Box Score Recap – 6/2/2015

Lehigh Valley (20-32) postponed, rain.  Double header tomorrow at 6:05 PM  Joely Rodriguez (2-4, 5.27) in the first game, Phillippe Aumont (2-2, 2.08) in the night cap.

Reading (28-23) beat the Erie SeaWolves 10-2 when they scored 9 runs over the las two innings.  Tom Windle allowed 2 runs in 5.0 innings on 3 hits and 4 walks.  The bullpen allowed only 2 runners the rest of the way and Reinier Roibal picked up the win.  Cam Perkins went 3-5 with his 6th HR and 2 doubles.  Logan Moore also had 3 hits.  Altherr, Stassi, Charles, and Serna each collected 2 hits.  All but Crawford had base hits, butu he contributed 3 walks.  Charles had 3 RBI, Stassi two (#42 and 43).    Ben Lively (4-2, 3.81) pitches tomorrow.

Clearwater (26-26) beat the Dunedin Blue Jays in a walkoff, 4-3.  Brandon Leibrandt (5-2, 2.66) pitches tomorrow.  Meaningless stat, the Threshers were 11-10 with Crawford in the line up, and are 15-16 without him.  Read about the 3-run grand slam and more, here.

Lakewood (25-25) postponed, rain.  Double header tomorrow at 5:05 PM.  Ranfi Casimiro (2-3, 2.96) in the first game, Chris Oliver (3-4, 2.93) in the night cap.

Williamsport (0-0) starts their season on the road against the State College Spikes on June 19th, home opener on June 20th.

GCL Phillies (0-0) starts their season across the bay against the GCL Yankees1 on June 22nd, second game at the Carpenter Complex on June 23rd.

DSL Phillies (2-1) beat the DSL Athletics, 9-0.  Jhon Nunez pitched 5.0 one-hit, shutout innings for the win.

VSL Phillies (6-7) lost to the VSL Cubs, 2-1.  Enger Jimenez went 3-3 (.488).  David Pereira hit a solo HR.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • C Gabriel Lino assigned to Lehigh Valley IronPigs from Reading Fightin Phils.
  • Logan Moore assigned to Reading Fightin Phils from Lehigh Valley IronPigs.
  • Jose Mayorga assigned to Phillies Extended Spring Training from Lakewood BlueClaws.
  • Lakewood BlueClaws activated LF Jiandido Tromp from the 7-day disabled list.
  • Twitter was alive with tweets that the Lehigh Valley IronPigs had released John Hester.
  • Marlon Byrd’s wrist was broken by a pitched ball in the Phillies’ game.  No truth to the rumor that this action was part of Grady Sizemore’s severance package.  But I hear he’s waiting/hoping for a phone call. jk

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  1. Anybody firsthand look-see on Aaron Brown this season? I saw he hit a long donger over the weekend.

  2. Lino to Phillies via Lehigh Valley…reaching MLB in Sept. His defense is good and he can learn hitting while playing MLB…alongside Ruiz in Sept. Nothing to lose; Susac of the Giants would be a fair comparison for 2nd string catcher in training while he also learns to hit at the MLB level.

    1. His defense was weak in Clearwater last season. IMO, he’s not close to major league ready. Especially if he still has to learn hitting with his defensive liabilities.

      1. Jim, first, as always thanks for your stellar reporting.

        As to Lino, in the recent catchers evaluation by Gregg, he states, “30 games caught with 2 errors (.991); 2 passed balls; Has thrown out 15/30 base stealers (50%); Lino has played well this year. Looking for perhaps a bit more with the stick but very solid behind the plate.”

        Looks like he’s made some strides defensively and can make more.

        1. Let him stay at LHV for remaining 2015 and all of 2016 and maybe the first two months of 2017…the ‘Chooch’ model worked in the past…of course by then Knapp/Grullon may be pushing him up or out.
          Unfortunately, Tommy Joseph’s days behind the plate may be completed.

          1. For Joseph’s future health I would hope that is the case and he can try a different position if he still wants to play.

        2. I have seen him four times this season and Lino looked fine behind the plate. Doesn’t have the arm or release that Grullon has but not many do. Also as you move up the system you have better guys throwing the ball which makes a difference I would think. The five REA guys had to be a lot better than what he was catching last year and the year before.

          1. How is Lino’s blocking and receiving? Only 2 PBs this year is a large improvement over last year’s numbers. That is more critical than his arm (which sounds serviceable at least)

    2. I believe that Lino has to be protected on the 40-man after this season or be exposed to the Rule 5, so maybe a September call up is possible, though I don’t know how much playing time he would get. I don’t see the Susac comp since Susac is older and hit much better through the minors than Lino. Plus in his ML debut last year he had a .792 OPS.

  3. 3 rd yr 20 Dsl how about Perkins 1 hr 2 doubles if he can keep his power and 280 15 30 doubles that would be nice.

  4. Who is your break-out candidate for rest of summer who is not named Crawford or Quinn? I will go with Altherr.

    1. Aaron Brown. Dropped his K% a good amount from last season and has a nice May. Hopefully he’s putting it together.

    2. I would also say Kilome if we’re allowed to consider the guys who haven’t started playing yet. If it’s got to be someone in a full season league, A. Brown is a good pick but just to say somebody different, I’ll go with Elniery Garcia. There are a couple other pitchers in Lakewood’s rotation that I thought about but Garcia is coming off of two good starts, is only 20 and shows potential with 3 pitches.

    1. What’s impressive is how he draws the walks. He has a Dykstra-like ability to foul off pitch after pitch with two strikes until he finds something he likes. It’s looking like J.P. has something like 75 or 80 plate discpline. Combine that with at least a 60 or 65 hit tool, and a potential 65/70 fielding tool and you are looking at a whale of a player. If he develops power he could become an elite player. Even if he doesn’t develop more than moderate power (10-12 homers a year), he’ll still be an outstanding player.

      By the way, good old Maikel Franco – he made good on everything I said about him yesterday. What’s interesting about him and makes him special is that he seems very willing and capable to make adjustments and make them quickly. Last night, the booming homer he hit was off a breaking pitch. Even better, before he hit the homer, he saw the same breaking pitch and started noticably nodding, as if to say “okay, pal, you got my that time, I see this is where this is going, just try throwing that pitch again.” He got his pitch and he CRUSHED it. It was a Mike Stanton type drive right down the line. And his fielding is really superb and, for whatever reason, it doesn’t look like range is going to be a big concern, at least for the short term.

      1. Agree….on Franco’s fielding…..for the past two/three years all that was seen on this site was experts predicting a very unfavorable fielding forecast for Franco …limited range, slow first lateral step, perhaps too slow too charge soft rollers or bunts, et al…the only plus was his arm and glove. However, at every stop along the way he was rated by the respective league’s coaches as the top or 2nd best third baseman in that league….Sally, FSL, EL and finally International. I remember saying last spring he could be an eventual gold glove candidate in the MLB and incurred some wrath in that remark.

        1. Agreed and I’ll even say he doesn’t look like a slug running the bases either…

          1. That’s because we are used to seeing Howard run the bases. Is there an animal slower than a slug that we can compare him to?

            In all seriousness, Franco is the one shining spot to this year’s turd of a team. I can’t wait to keep seeing him get better.

          2. I wish there was a way to search old posts, because i remember writing on this website two summers ago, that after watching Franco play in Trenton (when he was with Reading) that he absolutely could be an above average fielder in the majors, and on top of that, he did not look as slow running the bases as previously advertised….

            1. It’s funny I said the exact same thing after seeing hi in Trenton as well. His first step isn’t quick however once he gets moving his speed isn’t far off from average . . He just has to get in motion quicker

            2. Archive to the right menu….if you remember the month and date you can bring it up.

        2. romus that swing on homerun was the swing I saw at Lehigh valley. I just didn’t understand why he changed his swing when he came up. mike Schmidt called it long, you saw the real franco swing on that pitch, short and fast , explosive power, I have seen a good amount of him on tv, and never understood the fielding question, he always looked good to me, I believe people just thought he is slow so he doesn’t have range, which isn’t true in this case. he has range and a great arm. Don’t want to get too excited, but he could be a stud. but its early.

          1. Remember when all the concern was about his arm bar swing (ABS)? Does he still do this? Is it a real term? I spoke with a scout down here (for Baltimore) the night Franco was called up. I mentioned his ABS. The scout never heard of the term before.

            1. I saw MF several times while he was at Reading (once, driving up to Portland to see him there). Every time I saw him he made a defensive play that impressed me. I was at CBP last night and he made some nice several nice plays right in front of me. The glove definitely plays at 3rd.

            2. The problem with his swing had to do with pulling his hands back prior to swinging. He still does this, though his bat seems quick enough to catch up to the ball.

            3. Let’s not lose sight of the problems that still exist with MF and those are a super low walk rate and an OBP of 257 and an OPS 666.

              Sure the sample size is small but still very concerning to me. Not that any of us have gone out on a limb and said MF will be an All Star Caliber player but one only need watch Kris Bryant AB’s to see the night and day difference having command of what is and what isn’t a pitch to hit makes.

              Bryants takes are outstanding and as such explains his 387 OBP and 855 OPS.

            4. It’s def a real term. I was reading a scouting report about one of the top 100 draft prospects and mentioned in the scouting report that he has a little arm bar swing.

  5. How does everyone feel about Windle’s outlook/ceiling through this portion of the season? #5 with a swingman status? Looks like 5-6 innings tops 75%of the time. Looks like he will be a great guy to have with versatile capabilities, but seeing him with just 2 starts longer than 5.1 IP draws my attention. K/BB ratio is interesting as well.

  6. Almaraz on the cast last night. First time I’ve heard him speak. Not much in the way of insight other than he believes the way to go is best talent available at 10. Believes College offers pitching while bats are out of HS.

    I have to believe Stephenson will be the pick if he is there at 10. Let’s hope he is to the catching position what JP is to SS position. I’m not a huge fan at having a key offensive producer at catcher…they get banged up too often back there.

    1. If I recall, I believe the Phillies are flying Stephenson in to CBP for a workout. I believe he has had similar workouts with 3 or 4 other teams.

      1. I was wondering when the players would be in town for pre-draft workouts. I still recall how RAJ was drooling over Cozens hitting BP pitches into the upper deck in his pre-draft workout. (Who so far isn’t showing that power).

        From what I’ve read about Stephenson he’s a 45 bat and 60 power. I wonder if he outgrows C being 6-4 205 19yr? That 45 bat doesn’t translate well to another position.

    2. DMAR…crossing my fingers that Kyle Tucker will still be there at the 10 slot. But the Astros with two picks before the Phillies, may take him with one of those picks.

      1. Sure I’d prefer Tucker to Stephenson if he is there. Let’s see what happens. But as you say the Astros are very familiar with him and the Family.

      2. According to the bit I posted yesterday Tucker will not make it past 5.

        Law predicts

        1. Swanson
        2. Bregman
        3 ???
        4 ???
        5 Tucker
        6 ???
        7 ???
        8 Fulmer

        Anyone with ESPN Insider can find his first mock of the year.

    3. I would not be surprised with the selection of Ian Happ or Kevin Newman to be our future 2B at our pick.

        1. Based on the new Phillies Director of Scouting I would expect a baseball smart, good hitting college player in the first round such as Happ or Newman.

          1. Meant “based on comments of the new Phillies Director of Scouting”.

  7. How about Herlis Rodriguez for a breakout candidate? 21 year old in the Sally league holding his own.
    Does anyone have a major league player comp?

    1. HeRod….good K rate, but really low BB rate at 3%, not unusual for LA players, but reflects in his low OBP. Very good OFer with tools. Progressing on projected time schedule, would put him age24 season in AAA. And the best comp I have is former Phil prospect Leandro Castro.

      1. Funny, we call him H-Rod down here. I’ve always enjoyed watching him play. But after he hit his way into the everyday GCL line up in 2013 (.389), he didn’t hit well in 13 games at WPT. 2014 was a lost season for him. He only got 77 AB across 3 levels (he was not injured), 51 at CLW where he went 12-23 in his last 6 games. He doesn’t seem to fit into their plans. Castro as a comp seems very accurate.

  8. It seems like Cam Perkins has been heating up of late, would be nice to see him go on a tear.

    What’s the take on Mora, I know he was left off the reader poll top 50, but I’m guessing he’ll make the list next time around if he’s even close to keeping up the numbers he’s put up.

    As for Franco, have watched him sine he was at Lakewood, that HR was a blast and was great to see. Going to be interesting to see what he can do in 2-3 years from now.

    Has there been any update on MAG? Haven’t heard a thing on him in a long time.

  9. I am not super excited about Stephenson. There aren’t many durable 6’4 catchers out there. Will he move to 1st? LF? Does he bat profile there?

    I’m hoping that Tucker falls, and if he isn’t available then I might even go for Whitley.

    1. He’s supposed to have big power right? Even if he has to move, power is a premium.

    2. and maybe they get Stephenson for under slot. This draft is supposed to be deep but not star studded at the top

    3. As long as he can hit, the Phillies will find a position for him. Stephenson is supposed to have big power.

    4. I’d like to change my mind and go with Happ over Stephenson and Whitley. He seems to be safer and could be a great pick if he can play 2nd.

      1. I say get the Funk Out and go Funkhouser if he is there at 10 and Tucker is gone. Funkhouser can probably be up in the bigs in a year or two with Nola and Hamels can get you a surer bat plus some.

        A HS bat is so risky and figures to need 4-5 years where as if things stay on track you could easily see Franco-Crawford-Quinn-Nola-Funkhouser on the same field at some point late 2017.

        1. An early May scouting report on the 6’3″ 225 lb RHP pitcher from Louisville:
          Kyle Funkhouser has done nothing but raise his stock in 2015- posting a 2.62 ERA and 77/31 K/BB ratio in 82.1 IP.
          Funkhouser shows a feel for his craft that is well beyond his years. He mixes his four pitches constantly, keeping hitters off balance by throwing from a consistent delivery while changing speeds. Employing a 91-93 MPH fastball that can touch 95, a hard slider at 81-83 with a late down and away break on RHBs, an 11-5 curve and a 81-84 MPH change that looks like a legitimate major league offering, Funkhouser is an incredibly complete pitcher. The slider plays excellently off of his heater, as it is almost indistinguishable from the fastball out of his hand and draws a lot of swings and misses. Mechanically, Funkhouser is very efficient. He uses his lower body very effectively, with lots of leg drive and good knee height in the initial phase of his delivery. His arm action is as good as any prospect in the class, setting his pitching arm early and showing consistent timing. Funkhouser already commands his pitches very well, and there’s no reason to believe he won’t continue in that regard given his mechanics and feel for pitching.

          ….but DMAR….does the name ring stardom! 😉

          1. C’mon Romus its time to get the Funk Out! The Funky Bunch should I keep going…

            1. rocco…Cormican writes on Jon Harris:
              Jon Harris, RHP – I’ll confess I guess the night terrors at the prospect of a Philadelphia sports team drafting another Jon Harris in the first round after the disaster the Eagles had with their own Jon Harris back in the late 90’s. Still, that’s not fair to pin on a kid of no relation in a different sport. This Harris is a 6’4″ 190 lb Pitcher for Missouri State with a 90-92 MPH Fastball (topping out in the 94-95 range), a Curve that could profile as a Plus pitch down the road, a Change up that shows above average potential and a Curve that might get to fringe average, but some reports suggest it flashes Plus at times when he has the feel for it. Harris is a rather safe pick. He does show above-average command which allows things to play up a bit. His ceiling is #3 Starter, his floor is mid-leverage reliever. Sure, that’s not sexy, but you need mid-rotation guys too.

    5. There aren’t many 6-4 catchers period. One very durable one is AJ Perzynski.

      1. And Jarrod Saltalamacchia ….but he came up short on his advance billing and expectations.

  10. Has there been an Jesus Alastre update. He played on the Phillies VSL team as a 17 y/o.
    Had a good year. I thought he was supposed to come stateside, maybe to the GCL?

    1. Alastre is on GCL Roster right now.thePhillies send some players they brought to the statesfor SpringTrainingandXST back ToDSL orVSL.

      1. Alastre is on GCL Roster right now.thePhillies send some players they brought to the statesfor SpringTrainingandXST back ToDSL orVSL. I wonder where theif #1Int’l Signing last Jul2nd GAMBOA is. Daniel Brito(SS@2B on VSL & Lenin Rodriguez (C) were 2 & 3 signings 16 yrs. Old is young but tgese Venez. Players are targeted somtimes at 14yrs. , the Good ones have a Pesonal Trainer, they play year round, and pkay in “Showcases” in USA&Caribbean.

  11. Here are my 3 guys that I hope somehow are still available to the Phillies in rounds 2-3

    Justin Hooper LHP – Big at 6’7 220lbs (think Aumont) Easy mid 90’s fastball that can touch 98 with minimum effort. Fastball has crazy movement as well.

    Demi Orimoloye OF – Kinda a tool shed type however most scouting reports I’ve read thinks the tools will shine through. Plus power, plus speed and a plus arm with a slightly above average hit tool. Sounds like a good 2nd round pick if still there.

    Josh Staumont RHP – College arm (DII) who can ramp it up to 100 mph with a solid breaking ball. Command and control are lacking but this seems to be the case with a lot of guys throwing in the high 90s.

  12. anyone watching the Reading game? How was the error by Serna called a hit? He fumbled it and instead of it being an inning ending DP, he only got 1 out which also led to the 1-0 lead. Serna then follows it up by hitting in his own DP, not the best sequence for him.

    Crawford first pitch swinging but he put a charge in it, just about to the warning track in CF.

  13. Susac is 25; Lino is 22. At 22 with praiseworthy defense and nobody ahead of him in that position, Lino can continue his development in the bigs as will Susac BUT Susac has Posey ahead of him…with little chance of succeeding him anytime soon. OTOH, the Phils catcher position is up for grabs after 2016…or sooner if Ruiz breaks down. Let Lino develop into the catcher position ASAP…i.e., beginning in Sept after doing Lehigh Valley until then.

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