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Collier and Wright have been running neck and neck for a couple posts now.  There were some complaints of possible inconsistencies in yesterday’s voting so the fair thing to do seems to be a run off for the 17 and 18 spots.  So the winner will be #17 and the loser #18.

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32 thoughts on “Reader Top 30 18 – Austin Wright

  1. I also went with Collier as I value a CF above a relief pitcher. Of course, Collier could be no more than a 4th/5th OF. This upcoming season is a big one for him to prove that the later half of last season and the AFL were no joke.

  2. Wright! I have Pullin next then Collier. I want to like Zach but I’m not convinced he will hit enough to be an everyday OF. I’ll second that this is a big year for him.

  3. Wright over Collier. Upside comparison favors Wright as a back-end starter versus Collier as a fringy starting CF. Both have time to prove their value, but Wright has more of it from a roster perspective, as he’s not even burning options until 2015, while Collier being a year younger is a plus for him.

  4. Collier. Same reasons I have posted the last several days.

    Pedigree: 1st round (comp) vs. 8th round.
    Level: Same.
    Age: Collier is a year younger.
    Performance: This year it was close, but I give the edge to Collier (taking into account peripherals and park). Looking at previous years, Collier has improved each year and has overcome significant adversity.

    Collier’s got his flaws (power is a little lacking, may not stick in center), but that’s why he made it to 17/18.

  5. A bit surprised by all the support for Wright this early. A 22 year old in High A with a WHIP of 1.4? If he’s a 5th starter or LOOGY, that’s eminently replaceable–and it’s not clear he’ll even be that. Give me the tools.

    1. He hasn’t appeared below 18 on any list I have seen, this seems about correct. This is a good balance between upside from the stuff and the downside of being a reliever. He is by no means a LOOGY if he goes to the pen, he does not have large enough platoon splits to not be able to get both righties and lefties out in the pen

      1. No dispute over the general consensus on Wright but I agree with Rich. I just don’t see a guy who is an asset in a major league rotation and if he’s pushed to the bullpen, we don’t know where he stands, but with the stuff he shows as a starter, it’s not clear that he’s a high-leverage guy (shouldn’t surprise that I also think Pettibone is generally ranked a bit too bullishly). I would love to see his xFIP and his ERA+ (which I don’t think is available for minor leaguers, but please correct me if I’m wrong), because his HR per 9 is pretty low, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that is partially attributable to luck and/or a big ballpark.

        If Wright’s ERA was over 4, I don’t think he’d be even this high.

  6. Its a tough choice, I like both. I’ll go Wright, only because of the rumblings that Collier’s defense isnt good enough for CF.

    1. Same, If collier is not in CF he is almost a non-prospect. Give me the wright and lets see if he can stick as a SP. Even wright in the pen is more value than collier in LF/RF in my regularly humbled opinion..

  7. Voted Wright since I have questions about Collier staying in CF.
    With the pitching depth I think the Phillies will move Wright to the bullpen but I hope they keep him a starter as long as possible. He still has 2 years before a 40man decision is needed.
    Collier if he stays in CF I think could become a starter. Not sure on his true speed, but I think he could be an average hitter.

  8. Collier here i think he is on the verge of a breakout season and him performing well in a pitchers league is better than a pitcher succeeding at the same league IMO.

  9. I didn’t think Collier had a good season at all. He was no better than 50 in all the major offensive categories and he was only 36 in SB with a mere 11 bags swiped.

    1. If you are basing his prospect status off counting stats, you may want to consisder he missed the 1st 2 months of the season.

      1. And since we knock other players for stupid behavior are we going to talk about why he missed those two months?

  10. Collier’s season was meh. Wonder if he’d be considered this high if he didn’t have a good showing in the AFL. We all know how posters love small sample sizes (see T. Greene).

    1. No he wouldn’t be considered that high without the AFL performance. Even the Phillies FO, Ruben or Benny Looper I believe, stated that point when they protected him.

      1. It helps that he was a high draft pick so people think the top level talent is there. So when it appears, like in the AFL, it could be a sign off things to come… or a flash in the pan.

        I am still hestitant on Collier because I do not think his regular season was that good. But the AFL against higher competition, but a huge hitters league, were excellent. The speed to me will be his distinguishing trait. If he has 70 speed it could be enough to cover his defense in CF and make his average bat (IMHO) play. If his plate discipline is AFL-like and he has above average power he could be an all star OF but that is a lot of projection.

  11. Wright here. Left handed pitchers are always a valuable commodity, and I think Wright may have suffered just a bit from the constant (and understandable) comparisons to Morgan.

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