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The Phils made several moves that were announced this morning, leaving them with 36 players in major league camp as we approach opening day.  P Paul Clemens, C Koyie Hill and INF Chris Nelson and Chris McGuiness were all re-assigned to minor league camp. P Miguel Alfredo Gonzalez and P Hector Neris were optioned to minor league camp.  No real surprises here.  Gonzalez and his $4M a year salary will notably begin his second season in the minor leagues.

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  1. MAG at $4mil is a waste. What is he, 29 years old, not counting the 3 or 4 they missed somewhere along the way. He is closer to the end of the line than a major factor in MLB.

    1. Technically this is his age 28 season, turns 29 in September. But if he can really get his act together at LHV, and get maybe get some average MLB time up later maybe around June, he could be moved in some type of package, since he is signed through 2016 and controlled through 2021, which is a friendly contract status.

      1. I thought he signed a major league contract. Which would make him a free agent after next year. Or is there club options I am not aware of?

        1. Does signing an MLB contract matter? He’s been optioned. He can run out of of options and be forced to be subject to waivers if not on the 25-man, after he exhausts his 3 options, the last of which will be next season, meaning he sticks in the bigs in 2016 or must pass through waivers. Once in MLB, I think he still must play 6 years before he can become a FA. I don’t know how signing an MLB contract effects when he is arb eligible, but think that also requires 2+ years of MLB service.

        2. I don’t think signing an MLB contract effects this. He still needs 6+ years of MLB service on the 25-man roster to become a FA. He can be optioned 3 times. Next year is #3, so he either stays on the 25-man roster in 2017 or must pass through waivers.

  2. Romus Truthfully he stinks. IMO another aumont has good stuff, but doesn’t have a clue how to pitch. Makes too many mistakes,

    1. rocco….I guess the Phillies are hoping he turns it around in the next few months at LHV. Next year he will then force their hand as to what to do with him. His stuff does appear above-average. But right now he does lack command..

    2. The one thing about MAG, that people should consider, unlike Aumont is, prior to last year he had not pitched much for 2 or 3 years and last year it was in relief. He needs to be a starter at LHV if after July or August he has not improved well then……….

  3. I think there will be a lot of moves in the Minor League camp today and tomorrow. There haven’t been many releases and with the players moving down from the Big League camp rosters will need to be adjusted.

        1. It was a pretty classic Marti Woelover pick – high athletic ceiling, but little to no demonstrated baseball aptitude. It’s picks like these that got him fired.

          1. A perfectly defensible pick in say, the 12th round. The 2nd round, not so much.

            1. I doubt Garner would have lasted that long based on his stuff. He actually had a pretty nice first half last year in Reading before he fell apart. Yes, it’s another high round pick that didn’t work out, but I wouldn’t call it indefensible.

  4. Ryan Lawrence tweets, Sandberg says he’ll be sticking with Revere in left going forward. So your new regular center fielder is Odubel Herrera.

      1. He could be moved come July to a team that has injured OFers who are in contention. What you can get in return?
        Maybe one prospect who may in a teams 9–15 range.

        1. The Blue Jays got Devon Travis for Anthony Gose. Gose comes with couple more years of control than Revere, but both provide similar overall value. Meanwhile, Travis has played his way into probable opening day 2B for the Blue Jays. I do think it was a steal for the Jays, but that might be a good trade comp to start at.

            1. Overall WAR value. Revere is a better hitter. Gose is a better defender. WAR projections for this year are very similar for the both of them. I’d err on the side of Revere based on the track record, but Gose does have a few more years of team control.

  5. How can they justify revere in left? How can they justify amaro as gm? How can they put such a bad product on the field with a billion net worth team? How can they justify not spending for years on young talent? They don’t care, they have three old owners who think they are doing it right. shame cause we suffer.

    1. rocco…Rome wasn’t built in a day.
      But on the other hand, your disliked for Ruben comps to Nero and his skilled fiddle talents!

  6. Kelly Dugan going home to California for awhile for R and R.. Another status setback….stress fracture in right foot, upgraded from stress reaction. So I guess it will be sometime in May before he sees the field now.
    The kid really cannot catch a break.

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