Organizational Leaders, Hitting

Runs: Rhys Hoskins (59); Carlos Tocci (57); Malquin Canelo (56); Chase D’Arnaud (54); Aaron Altherr (51); Andy Knapp (50); JP Crawford (48);  Roman Quinn (44); Herlis Rodriguez (43); Damek Tomscha (43)

Hits: Carlos Tocci (116);  Rhys Hoskins (112); Malquin Canelo (107); Brock Stassi (103); Aaron Altherr (103); Andrew Pullin (100); Brian Bogusevic (94); Willians Astudillo (92); Cord Sandberg (91); CHase D’Arnaud (89);

2B: Rhys Hoskins (25); Aaron Altherr (25); Malquin Canelo (25); Andy Knapp (23); Cameron Perkins (21); Brock Stassi (21); Damek Tomscha (21); Carlos Tocci (20); Russ Canzler (20);Jordan Danks (20)

HR:Rhys Hoskins (13);  Aaron Altherr (12); Andrew Pullin (10);Cameron Perkins (9); Brian Pointer (9); Brock Stassi (9); Herlis Roriguez (8); Russ Canzler (7); Art Charles (7); Aaron Brown (7)

RBI: Rhys Hoskins (66); Brock Stassi (65); Andrew Pullin (60); Aaron Altherr (53); Andy Knapp (50); Herlis Rodriguez (47); Willians Astudillo (42); Cameron Perkins (41); Tyler Henson (40); Art Charles (39)

SB: Roman Quinn (29); Tyler Henson (22); Carlos Tocci (17); Chase Harris (17); Chase D’Arnaud (17); Brian Bogusevic (16); Aaron Altherr (14); Grenny Cumana (14); Malquin Canelo (13); Dylan Cozens (12); Herlis Rodriguez (12); Zach Coppola (12)

AVG: (Min 200 AB’s); Carlos Tocci (.316); Willians Astudillo (.311); Rhys Hoskins (.309); Roman Quinn (.306); JP Crawford (.305); Angelo Mora (.301); Aaron Altherr (.297); Brian Bogusevic (.296); Herlis Rodriguez (.296); Andy Knapp (.279)

14 thoughts on “Organizational Leaders, Hitting

  1. It’s great to see a few .300 hitters in our fold. Also, you can see why with only three guys at 10 or more homers why $4M was spent on Ortiz. Power is hard to find. Hoskins and Martin will be watched closely. Lots of good choices for Arizona league. Quinn due back soon?

  2. Off topic but I remember seeing a Kyle Schwarber comparison with Kyle Martin before the draft. Very similar college numbers power, averagenand all, and so far he’s hitting like it. Not saying he’ll ever reach Schwarber status as a prospect but he could. Definite sleeper in my book. So glad our draft philosophy has changed and we have more changes from outside the organization. If what we have right now involving draft is starting to work though I hope not too much changes on that front. Kingery starting to pick up. What’s going on with Pickett???

      1. He’s only a month into his pro career, surely this is something he can work/ focus on the next few years as he works his way up the minors?

        1. 100% agree and I like him a lot. Just saying, his current stats are a bit deceiving if he maintains this bad split. Still has a lot of work to do. A 1b only player who can’t hit LHP is not a great prospect. But if he can adjust and even out those splits, then he can become a very good prospect.

  3. is this a meaningful list? is hoskins really the best hitter in the organization at this point in the season?

    1. Exactly why nearly every thread on this site has a statement that Stassi, Hoskins and Martin should all move up a level.

      1. Agreed – I thought Hoskins was ready to jump high A ball to AA in any event. It would be nice to move all of them at the same time and see how they do in August. I’m pretty comfortable that Hoskins will end up raking at AA – he and Martin will hit their true test at AAA. As for Stassi, I’m convinced he can hit, just don’t know if it’s enough to ever make him more than a sideshow, but you have to admire how he’s hung in there and improved himself.

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