Box Score Recap – 4/24/2015

Lehigh Valley lost 7-6 to Buffalo.  Both teams had double-digit hits.  But, IronPigs’ pitchers handed out 9 free passes while striking out seven.  Bisons’ pitchers walked 1 while striking out nine.  Every “Pig got at least one base hit.  Maikel Franco went 1 for 5.

Reading won 7-4.  Jesse Biddle picked up the win.  Art Charles had a big night.  He went 4 for 4 with 2 doubles, 2 triples, and 5 RBIs.

Clearwater beat Lakeland, 8-4.  Colin Kleven went 6.0 innings allowing 3 runs (2 ER).  He gave up 8 hits and a walk and left with a 5-run lead.  Lino Martinez left the game with an arm injury after walking the lead off hitter in the eighth inning.  Cody Forsyhte ame in to finish the frame and allowed the inherited runner to score, but struck out three in the inning.  The Threshers amassed 15 hits, and every player had at least one.  Aaron Brown went 2-4 with a double. triple, and 2 RBIs.  Devin Lohman went 3-4 with a double and 2 RBIs.  Zach Green, Andrew Knapp, and Brodie Greene added 2-hit games.  Dylan Cozens picked up an outfield assist.

Lakewood beat Hagerstown, 2-1.  Ranfi Casimiro allowed one run and 7 hits over 7.0 innings while walking none and striking out six.  Joey Denato got a hold, and Matt Hockenberry picked up his third save.  Tocci went 1 for 3 and lowered his batting average.  Canelo picked up 2 more hits.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Bonus coverage – well, maybe not.  Watched Jeff Hoffman pitch against the “Williamsport” group at XST today.  Hoffman was projected to be one of the top five prospects going into the 2014 Amateur Draft when he had TJ surgery about a month before the draft.  He dropped to ninth where the Blue Jays selected him.  Before the surgery, he had a mid-90s FB that could hit 98, an equally good curve, and an above-average change.  Today was his third “start” and his first time going three innings.  He overpowered our kids with a 94-95 mph FB and a nice curve.  However, all of our batters were considerably younger than the 22-year old right-hander out of ECU.  He faced four 20-year olds, two 18-year olds, three 17-year olds, and a 16-year old.  Only Jan Hernandez reached base when he was hit on the hand with a pitch.  Bryan Martelo was the only batter to get the ball out of the infield on a fly ball to shallow right.


21 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 4/24/2015

    1. Yes, let’s cannonize him now – he’s hitting .179. He’s either your childhood friend, or you know his family, or you’ve placed a wild 100-1 wager on his making the majors or this is the biggest baseball man crush of all times. Which is it?

  1. First time at coca cola field last night, but between the cold and ‘work,’ the game didn’t get my full attention.
    I was impressed with Franco in the field. I was right behind the 3rd base dugout to see him make a couple nice plays ranging to the hole on hard hit balls. The first one turned into a double play. I read a quote awhile back that said ‘the harder its hit the softer his hands get.’ I can see it on those plays. Franco hit a sharp single up the middle in the first.
    Jordan Danks is tall.
    Joely Rodriguez couldn’t miss bats. The hr he gave up in the first was absolutely crushed. Everything seemed to be hit squarely.
    Duran made a great diving snag on a liner up the middle in the 9th.
    Off to Harrisburg tonight- hopefully it warms up some.

  2. Games like last night are why I am not sold on Biddle. I really want him to succeed but I just have no confidence. Feel like he has always been jekyll and Hyde due to his inconsistent command.

    1. If this continues when the weather warms up then we need to be concerned. Very tough weather for pitching.

    2. His first rive innings were decent and above average…the sixth he gave up two hits and a walk. So three of the total of 7 Hits/BB allowed were in the last inning of work.

    3. The umpire was squeezing him in the fifth and sixth innings. He should’ve had two or three more strikeouts on fastballs on the outside corner and at the knees, but the ump thought they were outside and below the knees, which clearly they were not!

      1. Thanks Jim, hope you and your wife are enjoying the warmth, we went down into the 20’s last night…ugh. hey if you get back up here to visit. let me know and we can catch a game. Reading or Allentown are close as you know, but even a Lakewood or Williamsport game are within 1.5 to hours drive for me.

  3. Would like to see him and Charles in the lineup at the same time. Plus Charles has more of the power and frame to play 1st, however you want Stassi’s bat to stay in the lineup as well. Really enjoying the Reading Phils so far this year!

    1. They have both been doing DH duties to he both in the lineup.
      As for Biddle and pitching, I (and others) always say a starter gets 30 starts in a season. 10 will be good, 10 bad and 10 could go either way. How a pitcher does with the “could go either way” starts defines the pitcher. Biddle won one of those last night by pitching good enough. That’s real growth to me.

      1. Apparently, he was thrown out for throwing at Harrisburg shortstop Stephen Perez in retaliation for last night’s slide which injured Alonso.

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