out for a variety of different teams. At the moment, there are nine clubs interested in the young slugger.”

  9. I was just looking and out of the 65 players in the spring, 23 are relief pitchers. Should not run out of pitchers in the eight inning.

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