Post Season Report Card–Second Base

Lehigh Valley

Cord Phelps, 28, Signed as a free agent in 2015; .229/.319/.290 in 397AB; 3HR 34RBI; 5SB; 12%BB/18%K; .292 vs LHP; .202 vs RHP; .143 last 30 days; 55 games at 2B with 4 errors (.984); 4.53 R/F; 55 games at 3B with 6 errors (.950); 2.07 R/F; Phelps had by far the worst year of his minor league career with the bat, struggling almost all season but particularly at the end.  Grade: D; 2016: Another organization

Tyler Pasternicky, 25, Acquired from Texas in 2015; .286/.358/.367 in 98AB with Lehigh Valley; 1HR 4RBI; 1SB; 9%BB 9%K rate; 20 games at 2B with 3 errors (.972); 4 games at 3B with 1 error. Acquired around the time of the Chase Utley deal, Pastornicky was needed as an upper level insurance policy.  He played well in his role and profiles as your stereotypical AAAA middle infielder.  Grade: B-; 2016: Could stick around as a back up in Lehigh Valley


Brodie Greene, 28, Signed as a free agent in 2015; .251/.338/.299 in 338AB between Clearwater and Reading; 0HR 24RBI; 4SB; 11%BB12%K; .177 last 30 days; .241 for Reading; 88 games at 2B with 7 errors (.982); 4.25 R/F; Also played 4 games in the OF and 1 game at SS. Greene was signed after Carlos Alonso was lost for the season injured and did a competent job filling in.  Grade: C; 2016: Another organization

Angelo Mora, 22, Signed as a free agent in 2010; .312/.356/.447 in 340AB between Clearwater and Reading; 3HR 39RBI; 4/11SB; 7%BB/15%K; For Reading: .327/.411/.531 in 113AB; 3HR 18RBI; 12%BB/21%K; .348 last 30 days; 50 games at 2B with 7 errors (.969); 4.42R/F; 37 games at SS with 9 errors (.934); After hitting .214 for Lakewood in 2013 and .227 for CLearwater last year, Mora put together an outstanding season first at CLearwater, then at Reading.  He hit consistently all year and added even a bit of punch when called up to the Fightins.  Grade: A; 2016: Reading

Carlos Alonso, 27, Phils 32nd round pick in 2010; .262/..392/.333 in 42AB; 0HR 6 RBI; 12 games at 2B with 1 error (.979);  Alonso was expected to play every day at 2B for Reading and was lost early in the season to a knee injury.  Alonso is a guy that does nothing outstanding but everything very well and is one of those guys that you love to have on the team.  Gets on base, scores runs, solid in the field and a great guy in the clubhouse.  My hope is that he is back and playing in Lehigh Valley next year, but I admittedly do not know how he has progressed from knee surgery,


Jesmuel Valentin, 21, Acquired from Dodgers in 2014; .273/.351/.424 in 99AB; 1HR 14RBI; 11%BB/14%K; .200 vs LHP; .304 vs RHP; 26 games at 2B without an error; (4.58 R/F); 5 games at SS without an error. Valentin missed the first 4 plus months of the season suspended because of an incident that occurred towards the end of Spring Training, stopping any real progress this year.  That said, when he came back in late July and through August, he was solid with the bat and very good with the glove for Clearwater.  Grade: Inc. 2016: Reading

Derek Campbell, 24, Phils 20th round pick in 2014,.222/.283/.313 in 320AB between Lakewood and Clearwater; 2HR 34RBI; 6SB; 3%BB/19%K; For Clearwater: .257/.352/.352 in 105AB; 1HR 12RBI; 3SB; 6%BB/21%K; 37 games at 2B with 2 errors (.987); 4.24 R/F; 76 games at 3B (most at Lakewood); 13 errors (.982); Campbell played much better in Clearwater than for Lakewood but was still nothing more than very average.  Grade: C-; 2016: He may get caught up in the numbers game


Scott Kingery, 21, Phils 2nd round pick in 2015; .250/.314/.337 in 252AB; 3HR 21RBI; 11SB; 7%BB/16%K; .323 vs LHP; .226 vs RHP; .253 last 30 days; 65 games at 2B with 4 errors (.986); 4.26 R/F.  Kingery is a guy that I am very excited about that when you watch has that “something special” that you look for in a baseball player.  That said, he didn’t produce with the bat as I expected.  I expect him to take it up a notch in 2016.  Grade: C; 2016: Lakewood to start


Josh Tobias, 22, Phils 10th round pick in 2015; .321/.362/.375 in 240AB; 4HR 37RBI; 12/22SB; 6%BB/17%K; .348 vs LHP; .310 vs RHO; .340 last 30 days; 55 games at 2B with 9 errors (.962); 4.11 R/F.  Tobias was simply outstanding with the bat and clearly operating at a level (or two) above the competition.  Needs some work with the glove.  Grade: A-; 2016: Tobias profiles as a guy that the Phils would strongly consider “double bumping”.  A year older than Kingery and with excellent production, Tobias should start in Clearwater.


Jonathan Arauz, 17, Signed as a free agent in 2013; .254/.309/.370 in 154 AB: 2HR 18RBI; 2SB; 7%BB/16%K; .239 vs LHP; .260 vs RHP; .240 last 30 days; .233 with RISP;  25 games at 2B with 1 error, (.990); 19 games at SS with 2 errors (.973).  A nice season for Arauz, who shows a lot of potential at a very young age.  Extremely solid in the field.  Grade: B; 2016: Williamsport

Jose ANtequera, 20, Signed as a free agent in 2013; 241/.297/.336 in 137AB; 1HR 10RBI; 15SB; 8%BB/11%K; .235 vs LHP; .250 vs RHP; .163 last 30 days.  19 games at 2B with 2 errors (.969); 3.26 R/F; 11 games at SS with 4 errros (.907); Antequera was solid, up until the last month of the season where he really struggled with the stick.  Grade: C; 2016: Backup in Lakewood



40 thoughts on “Post Season Report Card–Second Base

  1. No mention of Henson at Lehigh.
    He played everywhere well. Best clutch hitter the team had. Sadly had his worst BA and OBA ever.
    I know he’s a FA and will look elsewhere, he should have got the call for the fall.

  2. Second base worries me the most out of any position when it comes to the future. Cesar is solid but we really need Kingery, Tobias, and some of these young kids in the lower levels to pan out. Valentin is still so young and seemed to hit very well when he came back so I have hope for him but it’s good to have multiple others with upside at the position.

    1. Second base is one of the hardest positions to get an elite prospect. We’ve been spoiled with the success of Chase Utley. At this point, I would be happy with somebody who can give consistent average production with a decent glove.

      1. Yeah but considering we don’t have Ryan Howard, Pat Burrell, Jimmy Rollins, or Jayson Werth type young players who can hit for power, we need to spread it around and get some kind of power out of 2nd at the very least. We have no idea if Nick Williams or anybody in our system really has that kind of power where they can hit 20-30 HRs. We have legitimate power at third and some power at other positions but that’s it. We don’t know if Crawford will give us any, and we don’t know how much our next 1B will give us. Cesar is fine for now but in the future we need a 2B with at least some power.

        1. You are correct, other than Cozens on the horizon, the outfielder prospects at the upper levels do not project with 20+ homer power. We should be good at third, Crawford a little, maybe Hoskins can be a 20+ guy. Alfaro and maybe Knapp are 20+ guys. A couple thoughts.

          We were spoiled with the homer happy Phils of the past. They were not very good at getting base hits with runners in scoring position but you knew they could always club one or four and take a game. That may not be the formula for success with the phuture phils? I am not a big stats guy like most on this site, but from watching and following a lot of baseball I’m not sure you have to have more than 2 or 3 guys with 20+ potential if you have good pitching, solid defense, and more than your share of good hitters?

          1. Just thinking bout the 1980 WS Phils, Who besides Schmidt and Luzinski had 20+ power. Not Boone, Bowa, Trillo, Maddox, etc I’d have to go back and look but I don’t think Rose or Mcbride (I think he was on that team)

            1. The 1980 team wasn’t overly powerful, but they all took walks and nearly everybody was a Gold Glover at their position except Luzinski.

          2. I’m with you there. I prefer guys who hit for average over guys who hit for power and strikeout a ton. That lineup was not at all balanced once they let Werth walk. We do need some power though. If Odubel can give you double-digits, Franco can give you 20-30 (still a big if imo), you can get 20+ from one of the corner outfielders and hopefully 1B and double-digits from 2B and catcher then I think you’re good. Especially if you have power on your bench. Then you just need really good pitching, hence my insistence the Phillies sign an ace and draft potential aces.

            1. Well its a good bet they will draft a potential ace with this next draft. As far as signing one in the next several months? I guess there will be a lot of debate on that. I’m with you though and see the need to sign one at some point since right now we have Nola and ?

              I was hopeful that between Morgan, Eichoff, and Asher we may have a 4 and 5 starter between the 3 of them. I’m still hoping that there latest struggles are just growing pains and running out of gas. But you really would like to see some guys who can do what Thompson did last night(at the MLB level), or at least go 7 innings. I just don’t think now that we can learn that this season. So we need to sign more than 1( 2-3 FA pitchers) for next season who are hopefully better than Harang

            2. There are Cuban athletes that can be signed and bring more immediate results, then signing LA 16-year olds.
              Vladimir Gutierrez…19…6’3”, 173 lbs….RHP
              FBl: 65 | CB: 60 | CU: 50 | Control: 55

            3. I’m thinking Samardjia would be a good guy to take a flyer on. If you can get him for under 20 mil a year then that’s a risk I’d take. The problem is teams are holding onto their guys much longer than they used to and it means they don’t hit FA often until they’re in their 30s. To me only Price is worth a big contract. After that well I guess just try to find some more Billinsgley types.

          3. I think the expression you hear often from managers……you need ‘good pitching, good defense and TIMELY hitting’…….they do not even mention good hitting or HR power hitting.

            Further, the power game seems to be more of an aspect of the American League game. Perhaps the DH drives it, not sure.

            1. Good point Rom. Yes, should have defined the good part, but did mean more towards timely.

              The bash and dash teams of 2006 – 2011 were insanely frustrating in the timely hitting department except for homeruns. Almost all of their highlights were some one loosing a ball.

            2. true, but then the royals win the AL with nobody getting 20 homers and not a true #1 starter- but they definitely met the pitching, defense and timely hitting model

          4. I realize he’s in the bigs now, but such a short time I still count him among this years minor leaguers — Aaron Altherr clearly has 20+ HR potential. He’s got 17 for the year in about 500 AB and at only age 24, at least a slight increase in strength/power is to be expected. Nick Williams is only 20 and has 17 HR in AA in less than 500 AB and also a lot of doubles and triples. I think he can easily grow into 20+ HR as a major leaguer. I doubt he’ll make enough contact to warrant playing him in Philly, but Brian Pointer has shown 20+ HR power the past two seasons, to go with BA well below .250. Sandberg is another the power is there, but the contact isn’t guy.

            1. I think the same about Altherr but you never know once they hit the majors. He’s impressed in that department so far though.

          5. If you take the number of rbi generated from home runs alone and it’s league average or better, you’re fine without 25-30 HR hitters. People like to think it’s great to have home run hitters in the middle of the order but its total runs generated — rather than distribution confined to power slots in the order — that matter.

        2. I think you’ll be able to get some power, but likely in the 10-15 range. Right now, it’s more about finding starters who can give a decent WAR. Herrera and Franco are keepers. There is optimism with Altherr. Add Crawford, Williams, Knapp, Alfaro (assuming one of the last 2 plays 1B), it could get interesting. If the Philies get above average production in at least 4 of the 8 position starters, you might be able to get away with average production at 2B. Obviously, the Phillies will not field a team of superstars at every position.

          1. 10-15 HRs out of second would be fine by me. A good fielder who can hit for average and put up 10-15 a year is more than fine for 2B.

  3. I don’t understand why Brodie Green does not promoted as he hit adequately and played his position well defensively at Reading this year at least as a backup.

    1. Because he’s 27 and has a .636 OPS in AA. If you look at his career numbers in the minors, he’s never been an adequate hitter, except for one year in the CAL league.

  4. Who is regarded as the best Defensively at 2B in the system. One of the major problems with the current Phils is that base running and Defense has been subpar. So, I am happy with good OBP, timely hitters, in the field who give you good Defense.

    1. Probably Valentin, followed by Kingery. But if Malquin Canelo can get to the majors and SS is occupied, he would probably make an excellent 2B.

      1. I totally agree about Canelo. I also think Herrera could be moved there depending on how the OF shakes out.

  5. I’m interested to see what Valentin can do if he’s in Reading next year, since I recall him being ranked around 15th among Dodgers prospects at the time of the trade. I don’t get to see Clearwater on but with LA having a good prospect system, I’m interested to see if he can turn into something for us or not so watching him at AA should give a clearer picture.

    Longer term Canelo sounds interesting, liked what I saw from him at Lakewood.

    1. Agree…Valentin at Reading should be interesting if placed there…..I hope Kingery starts at CLW and forces the move up for Valentin.

  6. Arauz only gets a B? A 16 year old playing professional baseball stateside can’t really play any better. Arauz had a better season in the GCL at 16, than Franco had at age 17. The only 16 year old in recent memory with a better season was Domingo Santana.

  7. Eickhoff should have won that game tonight . 2nd base Valentin has played 8 different positions but his best is 2nd. Kingery should be the next 2nd baseman .Tobias and Valentin + Sweeney Can all played different positions. 1 of them could take Blanco postion , any of them will and can take Cesar postion.

    1. You’re talking about guys who are at least 2-3 years away from making a roster. A lot can happen in that time. I remember predicting early on that Roman Quinn would be the shortstop of the future his first year. After that, I stopped making early predictions. You’re forgetting that Galvis and Cesar are both only 25. If Crawford comes up next September, you’re looking at possibly 3 players (including Sweeney) fighting for the 2B job. I’m not saying that a superstar will emerge from that group of 3. I’m hoping that one can hold onto 2B and be decent.

      Kingery/Tobias/Valentin will have to keep on hitting just to make a MLB roster, let alone take 2B. At this point, it’s way too early to predict where their future will be. If they keep on hitting, they’ll get to where they need to be. However, it’s likely at least 1 of them will bomb out. Those are just the odds.

      1. Both Kingery and Valentin play plus defense. Being a 2nd rd pick he was jumped to lakewood one of the hardest places to hit. Kingery probably will be in clearwater next yr. Valentin in Reading maybe half yr or a little bit more. Kingery be moved to Reading too. Both reading and AAA or the Philiies have 2nd base block. 2 to 3 for players that be in reading very soon . Quinn has had injuries or he might have been up . We will see now that Cesar hurt so Sweeney will get the chance. We Finally have legit 2nd base that Chase J Roll r going for a couple more WC .

  8. They have to be better then the inter defense we have now . The phillies are last in negative runs on defense. I also think we’re last in Homers in the infield .

  9. Galvis could be the Phils’ future 2b-man when Crawford takes over SS. Great D, with just enough offense. Brown has a shot at hitting over 20 HR again in RF, but I don’t think he will.

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