Adam Morgan and Shane Watson have Shoulder Surgery Out Until August

Per Todd Zolecki, Adam Morgan had shoulder surgery this past month and Shane Watson is scheduled for surgery soon.  The Phillies expect both to be out until August.  This represents a big blow to the farm system as it makes it essentially two lost years for the pair of pitching prospects.

The immediate impact is that it forces the Phillies to keep Ethan Martin stretched out as a starter for depth right now.  Given earlier estimates of recovery August sounds very conservative for both, so it looks like the Phillies will be easing both back in slowly.  At this point we will have to wait until August to see if either have any of the stuff that made them top prospects a year ago.

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43 thoughts on “Adam Morgan and Shane Watson have Shoulder Surgery Out Until August

  1. Not unexpected, but very bad news nonetheless. Shoulders requiring surgery are extremely serious. If one of these guys is able to come back and be a #3/4 starter for the Phillies, then we will have done very well.

  2. Double ughh. Hopefully both come back strong but odds arent in either of their favor . Good luck to both and hopefully a speedy recovery or any recovery . Total bummer .this sucks

  3. More terrible news. First Knapp. Then Quinn. Now it’s Watson and Morgan. Although, I can’t say the last 2 are huge surprises at this point. My main problem is w/ Morgan. They knew he was hurt last May. Why did it take this long for him to get the surgery? This could’ve been done 8 months ago or even at the end of the season. Can we make a seperate top 10 for injured Phils?

    1. Because shoulders dont like to be operated on and the best thing to do is hope rehab and strength training can settle the problem . I understand your point but the phillies did the right thing sort of they should have let morgan take a complete year off along maybe even watson in hindsight

      1. You’re right. The end of season for Morgan may be the bigger problem than the delayed surgery. He wasn’t right when he returned.

      2. Rehab, and injection is the first course most take. surgery is last thing you want, I have stated it before, it doesnt always work, 5 months after my surgery, and i still have pain.

    2. It’s in many ways a better top 10 than the actual top 10: Morgan, Watson, Quinn, Knapp, Joseph, Mecias, MAG, Giles (?), Biddle (?),

  4. Well the hits keep on coming. I think we’ve had enough injuries in our system now. Any more to our top end talent and we’re going to be in big trouble in the future

  5. While this is disappointing for us, and of course much moreso for them, I don’t think any of us were counting on these two, so it doesn’t much change my general sense of the state of the system. It just means we don’t rank Morgan instead of arguing whether he belongs somewhere 10-15.

  6. Really, really tough blow to Morgan’s career, though. While I totally understand the delay, this means he’ll be coming back, most likely, next spring as 25-year old. As an unheralded college guy he always had a tough road.

  7. Pretty consistent with what I’ve been saying. I hope one of these guys can get back the velocity he once had – both would be a bonus. Tough break for Morgan because the pitcher I saw in April could have been a nice mid-rotation starter in the big leagues. Now we’ll just have to wait and see. It does, however, open the door wide open for Biddle, Pettibone and Martin, not that it will necessarily help for Martin. He loses significant velocity after 35 or 40 pitches.


    1. Pettibone ended the season hurt and Biddle was pitching strangely with a foot injury. We badly need another starting pitcher. Yeah, Garza is just money and we are well below the lux cap.

      1. The Phillies also lost a ton of revenue by the fans (rightfully) not showing up to games last year. The TV deal doesn’t kick in until 2016 so unless its a heavily backloaded deal they probably can’t afford another big name pitcher.

        Regardless I’d rather save my money for next year, there’s some potential aces out there.

    2. And why not a 25-year old Masa Tanaka also.
      Their farm pitching has taken a setback with Morgan and Watson —– and MAG, Biddle and Pettibone are healthy hopefuls right now.

      1. It’s going to be tough to get Tanaka when the Dodgers openly say they won’t let anyone outbid them.

  8. Sad, even if they come back in August I would expect them to get what??? Maybe 4-5 games or a few relief appearances. So its up to others to step up and take advantage of this opportunity.

    1. At that point why bother AFL or winter camp would provide a slower recovery .

  9. This further increase the importance of this year’s draft. They are drafting 7th, which has a ripple effect though the subsequent rounds. They need to hit on the first pick and some sleepers in the subsequent rounds.

    1. Looks like a pitcher will need be the pick. In the past, in most instances, they tended to rotate each year between a pos player one year and a pitcher the following, not sure if this was their plan or not.
      But now with all the arms hurting in the system, looks like they are dictated in taking a pitcher at 7th.

  10. We need to have a deep, Cardinals- type draft. Last year;s draft was encouraging (Keith Law , who is a noted detractor of the Phillies system, wrote that the Phillies have the best 1st 5 picks of anyone in the NL), but we need 2 more to fully re-stock the shelves

  11. He’s right. The Phillies have been respectable at evaluating amateur talent, especially given their drafting position. Their evaluations at the major league level leave much to be desired..

  12. Seeing how we alternate between pitcher and position player every year, we could assume that we were going with a pitcher this year anyway. I think these injuries just cement that notion all the more. Really sad to hear though. Would have loved to see Watson and Crawford on the field together, as I’m sure they would have loved it even more.

  13. I don’t believe Martin is a starter and I think he can be a terrific reliever so I wouldn’t move him back to the rotation. They do need to sign another starter in the worst way and I think they will. The question is whether it will be Garza or a much lesser name like Gaudin. This definitely puts more pressure on Biddle. I expect they’ll sign a 4A starter also to take Morgan’s spot at LHV. Shoulder surgery is avoided as long as possible so when it happens, there were no other options remaining. Poor Morgan. Think how close he was. He had a great spring training and had a terrific month of April last year. He was ready to be the next call up and then the pain started and the bottom fell out.

    1. Murray…better hurry up and tell Ruben not to move Martin to the starter category….he already said last month that they will stretch out him this spring to see if he can start either at LHV or Philly.

        1. I think if Martin does go to starter and spends significant time there this season he’ll wind up back in the bullpen when the Phillies realize he just doesn’t cut it as an MLB starter.

          Sort of like the Ryan Madson conversion to reliever (Boras crying my client wants to start) Phillies give Madson a chance to start where he’s mediocre and then a return to the bullpen.

  14. A couple thoughts:

    1. Once again, the Phillies crack medical staff strikes showing its incompetence.

    2. Might as well cross both off the list…shoulder injuries suck

  15. On prospect injuries by Jim Salisbury (CSN) with Joe Jordan and Benny Looper:
    Shane Watson…. Phillies director of player development Joe Jordan told’s Jim Salisbury recently. “We don’t expect it to be a major thing,” Jordan said. “Go in, do an evaluation and cleanup. We feel like we’re going to get a lot of innings and work in with Shane this summer.”
    On Morgan…..’He took off the time we wanted him to and the doctors wanted him to,” Phillies assistant GM Benny Looper told “But then he started his throwing program and it still bothered him, so he had it looked at again and the decision was made that it was best to have surgery. “He was a guy that was close. I know it’s hard for us, because it decreases our starting pitching depth, but it’s more of a blow for him. He loses a year here. And really, including last year, he loses a year plus.” …..elsewhere, speedy shortstop Roman Quinn is recovering from Achilles surgery and 2013 second-round catcher Andrew Knapp is healing from Tommy John surgery last October. Quinn ruptured his Achilles running sprints in early November. “We hope he’ll be in games before the summer is over and he can also recoup at-bats in the fall,” Jordan told Salisbury. A ruptured Achilles can be a crippling injury for a player whose game is as reliant on speed as Quinn’s. The Phils expect Knapp to be 100 percent by the beginning of July’.

    1. Interesting that Jordan thinks Watson will still get a lot of innings in. But the injury to Morgan really stings as we lack SP depth ad had he been 100% this season perhaps he would have gotten a look. Hope both can get back on track, and I hope the Phils FO buys each a case of Anatabloc. (anti- inflammatory that actually works great)

  16. And this is exactly why an arguement could be made that using top half of the first round picks on pitchers may not be a good value.

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