Box Score Recap – 4/3/2014

Welcome to the season, folks. And welcome to the season Cameron Rupp. 1-2 with 2BB and his first home run of the year. David Buchanan pitched well, and the bullpen was perfect, including a 3K inning from Jeremy Horst.

Jesse Biddle didn’t really get it done in his debut and the Fightins offense, less so – I left the Portland pitching line in there so you could see what happened. Henry Owens happened. The game was (mercifully) called by rain after 6, so I guess it’s hardly a no-hitter, but yeah…not good.

Mike Adams nice rehab outing highlights an otherwise uneventful CLR shutout loss.

And finally, all the Blueclaws (except Gabriel Lino) with hits to support a solid if not overwhelmingly impressive looking start from Mark Leiter. Larry Greene was the big star, going 3-4 with a triple and 4 RBI. Good start for the big man in his second turn at A-. That lineup ought to be a ton of fun to keep tabs on.

Reminder that you can follow me and should feel free to tweet at me anytime – @bxe1234. Looking forward to another year of watching the results and discussing the best and worst these Phuture Phillies show us as they progress towards to show.

Here’s the affiliate Scoreboard from MiLB.


21 thoughts on “Box Score Recap – 4/3/2014

    1. I’ve asked scouts (maybe @statsking) what they think about Leiter, and have come away with the impression that he might be a #5 starter/swingman ceiling. He goes into the game with a plan, executes it, and gets good results. Seems about right based on what we’ve seen in the stats.

  1. Yahoo!!! Minor League baseball is back! A hitter’s delight in Savannah (LKW). Biddle is a bit concerning. He’s my choice for biggest drop in the top 30 by the end of the year. It’s one game but I’ve have a nagging feeling for a while. I’m hoping I’m significantly wrong. Logan Moore as the top hitter sounds really weird. I didn’t know Larry Greene could run from home to 3rd on one pitch.

    1. Yes, I also worry about Biddle. I saw him pitch twice toward the end of last season and he just didn’t look right. Last game, he ended the game basically lobbing the ball while the reliever warmed up. I think his arm is hurting. I didn’t understand at the time and still don’t why the Phillies chose to have him pitch through pertussis and a foot injury. The foot injury in particular could mess up his mechanics and screw up his arm. Why was it so important that he pitch a full year in 2013. The Phillies may have just cost themselves their top pitching prospect. Losing their other top prospects Morgan and Watson to shoulder injuries just makes one wonder about the handling of our minor league pitchers.

      1. I agree if the phillies org knew about the foot injury why did they have him pitch , makes no sense and it is a bit concerning the number of pitchers who are hurt

        1. It was the Phillies who used the plantar fasciitis along with the pertussis as reasons for his erratic performance last season

  2. Good 2 see L. Greene off to good start. This is probably his last chance before he’s just a completely forgotten prospect. Maybe this is the new Greene. In better shape and more committed

  3. Also, I guess if we had to find a bright spot in Reading game it be Dugan getting a walk. I know I’m really reaching here but that was the big issue when he went to reading last yr

  4. Maikel Franco with a walk in his first game of the season… 😉

    I’ll admit for a split-second when I looked at the Lakewood projected SP for the game I thought Mark Leiter was on a rehab start

  5. That might be the best line I’ve seen from Greene. By a far margin. And it gives me hope. At least now you see he CAN do something. How often can he do it is the question.

  6. Hard to conclude too much from the Reading or Lakewood lines. When everybody or nobody hits, you have to think it’s the opposing pitcher.

  7. From the audiocast it sounded like L. Greene was really hustling to get to balls in LF. He made a smart baserunning decision in stealing second when the pitcher wasn’t keeping him on, which he wasn’t credited for because of a BB or FB or something. Seems like a different person than the lazy dude who came to camp super overweight last year.

  8. Glad to see minor league baseball in play. Thanks for the daily box scores. With the big club most likely having a long season it will be fun following the kids.

  9. The Iron Pigs box score makes me happiest. Buchanan, Horst, and Garcia can get opportunities to help the Phillies this year if they show they deserve it. If they step up and have major league success then the Phillies have a much better chance at having success. Rupp is the Phillies 3rd string catcher. Franco is their top prospect. It was nice to see him reach base twice in his AAA debut.

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