Joseph and Dugan to the Reading DL, Moore & Lino Promoted

As per Mike Drago of the Reading Eagle

The hope is the Phillies need the roster spot and are just wanting to test to see if Joseph experiences any concussion symptoms.  With Dugan to the DL the Reading OF should be Collier-Altherr-Perkins going forward.  With Lino to Clearwater we could see more Willians behind the plate.

Tommy Joseph Update: Per Matt Gelb Joseph had concussion like symptoms and was a bit foggy.  Th Phillies are concerned about the injury.

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22 thoughts on “Joseph and Dugan to the Reading DL, Moore & Lino Promoted

  1. Well, that Joseph news sucks. Dugan can never stay on the field either. There haven’t been a lot of positives in the first month of the minor league season.

      1. Started last year injured. I am not worried about oblique injuries, they happen, they suck, but the Phillies have been good about making sure guys get fully healthy from them

        1. This sounds like the same injury he suffered last year in spring training. I was behind the cage when it happened. He didn’t finish the AB and didn’t make his first appearance until April 26th, I think. If this is the same injury, should that be a concern?

  2. Sux about Joseph. Especially, consisting he was hitting do good. Hopefully, it’s just precautionary and it’s the Phils just being careful

  3. Why does everybody who’s any good get hurt? I know I’m being over-dramatic, but it definitely feels that way right now.

  4. The Phillies have more injuries then the Eagles…did not realize how much of a contact sport baseball was!
    Perhaps the Phillies ought to employ Chip Kelly’s regiment for healthy eating, exercising and sleep practices.

  5. I think a minor leaguer lacks the luxuries that a guy in the MLB roster has. I don’t think organizations like to commit money into this, since most of these guys will never see the light of their MLB roster. But then again, even guys in the majors miss time with oblique strains and concussions, they’re just going to happen.

  6. Meanwhile Willians Astudillo who is old for the Sally League stays with his .400 avg as 21 year old Lino with 7 passed balls and a .180 average goes up. Hmmm

    1. Astudillo doesnt catch anymore and can really only play first base and neither Dugan or Joseph were playing at 1st base so that is why Astudillo and his no position are still there

  7. what a major bummer about Joseph, Id say it might be time to either put in a shit ton of batting practice and see if you can play 1st base or go back to school and become something else. All the money in the world wont matter if your brain turns to mush in 5 years. Good Luck Tommy Joseph

  8. Thing I don’t understand is why they don’t just let Carman get some playing time with Joseph hurt. Defensively, he’s as good as anyone they have. The kid has put in the time and deserves a chance.

    1. Who said they weren’t? You can’t just have one catcher on the roster. I expect him and Moore to split the time. Lino should get most of the Clearwater ABs, and Grullon who was also promoted to get the Lakewood ABs

  9. I got $100 that says Moore and Carman will not be splitting time…..unless you call 3 games for Moore to 1 game for Carman splitting time.

  10. IMO, when Joseph comes back they need to get him his PAs as a DH, 1st basemen and/or LF thru this season. Then let him get behind the plate again next year. His defensive abilities as a catcher have rated out as average to above-average, so not squatting for awhile isn’t going to hurt him there, but he does need more PAs.

    1. That’s a fabulous idea – best I’ve heard yet. The issue with Joseph, in the long run (assuming he’s healthy), will probably be his bat, so why not let that develop as he recovers 100 percent (or as close to it as possible) from his concussion issues.

    2. IMO, I think that they need to start looking at Joseph in a different position for the long term. I can’t envision a catcher being placed on the DL every time he takes one off the facemask. Seems like this recurring event is happening too often and with the same outcome. I understand it could be just precautionary, but maybe it is more than that.

  11. Perfect timing- I am going to Reading on Saturday for my first Phuture Phils game of the season. I was getting psyched to see Joseph.

  12. Joseph at this point must refuse to go back behind the plate and the Phillies for their part need to do the right thing and not even entertain the thought. He has the rest of his life ahead of him and with catching it is not if but when it happens again.

    Concussions are no joke and if baseball hasn’t learned anything from football shame on them.

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