Movin on Up?

We are approaching a month into the minor league season, so I figured I would throw a quick list out there on those who have put the early season stats up to be considered promotion worthy.  That said, it is generally too early to promote based on performance.  Look for that to occur after another 3-4 weeks.  Some names too get the discussion going:

Carlos Tocci, OF, Lakewood-In his third season in Lakewood, he would be one of those most likely to move up quickly this year and he has played like he deserves to.

Rhys Hoskins, 1B, Lakewood- 23 year old college draftee has begun hitting like he doesn’t belong…which is a good thing!

Matt Hockenberry, RP,Lakewood–At 24, and having finished his college career, Hockenberry is doing what he should at this level. I expect him in Clearwater come June.

Maikel Franco, 3B, Lehigh Valley–Only a matter of time, most likely late May to the Phils.

Jesse Biddle, P, Reading–Biddle has been largely effective and bouncing back well from his disastrous 2014.  I would expect a June call to Lehigh Valley if he stays consistent.

Aaron Nola, P, Reading–Nola could very well end up in Philly come September if he continues pitching in the manner he has.

Brandon Leibrandt, P, Clearwater–Has been outstanding for Clearwater early on, showing both command and the “know how” you want in a young pitcher.

Note: This short list is far from all encompassing as there are several who have been outstanding that have not been included (i.e. Eflin as prime example).  It is my belief that there are many who the Phils will simply want to spend most of the current year at their level for a variety of reasons.

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  1. I agree that Tocci and Rhys have both earned a promotion. The challenge is who they replace in Clearwater.

    Personally I am fine giving up on Zach Green or Walding and moving Rhys up. But that is the decision.

    As for Tocci, he clearly is ready for a bump but then what do you do with Brown? He is a college draftee.

    1. Once the new guys come in after the June Rule 4…..some guys on the bubble will be moving on…..Walding at cLW, and Martinez from the ’11 class come to mind.
      Unfortunately, it is the old adage….up or out.

    2. Why cant they put rhys in reading? he is older college guy, see how he handles it,in double aa.

    3. give up on a 21 year old in the Florida State League ??? glad you are not making important decisions. try some patience

      1. The way it is.
        Just like life.
        Every team does it every June/July after the draft signees get on board.
        Short-season teams help take in the added players, but there is the few that are let go.

    1. For a first baseman in low A ball, the difference between being 23 and just turning 22 is, as I am sure you know, a huge difference. I really like Hoskins, but he needs to do well and keep moving through the system – optimally, he’s raking at Reading at age 23; that would be fine. So far, so good – this guy has a nice swing and real upside.

      1. the Phils front office doesn’t move guys up very often, unlike most other Organizations. One reason why the scouting dept gets a bad rap

  2. Yeah, I had begun looking at Reading and LHV for my own post. I think for the most part, the “fast movers” will have their seasons divided into three. For example, Nola maybe June and July in Allentown, August and September in Philly–if all goes well. I look forward to June 1 as “moving day” in the org–with some moves perhaps trickling in a little earlier or later. I’ve been told May 15 is Franco’s “service time” day–not saying they’ll call him that quickly, just the first opportunity where they might. JP Crawford we’ll see–I’m hoping Reading by July 1 at the latest.

    One other quick note–my plans to get to Reading last night fell through, so I watched the game on TV. Eflin looks effortless out there. He just needs to be a little sharper, maybe–add in some pitching strategy. He’s a nice get. It will be interesting to see if they move him as quickly as we anticipate Nola and Biddle.

  3. What about a guy like Colton Murray? Any chance he could get a look with the phils at some point this year?

    Is Lee Ridenhour in Reading for good or was the call up just to fill in?

    How about Cody Forsythe and Mark Leiter, moving up by June? Or Nefi Ogando to LV?

    I’m also interested to hear about Seth Rosin and his chances of getting back to the majors.

    Any names of guys you think might move down a league?

    Also I know this isn’t the place for it, but always wondered if there could be a place for injury updates. Or do they not update injuries often? Or maybe even a place just to keep track of who’s injured. I know Ethan Martin, Kelly Dugan, MAG, Yoel Mecias, Matt Imhof, Jesmuel Valentin (not injured but not active), Crawford, Shane Watson, Aaron Brown, and Samuel Hiciano. Not sure if I missed anyone.

    1. Imhof is on a throwing program now for his biceps tendonitis. But his return date is still up in the air

    2. I might have missed it but when did Rosin ever make it to the Majors? Did I miss his debut? Are you talking about Ethan Martin?

  4. I think all the guys listed have a chance to move up. Tocci and Hoskins especially. Those guys are each blocked a little bit but I think they’re both higher priorities than the prospects above them.

    I would add David Whitehead to the list too. They might be content to let him thrive in Clearwater all year if he keeps it up but his performance has been impressive. I’m not sure what he’s using to get them, but he’s racking up strikeouts so far.

  5. Hoskins is romus guy. He might start in Philly next year, according to romus.

    1. funny rocco…..he was my sleeper for sure.
      But when s gets to CBP? 2017 maybe

  6. I Don’t see why he cant be double jumped if he is doing good at Lakewood. Being he is a college guy.

  7. Yacksel Rios has been activated from the 7-day disabled list for Clearwater. Will Morris sent back to extended spring training.

  8. Phils call up Elvis Araujo, send down Buchanan, Chad Billingsley will start for the phils on Tuesday.

  9. Who here feels Hoskins is the REAL deal? (Firsthand accounts appreciated!!)

    1. I don’t think we can know yet. It may take until he’s in AAA before we really know, but, for now, it’s encouraging. But as a 22 year old first baseman in low A ball, he’s got to keep hitting and hitting. So far, so good. And by the way, my son and I saw him in ST and he really stood out. I love the swing.

      1. I agree with both statements. It is a great start though and if he keeps it up he will definitely switch with Green who looks lost. Hockenbery sure looks like a guy who should be up higher too.

  10. I like having a non prospect like hockenbery in low a .He can saves some good starts by the young guys. Its a shame to see them pitch a good 5 or 6 innings and lose by a blown save,

  11. Jim – if you revisit this thread, was curious if you (or anyone else) had a report on Leibrandt’s FB this year. I believe he was 85-87 last year if I recall correctly. He’s been simply dominant in 2015 and is throwing an absolute gem tonight. Would love to hear his FB is up to the 88-90 range. Wishful thinking perhaps

  12. Brandon Leibrandt not disappointing tonight with a one hitter though six and 9Ks. Look for him to take the place of the first Reading baby ace promoted to Lehigh Valley.

  13. Moving down: Anyone on LHV not named Franco. At Reading, looks like Pointer. At CLW, Walding and/or Zach Green. In LKW, Tromp, Campbell and Cumana are all candidates. I’m not sure what to do with Sandberg, Cord that is. In 2+ years in the organization, his best BA was .235 in Wlmsprt. His best OPS was .612. He is 20 and playing in A ball but at some point you have to show something…somewhere. Don’t you? Maybe he drops down to A-, when that season starts. He needs to get kickstarted.

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