Box Score Recap – 4/15/2015

Lehigh Valley won 8-5 over Syracuse.  Chad Billingsley threw 73 pitches (44 (strikes) in an effective start.  He allowed 2 hits and 2 walks while recording 3 strike outs in 5.0 innings of shut out ball.  Jason Berken got the win after blowing the save opportunity.   After the Chiefs tied the game in the top of the seventh inning, the IronPigs exploded for seven runs in the bottom of the frame.  Miguel Franco went 2 for 4 with a triple and 2 RBIs in the seventh.

Reading beat New Hampshire, 4-1.  Anthony Vasquez pitched five shut out innings allowing 3 hits and a walk while striking out four.  Ryan O’Sullivan allowed a solo home run in 3 innings of relief, and Stephen Shackleford recorded the save.  Matt Boyd held the Fightin’s scoreless through 5.0 innings. He left trailing 1-0 having allowed 1 hit, 2 walks, and an unearned run.  He had struck out nine.  With Boyd out of the game, Reading’s offense came alive.  Roman Quinn went 2-3 with a double, 2 walks, and an RBI.  Carlos Alonso had 2 hits and 2 RBIs.  Cam Perkins contributed 2 hits.  Thirteen Phils struck out – Brian Pointer and Art Charles, three each.  Quinn picked up his 4th stolen base.

Clearwater came from behind in the top of the ninth to beat Jupiter, 7-4.  David Whitehead battled through 6 innings allowing only a single run on 7 hits.  The Hammerheads stretched their lead to 4 runs by the ninth inning.  The Threshers amassed 13 hits and came alive with 7 runs in the ninth to steal the win.  Zach Green’s single scored Andrew Pullin with the go-ahead run.  Aaron Brown’s 2-run double plated the final 2 runs.  Domonic Brown played all nine innings and his deflected single up the middle figured into the scoring.  Pullin went 3 for 5 (.421).  Andrew Knapp, Aaron Brown, and Brodie Greene chipped in with 2 hits apiece.  Dylan Cozens pinch hit for Greene and added a sacrifice fly.  Edubray Ramos got the win.  Ulises Joaquin got his second save.

Lakewood lost 7-2 to Greensboro.  Ricardo Pinto scattered 9 hits over 7.0 innings,  He allowed 2 runs and struck out 10.  Calvin Rayburn pitched 1.1 innings of hitless ball but gave up 4 runs (3 earned).  Jesen Therrien mopped up allowing 2 inherited runners to score.  Carlos Tocci picked up 2 more hits in 4 AB (.407).  Tim Zier added 2 in 3 AB (.385).

Here’s the affiliate scoreboard from MiLB.




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  1. Quinn to be the AA EL player of the week….?! So…when does Nola start next? Much good-type stuff happenin’ down on the farms. So far, going to the minors before checking out the big club brings more satisfaction. Would people be surprised if our New” Brown made it to Reading before the end of this season?

    Will Reading be the most interesting team to watch when our soon-to-be released from the DL future SS along with Quinn at leadoff?? A possibility that Galvis’ replacement would hit at #3…

    With Brown headed to RF (soon enough–IMO), aside from pitching–always in demand–the next best holes to fill will be catcher and a right-handed left fielder with legitimate power to help Franco against lefties.

    Hope Hamels brings them to us….

    1. Nola is tentatively scheduled to start on Friday which is Reading’s home opener. That could also answer Ken45’s question about why Vasquez made that start. Opening Night with Aaron Nola pitching is a bigger attraction. The game is being televised live on Service Electric Cable TV for anyone in their viewing area.

    2. I hope your talking about Aaron Brown not D Brown who brings nothing to the team. D Brown is nice person but he’s 27 and living off of 1/2 season of baseball. The rest of the time he still learning the game . We can only hope Crawford and Quinn Arrive with in 2 yrs.

      1. And also a solid age-appropriate minor league career, which had him rated the #5 prospect in his final year in the minors. He was a terrific hitter and an ok fielder in RF for both Reading and Allentown. I don’t know what happened to him, although the Phillies shunted him to LF and also played-and-sat and upped-and-downed him quite a lot.

  2. quinn is a player man… extra base hits, walks, steals, and he gunned down a runner at home plate tonight; can’t wait till crawford joins him at the top of the lineup.

    1. It’s really hard not to dream big on Quinn. It is still a small sample size but he is killing AA. Seems like a man amongst boys. Offensively and defensively. Ben Badley has been singing his defensive praise on Twitter.

  3. Geeze, I expected Quinn to make “the leap” this year into the {Franco,Nola,Crawford} tier, but I wasn’t expecting this!

    Seriously, this is ridiculous. His OBP is over .500 — that’s right, a guy with 80 speed is getting on base more often than not. Oh, and his ISO is nearly .400.

    Okay, the box score is one thing. Has anyone gotten to see Quinn in action? How is he looking? Any scouting reports?

    1. I haven’t seen him in person (but will do so over the weekend), but have seen him in games televised on He has played in New Hampshire and Portland and the television feeds there are not very good (as opposed to Reading, which is pretty decent for AA). A few things you can see from the feeds are: (a) he can really hit the ball with authorty and; (b) he’s incredibly fast. I think he’s definitely faster than Revere. Reports on his fielding and outfield arm are excellent. I’m going to try to contain my excitement, but he looks superb right now.

    1. Tons of strikeouts and no walks, I’m concerned we know his “prospect” type all too well…

  4. So we’re not even 2 weeks into the season and we’re already proclaiming Quinn the next great one?

    Geez guys, I think we should tone it down a bit. Be excited, but come on.

    1. I’m with you Anonymous. Very nice to see but also very early. Let’s hope he keeps it up but everyone take a deep breath.

    2. We were very high on him before his injury. We were very impressed by how fast he came back from his injury. Coming into this season the big questions were 1) could he handle CF, 2) was he all the way back to his 80 speed, 3) would his hitting hold up at a higher level. The early results answer yes to those questions.

  5. One more observation: Tocci has only struck out twice in 32 PAs. That’s a 6% rate. Not bad (MLB average is ~20%). But can we really say anything after just 32 PAs?

    Surprisingly, yes! By a back-of-the-envelope calculation, if someone has a 20% strikeout rate, the sd of their strikeout rate after 32 PAs is around 7%. (This is assuming each PA is an independent draw from a binomial with p=0.2).

    20 – 6 = 14% ~= 2 SDs. This means we can reject the null hypothesis of a 20% strikeout rate for Tocci at the 10% level, and we’re just on the border of doing so at the 5% level.

    Now, this is a very imprecise calculation, but the point is that a 6% strikeout rate, even through just 7 games, is still quite impressive. It wouldn’t happen very often by chance.

    1. I just did the calculation precisely. The probability of striking out <=2 times in 32 PAs for someone with a true strikeout rate of 20% is ~3.2%. That gives a (2-sided) p-value of 6.4%.

      The biggest problem with this calculation is the independence assumption (hot streaks do happen), but it still gives a rough idea. It also verifies that the back of the envelope approach works well.

  6. Love Quinn, and adding Aaron Brown and Knapp to my “must check stats every day” list. Pullin having a terrific start also. Austidillo has always been able to hit well. Can’t we find him a position somewhere?

    1. The stats to check on Aaron Brown are all related to contact. At no walks and 9 Ks in 7 games I am not encouraged.

      Knapp is older than I thought (23). He has a lot of development to do in a short time – hopefully his hitting stays strong like this.

      1. I agree on both guys. Brown’s done pretty much exactly what you’d expect from a guy with his profile heading into the year. The XBHs are nice, so at least when he makes contact it’s been hard contact. But without some improvement in plate discipline his already not-impressive .290 OBP could drop even lower.

        1. I’m also not very excited about Brown (as an outfielder).

          I’m more excited about Knapp (with reservations). Yes, he’s a bit old for his level, but he also plays the most difficult position. His K% is a bit high, but he also walks and hits for good power (for a catcher), and there are good scouting reports on his bat.

  7. Once again an interesting line up of pitchers today. Severino (is he back?), Leibrandt (is he more than just a control artist?), and Taylor (is this free agent as good as he seems? Or just old for his level?)

  8. Excited by basically all the notable prospects so far, but I just am not a real believer in Aaron Brown, yet. He’s at an age appropriate level and is ultra-aggressive at the plate. He’ll need to become a little more patient for me to get excited.

    1. I feel much the same way. I’m impressed that’s jumped a few levels (that isn’t easy), is said to have great tools and seems to be hitting. But if you have no plate discipline, at some point in the minors, you are almost certainly going to fail.

  9. Here’s why I’m excited about Tocci’s start: he’s struck out twice in 36 PA. Yes it’s still SSS, but strikeout rate is the first thing to stablize (at 60 PA — see After another week we’ll have a good idea if this is truly an improvement in his ability to put the bat on the ball. For a no-power guy like Tocci, it’s important.

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