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Prospect Debate: Brody Colvin, Cameron Rupp, Gabriel Lino

Since there is a lot of debate about the placement of guys towards the back of the rankings with huge swings in their value.  Brad and I are going to take on some of them that we have very different opinions on and debate where we think they should rank and what their upside is going forward.

Brody Colvin (RHP):

Ranking: Brad – 19, Matt – 30-35

Brad: Listen, I’m of the mindset that relievers, even those that are headed for the back of the bullpen, don’t belong high on prospect lists until they are knocking on the MLB door, (Aumont and DeFratus are in my top 15, Kenny Giles barely makes my top 30, for example).

So, if I thought there were zero chance Colvin was going to make it as a starter, or if I didn’t think his back-up plan was a back-end bullpen guy, I would probably have him way down the list – maybe in the early 30s. But there is still a chance he pulls his control together and sticks as a starter, at which point his ceiling would probably go back to a mid-rotation starter at least. He has the stuff to do it, but his control is obviously the issue. Continue reading Prospect Debate: Brody Colvin, Cameron Rupp, Gabriel Lino