What’s next? Here is what is next

I wanted to make a quick post here, just so everyone is clear. Gregg reached out to me a few days ago and mentioned he may be ready to move on. When I started this site more than 7 years ago, I never intended to move on to anything else. 2 years ago, I had lost the desire to write on a regular basis, at least with regard to minor league prospects. I’m still not sure that I’m cut out to do it anymore, but the site won’t go away and the site won’t die. I’ll continue to renew the domain name and will keep everything here as an archive, at the very least.

I have a very demanding job and that limits my ability to write. I don’t know if my next post will be tomorrow, next week, or next month. I’ve had the urge to write on occasion the last few years, but I never acted on it. Now that the site is in flux, I may get that urge again. For now, I hope that everyone who comes to and uses the site decides to stick around. I can’t promise the level of content here over the next few weeks/months/years, but all of the hard work that went into the site for the last 7+ years won’t be discarded or deleted.

Until the next one…

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  1. James, I want to say thank you for creating this, and for whatever you do to keep it going. I wish You and Yours a very Happy and Healthy Holiday Season.

  2. James,
    While it might be temporary, its glad to have you back writing, as much as your schedules and desire allows for. Phuturephillies has become my favorite site to go to every day. One suggestion, would it make sense to potentially hire a part time writer to help with the daily grind of posting box scores and transactions and what not. I know the intention was for it to not be a pay for content type of site, but I am sure you could get people you commit on a monthly basis for 10-20 a month. I know that I would have no issue contributing to keep this site going.


  3. Thanks for creating this site and for leaving it in good hands in your absence. I appreciate everyone who writes here and I read pretty much every word, but I enjoy the discussions in the comments just as much. Hopefully, at a minimum, this can remain a place for people who are interested in the Phillies system to come talk about it.

    I know it’s an insane amount of work, but a top 30 list from you this offseason would really hit the spot..

  4. james, the realest dude in the game! your writing is incredible, second to none.

    hope all is well.

    until the next one…

  5. Has it been only 7 years ago? Seems like this site has remained my daily go-to place for a satisfying stretch of time. A crime if it went away.

    I DO suggest that we seekers and posters make a commitment for ? $25 or more/year to aid in the hiring of people who do the grunt work for the site, and relieve main writers/scouters of that.

    We all appreciate beyond measure what James has done for us through this site. A small (?) non-discouraging modest amount would acknowledge our debt to h

  6. I wonder if going from a daily box score to a twice a week box score would work. One person per team, so they only have to throw 3-4 box scores in twice a week. I would be willing to pick up a team and do that for a season. Although im not sure how.

    I have been reading the site for about 4 years, commenting here and ther. But if it helps i would gladly lend a bit of a helping hand

    1. Josh,

      Part of the drive of coming to the site is seeing the daily box scores aggregated on a daily basis. We normally all comment and post on a daily basis. The daily box scores is what drives a majority of the views and back and forth in terms of discussions as well While beggars cant be choosers, I would prefer to have the daily box scores over a bi weekly compilation of box scores. Again I am ok with putting a small monthly fee to hire someone to complete the box scores on a daily basis.

      1. Brad provided me with the instructions on how he collected and condensed the daily box scores when he left. I hope to be able to copy his routine by the time the season starts.

  7. Supra mentioned the thought of an intern (paid) doing the daily box scores in the other post. I was already considering offering my time to do the box scores. The only thing that had me hesitant was that it would be a pretty big time commitment and I already have school to work around. But if it was an internship, that would actually be perfect. I don’t even need it to be paid. But if, at some point, it led to a job opportunity and/or a letter of recommendation or some such thing down the line, that would completely justify the time spent.

    I guess seeing as how many of the writers here have gone on to writing somewhere else, it should be a no-brainer anyways. So I guess I’ll throw my hat into the ring regardless. And since I only have 2 classes left to take before graduation anyways, by the time the box scores start up again I shouldn’t have such a time crunch. I’d also be happy to help with website maintenance and/or forum moderation and whatever else needs doing.

    I will say, though, that I won’t be of much help on the scouting side of things. I’m a stats guy, and that’s mostly because I have no opportunity to see most of these prospects play live. But the other writers seem to have that covered. So yeah, if you want a dedicated daily box score recap poster, I’d be happy to help.

    Also, it’s nice to have you back in any capacity, James.

    1. Dan K….you bringing up the internship idea, reminding me of the old Seinfeld episode were Kramer ‘hired’ an intern from the local NYC university to be his administrative assistant to his Kramerica Industry company…check it out.

      1. Ah yes, I’ve seen every episode of Seinfeld at least a couple of times. My dad was a huge fan and we still watch it together every once in a while when I visit.

        Perhaps if James “hires” me, we can all celebrate by making some donations to the Human Fund.

  8. The good news is the site will continue!!!!!!! Nice to see people like Dan K. step up and offer their help. Thanks to Greg, Matt and Brad for all there hard work over the years. Also, thanks to Jim Peyton. We are fortunate to have you as a contributor to the site. Finally, thanks to James. It is comforting to us Phuture Phillies Geeks to know you will continue have some kind of role in the site.

    Now if we could only figure out how to Fix the Ball Club in Phila.

  9. James, nice to hear from you again and thanks for continuing the site. Where else can we go to bitch about how bad we’re going to be the next two (hopefully only 2) years?
    Just do the stuff that interests you and leave the other stuff to other people like Jim, who seems to want to help out any way he can.

  10. I have checked in on this site at least everyday, if not several times a day for at least the last 6 years. I have enjoyed this site immensely and thank all contributors for making us moreinformed and entertained. I am happy it will continue and thank you for it.

  11. We cannot lose this site…..I have been here since the beginning and I can’t imagine not being able to check out our minor leaguers.

  12. James, somebody in a post above had a good idea. Since this site is about future Phillies why not get some future Phillies interns to hone their craft here. Maybe they move on to other sites as some already have, but they gain valuable skills and we get to keep up with the farm system.
    Jim Peyton has done an extraordinary job of telling what goes on down at the complex and in the FSL. The noobs could follow his lead. I don’t comment much at all and while I don’t have the “inside baseball” knowledge of the others in here, I do enjoy watching the game and bleed Phillies red. I too check this site almost daily and am grateful to you for having the wisdom and desire to start it.

  13. I’ve mentioned this before: I’d be more that willing to donate a couple bucks a month, if that would help find someone to do the boring, administrative, back-end work; leaving the writers to focus just on their writing. I’m sure others would be cool with donating, too.

    While I don’t post often, I read this site at least twice a week; and have been visiting it since it was started. Certainly one of my most valuable chips in learning about the Phila organization, as I live overseas.

    Thanks everybody for their tireless work.

  14. Thank you.

    IMO all that is needed is:
    – daily box score threads
    – 1x per week open discussion threads
    – 2x per month analysis threads

    Anything beyond that is gravy.

    1. I agree 100%. The only thing i would add is the top 30 in the offseason. I wonder if we could start a once a week article that links all the best future phillies articles from around the web. Philliesnation the goodphight fangraphs. Anything that the community here would like. I would offer up putting that together every week.

  15. This is my first time commenting but I have been on this site for the past 4 years reading all your insightful post, comments, etc. I have learned a lot about the Phillies and enjoy going to Iron pigs and reading games, and following all the minor league teams. I also appreciate that this site does not attract some of the mindless Philadelphia fans who have given our teams fans a bad image around the world. Its awesome just to see a large number of true fans! Thanks everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. As soon as the site is no longer timely and dynamic, no one will come here anymore. Maybe you can find another curator like Gregg to handle it for a year or so, but that person will move on or get cherry-picked by a different site offering a better opportunity. If you just post here sporadically, it will gradually lose its community… then you will get bored of it yourself. This site will be a dead archive in three months, and it will be gone in two years once nostalgia is no longer a solid rationalization for paying the domain costs. I say these things not to be a dick, but to be realistic about it.

    James, sell the site to someone who will run it as passionately as you used to. Let that person own it and put ads on it and do whatever the hell they want to rationalize putting in the time investment. Otherwise, no one will do it forever. You will need an endless string of two-year-greggs, and the site itself will suffer.

    I appreciate you creating this site, but it’s time to stop being Willy Wonka and just hand over the keys to the candy factory already.

    1. V1 said it best. The daily box scores and weekly discussions are the best part of this site. And jim’s game reports.

      1. That was me above. I disagree that they are the best part of the site– the best part of the site are the actual reports. The first-hand scouting reports and the statistical analysis. The draft coverage. Basically, everything contributed by the admins.

        The discussions are just vapid-armchair-GM debates over the same bullshit, week after week and year after year. There’s always a big-bodied, 26 year old first basemen hitting way above his draft placement or a low A lefty with a 10:1 strikeout-walk ratio, and there’s always the same stupid debates about age-to-level expectations and sample-size.

        The content of this site is what makes it worth reading, not the community. If it was all about the community discussions, we could just start a subreddit.

    2. I say this not to be a dick, but the fact is that anybody looking to use posting on this blog as a stepping stone to a writing career does not belong writing for this blog. That’s exactly the problem with what this blog has become and the fact that this blog didn’t used to have people writing for it like that is exactly why it was the only blog I read.

      Blogs like this are not “stepping stones”. They are not places for you to show off how much you THINK you know about a sport. What made this site so great before is that like true Philly fans, James never took himself too seriously or constantly posted his twitter handle or other forms of self promotion. He didn’t kiss up to every other local blogger on the internet or use the site to “network” the way I have seen the more recent writers do. More importantly, he actually knows baseball beyond the stats and his posts were always insightful and written not as a “writer” but as a true fan of his hometown team.

      Anybody can regurgitate stats and posit endlessly based on them. That’s nothing the least bit special.

      1. I doubt anyone gets paid to write here so it is a stepping stone to bigger (paid) projects.

        You may not like it but it is the reality of writing and managing something like this.

        You don’t make a career of writing for free.

  17. We are in a cycle where prospects will be the focus and quite frankly the primary source for enjoyment. Seeing James involved again just made my day.

  18. James, I sincerely hope that you begin writing again. I stopped reading this site last year when it was taken over by people who seemed to want to run it like a typical “clickbait” site to gain attention to their own writing rather than as a passion project the way you ran it. I’ve loved this site since the beginning for the sole reason that you are a true Phillies fan who has been following this team hardcore since way before they started winning anything. I kept reading even after you left because gregg had been there for years as well. The more that guys who were not there before the team started winning started taking over, the less interested I became in this site. Some people on this site have definitely confused their own opinion with fact and it gets tiring after awhile. So does the grandstanding and tough talk from some of the bandwagon commenters.

    Honestly, I’m glad that a bunch of them left. Some of them seem to think they’re experts with really no reason to back that up. I absolutely hated the more formal version of the site that Matt Winkelman had turned it into and the way it no longer seemed like a place for real Phillies fans to come, read about our future players, and discuss all kinds of things. The self-promotion was also pretty annoying. I have no doubt that I’m not the only one who felt this way.

    Addition by subtraction, in my opinion, with the exception of gregg and the box score recaps done by bradindc.

    Anyway, I know that writing on a topic like the one this site covers can be time consuming but all of us would really appreciate if you wrote anytime you have the time and the inclination to, even if it’s just once every few months. Your legitimate insight and dedication as a Phillies fan has been sorely missed.

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