Box Score Recap – 4/16/2015

Lehigh Valley lost to the Buffalo Bisons, 5-1.  Seve Gonzalez got roughed up early in his 5.0 innings.  He gave up 5 ER on 10 hits and 2 HRs.  Phillippe Aumont struck out 3 in 2.0 innings of relief.  The ‘Pigs managed only 5 hits.  Maikel Franco went 2 -4 (.323) with his 5th double.  Tommy Joseph went 0-4 but threw out an attempted base stealer.

Reading – no game scheduled.

Clearwater came from behind to beat the Jupiter Hammerheads 3-2 in 11 innings.  Brandon Leibrandt pitched 6.0 strong innings allowing 2 runs on 5 hits with 6 strike outs.  Mark Leiter picked up the win with an even more impressive 4.0 scoreless innings allowing only 1 hit while striking out 4 batters.  Ulises Joaquin collected his 3rd save.  The Threshers collected 11 hits.  They scored early on a double by Dom Brown.   Andrew Knapp drove in the tying run with a sacrifice fly in the 8th inning.  He tripled with one out in the 11th and scored on Dylan Cozens ground single to center.  Brodie Greene, Andrew Pullin, Cozens, and Willians Astudillo each had 2 hits.  Leibrandt picked off a base runner.  (Note: the Threshers are 5-3.  They didn’t win their 5th game last year until game 20 when they posted a 5-15 record on April 24th.)  Miguel Nunez takes the mound against Lakeland on Friday – Phinley bobble head night.  If you are in the area, come early.  Exciting team and a bobble head.  WooHoo!

Lakewood couldn’t protect an early lead and lost 7-3 to the Hagerstown Suns.  Josh Taylor allowed 6 hits and 2 runs through his 5.0 innings.  Jason Zgardowski blew the save and took the loss with a 3-run 6th inning.  Carlos Tocci had another hit but his average dipped below .400 (.387).  He added his 4th steal of the season.  Herlis Rodriguez had 2 hits and an RBI.  Derek Campbell chipped in with a hit and 2 RBI.  The Suns bullpen held the ‘Claws to 1 hit over the final 4 innings.  Grenny Cumana started 3 double plays.

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.

Bonus coverage – Victor Arano pitched 4 innings in an XST game. He gave up 1 run on 2 hits. His pitches had nice movement, but he wasn’t getting the low strike and had to adjust. He did. His fastball was 93-94 mph. Seranthony Dominguez followed with 3.0 innings and a 95-96 mph fastball. However, his command left a lot to be desired. He gave up 2 unearned runs on just 2 hits, but walked 3 and hit 2 batters. Felix Paulino pitched 1.0 inning and was 90-92 mph. Jan Hernandez and Jesus Posso each had 2 base hits and both hit the ball hard. The game ended after 8 innings. The Phillies rolled an inning, the first time I’ve seen them do that, ever (although Gkit told me they did it on Tuesday, too.)

I was told that Austin Wright requested his release when he was told he would be returning to Reading. I would say there is maybe an 80% likelihood that this is accurate.

I don’t know if you guys are aware that two more 2014 draftees opted for retirement. Catcher Sean McHugh (18th round, Purdue) retired on April 8th. Right-handed pitcher Preston Packrall (24th round, University of Tampa) retired on April 9th.  They are the 5th and 6th young players to retire this year.  Larry Greene retired early this year followed by Bryan Sova (24th, 2014), Nick Hanson (16th, 2012), and Julio Reyes (FA, 2010).

No word yet on Jake Sweaney.  But, wondering where Julsan Kamara is, too.  He’s the kid they signed when he graduated from the German equivalent to high school and sent to the DSL.  He wasn’t at instructs either.




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  1. Thanks for the XST update, Jim. Where did the velocity readings for Arano come from? Was he sitting 93-94? I thought last year he was more in the 90-92 range, maybe touching higher. That could be good news.

  2. The Phillies gun. I was going to say he touched 94, but he hit it 3 times in the one inning we watched the gun. Gkit saw it, too. Hopefully he will post some video to YouTube today.

  3. jim have you seen Jan Hernandez play? Do you think he will hit? just wondering about him.

    1. He’s a guy that I’m excited about. He’s my sleeper/breakout guy. I remember Keith Law loved him coming out of that draft.

    2. Yes. The two singles mentioned above were hit hard, one was a line drive to center, the other a hard ground ball through the hole to left. He has driven the ball pretty well at times, as he should since this is his third season down here. There are times, though, when I scratch my head over his play, it is after all his third season down here. Yesterday, he was picked off second by the catcher after he and Posso opened the inning with base hits. I hope he finally comes around.

  4. Well, Larry Greene scored his $1 million signing bonus from the Phillies. What a colossal fail by the Phillies scouting department.

  5. Though very SSS, Willians Austidillo at 12% K-rate…better then most, but for him, highest in his career so far.

  6. Did you catch Leibrandt’s velocity? How was his stuff?

    I’ll admit that I’m not too excited by him, but I heard that his stuff ticked up last year. 6:1 K:BB is a pretty nice start for my money. (I pretty much just look at Ks and BBs to evaluate pitchers.)

    1. I’m a big Leibrandt fan. The report is that he doesn’t have great velocity, but if he shares some of his father’s gifts and is getting the benefit of his father’s guidance, he won’t need to have great velocity. People forget just how good of pitcher Charlie Leibrandt was – he was sort of a lesser version of Tom Glavine, similar to Jamie Moyer but with better velocity. He was a solid 3/4 or better (in some years he pitched like a 1 or a 2) for a long time. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Glavine pitched a lot like Leibrandt – they were on the same staff when Glavine developed from just another guy to a star. It definitely gives me some optimism that Brandon Leibrandt can develop into a similar pitcher. It was a great pick in the 7th round.

    2. No, I wasn’t at the game. The radio coverage was tough to follow. Jupiter’s play-by-play this week has been awful compared to the polished, professional play-by-play offered by the Threshers’ Kirsten Karbach.

      1. The play by play was so bad at Jupiter that I finally just turned it off and followed on the game log on the Clearwater Threshers site. Really makes me appreciate Kirsten and Josh and the fine job they do.

  7. Larry Greene was a colossal failure, but Roman Quinn and a few other guys from that year (Asche and Giles, among others) have an opportunity to make what was initially viewed as a disappointing draft into a very strong draft. I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that we are going to be pretty happy with what we’ve found in Quinn – he looks like the rare player who has virtually all of the physical gifts and a knack for applying it on the field.

    But the point about the Phillies missing on yet another a first round hitting prospect are well taken. I sometimes wonder whether or not it is a coincidence that many of the Phillies’ great hitting prospects over the last 40 years or so have been second round picks: Schmidt (who, along with George Brett, were selected in consecutive picks in the second round – how about that? Two of the top 5 third basemen of all time selected in the SECOND round, back-to-back); Rollins, Rolen and now Quinn.

    1. I’m also very excited about Quinn. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s our #2 prospect by year’s end.

    2. Shame MLB do not allow trading number one picks….Phillies could stand to benefit from trading that pick for a young veteran…then start their Rule 4 draft in the 2nd round.

  8. Ok I have been biting my tongue about all these Tocci comments so I will finally get this off my chest.

    There is no doubt he is having a good start to the season. .387 is amazing however it could just be a hot streak. Seocndly, everyone keeps jumping the gun saying he will force a promotion. However, I actually don’t think that would be in his best interest. The kid needs to have time to be a team leader and this is his opportunity. He also needs to keep up his confidence. If he goes to clearwater and doesn’t do as well, he will go right back into his slump that he was in at the end of last year.
    So basically what I am saying is that he definitely needs more time to stay at lakewood. He’s still extremely young (STILL 19!!!) and would benefit more by staying down for one last year.

    1. I totally agree, for once the guy is having success. Let him! Maybe the last month of the season send him to clearwater, but there is nothing wrong with a guy having a strong season at one particular level. He is plenty young still, no rush

    2. I agree with this. I think Tocci needs an extended period of success. I wouldn’t promote him unless he wasn’t being challenged. If he’s killing it, you can move him along quickly next year – he’ll still be only 20. Personally, I don’t see how he fits into the Phillies’ long range plans (I think Roman Quinn is going to be our centerfielder for a long time) unless he starts hitting for a lot more power, which is highly questionable because I don’t think he’ll be able to put on much productive weight (he is narrow-shouldered, thinly muscled, and kind of scrawny for lack of a better word – he’s not skinny but with a bigger frame like Michael Taylor from the Nationals, he’s skinny like a distance runner). But he’s certainly gotten stronger and, who knows, in terms of his frame and ability to hit a ball hard, maybe he’s just a rare freak athlete; unlikely but possible.

      1. If Quinn does manage to be our future CF we have a couple options for Tocci. He could move to LF where his speed and defense would play well. This would be great IMO if we have some power bats in the lineup. Quinn, JPC, and Tocci all have speed and make good contact so if we get power from RF, 1st, and 3rd we’d be in good shape. If LF isn’t an option because he is just too good of a CF they could trade him to fill another need. He could also be used as a 4th OF if his bat isn’t good enough to start.

        This could be a very good year for our farm if guys like Tocci, Knapp, Brown, Pinto, Hoskins, Oliver etc. make strong pushes towards or get to the upper levels of the system.

        1. The following is just a personal preference. I am sick of benches that have defensive guys who can’t hit. I would rather have flawed hitters who have good splits in one facet – vs. RHP, or vs. LHP, or power but Ks a lot,or good AVG/OBP but lacking power. I’m tired of a bench that we can’t depend on to come through with a pinch hit. You know who I mean through the years – Mayberry, L. Nix, J. Nix, Hernandez, M. Martinez, Galvis, Sizemore, Blanco, Gwynn, Brignac, Carrera, McDonald, Wells, Bernardina, Frandsen, and so many more.

          1. I agree. It is so frustrating seeing Hernandez and even Sizemore come off the bench. The only time that you should have a very good defender with a poor bat on the bench is if you have a guy like Burrell in the OF for his bat and plan on substituting them for defense later in the game if you have a lead.

            I miss seeing guys like Dobbs and Stairs come off the bench. They got a lot of production from the bench when they were making consistent playoff runs. Its a shame they didn’t give Moss a chance at the big league level back in 2011. Instead they went with Bowker who couldn’t hit a thing and wasn’t even a strong defender.

          2. Mayberry was pretty much exactly a “flawed hitter who (has) good splits in one facet.” Laynce Nix and Sizemore were definitely not employed for their defense and Frandsen had a good run offensively.

          3. Jim the problems is its okay to have two good defensive guys on the bench, But you must first have a offense that’s starts the game. They have no hitters in the everyday lineup how do you expect them to have offense on the bench?

          4. Wow Jim….plenty of glovemen there you mentioned. never thought of it that way. But the Phillies do have one guy this year with the power label and poor OF defense…D.Ruf, and he is also known for the K.

      2. You don’t see how Tocci fits into the Phillies CF plans because you think Quinn has that job nailed down? Neither has shown nearly enough to justify a spot in long-term plans. As far as I’m concerned, the Phillies don’t have a CF of the future. Each of their candidates- Herrera, Quinn, Tocci, Sandberg, Brown, is a long shot at best. Its not just center, they don’t have any outfielders worth penciling in to long-term plans. Even if they get lucky and find a couple average starters, none project to be impact players. We’ll see a lot of investment in the outfield this summer, in the draft and July 2.

        1. Yeah, very quickly, I’m no longer viewing Quinn as a long shot. That said, an asset is an asset; if Tocci turns into a very fine centerfielder he will have value, even if it’s just in a trade. Look what Boston did when it has Iglesias and Boegarts – having too much talent is not a problem.

        2. Hopefully, Ian Happ Univ of Cincinnati, will be there at 10 in June, and in their OF in 2017

    3. I don’t buy the psychological angle. I think you promote him when he’s ready, i.e. when he’s learning less at that level than he would learn at the next level.

      I don’t think it’s often a good idea to leave someone at a lower level to dominate and “build confidence”. Sure, if a player’s confidence is shot then that might be valid, but there’s no evidence that’s the case with Tocci. If anything, he’s shown the ability to persist through tough stretches in the past.

      I think the ideal level for a player is a level at which he’s challenged but not overmatched. No point leaving someone at a level where they’re not challenged — if anything, they can lapse into bad habits because they’re mistakes aren’t being punished or exploited.

    1. It is when the inning ends even though 3 outs have not been recorded, usually because the pitcher has exceeded his pitch count for the inning. Occurs during minor league ST and XST games which is why you can’t put too much weight on those game score results.

    2. Rolling an inning means you end the inning before there are three outs — usually either because the pitcher has exceeded a pitch count or is simply getting pummeled.

  9. Why haven’t we heard anything about Mecias? One of our best pitching prospects, on the DL, and no one knows why. Is it something serious, TJ related?

  10. Jim, Jake just had Tommy John surgery on Wednesday in Los Angeles. Dr Elattrache performed the surgery at the Kerlan-Jobe Clinic and said everything went well. We’ll see!!!! He suffered a partial tear  last year and they tried to just let it rest over the winter. It fully tore in spring training  on a triple hit to the right field wall when he picked it up and threw in to the cutoff man. Keep up the great articles. I look forward to reading them every day, and I can’t wait to start reading them when Jake is playing again. Thanks Andy Sweaney

    1. Thank you for the update on Jake. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about his absence. I’m going to reprint this as a full report, so that all interested fans will see this. We all here in the PhuturePhillies community wish him a speedy recovery.

  11. Jim I hear u on the bench players . Galvis, hernandez , Blanco has a little bit more power. Sizemore can play all 3 of positions so he was good when D Brown is around but now we Herrera and Francoeur it makes sizemore less important.

  12. On Tocci: we’ve been looking for this “slender” guy to add weight that would allow him to develop some power and season sustainability. A poster here said that is is a bit more muscular but couldn’t see much weight gain. According to Tocci himself, he wants to add more “good: weight along the way up. IMO, it seems possible/probable that he’d put maybe 20 pounds to end near 180 by the time he’d challenge for a Major Lg job.

    We know that the Phils org. is behind (in front of) that plan. At 180 or more he’d gain more of his potential.

    On moving him up: Yes, but only after he’d put in a solid first half at Lkwd. He’s had a few pro seasons under his belt by now. Moving him up IF he does well…would ADD to his confidence in that it’d show how much the org believes he’s progressed.

    NOW, keep it up and on, Tocci!

  13. Every year folks on here push for guys to get moved up too quickly. The reality is there’s no rush and the players should all be allowed to have some success. Tocci, to use him as an example, has never had any success previously so these early results are great to see. However, a simple 0-12 bad series happens to all the guys at some point and with only 30 at bats so far the average would quickly come plummeting down. Just leave him alone and let him play. There’s no room in the CWater OF anyway. If he’s still hitting over 300 in June, I think we’d all expect him to get promoted soon.

    To me, the only guys in the system who might get promoted quickly are Biddle and Nola (plus Altherr and Perkins) and that’s if they do very well over the first month. The major league team needs starting pitching and we don’t really have much at LHV currently. Let’s see how Nola (tonight) and Biddle do in their 2nd starts.

  14. Roman Quinn tonight: 2 hits, one walk, two runs scored, three stolen bases; just another day at the office for the Roman Candle (the “Centurion”? he needs a good nickname).

    1. Two bunt hits from the rightside to first base …and legged them out….but no one was covering first base.

  15. Nola threw a goose egg nice 6 ings still nice. Pullin still hitting 400 . Clearwater is in the top of the 17 ing 3 to 3. Franco . 371 8 Xtra base hits.Aaron Brown hit his 1st H R of he yr.

    1. With all that’s going on, you’re still focused on Mitch Walding? Really? Dude, do you know him? Are you related to him? Then it would all be fine and make sense, otherwise, it’s just kind of weird.

  16. I am excited to see Franco get hits off wolf, Last year junk ball pitchers like wolf, had this kid all messed up. I really think so far Franco is learning to keep his hands back, which is the key to him hitting, I believe it this keeps up until june, then they release Howard and bring him up, he will be ready, What is really exciting about Franco is the way he attacks pitches, the bat speed, and his ability to get on top of a pitch and drive it, so quick with his bat,

    1. rocco….why not just move Asche to first and let the better third basemen in Franco, play third. At least Asche does not have to continue to worry about his fielding at first base, most of the time, just catch the ball thrown his way.

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