Around the System–Middle Infield

A look at middle infielders around the system.  The only move to make as of now is JP Crawford to Reading which I expect to happen by mid June.

Lehigh Valley

Cord Phelps, 28, Signed as a free agent in 2015: .200/.285/.275 in 120 AB’s; 2HR 9RBI; 1SB; 11%BB/16%K rates; .156 vs. LHP; .216 vs. RHP; 259 in May; 21 games at 2B with 2 errors (.980); 4.52 R/F; 10 games at 3B with 2 errors (.935). Phelps had an awful start but has started to heat up as of late.

Edgar Duran, 24, Signed as a free agent in 2007; .135/.220/.162 in 72AB’s; 0HR 5RBI; 8%BB/13%K rates; 26 games at SS with 5 errors (.958); 4.38 R/F; Simply overmatched offensively at this level.  Solid on defense.  Placed on the DL last week.

Chase D’Arnaud, 28, Signed as a free agent in 2015; .308/.355/.341 in 85AB’s; 0HR 5RBI; 5/8SB; 6%BB/13%K rates; .276 vs. LHP; .317 vs. RHP; .293 in May; 21 games at SS with 5 errors (.949);4.48 R/F; Has also played 1 game at 2B and 2 games in the OF. D’Arnaud is one of those kinds that you have to find room for in the lineup.  He does the little things that help a team win.

Jayson Nix, 32, Acquired from Baltimore in 2015; Hitting .053 in 19AB’s for Lehigh Valley


Tony Thomas, 28, SIgned as free agent in 2015; .209/.264/.328 in 67AB’s; 0HR 4RBI; 1SB; 4%BB/33%K rates; .188 vs. LHP; .213 vs. RHP; .226 in May; 15 games at 2B with 2 errors (.967); 3.87 R/F. Has also played 3 games at SS with 1 error and 2 games in the OF.  Thomas has one of the highest strikeout rates in the organization.  Defensively, he has been fine.

Brodie Greene, 27, Signed as a free agent in 2015; .330/.384/.388 in 103AB’s between Clearwater and Reading; 0HR 6RBI; 2SB; 9%BB/11%K rates; For Reading: Hitting .328 in 64 AB’s.  24 games at 2B with 4 errors (.967); 4.88 R/F. Excellent production from Greene whose probably capped at AA.

KC Serna, 25, Re-Signed as a free agent in 2015; .261/.336/.299 in 134 AB’s; 0HR 12RBI; 2SB; 9%BB/11%K rates; .214 vs. LHP; .272 vs. RHP; .241 in May. 36 games at SS with 5 errors (.970); 4.44 R/F;  Has done his job well thus far.

Note: Carlos Alonso is out for the year with a knee injury


Drew Stankiewicz, 21, Phils 11th round pick in 2014; .272/.346/.348 in 92AB’s; 0HR 6RBI; 2SB; 11%BB/15%K rates; .316 vs. LHP; .260 vs.RHP; .261 in May; 19 games at 2B with 1 error(.989); 4.58 R/F; 3 games at SS with 2 errors (.857); Getting fairly regular time early on, STankiewicz played well.

JP Crawford, 20, Phils 1st round pick in 2013; .400/.493/.450 in 60 AB’s; 1HR 8RBI; 3SB; 14%BB/11%K rates; 14 games at SS with 5 errors (.933); 5.00 R/F; Needs to move up. Its time.

Angelo Mora, 22, Signed as a free agent in 2010; .337/.348/.453 in 86AB’s; 0HR 7RBI; 2%BB/9%K rates; .323 vs. LH; .345 in RH; .345 in May.  14 games at 2B without an error; 4.64 R/F; 8 games at SS with 1 error (.960); Mora has swung a very good bat and has been solid in the field.

Devin Lohman, 26, Acquired from Cinncinati in 2015; .205/.301/.233 in 73 AB’s; 0HR 3RBIl 2SB; 8%BB/20%K rates; Has been on the DL last 10 days.


Grenny Cumana, 19, Signed as a free agent in 2012:, .172/.233/.197 in 122 AB’s; 0HR 3RBI; 7SB; 7%BB/15%K rates; .121 vs. LHP; .191 vs. RHP;.150 in May; 33 games at SS with 4 errors (.944); 4.09 R/F; 4 games at SS without an error.  Just 19, Cumana has looked fairly lost with the stick.

Malquin Canelo, 20, Signed as a free agent in 2012; .291/.359/.391 in 151AB’s; 1HR 5RBI; 6SB; 10%BB/15%K rates; .280 vs. LHP; .287 vs. RHP; .288 in May. 37 games at 2B with 11 errors (.940); 4.62 R/F; Canelo continues opening eyes and is one the guys I am most excited about through the first month of the season.  The defensive numbers don’t look great on paper, but Canelo is a slick fielder.

DL: Tim Zier: Has been on the DL for two weeks.  Was hitting .264 in 53 AB’s

4 thoughts on “Around the System–Middle Infield

  1. It seems to me that they want Crawford to “get his feet on the ground” in Clrwtr before moving him up. Note that he has been making good contact, but his power is yet to come forth. It is there but he seems to be working up to that, cautiously, in light of his recovery from that nasty injury which has to be challenged carefully. IMO, it might take another couple of weeks before he turns himself loose.

    In the meantime, he can recover his fine fielding…also rusted from his season’s delay in play. Assuming he makes that progress soon, he should make it to Reading by sometime in July. That’s soon enough. Protecting a major asset is primary. Patience.

  2. Have no clue as to why we picked up Jayson Nix, didn’t contribute the last go around and anybody we have can do what he can do and provide better offense.

  3. Is there any concern with Crawford’s error rate and lack of power so far? Or does it have more to do with the injury and getting back into playing shape.

    I just got my first live look at Grenny Cumana, can’t believe how small he looks out there. If he continues to struggle, might they send him down to the Crosscutters?

    I haven’t really followed Angelo Mora, I recall he wasn’t listed on the reader top 50 poll, is he someone to get excited about as a prospect?

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