Box Score Recap – 7/26/2015

Clearwater (57-44) lost to the Bradenton Marauders 6-4.  David Whitehead left after 6 inings having given up 4 runs on 6 hits.  The Threshers had fought back twice to tie the game after 7 innings.  But, Harold Guerrero loaded the bases in the eighth with 2 outs when the skies opened up and brought about a 2-hour delay.  Miguel Nunez took the mound when play resumed and surrendered a 2-run single to the first batter he faced.   The Threshers got two men on base in the ninth, but couldn’t come back again.

Carlos Tocci (.298) went 1-5 with 2 RBI.  Rhys Hoskins (.297) went 3-4.  Dylan Cozens (.273)  went 0-1 and was ejected during his second AB for questioning a strike call, I think. Chace Numata (.285) went 2-4 with a double and 2 RBI.  Willians Astudillo (.310) went 1-4.  Mitch Walding went 2-3 with a walk (37).  Numata’s 2-run double tied the game at 2 in the fourth.  Tocci’s 2-run single tied the game at 4 in the seventh.

Lehigh Valley (46-56) lost to the Syracuse Chiefs 5-4 in 13 innings.  New guy, Dalier Hinojosa gave up a home run to provide the Chiefs with their winning margin.  Aaron Altherr (.298) went 1-6 with 2 RBI.  He tied the game in the 7th inning with a 2-RBi single.

Reading (54-47) lost to the New Britain Rock Cats 5-4.  The Phils fell behind with Joely Rodriguez on the mound and were never able to make up the whole deficit.  Kelly Dugan (.322) went 2-5 with a double and RBI.  J.P. Crawford (.271) went 1-4.  Brock Stassi (.318) went 2-5 with a HR (10) and RBI (66).

Lakewood (52-46) beat the Kannapolis Intimidators 5-3.  Will Morris gave up 3 runs in 7 innings.  Scott Harris struck out 2 in one inning of relief.  Matt Hockenberry notched his 10th save.  Scott Kingery (.279) went 2-4 with an RBI.  Kyle Martin (.372) went 1-4.

Williamsport (24-12) lost to the Aberdeen IronBirds 4-2.  Luke Leftwich dug the hole and the Cutters couldn’t climb out.  Kenny Koplove, Andrew Godail, and Jacob Waguespack combined to throw 4 perfect innings.  Josh Tobias (.292) went 1-4.

GCL Phillies (20-8) no game scheduled.

DSL Phillies (26-22) no game scheduled.

VSL Phillies (25-35) no game scheduled.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

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32 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 7/26/2015

    1. Rhys….’Reece’ as in the peanut butter cup.
      Tocci…..from what I heard in the media…..’toe-chee’

  1. I wonder if Tocci will get some back end up the top 100 love if his defense is as good as people say it is.

    1. I doubt it. The way I usually think of top 100 is that each team gets about 3 prospects if prospect talent is evenly distributed across the league. Very few teams get more than five players in the top 100. Tocci would have to be at least top 5 in the Phils system and probably top 3 to get consideration for a top 100 ranking.

      I recognize that is not how the publications do it when they rank, I just find it a good rule of thumb.

      Tocci is not top 3 for me (JPC, Kilome, Rando) and I doubt I would have him top 5.

  2. I was really kidding yesterday when I said the Phils should let Buchanan play the OF for 4 games and pitch the 5th. Then I read yesterday’s boxscore and big Dave was asked to pinch hit. Of course, everyone was asked to pinch hit in that game.

    Walding has always had a good eye at the plate. He’s always had a lot of walks. He has a great looking swing but his hand – eye coordination must be sorely lacking. He can’t get his average above his weight to save his life. He reminds me of Brian Pointer who has a similar hitting makeup. Lots of BBs with a high OBP but barely hits his weight. Walding plays a much more demanding position (3B vs LF) so he’ll continue to play and quite possibly move up. He seems to be showing his ceiling though and as soon as another 3B comes along, he’ll be tossed out.

    This year Will Morris has pitched at 4 different levels from AA to A-. Now he’s a starter at LKW. He’s having a little success with it so maybe he’s found his groove.

    Luke Leftwich is not a southpaw but at least he’s hits from the left side.

    1. Was always hopeful that Walding would tap into some of that potential and wow us, but it doesn’t seem likely. Per my review below I was at the Claws game yesterday and saw Morris pitch. What’s the story there? Why has he been with 4 different teams this year alone and why is he back in Lakewood? Is this simply a numbers thing?

  3. Yesterday was my first trip to FirstEnergy Park to see the Blue Claws and although I spent a good bit of time chasing my 4 year old around the playground in LF I did make a point to watch the bottom half of each inning, and as much of Will Morris as possible. Here’s an abbreviated run down of what I saw/ was looking for:

    Morris – a man amongst boys in Low A, literally. Standing on the mound he looks the part of a giant @ 6’4″ and bean pole thin and his easy delivery produced constant 91-94 on the scoreboard gun (I’m not sure what this translates to in actual velocity). But he really only had one hard hit ball for his entire 7 innings. Of course that was an absolute rocket to LF but he bore down and got out of that inning without any further damage. He “only” struck out 4 but it seemed more than that as the Kannapolis hitters didn’t seem to square up on anything he threw.

    Kingery – unfortunately for Kingery Harris led off the bottom of the 1st with a walk which led to the all too predictable bit of overmanaging by WIlliams and an attempted SAC bunt. When he failed, a 3 pitch K followed. He hit the ball hard his 2nd AB for an out and then got one of the Claws 4 straight hits in the 6th on a shot up the middle. Topped off his afternoon with another single in his final AB. He made a fantastic play in the field as well, ranging far to his left into the hole to make a diving stop. He somehow transferred ball from glove to hand while on the ground and fired a strike to first while getting up. It was really impressive.

    Martin – also struck out in the bottom of the first but then hit the ball hard in his next 3 ABs including a single in the 6th which led to him scoring the tying run. He also looks like a giant standing out on the field, although with considerably more meat on his bones than Morris. Handles the bat well for someone his size. Wasn’t tested with anything of note in the field.

    Sandberg – didn’t register a hit but had a few really good ABs and he can really run for someone his size. I can see why Miss St. wanted him to play QB. In the 6th during the Claws rally he came to the plate with men on 1st and 3rd and proceeded to get jobbed on the first to pitches of the AB. (By this time the sun had melted both my son and I and we were sitting right behind the plate so I could watch the action.) With an 0-2 count he fought off 2 pitches before 2 straight balls, then hit a shot on 1 bounce to the 2B for a run scoring FC. Was impressed with his focus in that AB where he didn’t let the first two pitches for “strikes” get to him and he made a productive out. Does seem to have a “pull happy” swing, at least in the 4 ABs I saw yesterday.

    Tromp – was interested to see what he did after his 2 HR game earlier in the week and he simply looked out of his element at the plate. A lazy fly out to left field and 2 strike outs where he struggled to get around on the ball, weakly fouling a few off over the 1B bag.

    Grullon – made a point of telling anyone who was standing near me how bad I felt for Grullon as there wasn’t a cloud in the sky, an inkling of a breeze and the temp was in the mid-90’s. He had to be absolutely miserable behind the plate. There was 1 SB against him but it seemed to be more off of Morris as the runner got a ridiculous jump. Grullon tried to get him nonetheless and threw high into CF where Kingery made another diving stop while backing up the play. Didn’t do much at the plate but I’m surprised he had the energy to swing the bat – it was that hot. Seemed to have good rapport with Morris.

    Fisher – if he’s the DH its simply b/c there was no one else to play yesterday.

    Cuicas – only noticed him b/c of how truly awful he was. Made an error on the first play of the game, throwing way high and pulling the 6’2″ Martin off the bag. Morris didn’t let that bother him one bit and got the next hitter to ground into a 6-4-3. Didn’t get to a weakly hit grounder in the hole in the 3rd which led to their first run. To say he was overmatched at the plate would be the understatement of the day. Strikeouts in his first 2 ABs where a weak foul ball seemed like a victory, Williams clearly took pity on him in his 3rd AB and had him SAC even though there was already one out. SS can’t be a very deep position in the org if this kid is getting reps anywhere, let alone full season ball.

    Was getting everything ready to leave in the top of the 8th but still made a point of watching Harris pitch. Kid really worked fast, seemed to be throwing hard – wasn’t in a spot where I could see the radar reading – and @ 6’4″ 230 he looked downright scary out there. Threw strikes, K’d 2 and was out of the inning in under 10 pitches. Impressive.

    Now for the important stuff. The stadium is gorgeous and family friendly. There was plenty of stuff for little kids and the beer/ food was reasonably priced. Pre-purchased my tix so it was $11 for me and $9 for him. Looking forward to going back.

    1. Forgot to add – Rodriguez was given the day off and this was disappointing as I really wanted to see him. Oh well, it was such a good time I’m sure I’ll be back this summer for another go.

    2. I went to Lakewood for the first time this week and concur it is a family friendly and nice ballpark. There is no shade anywhere. Sat behind home plate in next to last row. for the 11am game. First tiny bit of shady came at 1230.

      Tromp hit a line drive off the CF fence when I saw him last week. Missed going out by less than a foot.

      1. During my initial “rounds” of the park I got to talking with the security guard in CF (while waiting for my frozen margarita) and he said yesterday “wasn’t as bad as usual”. It was in the low 90’s with NO WIND. I asked him what qualified as bad – he said it was at least 100′ on the field on Saturday. And the place was packed for the Springsteen cover band. Said he’d been in cooler saunas.

        1. Dude get to the CF tiki bar early and get a margarita or three. If there’s a breeze you can just stand on top of the CF fence and get a great view of everything. Enjoy!

    3. Thanks for the report. Cuicas was excellent in the GCL last year. He’s only in Lakewood because of injuries but he has struggled in limited playing time in Williamsport too.

      1. Yeah I tried to sneak off and grab a program during the game to get some background on him as the name didn’t ring a bell and he clearly didn’t belong. It was only when I got home and did some searching that I saw he’d been struggling @ Williamsport and had been quickly sent to Lakewood due to injuries. As I said above, this speaks more to a lack of org depth @ SS b/c he’s not even a short season quality player yet, let alone Low-A full season. He was out of place.

    4. Ty Rich good Kingery and Martin should be ready for the next level soon. Morris sounds interesting wonder why they jumping him al over the place.

  4. Hoskins just continues to excel, could he be in reading for the last month of season or is that too much pressure for one season?? don’t have to coddle him , he’s 22

    1. Steve – I wanted to ask the same question last week but my ADD got the better of me and I moved onto something else. He’s barely got 100 ABs @ Clearwater, so maybe they’ve got a set # in mind before pushing him to Reading?

      There’s clearly no reason to have Stassi in Reading. A 25 year old excelling in AA is nothing to get excited about, just ask D Ruf. Would like to see both 1B pushed up a level soon.

      1. Darin Ruf? How about Matt Rizzotti?

        I used to have daily battles on here with someone (Alan?) about how The Rizz was a AAAA player at best, while Alan was claiming he would be DH in the Al and was comparing him to Adam Lind if I remember correctly. Good times haha

        1. Haha, that’s a blast from the past. A few hot months @ AA and a college HR of off Joba had everyone talking about him as a future AL DH candidate and major trade chip.

        2. Let me fall on that sword – I played up Rizz big time. But I have learned my lesson and learned it well. Now, when I comment on college power hitters you will notice that I may be bullish but my final note is that we won’t really begin to know quite how good the hitter is until we say an extended trial at AAA. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned about prospects and expectations since I started following this site. Personally, I love Hoskins and his numbers and trajectory blow Rizz away at the lower minor league level. Still, we need to see how Hoskins holds up to better pitching at AAA before we get a real feel for how good he might be.

        3. Ruf is a different animal than Rizzotti. Rizzotti really didn’t put up power numbers till he got to AA. Ruf killed every level he was at.

  5. Sorry about the late posting. My power supply died and I just received a new one.

    I was at the July 22, 2015 Williamsport game in Hudson Valley in which Franklyn Kilome started for the Crosscutters. This is the second straight Kilome start that I have attended. I had hoped to get seats behind the players charting the game for Williamsport and catch a look at their radar guns to compare it to the stadium gun but was unable to. I believe that the stadium gun in Hudson Valley is fairly accurate or slightly low because all the other pitchers who pitched in the game except for the Hudson Valley closer (who was posting 93, 94, and 95 mph readings) sat in the mid 80’s with only 3 or 4 pitches of each pitcher reaching 90.

    I sat about 6 seats to the left and about six rows higher than the players doing the charting. The thing I like about Williamsport home games is that if you get there early enough you can sit behind the players and catch the radar readings. Williamsport home game seats behind home plate are general admission. Another thing I like about Williamsport is that you can listen to the radio broadcast as you watch the game. Hudson Valley does not broadcast their games. However the Hudson Valley stadium is a nice clean comfortable stadium to watch a game.

    My main purpose was to see how Franklyn Kilome did on his first start back from the injury. I charted the velocity of all Crosscutter pitchers during the game. Kilome did not disappoint me. He averaged almost 2 mph faster than he did in his July 3, 2015 start. Kilome only pitched three innings and allowed four hits. Two of the four hits could have had errors associated with them. In my judgment, the triple could as easily been call a single and a two base error. The single to third base went off the thirdbaseman’s glove and while it was a challenging play probably should have been made.

    Several of the observation I made in the July 3 game continued to hold true for Kilome in this game. Kilome is a true pleasure to watch. He might be the fastest working pitcher between pitches that I have ever seen. I had a very difficult time keeping up in trying to read the radar gun, record the velocity, location, and outcome before he threw another pitch. Kilome’s velocity is real but the most staggering thing to me was the dramatic difference between consecutive pitches. Another thing I noticed about Kilome is that he gets an extraordinary amount of called strikes. I have posted here the charting of Kenny Koplove who came in relief of Kilome. Note the dramatic contrast to Kilome’s Velocity. The following is the charting of the first 4 innings.

    1st Inning

    1st Batter –
    92 mph Groundout 1-3

    2nd Batter –
    96 mph Called Strike
    96 mph Groundout 1-3

    3rd Batter –
    95 mph Ball Low
    96 mph Called Strike
    80 mph Ball Low
    93 mph Ball Wide Left
    94 mph Called Strike
    96 mph Single to Center

    4th Batter –
    96 mph Ball Wide Right
    94 mph Single to Center

    5th batter –
    79 mph Ball Low
    — mph Fly Out to Rightfield

    2nd Inning

    1st batter –
    95 mph Called Strike
    80 mph Called Strike
    95 mph Triple to Right

    2nd batter –
    77 mph Ball Low
    77 mph Swinging Strike
    96 mph Foul
    80 mph Called Strike Strikeout

    3rd batter –
    96 mph Called Strike
    82 mph Ball Low
    80 mph Called Strike
    80 mph Called Strike Strikeout

    4th Batter –
    97 mph Ball Low
    80 mph Swinging Strike
    97 mph Called Strike Wild Pitch Baserunner Called Out at the Plate

    3rd Inning

    1st batter –
    94 mph Ball Wide Right
    94 mph Foul
    77 mph Ball Low
    94 mph Groundout 6-3

    2nd batter –
    96 mph Foul
    77 mph Called Strike
    96 mph Ball Low
    82 mph Swinging Strike Strikeout

    3rd batter –
    79 mph Ball Low
    75 mph Ball Wide Left
    94 mph Single to Thirdbase

    4th batter –
    — mph Called Strike
    84 mph Ball Low
    77 mph Ball Low
    93 mph Called Strike
    96 mph Ground Out to Firstbase

    4th Inning — Pitching Change

    1st batter –
    72 mph Ball Low
    73 mph Swinging Strike
    73 mph Swinging Strike
    75 mph Ball Wide Right
    74 mph Groundout 1-3

    2nd batter –
    75 mph Ball Low
    90 mph Ball Wide Left
    73 mph Called Strike
    90 mph Foul
    92 mph Single and Error

    3rd batter –
    77 mph Swinging Strike
    90 mph Called Strike
    90 mph Swinging Strike Strikeout

    4th batter –
    91 mph Called Strike
    74 mph Ground Out 6-3

    Summary of Franklyn Kilome’s Velocity on July 22, 2015

    97 — 2
    96 — 10
    95 — 3
    94 — 6
    93 — 2
    92 — 1
    His Average FB was 95.1 mph.

    Off-speed Pitches
    84 — 1
    82 — 2
    80 — 5
    79 — 2
    77 — 5
    75 — 1

    Comparison to the Summary of Franklyn Kilome’s Velocity on July 3, 2015

    97 — 1
    96 — 4
    95 — 6
    94 — 16
    93 — 16
    92 — 7
    91 — 6
    90 — 1
    89 — 1
    His Average FB was 93.3 mph.

    Off-speed Pitches
    87 — 1
    84 — 1
    83 — 2
    82 — 2
    81 — 3
    80 — 2
    79 — 3
    78 — 2
    74 — 1

  6. Eflin only lasts 2+? I was excited to get the chance to see him Saturday, now I’m not so sure.

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