Box Score Recap – 6/28/2015

Lehigh Valley (30-48) split a pair of seven inning games with the Louisville Bats, losing 6-1 and winning 8-3.  In game one, Jason Berken went 6.0 innings and gave up 2 R, 1 ER, 4 H, 3 BB, 4 K.  Seth Rosin put the game out of reach with 4 R on 3 H and 2 BB in the 7th inning.  Probably didn’t matter since the Bats pitchers held the ‘Pigs to 2 hits.  Aaron Altherr went 1-2 with a walk and his 1st AAA HR.

In game two, Chris Leroux gave the ‘Pigs five two-hit innings.  The offense scored enough runs to out distance the 3 runs that Hector Neris, Juan Gutierrez, and their defense allowed.  Aaron Altherr hit his second HR and went 2-4 with 3 RBI.  I think the Rhineland Rocket only just heard about Brad’s surgery, and hit these HRs for the guy that gave him the nickname that didn’t stick.

Reading (39-35) was rained out.  Double header on Monday.

Clearwater (40-34) lost to the Charlotte Stone Crabs 7-4.  Matt Imhof got hammered, giving up all 7 runs on 4 hits, 4 walks, and 2 HRs in 2.2 innings.  Jesen Therrien and Miguel Nunez combined to pitch two-hit, shutout ball over the remaining 5.1 innings.

Rhys Hoskins went 2-4 with a double, 3 RBI, and his third HR in 4 games as a Thresher.  The Threshers only managed 5 hits and 5 walks.  Willians Astudillo went 2-3 with a walk.  Carlos Tocci went 1-3 with a walk.  Angelo Mora went 0-3 with a walk and an RBI.

Lakewood (36-36)  beat the Hickory Crawdads 9-0.  Elniery Garcia went seven shutout innings.  He allowed 4 hits, walked one, and struck out four.  Joey DeNato pitched two one-hit innings in relief.

Scott Kingery (.353) went 2-5.  Herlis Rodriguez (.313) went 1-1 and was hit by a pitch.  He and the Crawdads’ pitcher were ejected in the third inning after H-Rod was hit by the pitch.  Cord Sandberg went 2-5 with a double  and RBI.  Kyle Martin went 2-4 with a double and 2 RBI.  Damek Tomscha went 3-5 with a double and 2 RBI.  Derek Campbell also had a multi-hit game, 2-5 with a double.

Williamsport (9-0) beat Mahoning Valley 5-3 in ten innings.  Jose Taveras allowed a hit and an unearned run in 3.0 innings.  He walked three and struck out three.  Will Morris struck out four in 3.0 innings.  He gave up 4 hits, a walk, and one earned run.  Juan Figueroa walked a batter and struck out two in 1.0 inning.  Jason Zgardowski gave up only one hit, but it was a game tying HR in the bottom of the eighth.  He went on to pitch 2.0 innings.  He walked two, struck out two, and got his first win after the blown save.  Anthony Sequeira struck out one while recording his first save.

DH Zack Coppola (.385) went 3-5 as the leadoff better and scored 2 runs.  Venn Biter (.406) went 1-6.  Jose Pujols (.459) went 2-5 with an RBI.  Brendon Hayden (.400) went 1-4 with a walk.  Jan Hernandez (.333) went 3-5 with a double.

GCL Phillies (4-1) No game scheduled.

DSL Phillies (12-10) No game scheduled.

VSL Phillies (16-20) No game scheduled.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • Philadelphia Phillies recalled RHP Severino Gonzalez from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • Jay Floyd has reported that Clearwater’s Colin Kleven has moved up to Reading.


31 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 6/28/2015

  1. Altherr 2 hRs today. Repeat: Altherr, Lino, and Nola up in Sept; Hoskiins could make it to AA Reading before the end of this season., and through AAA LV in ’16 to join the big team in the 2nd half of ’16…which also might be the time that Crawford joins them. Figure that one or two or three of the prospects to be brought in by trades of Hamels, Paps, maybe Revere and Harang might also audition for a role in ’16.

    All to happen….! We/I hope. ’16 should begin the climb back to respectability. Add in early draft choices in ’16 and ’17—rewards to us for hangin’ in there; worthwhile to be a Phils fan.

  2. Jim, sorry to hear the Rocket Arm got sent packing. It’s a sad day when a nickname becomes useless. Like my previous nickname, “Ol’ Complete Set Of Internal Organs”.

    1. Yeah, I’m going to have to stop talking to players at the season ticket holders’ party. This year I spoke with the Rocket and Kevin Walter. Last year with Justin Paar. 2013, Chris Serritella.

    2. Brad,

      My two nicknames: Hoss for Hoskins (so easy) and Smoky for Austudillo in memory of Smoky Burgess, another barrel-like catcher who didn’t do much of anything but hit. Not that Austudillo will match Burgess, but the name fits, I think.


  3. is Hoskins officially a legitimate prosepct now? he is in my book, i just wonder if the national perception of him has changed yet. No reason to think he cant spend the last 1-2 months of the year at Reading

    1. Yes, he’s legitimate. Don’t worry about the national people, especially with breakout prospects and youngish hitters who have really good peripherals. It sometimes takes a little while for the reputation to catch up with the statistics.

      At best, he’ll spend part of August in Reading, but only if he keeps raking at nearly this pace. I felt that, when he was promoted, they could have double jumped him to Reading and promoted Stassi to Lehigh Valley.

      When it comes to hitters, Hoskins checks off a lot of the boxes. Good hit tool, good plate discipline, good power and said to be above-average in the field. The only issue is that he is not yet advanced in level for his age, it’s not a knock, just a qualification and cautionary flag. My view is that he’s going to hit in Clearwater and Reading (almost all decent prospects who hit in Clearwater also hit in Reading – Reading and the EL is a very favorable hitting environment). The real question is whether he will hit at AAA, not an easy place to hit. This is why Altherr’s initial performance is noteworthy.

    2. Hoskins will have to continue to mash to get noticed by national media. There have been a lot of 22-year-olds in single A who have a deceptively strong year. Indeed there have been a few of those in the Phillies system over the years. I think it is right to be hopeful but cautious about Hoskins.

      1. It’s true in terms of national media attention. In terms of looking back at our older (college) prospects, I don’t recall any in the last 15 years (not even Ryan Howard) who hit the ground and performed as well as hitter, as quick as Hoskins has. Rizzotti kind of held his own and did okay for a few years before breaking out. Ruf was pretty good, but nothing outstanding until his age 25 season and he started as a senior, not a junior. Howard did well in Lakewood and Clearwater, but he moved a level a year. None of our sluggers has progressed as quickly or as well as Hoskins. That’s not to say he’s out of the woods, but he’s going through the forest pretty rapidly.

        1. Yes, I was thinking of the likes of Rizzoti, Ruf, Jim Murphy, Costanzo, Tyler Mach (that is for all you OGs). But I will keep an open mind, especially if he puts up good numbers for the rest of the year in CLW.

  4. don’t understand when we are trying to move prospects up, we sign guys like Chapman and Heid to Reading that take away at-bats from prospects.

    1. With Quinn and Perkins injured and Altherr promoted, Reading had two healthy outfielders in Kelly Dugan and Brian Pointer. Neither can play centerfield. They had been playing Casey Serna some in left field but he is an infielder. There is no outfielders from Clearwater who really is ready for a promotion to Reading. So they signed two guys to help cover that center field hole so they didn’t need to promote someone who wasn’t ready or risk injuring someone they care about.

    2. There’s really not a guy in Clearwater to call up to play in the OF. Perkins and Quinn are on the shelf; Altherr is in Allentown–Dugan maybe should be. For the team and the system, it’s org filler. For those guys, it’s another shot in affiliated ball. They can be released if a guy like ABrown is pushing for a promotion.

  5. Quick rumination on Matt Imhof & his time since being drafted with the Phillies….he was most likely the top arm on his college team @ Cal Poly (I believe), logging a high # of their biggest innings. He’s then drafted, sent to Clearwater for a short debriefing, then placed onto Williamport & Lakewood’s roster throughout the summer logging innings with each. Well, after the affiliates ended, he was then sent to extended and threw games in Clearwater throughout the fall! Well guess what happens to Matt Imhof come spring of 2015? He has shoulder issues!!! Crazy right !?!? How can we as fans/bloggers/enthusiasts sit behind a screen and know that he was likely over worked in 14′, then did like all baseball players do these days and threw in the winter time and now he’s battling issues with the shoulder. Look at the Phils arms in the systems and point out the ones with shoulder issues. There’s a pattern developing, and I would be surprised if Macphail will keep these inadequate player development personnel around.

  6. Nola , Altherr, JPC, Hoskins , canelo, cumana, kingery, Martin, Pinto, Kilome, Randolph, Dugan, etc.

    Good times …

    1. I was a little surprised they put Dugan at AA again. But hopefully it’s just a temporary stop so he can get back into a playing rhythm before promotion to LHV. You have to hope he’ll move soon based on GP and his numbers so far since there’s little more he can likely learn in AA.

    2. I hope Nola is not up in Aug/Sep. They should wait to call him up next year until they gain another year of control. If the front office is planning for the long-term of the franchise, which they should, then that is the only sensible move. If they bring him up in August/Sept then they have to wait that many days longer next spring before bringing him up.

      Also there are innings considerations. They need to be careful of wear on his arm.

    1. Or maybe forces Windle to the bullpen since there are views he is better suited there long-term versus starting.

    1. Though its been only 52 IP over the last two season between GCL and Williamsport…you have to get excited about all his peripherals…from WHIP on out.
      He could eventually, become the ace of the Phillies staff with an ETA of 2018 Hope I have not jinxed him.

    2. I think Jim (and Matt Winkelman) has been reporting on this all year. Jim saw him pitch down in XST. I also saw a video that someone posted of a curve Kilome threw to strike a guy out and it was nasty.

  7. Luis Encarnacion with his 3rd homerun in first 16 ABs this year … would be great if he jumps clearly on the prospect radar this year.

  8. Yes, I have seen Kilome this spring. I have seen the Kilome that Chris “Stats” King reports. I have also seen the Kilome who has hung curves that drove batters out of the box and changes that had the catcher moving like a hockey goalie to block pitches in the dirt. But, that was in XST. Follow Mitch Rupert on twitter on the nights Kilome pitches. He gives an accurate account of Kilome inning-by-inning. I think his next start is Friday.

  9. Josh Tobias with a homerun in his first at bat. Lots of guys with early success. Don’t care about sample size here, just enjoying it. Early success is better than early failure!

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