Open Discussion: Week of April 27th

Here’s an open discussion thread so the minor league posts don’t get cluttered with Phillies’ talk and other topics.

After 19 games, Papelbon has made 7 appearances, 6 games finished (4 saves, 2 others).  He gave up his first earned run of the season today.

Some other random stuff to light the fire –

  • Chase Utley .121/.206/.224/.430 (worst among Phillies’ starters)
  • Phillies .214/.272/.323/.594 (worst in NL)
  • The Cardinals’ Adam Wainwright could miss the rest of the season after suffering an Achilles injury.
  • The Tigers’ Joe Nathan will undergo surgery for a torn ulnar collateral ligament and a tendon in his right elbow and miss the rest of the season.
  • The Red Sox starting rotation has a 5.77 ERA (Kelly 4.08, Bucchholz 4.84, Masterson 5.16, Porcello 6.48, Miley 8.62).

152 thoughts on “Open Discussion: Week of April 27th

  1. The trade market is breaking perfectly for Phils.

    I believe the Wainwright injury increases the probability that the Cubs get Hamels. The timing is perfect for them. One more Ace and they would be favorite IMO. Love seeing the Sox gamble fail.

    1. My first thought when I heard about Wainwright was the same. The Cards do not have as much to deal and I think would be harder to deal with anyway. But the Cubs now have a greater shot at winning the division, and they have assets that can be dealt

    2. I agree 100% v1, things are breaking the Phillies way in the trade market which is nice.

      They could have a rebuilt farm system by the end of the year of they play their cards right.

      The pitching prospects have been rebuilt, they could use some positional players, and so far the young players are the ones making noise at the MLB level.

      From a year ago, the Phillies have made exceptional progress.

      1. “From a year ago, the Phillies have made exceptional progress.”

        Funny how that lines up almost perfectly with Gillick’s return to throne.

  2. LOL about the Red Sox starters. They have no one to blame but themselves for not making the Phils a serious offer for Hamels when they had the assets to do it.

    1. The Sox and nats both rotations are not doing well . The Sox are 10 – 8 in first place. The nats are tried with the Phillies with there multi mil dollar pitcher has a bad thumb.Gio not doing well Zimmerman walking a few .if the nats are still going this bad by the trading dead line They might be sellers.

    2. Eh – Bucholz, Kelly, Miley and Masterson are pitching waaaay better than the results would indicate. This will probably regress soon. I doubt the Red Sox are short sighted enough to really be worried right now.

    1. Too early to be sold on Galvis, but what he’s doing seems pretty sustainable if he keeps the K rate under 10%. Let’s say that he does keep hitting well enough to be an everyday player… Crawford is good defensively at short, but he’s not as good as Galvis, is he?

      1. In this scenario, I think Galvis goes to second, where he is also an outstanding defender, or gets traded. But when I say “gets traded” I don’t say that casually, they would need excellent compensation for him.

      2. “if he keeps the K rate under 10%”

        This. Strikeouts (or lack thereof) are a huge difference for him right now.

    2. You can put Freddie in any of the positions and his defensive tool will be exceptional. Two years ago he was better then Chase at 2nd base when Chase was out for a stretch. Then Charlie put him in LF and he was just as good or better then the other OFers. I am willing to bet, you put him behind the plate and he could be a very serviceable 3rd back-up catcher.
      I wonder if he can pitch in a relief role?

    1. The logic (at least from Sandberg) is that he’s hit many balls hard with nothing to show for it. It’s still April so he should probably be given more time before any change.

    2. He has a BABIP of .104. I think that will likely go up, even though his LD rate is down a bit and his GB rate is up a fair amount. (all from Fangraphs)

      At some point his time will be up as a hitter but this looks more anomalous to me.

    1. Same as Howard’s, coming out of the box. It’s a common Achilles tear scenario. To me the Cards will do something to replace Wainwright’s spot. I don’t know if they have enough for Hamels but I’m sure they’ll talk. I still can’t understand why Pap isn’t on the Tigers …..

  3. Baseball is a game of inches and some feet.
    Paps was less then five feet away yesterday from his first BS.

    1. Of course that works both ways. While I hate to defend Paps, a few inches in his BS vs the O’s in the final game of 2011 and the Sox would have made the playoffs.

  4. I cannot believe it, it is not even May yet, and the baseball pundits are talking, with the rash of starting pitcher injuries occurring, about the ‘going-good-so-far’ Aaron Harang being traded for a prospect to a contender.
    Officially, the Phillies are still contenders.

    1. lmao. Romus I hope your joking. if they made the playoffs it would be a bigger miracle. then Moses parting the red sea.

      1. rocco…I know it is ridiculous to think they will get close to the playoffs, but OTOH, technically it is too early to say that the Phillies are dead in the water.

  5. I agree that the Cards do not seem like a Hamels trade partner, but increases the possibility of the Cubs. I never laminated the Dodgers from having interest. I also agree that I am taking satisfaction from the Red Sox having SP problems. It is not that they wouldn’t give up Swihart or Betts, it is that their offer was so crappy that I am rooting against them.

    1. Betts (the “guaranteed hall of farmer after 150 ABs) is hitting sub Mendoza.

      Another reminder that ALL prospects have a hole in swing and MLB pitchers will find it and the question is whether they can adjust.

      1. I don’t recall anyone around here proclaiming Betts a future Hall of Famer. Even his backers were suggesting something more like an 18-24 WAR player over his years of team control . Hamels may have a hard time matching that in the four years left on his contract as he ages into the his mid-thirties while being paid near market value (or over market value if he declines or gets hurt). It is a question of overall value.

        Writing off Betts after 75 AB is as silly as proclaiming a future Hall of Famer after 150. I suppose you would have written off Bogarts after his rough start last year too?

        1. I didn’t write off anyone. Just also don’t proclaim a prospect to be an annual all star after 150 ABs.

          As for Bogarts, I think the jury is very much out on him.

        2. Betts may have a low BA, but he is tearing up the base paths and playing strong defense. He could be our future 2B, or play any OF position needed. His average will be up soon enough.

  6. Matt there offer was the worst offer, They to me seem to say, take this offer we don’t have to give you anything of value, like the Phillies were small market and had to unload a contracts.

    1. Well both Betts and jackie Bradley are struggling early at their respective levels, and Swihart is a singles machine at Pawtucket with little power, the Sox still could be players and offer attractive packages without Betts or Swihart involved.

      1. Funny J Roll hitting .185 on a more talented team with their best player now out for a while. Goes to show you teams on paper sure look good until the games are played.

  7. I wouldn’t mind a package of Stephen Piscotty, Alex Reyes, Marco Gonzalez and Roman Wick (might be too much for the Cards). There’s no real headline prospect in that package but there are 3 back of the top 100 guys plus an OF with Plus Plus power in Wick. There are 2 pitchers in the package which I dunno if they would want more position players in it but you can never have too much pitching, EVER.

    Or from the Cubs it would start with Schwarber, Gleyber Torres and Eloy Jimenez. That would be A LOT for the cubs to give up tho.

  8. Lets say the Phils can trade Hamels, Pap, Ruiz, Harang and maybe Howard and finish in bottom 3 and make some splashes July 2 this year will be a Huge Sixerslike success.

  9. If Utley starts to hit again, you can’t rule out trading him. Even with his reluctance to move, by July it may be so bad that he changes his mind. Very ironic that a 76ers- like success would be a good thing for this team.

      1. They have a 2nd baseman who’s 24 and the Giants aren’t going to be in the race per a miracle .Panik is hitting 300 Has a world series ring. The Angels maybe it’s way to early to tell the needs of teams.

  10. That Porcello signing was a huge head scratcher. Now, it gives me a sense of joy knowing that they ponied up all of that money when they could have had Hamels for Swihart and others. With all of these injuries, is it safe to say that Hamels price is increasing or remains where it was from the beginning.

    1. I never liked the Porcello signing even though everyone here was behind it and calling the Red Sox a progressive organization.

      He may still turn it around but he has a lot to make up for. The Red Sox made the offer based on one year’s advanced stats (2013) with no statistical information to back up their assumption.

      1. You have a strange definition of everyone. While I understand why they did the signing I still thought it was a likely regrettable overpay.

  11. Interesting decision comes tomorrow night when Gonzalez makes his MLB Debut. A move on the 40 man roster must be made. Who goes? Sizemore?

  12. Guess what? I’m not sure Dom Brown is going back to the majors. Last week Amaro hemmed and hawed about Brown’s performance at AAA and suggested he might just stay there. Please, God, keep him there until he does something. He’s been a horrible baseball player for well over a year.

    1. catch…technically he is on rehab assignment….15-DL status….do not MLBPA have union contractual requirements that have to be met before he can be left in the minors after the 15 day is completed?.

      1. He may have to be optioned down – he may have an option left (somehow I think he does).

          1. Just happened. As I’ve been saying, Ruben sort of let this possibility slip last Wednesday during his pre-game show interview. It’s hard to believe how bad this has gotten, but he certainly isn’t showing the ability to hit AAA pitching, so why let him flail away at major league pitching?

  13. Pending the arrival of Crawford for SS, Galvis could continue his new found offense. Though we don’t expect the over .300 BA he now shows, his gains on offense makes him a VERY valuable piece: a SS about 26 yrs old who is a very good fielder, and a worthy offense to add to his resume.

    Consider: just how valuable is a guy like that in the bigs? Playing the most wanted fielder on any team is the SS (with apologies to the catcher position, 2nd best) Galvis will generate mucho interest from other MLB teams. Trading for an excellent MLB SS who brings some offense to the table SHOULD yield some better prospects for this re-building process.

    We’d have to wait 1 1/2 seasons for Crawford to verify his values and skills, but THEN we could grab some fine prospects for him. Of course, the 2nd base position will likely be open where Galvis could fit……….but trading him could fill in some holes with better player-prospects. A haul back if the FO is continuing to pay attention.

    Add in the (likely) trades of Hamels and Paps for prospects and we’d have a bunch of young ‘uns in a new, fresh and likely exciting team.

    Most needy for us: catcher, right-handed right fielder with some power, 2nd baseman (Utley seems to be finished), and more pitching.

    Go, Galvis, GO!!!

  14. Jarrod Saltamacchia was designated for assignment by the Marlins and they are trying to trade him. Should the Phillies consider him if the cost was right as he is only 29 years old and would be better then Cameron Rupp.

  15. I’m kinda scratching my head with the Galvis trade talk . . He’s put in less then a month of the offense and we are talking about getting prospects for him? Someone actually said called him an “excellent MLB SS” . . I think teams would need to see at least (at the VERY LEAST) a full season of him hitting to even net a decent prospect and I think “decent prospect” might be questionable. He doesn’t have any track record of being even a .260 hitter let alone where he’s at now.

  16. omg eric I Cant believe you don’t know he is kidding, who is going to talk about galvis trade after one month of him hitting, its a joke, lighten up he is not serious

  17. With so many players having a bad year and all of the players who are out for the year, I think they do have a shot at the wild card if they can stay healthy. I also think they will option Brown to LHV.

  18. Brown isn’t showing anything in his minor league adventure. He’s looking more like a throw in on a deal than a major league player. Pure luck would have him hitting .200 but that’s not the case. Pitchers hit better than .150. I think Dom in done but maybe he can resurrect himself in another organization.

    1. Personally, though, Danks is one year older…I prefer him over Dom Brown at the plate and in the OF. I guess people still envision the potential for a higher ceiling for Dom Brown, whereas Danks floor-level is already set in stone.

  19. Romus gm. Looking at some of the prospect we gave up , cosart looks like a nice pitcher, high as a 2 imo maybe a one eventually, D’naud if he stays healthy is a nice player too. now if singleton who is hitting in minor and Santana come through could be worst trade we ever made in history of club.

    1. rocco….you may be a little over-the-top optimistic about some of those players.
      Cosart , IMO, could be a very good 3, stretching it as a 2. Travis d’Arnaud you may be spot on with his ceiling and health.
      Singleton is a one-trick pony first basemen and still may not be the HR guy the ‘Stros want at first base..
      Dom Santana is lightening up in the hitter-friendly PCL at Fresno…..but with a 37% K-rate. He may go the route of the Tank Viciedo eventually. Plus, on paper he turns 23-years old this summer……he could be a few years older….at Lakewood in 2011, he looked like a man then with the kids from all reports…and he was 18-years old on record..

  20. I am hoping when we move hamels in july, most likely, release franc our, trade harang, we bring up couple of pitchers like lively and maybe Biddle or Nola. let atlteer or Quinn play center move the kid in center to second, just would love to see some of the kids up here later on in july. Bring some like into this club. I am so torn on chase love to see him. but would love to see him on a winning team. now that he is nearing end of career.

    1. Well Chase has his off-season home in SF and if the Giants continue to play mediocre ball, Sabean may look for a spark. But then again Joe Panik is batting great at this point, so he would have to go into a prolonged slump.
      The A’s could also be a possibility.
      I think Chase would change his tune on a July move if it were to the Bay area.

    2. I think Quinn and Altherr could definitely benefit from at least half a year in AAA. I think Herrerra at second isn’t a bad idea long term but I would give him at least a spring training to get comfortable at the position again. There is the problem that as long as he stays healthy Utley has vesting options into perpetuity. Right now I feel like I’m reliving the end of Schmidt. The pitchers could come up since I feel there is less for them to learn in AAA as opposed to hitters, but there is no rush getting them onto the big club that will be bad at least this year and next.

  21. I think if Altherr is even considered for a call-up at the end of the season, we have to be thrilled. And, Lively and Eflin seem to be excellent returns. I think that after mid-season, when Hamels and Harang and maybe Williams get traded, Nola, Eflin and Lively will have Rotation spots. Franco sometime sooner, maybe Biddle not far behind. That will, at least, be fun to watch.

    1. I had heard somewhere after his first appearance (with three walks in 0.2 IP) that he was dealing with a back issue. If that is still the case that would explain the lower velocity. Also if you take out that first appearance his BB rate is not so awful.

  22. Good question. According to MLB, not that good. Mostly 93 and 94. At least he was throwing strikes. Hopefully he can warm up with the weather.

  23. Dom Brown does not have anything going right now…..he can’t hit AAA, maybe he can hit at AA……I’m not a fan of Grady Sizemore, but Dom has done no real hitting since early 2013..he might think he belongs in PHL, but as of right now I do not and it seems management feels the same

    1. OK, the logic here is MANY teams need Hamels so the PROBLEM is the Phillies? I mean, wow. I am about to tag the organization not just as clueless but with a distinct deficiency in dealing productively with African-Americans (yes, a true euphemism there), but I have no problem with Amaro holding out. Sports writers need to become less lazy and stop printing what other GMs tell them and actually cover real issues.

      1. It is why I say to listen less to the so-called ‘experts’ and more forming your own opinion.

        It is good in that he collates a decent amount of information regarding Hamels nine teams, and the players.

        Once you get past the garbage at the top it is a decent article. The return for Hamels should be good and fill the prospect pipeline.

        1. Somewhat awkward, somewhat uninformed article by Heyman. In either event, the market for Hamels is shaping up to be huge. I predict when it comes down to it, whether this week, in July, or any time between, there will be at least 3-4 significant bidders on Hamels right up to the moment a deal is struck.

  24. Mitch Walding with a HR in what is sure to be a true BREAKOUT GAME tonight!!!! He should be shooting up prospects lists.

  25. I keep reading that the teams still wont give a top prospect for hamels. If I am amaro he stays. Some of the available pitchers I read about aren’t in hamels class. I am so tried of boston talk, there fans keep saying he is not that good and cant beat American league teams, Dodgers say wont give up any of there top three, rangers are the one who might pull the trigger on a deal, they according to what I have read, will made a move if they feel he will put them over the top.

    1. If it came down to the Yankees….Judge as a corner power right handed OFer bat would have to be on my list and ilo of Severino maybe Ian Clarkin. And also Sanchez, who use to be considered a very good catching prospect, not sure anymore.

        1. And he actually can play both corner OF positions..with a plus arm.
          His power bat would play well at CBP. Not sure what kind of BA/OBP he could maintain however.

  26. Roccum – the Phillies will absolutely get a top prospect in return for Hamels. It might not be Swihart, or Urias, but they are going to land a hefty return for Hamels one way or another. Nearly all of the teams who should be interested in Hamels also have the farm systems to get a deal done.

    Boston, LAD, Yankees, Cubs, Texas, division leading Houston, , , the list goes on. Expect a very competitive market for Hamels

    1. Don’t forget about St Louis as well. The Wainwright injury is huge despite their depth of young pitching.

  27. I’d give up more for a young less proven pitcher,” one GM said, citing Seattle’s Taijuan Walker as an example. “Maybe (Hamels’ contract) is discounted 15 percent. No one’s going to give up elite talent for that.” all I read is he isn’t worth a top talent.

    1. Seriously….do you really think a GM will give up more for younger unproven talent!
      Yes, more in the way of quantity (low level tier prospects) vs quality prospects at AA/AAA level,I would think.

    2. Anecdotal evidence. I assure you the Hamels’ market will be large. Rest easy at night my friend

  28. I have believed that the Dodgers were the logical choice. An owner with unlimited resources, and a burning desire to win now. I think a Guerrero and Urias deal is possible. I know Urias is currently on the ‘untouchable list’, but I think one more SP injury in LA, makes that happen. What if, instead of paying $ towards Hamels’ contract, the Phils take Ethier? Isn’t that what a team with the financial resources of the Phils should do if the return is Guerrero/Urias?

  29. You are missing the point of the article. If the so-called ‘experts’ are getting snippy about Amaro’s asking price it means that teams are interested and want him to take less while Amaro holds his ground.

    I applaud him for not taking Boston’s garbage offer from a month ago.

    There are a lot of teams with pitching needs and they want Amaro to take fifty cents on the dollar for his asset.

    It is not about what is said in the article and more about reading between the lines.

    1. Ruben is playing this exactly as he should. Eventually, a team with playoff aspirations is going to cave and give up something close to what the Phillies want.

      The Red Sox would be perfect honestly. You could Bundle Hamels, Harang and Papelbon for the package we want and Boston could solve three of their most immediete glaring issues. Number 1 pitcher, number x pitcher and an effective closer.

      1. Agree re RAJ. Whether or not it was for the right reasons, I’m happy that Hamels is still here instead of elsewhere but for an inferior return. The injury argument is illogical. There’s no single event more important for a successful rebuild than to get an impact or multiple above-average regulars in return for Hamels. As far as Boston is concerned, I could put together 4-5 different packages that I would do in an instant which do not include Swihart or Betts

  30. I don’t RAJ for holding out, its early and the AL east good be tight most of the season.
    Do TOR or BAL have anything to offer if they are still a few games back at AS break?

  31. Just a question, doesn’t it make sense to send lesser prospects back with Hamels to get better prospects? For instance, if they were serious about Swihart, why not offer Gruillon also in return? Swihart-Margot-Brian Johnson-Coyle for Hamels-Grullon. Not neccesarily that deal specifically, but doesn’t that type of deal make sense?

    1. Now you are talking!
      But does Ruben have the wherewithal to wheel and deal like that?
      In your scenario…..I would offer one of two….Grullon or Knapp to the Sox.
      Of course, Christian Vasquez should be back healthy next season, so he could also be in the mix somewhere.

  32. This year’s bullpen young-core has regressed from last year, specifically, DeFratus, Diekman and to some degree Giles.
    I wonder if it is just too early or too cool.

    1. Struggling is one thing (it happens from time to time), but significant losses in velocity are another. All are experiencing significant losses in velocity – whether this is temporary or permanent is anyone’s guess. None of these players is old or was really overused so I’m not sure why this is happening.

      By the way, not that anybody is really taking notice, but I think Sandberg is a dreadful manager. His line-up construction is awful, he has a tendency to reverse platoon players (often for no apparent reason) and does things like having his hottest hitter (Galvis) bunt with two men on and nobody out in the middle innings of a game. And then the player can’t even execute the bunt (this isn’t Sandberg’s fault directly, but since nobody on this team seems to be able to bunt, he has to take some blame). He just loves giving outs away and this team cannot afford to do that. It’s like the Phillies are living in the land that statistics forgot.

      1. Concerning Sandberg.
        I hope he doe not pull a ‘May 2014 Cliff Lee’ with Cole Hamels in the next month or so. That is, pitch him two/three consecutive games of about an average of 115/120 PC.

    1. I was on fangraphs update on the draft I still like Ian Happ and Tucker there was a pitcher forgot his name though.fyI my friends son signed with Gynn mercy college knew him when he was 2 saying ball ball congrats.

      1. He would be a very good choice if available.
        Happ probably has a lower ceiling but a better proximity, but Tucker could be a special player with his overall hit tool.
        Use to be decades ago, left-handed hitters were a scarcity and a gem to get…now right-handed batters are in that category.
        Also hope the rash of injuries to the higher projected draft picks are now over.

  33. Did anyone see Austin Hedges is tearing up AAA San Diego might be back into it at some point. The Phillies have Joesph , lino, Knapp , Grullon, Pusso .lenin Rodriguez is the international catcher that was signed for I think 90,000 .how much do they want to spend at 1 position. I rather go after a power 1st baseman or RF and a sp too.

  34. Update on Shane Watson from Jay Floyd and PhoulBallz:
    “…..right-handed hurler Shane Watson continues to recover from his second shoulder surgery. According the the 21-year-old Watson, he tossed two innings of live batting practice on Tuesday. He’ll continue his throwing program and anticipates competing with the extended spring training team in one week. Watson, who last pitched in a regular season game with Class A Lakewood in 2013, was the Phils’ top draft pick the year prior. He tallied a 4-7 record with a 4.44 ERA and a .227 batting average against in 21 combined games at two levels. The goal for Watson, once he’s stretched out without any setbacks this season, is for him to return to Lakewood, according to Phillies director of player development Joe Jordan.”

    1. Devin Marrero, Jackie Bradley and Brian Johnson of the Sox…..hopefully the Phillies ‘liking’ is a smokescreen.
      If it is not Betts or Swihart, then I would prefer all of the following Margot, Devers, Cecchini, and Owens AND added international allocation money, in which the Sox have no use for since they are in the penalty restriction phase, in order to sign Jhailyn Ortiz.

        1. Reports from the Globe or Herald seem to sway toward the Sox giving up practically zilch for Hamels. This is where Ruben needs to ‘negotiate.
          He needs to play the game and make sure the media knows he is talking openly with the Yankees, the Dodgers, the Cubs and other clubs.
          Get Cherington’s attention, so he senses a little urgency.

      1. That’s an awful package. We have to get Margot and Owens or Rodriguez in a deal, if they’re holding out on Swihart. Margot, Rodriguez, Cecchini, then I can take a Marrero or Bradley, along with the international allocation.

    2. That is a nice quote. “Interesting” podcast just posted there where they talk about the obvious connection of Hamels to St Louis because of his roots there. Who knew?

      1. Bradley why? he stinks. you have at least three good outfielders right now who might not hit , but could play center. why would anyone want Bradley. lets just give hamels to them ..I now know its gillick who is making this trade, without swihart leading the trade it aint happening.

        1. If you get Margot, no sense in getting Bradley since both are CFers, and the Phillies farm still has Quinn and Tocci in the pipeline.
          But I would take Owens, Cecchini and Devers….Cecchini as a LFer and Devers to 2nd base down the road..

            1. I agree with you. Margot and one of the SPs is a must for any Boston deal. I have zero interest in Bradley, and almost as little in Marrero. This is the same offer as one of the earlier ones, except they switched Johnson for the Webster De la Rosa, pupu platter.

            2. If Ruben decides to give into their wishs about Betts and Swihart…then he needs to let the world know he has to ‘settle for less quality’ (tic), and thus get 4 prospects back in the transaction. I would hope he or Gillick can skillfully perform the give and take negotiations required.

  35. Ugh, David Buchanan needs to get sent down fast. He’s getting lit up almost every game. Of course, if the Phillies’ goal is to secure the #1 pick, trotting out Buchanan every 5 days will help that. This hard to watch.

    How many starts will Adam Morgan need to be ready? 10? How’s his velocity?

    1. Looks like Chad Billingsley is ready to called up. This morning threw 99 pitches for LHV and pitched well according to boxscore stats..
      He could get his first MLB start in a few years, next week against the Braves or the Mets.

    2. Morgan’s velocity is okay, but he doesn’t have all the feel to his secondary pitches. Billingsley is about ready, but then Severino will get sent back. I’m not sure who would take Buchanan’s starts if he is sent to AAA. He might have to just take his lumps until he figures it out. Or until Nola is ready.

    3. I think Billingsley gets the call first and then Pettibone by the end of May when he is supposed to come off the DL.

      Anyone have any word on Pettibone? He was supposed to be a back of the rotation inning eater.

      1. I don’t think Pettibone has enough of a track record that he’ll automatically get a rotation spot once he’s healthy. I think he’ll go the Adam Morgan route: go to AAA, prove you are healthy, get the results, then you can come on up.

    1. Good. They must be kicking themselves over Porcello. For the same money they could have had Hamels.

      If I were RAJ I would limit Hamels to 6 innings. Keep the prime asset in good shape and well rested.

  36. Wait it out with all the pitchers going down with injuries or not having going seasons there might be a pot of gold waiting.

  37. Watch out guys I think coach Kelly of the Eagles will try to trade Hamels and pap for a Oregon duck punter.

  38. If I am Ruben, I tell Boston they can give me Margot, E. Rod, and Coyle for Hamels and 5mil. If they want more money off Hamels’ contract then they can up the return. They can keep JBJ and Owens. Owens is off to a very poor start. He has 17BB in 21ip with an era over 4. E. Rod has allowed 1BB in 18.2. Obviously there are a lot of other factors, but Owens slow stuff already worried me. His lack of command at AAA does not help.

    At this point I would prefer to send Hamels to the Cubs centered around Schwarber and Underwood.

  39. Sandberg slotting Sizemore in the 5 hole again. He mus be drunk. The entire senior team need an overhaul

    1. Sandberg and Ruben must have went to the recent Sam Hinkie seminar on ‘Tanking -But Also Appear To Look Competitive’
      He is doing a fairly decent job so far.

      1. Romus he isn’t tanking on purpose. I told you this team had nothing, how did anyone think this team could win. no power, lack of speed, lack of starters. bullpen was only thing that was strength and there having trouble . You thought I was nuts when I said they would have a tough time winning 60. this is a 100 plus losing team. just terrible.

  40. Buchanan down to Minors, Elvis is in the building, and Billingsley to start Tuesday. When does the Sizemore/Francoeur experiment end and Ruf get to play regularly? They have no future here or anywhere, really. Harang and Billingsley I understand, because they may be trade bait.

    1. ‘We have now reached the point in the rebuild where the Phillies installed revolving doors on the clubhouse. Names on top of the lockers are on masking tape and uniform names are attached with velcro.’

      1. Unfortunately, the name Howard was installed with reinforced cement.

        On the Phillies, I looked up and their record is 8-17 – they are basically on a pace to lose over 108 games. He’s what’s scary. I don’t feel they’ve underperformed on the whole. By that, I mean that, as a whole, the team has done about what you might expect they would do given who is on the team and how old the players are. They are so bad it’s unbelievable. Sure, they could get hot and win some games, but they could also lose 17 out of 20 without anyone being too surprised. Sometimes, I look at this mess and think to myself – wow, Ruben acquired a young WS championship team, with unprecedented levels of fan support, and he was about to come into a new and gigantic TV contract. That it has gotten this bad is unthinkable. That he is still here presiding over this slow motion train wreck is intolerable.

        But, hey, if the goal this year is to lose as many games as possible and get a great draft pick, they should keep Sandberg and Amaro in place (just don’t let him choose the draft picks).

        1. That said, there is some hope in the minors. Today, Brandon Leibrandt is dealing again – two innings, no hits, no walks, 4 Ks. I love this kid. I expect Nola to be a top/middle of the rotation player. But it’s guys like Eflin and Leibrandt that could really speed the process along. My guess is that Leibrandt gets promoted when Nola does – it probably will only be another month or so.

  41. I just want to know the logic behind Chase hitting 3rd?

    I understand Howard has 4 HR’s but he should be dropped down as well.

    Why can’t they try Herrera, Galvis, Asche at the top? Everyone hitting a spot or two behind Howard is getting crushed because Utley and Howard are black holes in the lineup sucking everyone down.

  42. Nick Carfado of the Boston Globe writes:
    “……….The Phillies continue to scout the Red Sox’ farm system, particularly center fielder Manuel Margot. But the Sox may not be willing to give him up. Nor are they likely to part with Blake Swihart, who continues to hit while improving as a catcher. The Phillies would likely want lefthanders Brian Johnson or Eduardo Rodriguez in a deal. They are not said to be huge fans of lefty Henry Owens.”

    ….now the Sox do not want to give up Margot! First there was Bogaerts, then Betts and Swhihart, then Eduardo Rodriguez……Ruben needs to tactfully voice publicly Hamels’ offers from other teams especially if any should come from the Yankees.

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