Box Score Recap – 4/27/2015

Lehigh Valley lost 7-4 to Durham.  Adam Morgan threw 95 pitches in 5.2 innings.  He left with a runner on second base and 4 runs across.  Adam Loewen walked all 4 batters he faced in the 6-run sixth inning. The IronPigs commited 4 errors.  Maikel Franco went 2-5 with another double and an RBI.  

Reading beat Richmond, 5-0.  Ben Lively scattered 6 hits and a walk over 7.0 innings.  Roman Quinn homered left-handed in 5 at bats.  Aaron Altherr went 1-3 with a walk.  Brock Stassi went 2-4 with a double and an RBI.  Gabriel Lino chipped in a hit and picked a runner off second.  Lively singled in 3 at bats and picked a runner off first.

Clearwater beat Tampa 8-5 in 10 innings after losing a 5-3 lead late in the game.  Victor Arano made his second start and ran into difficulties in the middle innings again.  He unleashed 3 wild pitches, 2 of which figured into the scoring.  Still, he was in line for the win thanks to 2 outfield assists by Andrew Pullin.  Closer Ulises Joaquin allowed an inherited runner to score in the eighth and the game-tying run to score in the ninth – set up by a leadoff walk to an .086 batter who had already struck out twice and hit a soft line drive double play to Angelo Mora.  Mark Leiter picked up his first professional save with 2 strike outs in the tenth.  Pullin doubled in the game-winning run.  Dylan Cozens hit the ball well, he had 3 hits and 3 RBI tonight.  Chase Harris started his third consecutive game.  Zach Green had an RBI on a line drive single.  Angelo Mora had a 2-hit game.  One of Pullin’s assists saved a run when he and Mora nabbed a runner at third before a runner could cross the plate.  After the walk in the ninth, Tampa sacrifice bunted twice, and it worked.

I have noticed how aggressive the Threshers are at the plate.  Of the 42 batters who had at bats, 23 swung at the first pitch, 13 put the first pitch in play.  Astudillo swung at the first pitch in all 5 at bats putting the ball in play on 4 first pitches.  He saw 6 pitches in his other at bat.  Andrew Pullin swung at the first pitch in 4 of 5 at bats putting 3 in play.  He saw 6 pitches in his final at bat (the RBI double, his only hit).

Lakewood scheduled off.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Extra Innings –

  • J.P. Crawford played the field in an XST game Monday.  His first play was a backhand in the hole, testing the oblique he had strained in camp this spring.  (I hope he’s not playing in XST tomorrow.  That might mean that he would be activated for the Threshers Tuesday night.  Yes, I’m that selfish.  I want to see as much of him as possible before he goes to Reading in, oh I don’t know, June?)
  • Reading put Ryan O’Sullivan on the 7-Day DL.
  • Lee Ridenhour was assigned from Clearwater to Reading.
  •  Clearwater activated Reiner Roibal off the TIL.



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    1. i was at the game last night and although he was effective, i wasn’t overly impressed with lively. richmond is a very weak offensive team and lively benefited from some good defensive play, particularly pointer and alterr. lively threw 88-90 maxing at 91. (ogando was 94-96). he has good command and a surprisingly quick move to first for someone who is 6′ 4″. the player i was impressed by was alterr. good at bats excellent in the field and very good on the base paths. if he continues to make good contact he could be a major league regular some day soon. we will see what happens in the next two games.

      1. I saw Altherr (pronounced al-TAIR) the other week and agree completely – if he can make regular contact and refine his plate discipline, he has a significant upside. We’ve known about him forever, but he’s still a bit of a nice surprise. My guess is that, ultimately, the worst he is going to be if he can continue to hit at some acceptanble level is a more mobile, better fielding version of John Mayberry – a borderline second division starter or 4th outfielder. His ceiling is probably as a solid first division regular (3, 4 WAR player) – it’s not likely he hits his ceiling, but the talent is there.

        On Lively, the word is that he really hides the ball well, so 88-91 for him may be more like 90-93 for another righty. The Eastern League is a big time hitters league – even guys who end up dominating in the majors often have mid 3 ERAs in this league (see Matt Harvey, among others). So all of the performances we’ve seen thus far from this group are all the more impressive.

      2. I was at the game last (will some clients from work so my attention was divided) and will be there tonight and maybe tomorrow.

        Jimhg was spot on in his comments. I would say I was a little more impressed. He definitely doesn’t blow you away with his fastball but he had excellent location and hit his spots. He had seven strikeouts and one walk. His FB was 88-90 T91 but I liked that the last five K’s later in the game were 88,89,90,90 and 91. Seemed to have the juice in later part of the game.

        He seemed a tad slow to the plate with runners on first. Needed to give his C a chance. His pick off throws to first were okay but then he gave him his best one and picked the runner off. I also liked how competitive he was at the plate. He wasn’t a easy out.

        I liked Lino behind the plate. He also has an arm (not I Grullon class but pretty good) and isn’t afraid to use it. He sent a message to the runner on second with his first throw and then nailed him on his second right after that. I just hope he can hit his weight to make him a candidate for the big leagues.

        I too was impressed with Altherr. First, he is a physical specimen. I think he is a better version on D.Santana who we traded to Houston when I saw him a couple of years ago when he was at Lakewood. Santana was Dave Kingman (HR and 3K’s). Altherr might not have the power but he makes contact. Altherr had a nice diving catch in RF. Made a tremendous throw to the plate. (I was blocked so I’m not sure it was on-the-fly or on a hop). He also gave Richmond concerns on the basepath. He stole second early in the game and they paid a lot of attention to him in the 6th or 7th. He made an excellent slide to the plate on the SF. Great that he’s 6-5 because the C gave him the back end of the plate and Altherr slide by and used his length to touch the plate.

        Quinn had a pretty non-descript game early. Got good wood on the ball in his first AB. Sent a slicing driving to LF. Popped to 3B in foul territory and struck out. My buddies wanted to leave but I kept say to wait for Quinn to get one more AB. I was glad we did because Roman put a charge into it. I would say it was a lot like JRoll HRs to RF at CBP. Roman put the ball over the second fence which is about 20 feet high easily. I would say it was in the 5th or 6th row at CBP.

        1. Thank you for this first hand report. It is great to get this info as it gives much more color than a box score.

          I think we need to temper our enthusiasm on Altherr. He is 24 and in AA. He *ought to* look good comparatively, given his age and this being in his sixth year of professional baseball. He is also 1 yr 7 mo older than D. Santana – the same D. Santana that hit .296/.384/.474 last year in AAA. Yes it was the PCL but Altherr plays half his games in Reading and had a .686 OPS last year. Santana is many times the better prospect than Altherr.

          1. Altherr could be more of the athlete then Santana, but as for raw power I would think Santana has the definitive edge. Then again, Altherr’s k rate is in the low 20%s… whereas Santana’s is in the low 30%s in over 2500 PAs in the minors.
            How many prospects with over a 30% K rates in the minors, make it as impact players in the majors? Even Ryan Howard was under 30% at 27%.

  1. Congrats to the Ridenhours!

    Franco with two hits including another double and Lively with another outstanding start. Plus Cozens with three hits and Quinn with a dinger. I’ll take that any night.

  2. Has anyone seen Franco in person in the last week? I am wondering how his plate discipline/pitch recognition have been. Just looking at the box score his K-rate has been climbing and his BB rate has been dropping. It is tough, however, to say someone hitting .338 needs to be less aggressive.

    1. The team has been playing so poorly, I think Franco’s been pressing a bit–taking hacks early in the count and getting himself behind. Not all the time, just in some big spots where maybe he’d have done better to see more pitches. Just my observation from seeing all the home at-bats.

    2. Franco has been working mightily on being selective and not committing too soon – it’s impressive that he has enough talent where he can actually follow this instruction and see the results almost immediately in game action. I like that he’s hitting doubles too because it shows that his swing is fairly level, he’s not trying to hit home runs, but he’s getting excellent contact and driving the ball. Short of his having a Kris Bryant type of breakout, this is about as promising a start as he could have and gives me renewed optimism that, in fact, he could be a very good major league hitter. Now, when his Arb clock passes and he looks ready, Howard needs to move on , Franco needs to be promoted and work on hitting at the major league level. Everyone should know that it will probably be a good half season or more before Franco gets some traction as a hitter n the majors – he’s always had an adjustment period to new levels in the minors and I expect the same in the majors.

      1. I’d like to see at least another ~100 PA’s out of Franco in AAA. After having good K/BB rates the first week or two the last week or so they seemed to have regressed. All of this is SSS. We have to let the numbers normalize more.

    3. In the past week, I have been closely following Makel Franco’s at bats. He has shown incredible plate discipline. In the last seven games, he has had 31 at bats. In those at bats he has seen 137 pitches. This amounts to 4.4 pitches per at bat. Even the most selective hitters in the Major Leagues only average between 3.5 to 3.7 pitches per at bat. At 4.4 per at bat he is far above that average. Of the first pitches he has seen, he has swung at only six in these 31 at bats. Of these six he has put five into play. Of the 25 first pitches he took, 19 were balls and six pitches being called strikes. In the 31 at bats, he has struck out seven times. Three of the strike outs were called strikes including two with a full count of 3-2. He has had a remarkable number of times that he has been in hitter counts of 2-0, 2-1, 3-0 and 3-1 during these seven games.

      Did anyone also notice that Franco did his Roman Quinn impersonation with two infield hits in a game on Thursday. He beat out a grounder to the pitcher in the 1st for a single then in the 8th he beat out a grounder to shortstop for a single. On Wednesday, I watched him almost beat out a routine grounder to the 3rd baseman. I have noticed that with his new swing he is getting out of the batter’s box much faster. In the past his long hard arm-bar swing forced him to carry a lot of weight and momentum toward 3rd base with a more abbreviated swing less inertia is expended toward 3rd and consequently he is getting down the 1st base line faster. It will be interesting to see if the scouts register this and upgrade his speed from a three to possibly a four, four point five or a five. I have no way of confirming this but I believe his stop watch time from the batter’s box to 1st has had to decrease.

  3. Good luck to S Gonzalez tonight hopefully just the beginning of a long career for the Phillies. The AA rotation looks good I hope they all have success . Finally have so pitchers that have control and pitchabity.

      1. He has great command and control but few swing and misses since his FB velo sits 88-89 T90/91, and CU and CB were not considered plus in the past. Not usre how his slider will play out.
        So he could have a high pitch count fairly early with patient Cardinal batters fouling off pitches.

  4. Romus I don’t know if the gun at lhv is slow. but saw two starts by this kid and he never got to 90 mostly 86-88

    1. I hope Severino does well tonight as well. It is difficult, though I guess not entirely impossible as this is baseball, for a rookie RHP to throw 86-88 fb velo and be successful in the Major Leagues. Chris Young for the Royals (whom they acquired from the Mariners) gets swings and misses on his 87-88mph fb but is mostly a fly ball pitcher. In contrast to Severino, he is listed at 6ft 10 in and 255 pounds.

    2. rocco…have to see if he can get them out with the lower velo. He does have good command and a low BB/9 thru his career. But major league hitters will just keep fouling him off until he makes a mistake.

        1. Saw him against the Braves in Florida and he did not look overmatched. Not sure how he will do if he gets to three times through the lineup but he works fast and throws strikes. I came away much more impressed than I expected to be. I don’t expect him to be the next great Phillies pitcher but he might be a viable 4th, 5th starter. Really hope he has a good start tonight we could use some good news.

  5. After watching Severino Gonzalez pitch against the Cards, hard to imagine that he could stick in a MLB rotation. He just doesn’t have enough fastball to keep anybody honest. He hit 90 a couple of times but the majority of his pitches were 87-88. Some of his pitches were rocketed by the Cards. Can’t believe I’m saying this but David Buchanan has better pitches than Severino.

    1. I’ve been trying to tell people this for weeks. It’s possible that he develops into something down the line, but right now, he’s a very middling prospect. Fortuntely, the “Reading 5” all have a lot of upside and I’m pretty optimistic about Leibrandt, Pinto and Kilome.

  6. Nervous could be the thing too he was up too 91 last yr. A Cole form the nats 1 of their of there top pitching prospects make his first start tonight he has a mid 90 fastball was hammered 2 ing 9 hits 9 runs against the Braves. Gonzalez stuff was off all his pitches.Also he went up against st.louis one of the best hitting teams in baseball . He’s 22 so still has a lot of time. I hope he gets b
    1 more chance what’s the Phillies other options?

    1. The Phillies are rebuilding so it’s not like we’re in a rush to win games. It’s likely Severino will get 1 more start. McGowan seems better suited as the long man and Billingsley has said he wanted to get a number of starts under his belt at AAA.

      Joely Rodriguez doesn’t deserve it, Adam Morgan is working his way back from injury. Crazy to say, but if Phillippe Aumont strings together some starts, he might get the next crack if somebody else hits the DL. Aumont is still only 26 and he certainly has enough ability.

      1. Interesting comment re Aumont. And I agree. A half-dozen effective starts out of him, however unlikely, could very well result in him pitching in Philly this summer. His swan song so to speak

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