Box Score Recap – 4/28/2014

(Forgot to mention B.J. Rosenberg when I posted this – he took a liner off the head in the 11th and had to be removed. He walked from the field under his own power, but it sounded like he was having concussion-like symptoms – I’m sure we’ll hear more about it today or tomorrow after testing. I follow @GJoyce9 on Twitter for Pigs’ news, FWIW. I’m sure he’ll have updates around the same time as anyone else).

As much as we’d like to believe Jesse Biddle is an ace, most of us are resigned to the idea that his ceiling is likely a mid-back of the rotation guy. With starts like he had a couple times in a row before this, I understand why some of us, (myself included), get a little excited about him.  But after last night, we’re reminded why no professional is assuming he’ll be an #1 or #2 type starter. He’s young enough to build on bad games like this – he can try to learn to mitigate the damage and fix his mechanical issues on the fly, so hopefully in 2015 or 2016 when he’s a full-time big leaguer, these five and six walk nightmares become three and four walk bummers, and leave his team a little better shot at pulling the game out of the fire for him.

As for Greg Smith, he’s really got it working right now. Gregg (@PhuturePhilz) said on Twitter last night that Smith should be the first man up if you need another starter. I personally wouldn’t go that far, but I think Smith could get a look at some point. He costs you a roster spot, so Jonathan Pettibone makes more sense right now, IMO, but I’d take Smith over David Buchanan at the moment, if only for the fact that Smith can be waived off the 40-man with minimal risk when he’s done in the bigs, and Buchanan would need to stay on or risk losing a young, serviceable arm to a waiver claim.

Also, FTR, I spent three minutes on BRef trying to figure out why I couldn’t find the right “Matt” Smith to link to. I like to think I’m pretty smart sometimes. Other times…

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.

4-28-14 boxscores

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  1. There’s no question that Biddle must have mechanical problems that render him susceptible to having outings where he walks a ton of guys and that he must at least tame this problem to be a major league starter. That said, I disagree that Biddle cannot become a top of the rotation starter. He has outings where he is postively untouchable and the curve is a plus to plus plus offering when he’s on. But I agree that his most likely destination as a middle rotation arm.

    1. I actually am not a huge fan of the curveball, I think slow curves can be figured out by major league hitters. They may look pretty, but they give the hitter too much time to react. As for mechanical issues, Eric Longenhagen has mentioned it before, he will come out of his delivery and will have trouble getting on top of his pitches. Biddle seems like a solid #3, he could flash higher, but he lacks the stuff complete arsenal to be at the top of a rotation.

      1. I tend to agree with that.
        The only starting LHP pitcher I have seen of late who had a plus curveball and had some success has been Barry Zito.
        But then again, he went thru seasons of complete disasterous spells.

  2. It’s gotten to the point where it’s a surprise if Cam Perkins DOESN’T have a multihit game. I remember hearing he has a long swing, but in AA I feel like that would have been exploited by now.

    Is he having ridiculous luck for an extended period of time, or does he have good hands and/or eyes to adjust to make up for the swing?

    Also, what’s been the word on Cesar over at 3rd? I thought his arm would have ended that experiment pretty quickly.

    1. Yes, it’s partly “luck” (or the kind of “skill” that evens out over the long haul). No one BABIPs .424 or close to it over a sufficient sample size.

      That said, he does have a good (not spectacular) contact rate, and makes good contact – which might (no guarantees) result in an higher than average BABIP at the major league level. So the BA is “for real” in the sense that he might be a .300 hitter, or close to it, at the major league level.

      The reason that most of us are not getting excited about him is that his skills, BA aside, are minimal. An average or worse defending corner outfielder without much power and a lowish BB rate is not a major league regular, even if he hits .300.

      Ironically, thew one metric so far this year, even more than the BA, that indicates that there is some hope for him as a prospect is the power. 12 EBH, including 2 HR, is encouraging. But then again doubles rates take a long time to normalize. A full season of data would be nice to see. And it is Reading.

      1. In your honest opinion…..can Perkins be any worse in the corner, specifically LF, then Dom Brown and the assortment of his predecessors over the last few decades.

        1. I assume we’re talking overall value here?

          Well that’s a fairly low bar, unless you mean 2013 Brown. Can he be better than the replacement level player Brown has been (and most other Phillies left fielders recently) other than 2012? Quite possibly yes. I think – or, I should say, hope – the Phillies can do better than that.

          As a hitter his upside is probably Alex Sanchez. If the Phillies can’t do better than that, then even my negativity about the franchise is unduly optimistic.

          1. Yes I am referring to overall value.
            And I would think Sanchez is a fairly probable upside….maybe with a little more HR power since he is bigger and stronger then the diminutive Sanchez.
            What he seems to lack is that HR stroke, but that takes longer to develop for some who rely on contact..

            1. Yeah – and, in fairness, that line would look a little better in the current offensive context.

              But still not a solid regular at the corner without plus defense, which he reportedly does not have. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a potential bench guy – he could have a career as a 4th or 5th outfielder.

            2. Unfortunately for Perkins, as it stands now, is limited to a two position guy only….LF or 1st base.
              Neither of those positions in this organization will be there for him any time soon.
              Though Phillies could eventually move Dom Brown over to RF.

    2. Really good hand eye, I have seen him drop the bat head down and flair one out to the outfield. It is one of those things that you have to wonder whether he can do it when the pitches are sharper and better placed. And to go along with that, is he going to have any power left when he is sacrificing good contact just to get the bat on the ball (a similar thing to what Franco is going through).

      Arm isn’t there for Cesar, they are still forcing it, but I haven’t seen or heard anything that makes me think he can handle it.

  3. Saw Giles’ inning on MILBTv archives. On a frigid night in Portland, he struck out the side with no hits or walks and had the fastaball sitting at 95-97 on the gun there, which sounds about rgiht. Command was decent on the fastball. The slider is the difference maker. It is a potential out pitch – it flashes plus and his command is average. I’m excited to see him in a big league game.

    1. Fastball sitting at 95-97!
      Oh no….velo dropping…..shades of a fading Roy Halladay! (tic)

    2. Sandberg, 29 April, on MAG’s EST regiment:
      “I got word yesterday that he’s throwing the ball well and he’s healthy and he looks completely different – a lot different – than spring training,” Sandberg said. “Better velocity and better stuff. That’s good news.”

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