Box Score Recap – 7/13/2015

Lehigh Valley (40-51) no game scheduled.

Reading (48-42) no game scheduled.

Clearwater (51-38) beat the Fort Myers Miracle 3-2.  Ricardo Pinto allowed one earned run in 6.2 innings.  Yacksel needed 1 pitch to blow a save, but get a win.  Ulises Joaquin picked up his 11th save.  The offense managed 5 hits, a walk, and a key fielding error to beat the Miracle.

Pinto and the Miracle’s pitcher were locked in a duel.  Both had surrenderred runs in the second inning and the Threshers carried a 2-1 lead into the bottom of the seventh.  Pinto was lifted with 2 out in the inning and the bases loaded.  Yacksel Rios came on in relief and fired his first pitch past Chace Numata to allow an inherited runner to score.  The Miracle tried a safety squeze on the next pitch, but Rios was able to throw the batter out at first, and at least preserve the tie.  (I listened to the Miracle broadcast of the game.  Their announcers had complimented Numata’s play behind the play, blocking balls in the dirt all night.  I only mention this because they questioned the scorer’s decision of a passed ball several times during the rest of the broadcast.)  Rios pitched a perfect eighth inning and was in position to claim the win when the Threshers scored in the top of the ninth.  Joaquin pitched around a 2-out walk for the save.

The Threshers scored first.  Aaron Brown doubled to lead off the second inning.  Numata followed with a single.  Willians Astudillo knocked in the first run with a line drive single to right, Numata scampered to third.  He scored when the Miracle traded the run for a double play on a ground ball hit by Chase Harris.

In the top of the ninth, Andrew Pullin reached on teo-base,  throwing error by the second baseman with one out.  After walking Brown, the Miracle’s starter was lifted.  (Once again, the Threshers aggressiveness at the plate allowed a starter to to go deep.  He had thrown only 68 pitches thru the first seven innings.)  The reliever induced a ground ball out of Numata, but he beat the throw and avoided the double play.  Astudillo stroked the first pitch he saw to right to give the Threshers the lead.  Astudillo is batting .368 with runners in scoring position.

Rhys Hoskins had the night off.  Brown batted clean-up and went 1-3 with a double and a walk.  Numata (.292) went 1-4.  Astudillo (.304) went 2-4 with 2 RBI.  Derek Campbell went 0-1 but was HBP twice.  The Threshers 5 hits were 4 singles and a double.

The Threshers are 13 games over .500 for the first time this season.

Lakewood (43-43)  no game scheduled.

Williamsport (17-6) lost to the Connecticut Tigers 2-1.  Luis Morales pitched only three innings and was done in by a 2-run triple in the third inning.  Although Feliberto Sanchez, Andrew Godail, and Skylar Hunter held the Tigers to 4 hits over the last six innings, the Cutters were unable to overcome the Tigers lead.  Williamsport managed only 8 base runners – 5 singles, a double, and 2 walks.  Brendon Hayden (.338) went 2-3 with a walk.  Josh Tobias (.319) went 1-4.  Gregori Rivero went 1-3 with a double and RBI.  Jose Pujols (.338) went 0-3 with 3 K.

GCL Phillies (15-4) beat the GCL Tigers 3-1.  Felix Paulino (2-1) wasn’t as sharp as he has been, but never the less, he pitched five, 3-hit innings.  He allowed one unearned run.  He walked three, struck out three, and threw a wild pitch.  Will Stewart and Horace Stubblefield each pitched two, 1-hit innings.  Stubblefield struck out three and recorded his second save.

The Phillies manufactured a run in the first inning when CF Juan Luis led off with line drive single to center.  he stole second and moved to third on Jonathan Arauz’ ground out to first.  He scored on a wild pitch (with Cornelius Randolph standing at the plate.  Randolph doubled later in the at bat.)

The Picked up another run in the third when Luis was hit by a pitch with one out.  He only made it to second on a hit-and-run, line drive single to right by Arauz because he had to make sure the ball wasn’t caught.  Randolph followed with a similar line drive to right and Luis had to wait for the ball to drop again.  After a strike out, Luke Williams forced in a the run with a walk.

Leading 2-1, the Phillies added an insurance run in the eighth.  With one out, Bryan Martelo and Greg Brodzinski grounded singles to left.  After a strike out, Luis walked to load the bases.  All the Phillies’ fans in attendance (about 8 of us?) were hoping that Arauz could extend the inning so we could see Randolph bat with runners in scoring position.  (He’s hitting over .500 in those situations.)  Well, Arauz came through with a sharp line drive single to center.  Everybody happy, right?  Nah, Coach Delima waved Brodzinski home, and the catcher was out by about three strides.  And, Randolph on deck.  Everybody sad (some were mad).

Luis went 1-3 with a walk and 2 runs scored.  Arauz (.283) went 2-5.  Randolph (.304) went 2-3 with a double and walk.  Williams went 0-3 with a walk and RBI.  He also made a nice play going to his right across the line, and threw a seed to first.  He got his body in front of the ball.  I’m sure they’ll work on his taking that ball back -anded during his time in Clearwater.  Greg Pickett returned to the line up as DH after missing several games with a leg injury when he tried to avoid a tag at first.  He went 0-4 with 3 K, but he just missed on a deep fly ball to center in his first at bat.

Paulino threw 68 pitches in his five innings.  He was low 90s, T94.  During the early innings of the game, Nick Fanti was on an adjacent fielf pitching to Yunior Reyes and Dylan Cozens.

DSL Phillies (21-17) lost to the DSL Indians 5-4.  Daniel Brito (.271) went 2-4 with 2 RBI.  Nerluis Martinez (.290) went 2-4 with a double and walk.

VSL Phillies (21-28) beat the VSL Cubs 3-1.  Sergio Velis threw six, 4-hit innings.  He allowed 1 run and struck out seven.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • Alexis Rivero was in Clearwater and is rumored to be joining the Threshers on Wednesday.

67 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 7/13/2015

  1. Early returns on Randolph look promising. There’s always the concern that amateur players prove early on that they are over matched in pro ball. Too many recent draftees to list but so far so good for Randolph who’s slashing .304/.414/.518 (.932) with a 15.4 K rate and 13.8 BB rate.

    Cord Sandberg officially on breakout watch. Looks like a totally different hitter the past 100 PAs or so. I hope it’s real as I had all but written him off as nothing more than an interesting but unlikely prospect

    1. Agree on Sandberg….someone said he barrels up most balls, so with his size that is a plus. He , along with Cozens appear to be similar players…football experience aside. both big and strong, and look like either corner OFers or 1st basemen.
      Of course, five positions are ruled out, including pitcher, since they throw lefthanded.

    2. Cornelius Randolph’s debut has been very impressive. In terms of hitting skill and plate discipline, his numbers are reminiscent of those put up by J.P. Crawford. If it were just an issue of his hitting, Randolph would probably spend August in Williamsport, but he’s learning a new position so I’m not sure that will happen. That said, it wouldn’t surprise me at all to see him start next year in Lakewood, perhaps after spending a little time in extended spring training – much like Singleton did several years ago. If Randolph develops some power, he has a chance to be a scary good hitter.

      1. How come the Phillies or any other teams, teach natural lefthanded hitters to switch hit…and try hitting from the right side?

    3. Anyone else besides me more excited about Arauz than Rando? Arauz is a little over a year younger and plays up the middle. Looks like he can hit too. Am I taking the small sample size we have too seriously?

      1. I think at this point it’s too soon, although I understand the thought process since Arauz is younger and a shortstop. If he hits the same way through the end of the season it’ll probably be tough to decide on a ranking for him.

  2. It’s cliche but just like J.P. Randolph is what they look like meaning top ten picks rarely struggle in the low minors.

    Let’s add next years most likely top 3 pick and we’re onto something sustainable for hopefully the long term.

    1. Well, they rarely struggle when they are from the college ranks, but when they hit the ground running as recent high school graduates, it’s that much more important and impressive.

      I sure as hell hope we have a generational type talent in next year’s draft because the odds are extremely high that we will have the top pick. Again, with the team having so many needs, they should just pick the best player – HS, College, pitcher, outfielder, infielder, catcher – I don’t care – just get the best guy and we’ll find room for him.

    2. A top 3 pick in 2016 is a virtual lock at this point, with a 29-62 record at the All Star break. In fact, odds are pretty good that the Phils will have the #1 pick, as they have 10 more losses than any other MLB team. With the lineup the Phils trot out on the field every game, I don’t see much improvement in the last 71 games of 2015.

      At the beginning of the season, I predicted the Phils would win 65 games. I have now lowered that number to 57 wins.

        1. Not a fan of going with a pitcher @ 1.1 but if Puk is clearly the best player then I suppose its a no brainer.

          1. In some ways, I agree with you. My view is that you always take the best player, but if it’s very close, I’d prefer to take a hitter for the most basic reason – it’s much more likely that a pitcher sustains an injury that completely alters his career than it is for a hitter. So, for example, if I had a draft and I felt that one player was going to turn into the next Bryce Harper/Mike Trout and the other was going to turn into the next Felix Hernandez, I take the Harper/Trout player every time. But if I feel the pitcher is going to turn into the next Felix Hernandez and the hitter is going to turn into Jason Heyward or Mike Moustaskas, give me Hernandez.

      1. The Phillies are about to trade at least two of their best players. The team will be lucky to win 52 games and could easily win only about 50 or fewer. Sad, but true, although it will lock them into the best pick.

      2. No bak you cant do that. I want to win the pool. I told everyone worst team in baseball. I Think I will win the pool easily.

        1. rocco….you asked about Giles role on the team awhile back…here it is from Jim Salisbury today:
          “…..Giles on Monday confirmed longstanding rumblings that he no longer owned a piece of the team. “Two or three years ago, I sold my last piece,” he said with a tinge of sadness in his voice. “I’d still like to be part of it.”
          Phillies ownership now consists of four groups. The Middleton family, led by John Middleton, and the Buck family, led by cousins Jim and Pete, own the two largest pieces of the team. David Montgomery and Pat Gillick own small pieces. Montgomery succeeded Giles as club president from 1997 until last summer when Gillick stepped in. Gillick plans to retire after this season”.

        1. i’ll say 100% … if the two teams above them play as they have been, the Phillies would have to play .563 baseball to overtake them … NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!

  3. We’re definitely getting the #1 pick next year. We haven’t even started trading away our decent players and we’re still the worst team in baseball.

    1. I think we are looking at a run of at least two 1.1 picks. Maybe 3. Next year is pretty much already locked up and the big club won’t be any better next year. That’s two. And really the following year probably will be the point where we start the upward movement.

  4. Is there a timetable for Jesmuel Valentin to return. I would have liked to see how well he worked with Crawford during his time at Clearwater

    1. Tough to tell with next years HS seniors out playing in various summer circuits as we speak. Will have a better idea come autumn.

        1. Not to pick on anybody, but I love the phrase “unlimited potential” as applied to any human. Nuclear fusion has unlimited potential, Riley Pint not so much.

  5. If the D’Backs are unable to sign Dansby Swanson, will they automatically get the 1st pick in the 2016 draft

  6. glad to see that they opted to call up Rivero if that’s the case, was wondering who would get moved up out of the trio of, Rivero, DeNato, or Hockenberry as they all have a sub 1 WHIP and with the latter two being older I thought at least one of them would get the call by now.

    1. If I am not mistaken Hockenberry was up higher and got hit. That’s why he is in lower level. not a prospect.

      1. Hockenberry has never played above Lakewood. Last year he split the season between the crosscutters and Lakewood.

      2. rocco…disagree Hockenberry is still a prospect, and also an Owl….and that is a extinct fowl on North Broad these days.

  7. What are the chances Gueller and one of Gilbert/Leftwich get moved to Lakewood? Or maybe all three since Lakewood rotation consists of two relievers and Williamsport’s is crowded. I would love to see Alezones work out of the rotation.

  8. Trades are coming soon (in a few weeks) and that will certainly cause a ripple effect through the organization, depending on who they get back. A trade of Revere and Franceur for instance could push Altherr and Bogusevic up to the majors, Dugan up to LHV, Aaron Brown up to AA, etc. The sam eting could happen on the poitching side because someone will have to take Hamels’ spot (and Jerome Williams looks like he should be released and not pitching in Philly). There will be a ripple

    1. Ripple!…..more like a tidal wave if everyone rumored to be moved …is moved
      And lets not forget….Ken Giles as a closer if Paps is ‘paroled’ from the Phillies.

      1. With Utley, they won’t be able to trade him (most likely), so he can kind of be an ambassador and die on the vine until the season ends and with it, his contract.

        They should try to trade Howard and if they can’t, just cut him already. What is the point of having him there if they can’t trade him? It’s not like he’s going to suddenly improve or have a key role on a playoff contender. I’d rather see Kelly Dugan and Darin Ruf get playing time than see Ryan Howard block younger players. It’s done, let’s all move on so we can audition young players.

  9. J. Arauz , soon to be 17-year old, reminds of Chase Utley’s short compact swing.

    From BaseballBetsy:

      1. He was apparently regarded as the best player in Panama and didn’t get quite as much exposure as the amateurs from more traditional markets. Makes you think, maybe, that it caused him to slip through the cracks a bit and he was a more advanced player than he got credit for.

  10. . . The Braves received prospects in return for Justin Upton and Craig Kimbrel, while the Phillies acquired minor league depth in deals involving Jimmy Rollins and Marlon Byrd. I just read this on mlb trade rumors. does it mean we didn’t get prospects for jimmy and marlon?? while the braves did.

    1. I would think Lively and Eflin will be in a major league rotation in 2/3 years….and not minor league depth…barring injuries of course.

    2. It’s a bit inaccurate – Eflin’s a very good prospect and Lively is a good prospect. But remember that the Braves traded better, younger players, they should have received more in return.

      1. Catch the way I read what this guy todd wrote was, That we got minor league depth. not prospects, I was wondering did I read it wrong, cause that is the way it sounded to me.

        1. Jeff Todd, like many writers, see Upton and Kimbrel as young, better players, and in their prime and will get a better rate of return, as a logical assumption.
          Probably did not closely look at Eflin or Lively’s scouting reports or scout projections.

  11. Jonathan Arauz..Hmm,Is he a better prospect than Randolph? Love his numbers so far,plays a premium position,plus he’s younger than Randolph.
    Wait till his body matures in a few years,if the hit tool is there, we may have a stud prospect!

    1. I was about to complain about how skinny he is and then I noticed something that practically made me fall off my seat. This kid is 16 years old. 16!!!! And he’s not just getting hits, he’s playing SS, he’s drawing walks and he’s driving the ball. If he keeps this up through August, he’s probably a top 10 prospect or damned close to that. 16!!!??

  12. What are the chances Gueller and one of Gilbert/Leftwich get moved to Lakewood? Or maybe all three since Lakewood rotation consists of two relievers and Williamsport’s is crowded. I would love to see Alezones work out of the rotation.

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