Phuture Phillies 2016 Reader Top 30 #21

Malquin Canelo was selected the Readers’ Poll 20th prospect.  He received 85 of 386 votes (22%).  He finished comfortably ahead of Ben Lively (69), and Nick Pivetta (51), and Jhailyn Ortiz (50).   Each received at least 13% of the votes cast.

The Phillies signed Canelo as an international free agent on May 31, 2012.  He spent his first pro season struggling in the DSL.  He started the 2013 in the GCL but was promoted to Williamsport after 4 games.

Canelo started the 2014 season in Clearwater mainly out of necessity.  Roman Quinn was still playing shortstop but began the season on the DL.  He wasn’t activated until May 19th. Rather than promote J.P. Crawford prematurely from Lakewood, the Phillies reached into eXtended Spring Training (XST) and tabbed Canelo as infield depth for the Threshers.  In 6 weeks, he got 14 starts.  He returned to XST and later went north with Williamsport for the start of their season.  After 4 games, he was bumped up to Lakewood when Crawford was promoted to the Threshers.  Canelo put up a nice line in Lakewood, .270/.319/.355/.675.

Canelo continued to post solid offensive numbers in 2015 with Lakewood – .311/.364/.466/.830.  When Crawford was promoted to Reading, Canelo followed him to Clearwater.  He looked over matched for a while (.250/.296/.323/.619), but finished strong with a .353 average over his last 10 games.

Top 30 so far:

  1. Crawford
  2. N. Williams
  3. Thompson
  4. Appel
  5. “C” Randolph
  6. Quinn
  7. Alfaro
  8. Kilome
  9. Knapp
  10. Eflin
  11. Hoskins
  12. Kingery
  13. Pinto
  14. Cozens
  15. Tocci
  16. Goeddel
  17. Medina
  18. Cordero
  19. Eshelman
  20. Canelo

Next up is your selection for #21.

59 thoughts on “Phuture Phillies 2016 Reader Top 30 #21

  1. With my vote Ortiz has the lead!
    I understand why many would not rank him since there is so little info to use for evaluation but $4M bonus is a huge amount for a low level prospect.
    I certainly would not want to give him up in relation to many guys ranked above him at this point. Obviously, more info will be coming on him soon.

    1. I am really excited to see what Ortiz can do and more importantly what he looks like and how good of shape he is in. I think he can be a very fast mover up our prospect list and I hope that he is athletic enough play in the outfield. With all that being said I went with windle here I think he can be a legitimate set up man. I think the value of back end bullpen guys are very undervalued they don’t just grow on trees and KC has proven that a good bullpen (among other things) can help win a World Series.

  2. I’m still trying to get the last 3 of my top 20 in Grullon, Pivetta , Paulino . Ortiz has nothing to go on yet. Scouting reports are nice let’s see what he does later on in the season in the GCL or LA league.

      1. I like what I saw on tape mid 90 ‘ s fb slider plus at times CU maybe avg. Also his control 50 ings 9 balls for 18 yr old plus GCL pitcher of the yr. He should see Williams port this yr . Sometimes it’s a feel about how a kid looks or doesn’t. There’s a Temple award winning line backer this yr 4 yrs ago he had had zero stars next to his name. Goes to should you there ‘s so much Talent out there you can’t see everyone.

  3. I know nothing about Ortiz. But when he had signed for the big bonus, and had been ranked in the top 5 international signings last year, I did expect him to be higher rated that he is. Not just by this board, but by the scouting community generally. But he doesn’t appear on any top list, anywhere.

    1. I know that he was the number 1 international prospect the year before he signed but the year that he signed he dropped due to concerns about his weight and his long swing that implied a lot of strikeouts. I don’t think that there are a lot of 16 year old la signings that end up highly ranked on top prospect lists due to the lack of knowledge on them but I could be wrong.

  4. I went with Lively again. Ortiz could be the 2nd coming of Manny Ramirez or possibly Larry Greene. I don’t know and I don’t think anyone here knows. So he’ll fall outside my top 30 until he swings a professional bat… at least once.

    1. bellman,

      I agree. Also, the weight issue seems almost an article of faith among those who want to rate Ortiz high. Obviously, I don’t know the kid, but I’d be leery of betting the ranch on the maturity, character and work habits of an overweight 16-year-old who has yet to swing a bat in a professional game.

      I voted Sweeney today, torn between the assessment that he’s just a future utility player and the comps he put up against higher ranked players at similar stages of their careers.

      Right now, thinking of Edubray Ramos next based on his Clearwater play last year, though he wasn’t so dominant in Reading. Not stuck on him, however, and could go Pivetta or Aaron Brown next.

      1. I’m not comfortable voting for Ortiz this high either, but mostly because he’s so young, and to a lesser degree because of his body type (although a little pudge hasn’t hurt a great many first basemen). That said, I think we should be careful about jumping from there to using words like “maturity, character and work habits.” Being overweight isn’t a character flaw, or just a product of maturity–if it were, there would be a lot of fat 16-year-olds and thin 40-year-olds, when just the opposite is the case! And although I don’t think you meant it this way, the “character and work habits” criticism gets thrown at Latin players far too quickly.

        1. Andrew,

          Understand, I’m not criticizing Ortiz who I admitted I do not know. I was just raising the issue of putting so much stock in a 16 year old who has yet to mature. Weight is a legitimate question. Will Ortiz show the discipline to get into shape? If he does, he’ll certainly move up in the lists. If he doesn’t it might reflect on his maturity.

          As for Latin players, stereotyping them was the farthest thing in my mind in raising questions about this one individual.

          At any rate, I’m rooting for him.

  5. Lucas Williams looks intriguing. He hit .304/.435/.377/.812 in August. He took the month of July to get going. He didn’t show a lot of power but the 19 y/o is still growing into his body. The 3rd round pick plays 3B and could develop into a very nice player. Late 20’s could be in his zone of our top 30. I know that he came from nowhere to get picked in the 3rd round but he’s here now and showed he has some staying power.

  6. I have Arano here over Pivetta. I like Arano’s floor and ceiling combo. Hard not to see a big leaguer in there, and if it’s in the pen he could have impact. Similar how some see Tirado, though I see Tirado’s floor as a AA washout due to his control.

    1. Agree with you. Arano, for his age, is further along than most, level-wise.
      Hope he gets stretched to start later this month.

      1. Not sure if he was the youngest pitcher, but at 20 years old I think he was the youngest starter in the first half of the season.
        Taking into consideration his age to level, he probably scored well with your metric formula on pitching
        I still think they will start him there again in CLW and see how he fares. Then maybe a promo to reading at the mid season mark.
        And he pitched against even older players in the Mexican winter league and did well in a relief role. Last spring, LA was really impressed with him.

        1. If you’re looking at age to level, nobody was better than Severino Gonzalez, a 22 year old starting pitcher in MLB and AAA. I’d vote for him if he were on the ballot. Since he isn’t, I went Grullon here and Valentin next before I write-in Sev.

          1. Yeah, but it’s not just about age and level, it’s about tools and projection. Sev Gonzalez has the type of stuff that allows him to be pretty good in the minors, but be barely passable in the majors. Unless he develops some trick “out” pitch or gains a ton of velocity – he’s nothing but a AAAA player.

      2. Correct. In fact on the whole roster, only CF Carlos Tocci and emergency/late season call ups INF Luis Espiritu (4 G, 8 PA) and INF Jose Antequera (3 G, 4 PA) were younger.

    2. brad,

      Mentioned above that I’m thinking Edubray Ramos, Pivetta or Aaron Brown next, but forgot Arano, who’s also a candidate. He dominated in the games I saw him pitch last year.

  7. I like the projections Ortiz has, however that is mostly what they are just projections. Now if he comes out and has a good year he could shoot up into top 15 on list. Right now there are a few worthy candidates for this spot based on both projections and what they have done.

  8. Lively is the perfect combination of mediocre scouting reports and mediocre stats….meh. Likely scenario is as a 6th starter who shuttles between AAA and MLB. Maybe, just maybe, he is able to hold down a 5th starter spot that some on this board this is “so valuable” but in reality is easy to find.

    Not my kind of prospect. I like higher ceiling guys.

  9. Matt Gelb has reported on twitter that the Phillies have reached a deal trading Jesse Biddle. No other information avaliable at this tine.

    Pirates per Salisbury

    1. They traded him for spare parts. I just don’t get that I think he still had a chance to make tha majors possibly as a reliever. I know he wasn’t thought of highly with his past two years but still he had to be worth more than a spare pitcher.

        1. not until closer to the start of the season. by dumping him that has allowed them to pick up two more mediocre relievers- i think at this point, the phils have more of those on the 40 man roster than the sixers have second round draft picks.

        1. It’s probably the best they could do under the circumstances, but when you get a young pitcher like this from the Pirates, they’ve probably already concluded that Ray Searage can’t fix him – so what makes us think that Bob McClure and company can? Just saying.

        2. I saw that Romus he does have some strikeouts to his name and a lot of BB’s but that pen is getting pretty darn full…

          1. Here is a scouting report on him Sep 2014 by Colin Zarzycki Rotographs :
            ‘Medina was somewhat the reverse of Farquhar last year, posting a solid ERA, but less appealing peripherals. His 3.76 SIERA isn’t bad by any stretch, but it isn’t the elite level that some just buying in on the surface stats may be projecting. The righty pushes a mid-90’s fastball and a double digit SwStr%, so the raw stuff is not lacking. Medina’s big issue is walks; he barely cracked 50% on F-Strike% (that’s bad) and his 13.8% BB% is not a sustainable mark for an elite setup man. He should open the season working in fairly high-leverage situations and has strikeout upside, so he’s worth a snag in holds leagues (and might be Farquhar’s handcuff to open the season), but don’t hold on too long if he’s also the owner of a 5+ BB/9 in April.’

    2. I don’t like this move as a fan or from the perspective we try to have on this board as armchair front office types. I hope Bobby LaFromboise has a productive year, but I can’t say he’s any more likely to be successful than any other bullpen waiver guy we’ve picked up this offseason. And if so many bullpen guys are flowing in and out of waivers, couldn’t we just wait for the season to start, put Biddle on the 60 day DL, and then pick up another equally attractive bullpen piece at that point?

      Maybe someone can fill me in on why LaFromboise is worth it. But even if you can do that, also remind me why Dan Stumpf, Michael Mariot, and Colton Murray are too.

      This really reminds me of when Inciarte was let go in favor of a couple weeks of Ezequiel Carrera. I don’t even think Biddle has a great chance of success at this point, but I have to think we could have gotten more for him, and the fan in me really hates to see him go to the Pirates, who I hate and who are great at remaking struggling pitchers’ careers.

    3. Since the Phillies DFA’d Biddle I’m guessing it was either take this deal with the Pirates, let him go for nada, or return him to the 40-man and drop someone else.

      I assume they were not able to transfer him to the 60-day DL or they wouldn’t have DFA’d him to begin with…

      1. I think they’d have had to wait for the season to start to be able to put him on the 60-day DL, which, I mean, so what? Bobby LaFromboise is that important? I don’t get the decision.

      2. No DL roster moves are made till the season starts. I’m wondering if the trade was made because the Pirates actually placed a claim on him.

    1. That could be the case.
      If they go with Groome as a HSer, I hope at 2.42 they go a collegian pitcher, maybe someone like a LHP Ben Bowden from Vanderbilt or Jared Poche, Nola’s old teammate from LSU….hopefully they will be still there.

      1. Since there are no college bats, I hope they go HS bat 1:1, then go over-slot on HS Pitching in rounds 2 and 3. I don’t want any HS Pitching at 1:1.

        1. From the reports I have seen I believe that Groome is mature past his years and very baseball smart. I would be happy with getting him.

  10. I think I’ll go Grullon here. None of the pitchers still on the board really excite me, and Grullon’s defensive skillset makes me think he’s a decent bet to be a major leaguer of some sort. The late-blooming success of Carlos Ruiz (among many others) shows that catchers don’t really have to hit much at all, so long as they have other attributes, and if they develop any kind of a bat whatsoever they are extremely valuable. Not sure Grullon has it in him but give me his potential over Lively’s highly replaceable skillset any day.

  11. Phillies signed 2 lefty relief pitchers for AAA. Jeremy Bleich – 29 yr season, in Pirates org. last year and Edgar Ibarra – 27 yr season, in Angles org. last yr.

    1. Just for once….I want to hear that the Phillies are one of the nine clubs interested in 16-year old Cuban Lazaro Armenteros
      And now I read that his agent and him may be willing to wait until July 2nd to sign…..the Phillies with approx. $6M in allocation for the first pick could be in the game. And with some creative trades that could go up to $9M.

        1. We might actually have a chance signing Groome as he is a huge Phillies fan but he would make more money without the current draft rules.

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