Box Score Recap – 4/27/2014

All across the system today, starters managed their games without throwing a ton of strikeouts. David Buchanan led the org with 5k/5.2IP, Perci Garner has 2K/6IP, Miguel Nunez 1K/6.2IP, and Tyler Viza 1K/6IP.

Quite a first impression Gabriel Lino is leaving on the Florida State League – 2-4 with a home run in his first game for Clearwater. Aaron Altherr was 3-4 with a 2B for Reading, while Logan Moore went 1-3 and also doubled in his AA debut. Moore was a JuCo draftee four years ago, and he’ll need to be protected this off season or exposed to the Rule 5 Draft. I have a hard time believing he’d make a big league club out of spring training in 2015, so I’d guess he’s safely a Phillie next year, protected or not.

And finally, J.P. Crawford hit his second long ball of the year, to go along with two bases on balls. He’s got 13 walks now, and just 15Ks in just shy of 100 PAs. His OPS in .931 over his last ten games, driven by a higher OBP than SLG. He’s walked nine times in those ten games, and managed 11 hits, but just two for extra bases. I’m not sure how he’ll hold up over a full year, but if he manages to OPS near the .794 he’s sporting right now, as a 19-year-old in Lakewood, he’ll make every top 100 list in the off-season, and possibly push his way into the Top 50 on a majority of those. You’re already allowed to get excited, but a full year of this will open up the floodgates of prospectorial gushing the likes of which Philly hasn’t seen since Dom Brown was beginning his ascent towards an eventual peak as BA’s mid-season #1 overall in 2010.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.


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    1. It all depends on how his entire game comes together. I think the plan would be for him to get a brief call-up to Clearwater in August (just a guess). If he starts dominating the competition in Lakewood such that he is no longer challenged, the call-up might be sooner. However, I think they just want him to get in a full year of minor league ball and are more concerned with consistency and adjustments this year than moving him up the chain. Expect more aggressive promotions in future years, once he’s a seasoned professional.

  1. *Fred Flintstone voice* Wiiiiillllmerrrrrrrrrrrrr

    (And JP Crawford just might be my favorite prospect

  2. just read Joseph has another concussion. I think most of us saw that coming. Hope no long term issues.

    1. I would guess, that joseph and the Phillies have to make a decision. I believe either they move him, if they think he will be a good hitter to another positon, or he retires, this concussion is like his fifth I believe, too many, he is young and could affect his life, there is more to life than baseball.

    2. I agree with Roccom. I think he is done being a catcher. Ignoring this reality is only jeopardizing his post baseball life. His parents need to step in and help him make this decision.

      1. Some guys in contact sports come back…Sydney Crosby and he had two in succession and loads of football players…..but they are out for awhile before returning. Some guys do not come back unfortunately.
        IMO….if /when he clears his baseline test….he is thru catching for this season….only DH, Ist base or LF…let him get his PAs. He really can wait another year before getting behind the plate. If he is the future Phillie catcher…then he can wait a few years, especially since Ruiz is here for another few years.

        1. Every concussion leaves the brain more and more prone to another. Think about how many fouls Chooch takes off his mask during the course of the season … there’s no way Joseph is going to be safe back there unless some breakthrough new mask or helmet is invented. It’s a shame.

          1. This is correct and it’s scary. My daughter had three concussions, including two playing ice hockey. They told her that if she had one more, she would have to stop playing hockey forever. Fortunately, she didn’t, but once you get to a point where you’ve had a certain number of concussions, it’s very very hard to come back from them. If I had to bet, Joseph probably played HS football and had a few there. Even seemingly minor concussions (getting your “bell rung”) can create a situation that can quickly become insurmountable. What a shame! Again, hopefully, he can regain enough health to play DH and first base and continue working on his hitting and they’ll address next year, next year. When he was out essentially all of last year with the concussion issue, I feared it might be over for him.

  3. Garcia still with 0.00 ERA, Strange that with Phil BP problems, they didn’t keep him up (even after his scoreless inning at ML level), and held onto Manship and Camp.

    1. I think Camp was called up while Garcia was ineligible for recall, (less than ten days after he was sent down). But I get your point. I said last week that they could have held onto Garcia after BJ Rosenberg’s 3HR game, but they held Rosenberg for a couple more days before optioning him too.

    2. Manship is a pretty decent long reliever – a 5th-6th inning guy or mop up man, depending on the game. I was skeptical about him before I saw him, but he has acceptable velocity, throws a lot of different pitches and has okay command – he’s been a pleasant surprise. And they can throw him out there whenever they need him because he’s not a prospect, so they are really not worried about wearing him out or hurting his arm (sorry, but it’s the truth). Camp is just a guy who is around due to the lack of quality pitching – they will replace him the nanosecond there is a better option, which could be this week.

  4. I was at lakewood yesterday and it was a great game!! Grullon was fun to watch he threw 2 base runners out. Hes a hugee guy for only being 18 and knows his position very well! He gets the bat going he will be a player to watch

  5. Looking at the boxscore weather section, it’s easy to see why some guys start slowly. LHV and Lakewood started their games at 55 degrees and some clouds. Reading played in New Hampshire and it was 48 degrees. CLW had 81 degrees and sunny. I know the LA guys would like to play in CLW until mid-May.

    When I pitched in HS, I lived in the North West corner of Mass. We had to play in a gym with tile flooring until the snow left the ground. Our season would end and it would barely be touching 70 each day. When I pitched I could barely feel my fingers. There was no touch on the ball. Of course everyone playing that day had the same issue. But the hitters could really feel the sting of ball hitting bat. We used wood bats back then. I think aluminum was invented a few years after I went to HS. When I went to HS, they didn’t teach History… we made it.

    1. When I was in HS, we choked up.
      And the bat handle were nearly as think as the barrel.
      And nothing was stronger then oak.

  6. Can anyone comment on JP Crawford’s caught stealing (his 4th) and being picked off. Is it bad jumps or is the speed not translating?

    1. When you get picked off, they always count it in the CS column as well.. so he just made one out on the bases yesterday. That being said, if he’s managing to steal at least at a 66% clip, I’m not worried about his speed.

    2. Is JP Crawford really supposed to be that fast? I always imagined he’d be more like an Utley-speed type base stealer where he’d have to pick his spots.

    3. The guy who picked him off was none other than Dario Alvarez, who was signed by the Phillies and played 3 seasons in the DSL. The Mets picked him up and he’s been pretty darn good. He’s a 25 y/o lefty that Crawford was trying to time and probably took off and the Alvarez threw to 1st and then got nailed him at 2B. It’s aggressive and we like aggressive types. At least it wasn’t a lackadaisical, head down, stroll back to first where the catcher nails him while he’s napping.

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