Post Season Report Card–First Base

We will be looking at every player in the organization, broken down by position in a review of their 2015 performance along with a projection of where they will be in 2016.  It is important to note that when graded, I am considering my expectation of what the player would do against themselves not against others.

Lehigh Valley

Russ Canzler, 29, Signed as a free agent in 2015,.274/.333/.416 in 394AB; 10HR 47RBI; 8%BB/18%K; .295 vs LHP; .264 vs RHP; .266 last 30 days;  40 games at 1B with 3 errors (.991); 24 games at 3B with 3 errors (.936); 13 games in the OF with 1 error (.955); Grade: B-.   Canzler had a good year, albeit a year in which he missed a chunk of time with an oblique injury.  After a slow start, Canzler gave the Phils the offensive output expected from him.  Next year: I don’t expect Canzler to be back based on roster movement below.

Tommy Joseph, 24, Acquired from San Francisco in 2013, .193/.220/.301 in 166AB for Lehigh Valley; 3HR 18RBI; 2%BB/20%K; .200 vs LHP; .189 vs RHP; .247 last 30 days; 30 games at 1B with 3 errors (.989); 8.80 R/F; 19 games caught with 1 error (.992); 7/15 CS.  Grade:D.  Another lost season for Joseph who missed the large majority of the season after suffering another concussion which necessitated his transition to first base.  Still far to early to judge his future at first, but I think he will have difficulty hitting enough for long term success.  2016: Lehigh Valley. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him removed from the 40 man roster.


Brock Stassi 26, Phils 33rd round pick of 2011, .300/.394/.470 in 466AB; 15HR 90RBI; 14%BB/12%K rate; .255 vs LHP; .317 vs RHP; .250 last 30 days; 112 games at 1B with 5 errors (.995); 8.69 R/F. Grade: A.  Simply couldn’t have done more than what he did this year, albeit as an older AA player.  More athletic that those we fell in love with that came before him (Rizzotti, Ruf), STassi knows how to hit, led the league in RBI’s and plays a good 1B.  That said, I am still unconvinced he is a major leaguer.  Stassi is just one season removed from hitting .232 as a 25 year old in Reading.  2016:  Lehigh Valley.  Note that he is Rule 5 eligible.

Art Charles, 24, Acquired from Toronto in 2013; .215/.304/.367 in 289AB; 8HR 45 RBI; 12%BB/26%K; .186 vs LHP; .220 vs RHP; .159 last 30 days; .232 with RISP; .117 Post All Star Break; 36 games at 1B with 4 errors (.988); 8.83 R/F. Grade: D; After starting the season on fire, other than showing a good eye, he was awful since.  A hulk of a man, Charles power output does not equal his physique and he strikes out a ton.  With talent throughout the system at 1B he may struggle to be rostered next season. 2016: Backup in Reading


Rhys Hoskins, 22, Phils 5th round pick in 2014, .319/.395/.518 in 498AB between Lakewood and Clearwater; 17HR 90RBI; 10%BB/18%K rate; .380 vs LHP; .287 vs RHP; .326 last 30 days; 122 games at 1B with 11 errors (.990); 8.93 R/F. Grade: A.  Continued, consistent progress by Hoskins who hit for average, with power and produced RBI’s.  He didnt miss a beat when promoted to Clearwater, hitting .317 in 243 AB with the Threshers.  Next year will be his true test ;2016: Reading

Willians Astudillo, 23, Signed as a free agent in 2008; .314/.348/.384 in 385AB; 3HR 49RBI; 3%BB/3%K rates; .307 vs LHH; .319 vs RHH; .302 last 30 days; 39 games at 1B with 1 error (.997); 8.82 R/F; 33 games at C with 1 error (.987); 4 passed balls; 16/40 CS (40%); 2 games at 3B with 1 error; 1 game in the OF.  Grade: B; Its tough to give a player who is consistently among league leaders in batting average any less than an A, but Astudillo still doesn’t walk, doesn’t hit for power, cant run, and is without a true position.  Because of those things, his time will eventually run out in minor league baseball and it will run out with him consistently hitting above .300.  2016: Clearwater


Kyle Martin, 22, Phils 4th round pick in 2015; .279/.325/.446 in 251AB; 5HR 37RBI; 6%BB/21%K; .194 vs LHP; .307 vs RHP; .244 last 30 days;  55 games at 1B with 3 errors (.993); 11.51 R/F; Grade: B; After starting absolutely on fire, Martin came back to Earth during the seasons final six weeks.  A huge man, Martin will have to show more of the power that was shown often in college.  Numbers against lefties are “Howard like”  2016: Clearwater


Brendon Hayden, 22, Phils 16th round pick in 2015; .291/.376/.395 in 179AB; 3HR 20RBI; 11%BB/13% K rates; .395 vs LHP; .262 vs RHP; .234 last 30 days; 48 games at 1B with 2 errors (.995); 8.73 R/F. Grade: B; Hayden played very well for Williamsport, clearly showing he knows how to hit.  He slowed down at the end of the season, getting hurt and spending some time on the DL. He picks up the ball well in the field but his range is extremely limited. 2016: Lakewood

Jesus Posso, 20, Signed as a free agent in 2012; .236/.283/.404 in 161 AB: 6HR 21RBI; 4%BB/15%K rate; .226 vs LHP; .241 vs RHP; .239 last 30 days; 29 games at 1B with 2 errors (.993); 5 games caught with 2 errors (.964); 1 passed ball; 1/6 CS; Grade C; Almost fully transitioned out of the catcher position and into first base, Posso hit inconsistently but with power. At 5’11 max, doesn’t profile as a 1B.  2016: Lakewood


Luis Encarnacion, 18, .271/.313/.370 in 192AB; 4HR 36RBI; 6%BB/19%K; .302 vs LHP; .262 vs RHP; .284 in August; .299 with RISP; 41 games at 1B with 9 errors (.977); SIgned as a free agent in 2013; Grade: B; Solid second season in the GCL for Encarnacion who still oozes potential. Glove needs some work.  2016: Maybe a start in Lakewood to get in a full season of AB’s but certainly ready for a move to Williamsport.

Scott Tomassetti, 22, Phils 34th round pick in 2014; .264/.330/.352 in 92AB: 1HR 12RBI; 7%BB/27%K; 8 games caught with 1 error (.972); 1 passed ball; 3/11 caught stealing (27%); 15 games at 1B without an error. Tomasetti did what was asked of him and did an adequate job of it.  Grade: B-; 2016: I would be surprised to see Tomasetti back.  His skill set is limited and as a 34th round pick his rope is thin.

33 thoughts on “Post Season Report Card–First Base

  1. Brock Stassi should be protected on the 40 man roster and allowed to be the primary 1B at Lehigh Valley to allow progression of every one else. Let’s see what he can do at AAA and then evaluate.

    1. I can’t envision the Phillies wasting a spot on the 40 man on Brock Stassi. If they do, I don’t think they’d keep both he and Dugan on the 40 man roster. That’s one too many future bench pinch hitters on the roster.

      1. If the Phillie plan on diving into the Rule 5 again in December, then the November 40-man must be a 39-man. And the spots become precious and B Stassi would seem not to be a candidate for one of them IMO.

        1. A story of this off-season is that the Phils can easily store Stassi, Dugan and even Joseph on their 40 man roster with room to spare, even saving 2-3 slots. This is not to say that any of the 3 would be picked up if left unprotected. Joseph performed well late, Stassi played well all year long and Dugan played well not at all, but was hurt.

          But when you separate the expired contracts and the waiver pick-ups, the Phils have a very thin complement of players to protect. And I say this including Brown, Francoeur, Blanco and Biddle who are guys some would axe.

          1. IMO, Biddle is the enigma….other GMs may see something there as a tall lefty with great stuff but poor comm/control.
            They could play the DL game a few times thru the season with him…then at the end of the season activate him for that mandatory active time-frame…..stashing him in effect.
            Will be interesting to see how they go with him.

    2. I would be really disappointed in Phillies management if they did this. Stassi is just our latest over-aged 1B/corner OF to put up good numbers, and of that crew, his numbers were really a lot less impressive than Rizzotti’s, Ruf’s, or even Susdorf”s. Stassi is nothing more than org filler.

  2. If Hoskins spends all of 2016 in Reading (he won’t), he will probably hit 25 HRs. But, I expect him to be in AAA by July.

  3. Longtime lurker love the added info. But if I were you I would space out the post season report cards. Maybe one a week, this way it carries further into the offseason.

    1. Unless he stays healthy and hits a ton better than he did this season, it hardly matters. Zach had a really nice season with the bat two years ago at Williamsport. Since then he has neither hit nor been healthy enough to collect enough ABs. His offensive stats for 2015 look like he’s a pitcher. Where the Phillies choose to play him is the least of his worries.

      1. Just wanted to see where gregg is going to profile him… wasn’t as a third baseman a few days ago.

    2. Did he play 3B at all this year? I thought he split between 1B and DH. Allentown is right though, his health is his biggest problem along with performance. But I can’t take Green seriously as a prospect if the Phillies are prioritizing Mitch Walding over him.

  4. Ya, I guess, but when you say depth you mean possibles? As others point out Stassi is going to have bring it again big time the first half in Lehigh to be considered or he is an org guy. Hoskins was awesome but can he repeat at the next level? Its way to early to see Martin or Hayden as legit prospects, and Encarnacion is still raw.

    1. Stassi, like Martinez is at best, is a AAAA guy. I’m talking about the youngins. And let’s not forget Stassi was drafted as an OF. I just mean that yeah it’s nice to have that many guys who could be legit 1B prospects. Most of the guys in the past were Darin Ruf, Rizotti types who struggled for awhile in the lower levels before hitting at the upper levels. Other than Singleton. The front office really seemed to ignore first basemen for the most part.

      1. You don’t have to prioritize drafting 1B or 2B. You draft SS and OF and move those players to 2B and 1B when they show they can’t play their positions defensively, but can hit enough to play 2B and 1B.

            1. Actually Cabrera was an outfielder and then a third basemen. And they’re the exception to the rule.

          1. Hey. You’re the one that said you need to prioritize 1B in the minors to get “a legitimate franchise 1B”. The two best of this generation got all of the way to the majors as 3rd basemen, so youre comment was incorrect.

            1. Cabrera played 3 games in the minors in LF. He was a third baseman who moved to LF so Mike Lowell could play 3B. It was kind of a big deal at the time because he had never been an OF.

          1. And two of those 3 players were senior draftees, for the purpose of manipulating the draft pool allotment.

  5. Stassi is an extra guy. You can not look at him as an everyday 1st baseman or position player. He is a pinch hitter, he is a defensive replacement, he can play LF, he can fill in at RF for a game, he can start at 1st base for a game. He is a bench player, you need those, 13 hitters on every major league team. He is a late round draft pick who sign for pennies. Now do you like the AA Eastern League MVP. YES !! He can do a lot of things to help a team win and he has great makeup and a very smart baseball player. He is the 25th man on a 25 man roster. He deserves a chance someday.

  6. Interesting that John Middleton probably thought Ruben lacked foresight.
    “You cannot sustain success unless you are adaptable and flexible and be able to deal with problems five years from now,” said Middleton, “The problems five years from now are going to be different from the problems today. That’s what we have to do as an organization.”
    The words of a CEO.

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