Box Score Recap – 4/23/2015

Lehigh Valley lost 11-1 to Buffalo.  Nick Hill was activated for the game, taking the spot vacated when Adam Reifer was released.  Maikel Franco and Tommy Joseph each went 2 for 4.

Reading was shut out again, this time 3-0 by Harrisburg.  This time Aaron Nola benefited from the lack of run support.  He allowed 2 runs in 7.0 innings giving up 6 hits and striking out six.  Roman Quinn and Aaron Altherr each went 1 for 4 with a double.  Carlos Alonso and Gabriel Lino each went 2 for 4.

Clearwater lost 5-2 to Lakeland.  Miguel Nunez had another iffy start.   He gave up 5 runs (4 ER) on 8 hits, 2 walks, and 0 strike outs in 4.0 plus innings.  Mark Leiter came on to strand 2 inherited runners and strike out 8 in 4.0 innings.  I wonder if this bullpen thing is etched in stone for him or if he can bump Nunez out of the rotation.  Dylan Cozens went 2 for 4 with a double, their only XBH.  Brodie Greene and Drew Stankiewicz added 2 hits.  Their only other hit was by Willians Astudillo who extended his personal hit streak to 12 games.

Lakewood shut out Hagerstown, 4-0.  Tyler Viza raised his record to 3-0 and lowered his ERA to 2.45 with 7.1 shut out innings.  He allowed 3 hits and 2 walks while striking out six.  Malquin Canelo went 3 for 4 with 2 doubles.  Deivi Grullon went 3 for 4 with a double and a home run.  Carlos Tocci added a double in three at bats.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.


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  1. Hopefully the two hits are a sign of things to come for Joseph. I knew he was still young but it was just a few days ago that I realized he’s only a couple months older than Andrew Knapp. And speaking of Knapp, 16 strikeouts in 10 games is troubling.

    Tocci continues to hit, and Canelo should probably be getting more attention. He finished last year strong and he hasn’t missed a beat so far.

  2. Nola’s two runs came in the first inning. A triple that probably should’ve been caught by Perkins. Then a RBI single over the drawn in infield but the broken bat ended up in the Reading dugout.

  3. Great to here GGrullon caught a shout out and hit a Homer and double.Canelo is coming along his defense is top nonce his really looking good. Visa 3 0 looks good too.Lino and Joseph and Lino hitting too call it cather’s day.good job Jim that’s a silver lining ever on bad days.

    1. Viza’s stats, this year, are very similar to 2013’s. He pitched well, short season and all, in the GCL that year. Last year they double jumped him and although the stats did not look good, he trotted out every 5th day to take his lumps. The kid must have a great make up. This year he’s back to those GCL sort of stats. My conclusion is, if the Phils started him in Wmsprt last year, he might be in our top 20 prospects. He’s 20 until October. He does a workman’s job. He’s not a big K guy. I’m happy with him until he hits his level of incompetence. Maybe that’s A+, maybe AA but for now I like him.

      1. Aaron Fultz had this to say about Viza recently from an interview with PhoulBallz:
        “(Tyler) Viza impressed me in spring training. I hadn’t seen him throw a lot before this year and he’s a guy that’s going to go after them and throw strikes, maybe too many strikes at times, but he’s definitely learning and getting better.”

  4. Hoping that Lino is starting to put it together–we need a new catcher to develop since Joseph refuses to get hits– though the season has just begun. On Canelo: isn’t he small??…150 lbs or so?

    1. Canelo is tiny – 5’10” 156lbs. That said, I remain intrigued by him. He seems like he can control the strike zone some and I hear his glove is pretty good at SS. Doesn’t seem like he has a huge ceiling but definitely a person of interest.

      1. Watched Canelo 6-7 times last year when Lakewood came into my hometown to play Delmarva (Orioles affiliate) in the Sally League. He sure is tiny, but has excellent lateral range, glove work and arm strength. He has all the makings, from a tools standpoint, to stay at SS and play there at the MLB level. In the games I viewed, he wasn’t over-matched yet only sprayed hard grounders & soft liners around the diamond. He did work QAB’s (quality at-bats) generally every plate appearance.

    1. Two teams are above .500. One is a game below .500. LHV is a waiting room for guys going to the show. Not much talent on that squad except for Franco. So far I’m not unhappy. Unless your talking about the big club and if that’s the case, don’t write about it here.

  5. Tyler Viza might just be something special.
    Still young for the league and coming along well in his second go round in the Sally.

    1. I’m just happy for him to experience some success after last year. Let’s hope those strikeouts start to rise and walks stay under control. Given reports on his velo I think I am going to hold back my optimism for now.

  6. As I browse the boxes a few things caught my interest. Leiter struck out 8 in 4. He is 24 its time for him to be in AAA.

    What the H is wrong with Dom Brown…

    Cozens comes into the season with over 1000 Pro PA’s so his offensive profile is in dire need of a leap forward this season at high A.

    Altherr needs to get to AAA and start in CF

  7. I went to check out Brodie Greene bc I remembered thinking he was good in college. Turns out he is older than Ben Revere.

    On Leiter, he is 24 and in A+. I’d pitch Nunez every time over him, just on age relative to level alone.

    1. I was surprised that Leiter didn’t start in AA, especially since they’re using him in relief in Clearwater. I would think that when guys start to move up to AAA, he’ll get one of the first calls to fill in. He’s not much of a prospect but he’s pitched well enough to move up the ladder imo.

      1. I think they will try him as a starter again in Clearwater (Imhof on DL) before moving him up as a reliever in Reading. He seems to do very well in very long relief situations.

  8. Made it out to Lakewood last night. Very cold though for someone that lives in Florida. Nice field and it does remind me of Bright House Field. Maybe a little like Salt River in Scottsdale too. It was a good, well played win for the Blue Claws. Several players had impressive games.
    Malquin Canelo looked really good, nice range in the field, smooth action and good arm. At the plate he hit the ball hard to left center for a double and had a hustle double to left center later in the game. Based on this one game, I’d have to think that if we didn’t have JP Crawford Canelo would be getting a lot more buzz on this site.
    Grenny Cumana was really sharp in the field, showing great range on 2 nice plays in the first. He also made a really good catch in shallow right in the 3rd inning. He had one hit and smoked a liner that the third baseman made a great catch on. That catch saved at least 2 runs. Grenny is small- I doubt he’s surpassed the 5’5” he’s listed at.
    Tocci made a diving catch in shallow left center in the third. He also hustled in to call off Grenny on a pop up in shallow right center with a man on third. If he didn’t hustle and call him off, good chance the guy tags and scores on a retreating Grenny. Tocci walked his second time up and struck out his next. He looked determined to swing after taking that walk and was overly aggressive, expanding the strike zone. In the 7th Tocci smoked a double down the 3rd baseline. After a couple pick off attempts, Tocci stole third and scored when the 3rd baseman missed the throw.
    Both Tocci and Canelo are thin builds with narrow shoulders, but handled the bat well and aggressively.
    Devi looked really good. He is big and broad, totally opposite of Tocci. Nice opposite field homer down the right field line and hustled on an infield single up the middle. Arm is not over exaggerated. Really nice play on a swinging bunt to throw out the batter at first in the 6th.
    Cord Sandberg looks the part. Kind of looks like Grady Sizemore from afar. Couple hard hit balls highlighted by a rip to right center for a double. He also made a running catch at the wall in the 8th.
    Viza looked good and seemed to gain something after the first time through the lineup. No guns that I could see, so it would be a total guess to say he was throwing 90-92. Definitely wasn’t overpowering. The first time through it seemed that batters could see the ball well off of him. Not a lot of swings and misses, but no broken bats or lasers either. Hard grounder to short, fly balls to medium outfield, hard grounder to second. He did start to get more swinging strikes later in the game. He showed a clean, repeatable delivery throughout the game.
    Overall the team looked good with several players to dream on. Defense was very sharp- much sharper then the game I witnessed at CBP earlier in the day.

      1. iron pigs tonight. Harrisburg tomorrow. lots of ballpark food, could of used a blue plate special to mix things up.

        1. Enjoy the trip and games…but looks like sunny but chilly again….and up from Florida…then cold.

    1. Thanks spongehead, this is both interesting and informational. I appreciate it! Glad to hear some of these guys can hit and field a little. Let’s hope it continues all season.

    2. I saw Viza throw 3 times last year. If he was 90-92 this game, then he added about 4 mph to his fastball in the offseason. because last year he was 87/88.

        1. possible but unlikely. more likely that since spongehead didn’t actually see a radar gun his estimation was off. but i am surprised the stadium gun wasn’t working.

          if it is real, then great! but i wouldn’t get hopes up until it is validated by a gun.

          1. very well could be that my guess was off. I looked around and didn’t see any pitch speed display. Where is it located?

    1. good article. thanks for posting. i am getting more encouraged by Tocci, but won’t become a buyer until i see it at lower levels. my concern remains that he will never have power nor be a 50+ steal guy, nor be a crazy high ob% guy. so without a carrying hit, power, speed tool i just see him as a 5th OF type. but i hope to be wrong.

      1. Matt W recently compared Tocci to Denard Span. Premium defensive instincts and otherwise solid across the board. Obviously there’s long way to go but I thought that was a good comp.

        1. I comp him as a Alex Rios type..late bloomer with a similar physique when Rios was 20-years old playing in the Sally..

    2. I also recommend this article. He talks about how his approach has improved. It also sounds like he has a good mental makeup.

      At the end there are some notes about Pinto. His stuff sounds really good. They are forcing him to use a slider, hopefully it improves.

      1. From what I have been reading reports have that Pinto could have one of the best change-ups in the organization outside of Hamels.

  9. Heard some useless trivia today. Did you know that Phils minor leaguer Carlos Alonso is brothers with new Eagles LB Kiko Alonso?

    1. Yes, I did. When I was at the Reading game this weekend, I couldn’t help myself – I yelled out Kiko!!!!! My wife said that when he ran to the dugout he gave me the “evil eye.” LOL.

  10. I love baseball and the way amazing things always happen. The fact that Viza was 3-17 last year, and totally in over his head, and has started this year 3-0, pitching great, is an amazing feat and something you don’t see often. Its a long year obviously but what a turnaround so far. Nola giving up 2 in the 1st and then throwing zeroes gets me very excited. Really good pitchers have so many games like that. Get them early or forget it. Biddle had a game like that last week too. Very excited by what some of the guys are doing. Knapp started fast but is really struggling now. Cozens on the other hand is picking it up and looking good. Tocci is blowing away my expectations so far. By the way, in the CWater rotation, let’s hope that Mecias gets his spot soon. I do agree that Leiter should be in the Reading pen though.

  11. Ya, the Reading Pen is definitely there week spot. What are people’s thoghts on Kleven and Casimiro?….both starting tonight. Murray I agree with you on Viza, so maybe there is still hope for Casimiro and Kleven, but so far over the last 1+ years I have been less then impressed with both.

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