Reader Top 30 #7 – Cody Asche

Ruf edged out Asche by 4 votes to take the #6 spot with Pettibone and Martin not far behind. Austin Wright has been added to the new poll.

Order so far:

  1. Biddle
  2. Quinn
  3. Morgan
  4. Joseph
  5. Franco
  6. Ruf

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122 thoughts on “Reader Top 30 #7 – Cody Asche

  1. I’m a big fan of Carlos Tocci. The defensive profile gives him a high floor, although it’s definitely way too soon to tell if he profiles as a starter or defensive replacement.

    I find the combination of floor and ceiling attractive. I’m somewhat aware that I should probably prefer at least Pettibone and Aumont over Tocci at this point in time.

    fwiw, I would have voted for Ruf yesterday, but the poll was closed when I came to vote in the morning.

    I simply don’t know what to make of Asche at this point.

    1. “I simply don’t know what to make of Asche at this point.”

      Why? The only struggles he’s experienced in his brief professional career was during short season immediately after being drafted when he hit poorly while being tried out at a new position. During his only full pro season, he skipped a level and raked at High A and AA, and did a decent job playing third.

      It seems odd to suggest that Asche is an enigma in the same post in which 17-year-old Carlos Tocci is deemed to have a high floor. If anything, Asche is the surest thing between the three you mentioned (Tocci, Ruf and Asche).

      1. I similarly am unsure about Asche. For me it is because his BABIP was unusually high last year in CLW and in REA. It does not seem sustainable when looking at his LD%. If he maintains a really high BABIP again in 2013, then he starts to build some credence as a high-BABIP guy. But at this point I need more evidence to be convinced.

        Either way he is a fine prospect and in my top 10. But he is not ahead of Ruf, Tocci, or Pettibone.

        1. Not being a smart— but I’m not sure I can reconcile “needing more evidence” on Asche but ranking Tocci ahead of him.

          1. That is totally fine and I understand. More simply, in my estimation, Tocci would fetch more in trade value than Asche. I think this because Asche still has a “prove it” element to him whereas the things I read about Tocci make him sound like a future all-star. If Asche had come into the system with that kind of hype, then perhaps I would rank him higher.

            1. Thanks- gotcha. I guess where we differ is that for me the small sample size we have for Tocci means he has really everything to prove as a hitter whereas Asche has proved to be an above average hitter at two much higher levels, even when BABIP is considered. And, as you say, his BABIP isn’t abnormally high when LD% is considered.

              Don’t get me wrong, I’m very excited by Tocci, just need to see something offensively from him first…..

            2. His BABIP is pretty high for his LD%. Sorry if I said it the other way. Looking at his LD% (which is always suspect for minor leaguers due to shaky data gathering, but whatever), I would not expect as high a BABIP. Basically I do not believe we have seen his true hitting self. That combined with some concerns on his defense gives me pause and makes me want more evidence.

            3. I agree and I’m also guilty of dreaming on Tocci, having him in my top 10. What do we really know about him, though? We know he’s a really skinny kid, who was able to sort of hold his own in the GCL at a very tender age. We know that the Phillies like him and that their Latin American scouts really like him. We know he runs really fast and is already a good defensive CF. We also know the Phillies have given a lot higher bonuses to and thought even more highly about Greg Golson, Anthony Hewitt, Collier, Dugan and oldies like Reggie Taylor and Jeff Jackson. All of these guys were super athletes, mostly expected to play OF. SOme obviously will never work out, a couple may still, but in GCL they were all higher profile than Tocci. It is a long, long time since the Phillies have produced a star OF from their Latin American scouting. The only recent positional star is Chooch, who wasn’t at all heralded when he was signed and in GCL. Tocci has a high ceiling of All Star, in the same way that any guy the scouts really like in the GCL carries that rating. It’s been a very long time since a heralded GCL player developed into something comparable to an AS for the Phillies. Rollins was the last. Tocci has a default high ceiling based on little more than a scouting report, but doesn’t have high odds of achieving that ceiling.

            4. You’re typically very logical so your last post surprises me. I can understand if you think Tocci has this amazing upside but Asche just completed AA and the Phils are holding 3B for him, assuming he does well this year, so how does he fall short of Tocci? At the moment, Tocci’s upside is to be Ben Revere, a 300 hitting premier defensive OF with no power at all. He’s very young and could fill out but its impossible to project that and right now he’s a string bean with zero power. I truly hope Tocci becomes what many think he will be but its a long way to go from a 17 yr old with promise in the GCL. There’s not even assurance that he won’t repeat the GCL this year due to his age and lack of playing time to date.

            5. I think we disagree on Tocci’s ceiling. If his ceiling were Ben Revere, he belongs nowhere near the top 10. I was thinking more like Michael Bourn.

              Look, I admit to wishcasting a bit on Tocci. He is super young with a fielding tool that people say could play right now in the majors at an above average level. It looks like he can hit, though I agree that the sample is small and really not worth much at all.

            6. But has Ben Revere hit his ceiling yet? If Ben Revere has become all that he will become you are right. But Revere could improve.

            7. He could improve his on-base skills, but he’ll always be a no power guy. The hope for Tocci is that he develops some power to go with his speed.

            8. You are right that Revere is only 24 and could potentially improve his batting eye or develop power.

              Let me amend my previous statement: If Ben Revere 2012 is his ceiling, then he does not belong near the top 10. I was thinking more like Michael Bourn 2012 as his ceiling.

            9. “If his ceiling were Ben Revere, he belongs nowhere near the top 10.”

              If your point is that a player we thought would be a Ben Revere clone should not be in the top 10 I have to take issue with that. Ben Revere right now is pretty close to being as valuable as Michael Bourn – not quite, but he’s not that far away. Revere was a 3.4f WAR in 3/4 of a season – extend that out and he’s like a 4-4.5 WAR player – right now; Bourn generally scores between 3.5 and 6 WAR. And while he is probably never going to hit for much power, he may still have a bit more projection left as he is fast, strong and has a good baseball body. But even right now, I think we’d kill for a number 8, 9, or 10 prospect whose ceiling was a 4 annualized WAR – that’s a good player on a championship team. In fact, if you told me that Ruf or Brown would play to a 4 WAR this season, we would be ecstatic – well, your centerfielder projects to do just that.

            10. I think his point was more like- if we took Tocci and said his ceiling was Ben Revere, he shouldn’t be in the top 10. As in, a 17 year old with an extremely low floor because he’s so far away from the majors. If we had a prospect in AA or AAA with a Ben Revere ceiling, then I agree he’d be a top 10 guy.

            11. Jiwan James has a fielding tool that grades out as superior now at the major league level. He hasn’t hit well enough to make many top 30 lists and he hits a lot better than Tocci against a lot better competition. He’s also older, of course. The point being, either Tocci learns to hit or his ceiling becomes late inning defensive replacement and pinch runner.

  2. Easy as Asche. So far I’m pretty happy with the collective order. Though Ruf and Joeseph went a few spots to high. It was due to the two opposite groups on this site. Group A who over valued Joe based on scouting reports and age relative to level and undervalued actual production in 2012. Then Group B who over valued proximity to the majors and undervalued age relative to level for Ruf.

    I would have gone 6 for Joe (Asche at 5) and Ruf at 9 respectively.

    1. For what it is worth, Baseball America ranked Joseph #3, Baseball Prospectus ranked him #5, and John Sickels ranked him #4. I don’t think the community ranking of Joseph at #4 is overvaluing him at all.

    2. I’d disagree about Joseph and say the reason he didn’t go #2 was because of the group that didn’t realize his numbers in AA were actually pretty good for a 21 year old catcher.

      1. Yeah, I’d say that that’s the bigger disagreement on Joseph. If it was just good scouting reports verus numbers, then I’d have ranked him lower.

        IMO the biggest divide on this site – and I am stating this as neutrally as I can – is betweeen those who place signficant weight on age/level, and those who don’t. The second biggest divide is people who place signficant weight on Bb rates, and those who don’t. (Applicable to Joseph, whose BB rate is mediocre, only in comparison to Valle.)

  3. Well at least the Ruf fanboys can go back to listening to WIP now and expect a 30 homer 130 ribbie season from him.

  4. Jonathan Pettibone is easy for me here. He is #3 on my personal overall list and the highest ranked prospect remaining according to Baseball America (#4), John Sickles (#5), and the Reading Eagle Poll (#3).

    1. Agreed on Pettibone. I think it is pretty clear he can pitch in the majors. I think people are also concerned that his ceiling isn’t that high. My argument against this line of reasoning is that he has performed well in his time in the minors, yet is still very young (this will be his age 22 season). I think it is short-sighted to assume a 22-year-old pitcher cannot improve. After all, we just saw Adam Morgan improve a lot last year over 2011. Heck, Kyle Kendrick showed some improvement last year at age 27. It is not like Pettibone is some soft-tossing control artist who will get pounded in the majors. He doesn’t walk many guys and he keeps the ball in the park. He has all the ingredients for success and has performed relatively well all along the way. I think he has a higher ceiling than most, predicated mainly on his age and the assumption that he will continue to develop his pitches.

    2. Pettibone suffered from a little control problems in Lehigh but I think readers are truly under valuing him. People want to point to Ruf with the proximity to the majors argument but Pettibone has the potential to become our 5th starter this year with a ceiling of a number 4. He doesn’t have the flashy mid 90’s heat of Martin but then again he doesn’t have the fatal flaws that might make Martin an 8th inning guy either.

    3. Anonymous was me, Ken45. I guess my browser’s cookies got reset or something.

      Baseball America ranked him as having the best control tool and changeup tool in the organization. I like pitchers with control. I value proximity too, especially for pitchers. He has little more to prove in the minors, although I expect his strike-out rate to improve at least a little with experience. He may beat out Cloyd as the Phillies #6 starter when one of the top 5 goes down, which unfortunately could easily happen before opening day. Pettibone has about as good a chance of opening the season with the Phillies as Ruf does.

      1. I think Lopez will be the 6th starter if its only for a few starts, at least early in the year until they see how Cloyd and Pettibone do this year.

    1. Give me three links to write-ups on prospects by Mike Newman that were not nice and after reading them I’ll read the write-up on Quinn.

      I avoid the guys who are sunny about everyone because you’re just reading propaganda.

      1. Let me clarify that further Give me three links from Newman for guys who have tools including speed who he is down on.

        There’s another kind of prospect writer/evaluator who is always ready to dump on a Darin Ruf but a guy who is a fast runner, the toolsy sort, he can’t write anything critical of them until they’re 25 years old and still in A-ball. It’s a waste of time to read anyone like that.

        1. He has been very negative on Jiwan James in the past. He has also been somewhat negative on Larry Greene and Sebastian Valle in the past.

          1. Well, Greene and Valle aren’t toolsy speed guys are they?

            There are a lot of guys who just don’t get it with the speed issue. They grossly over value speed. Even putting aside the value of base stealing totals, an enormous percentage of base stealers and guys with speed do not know how to use it well. They have no feel for the situation.

            Chase Utley and – it appears from afar – Mike Trout have outstanding base-running ability Jayson Werth does also. This is what gets many excited about Billy Hamilton.It’s not really the blinding 60 yard dash speed, it’s that he has that speed but also runs the bases like Utley and Trout. Hamilton also seems to be developing good on base skill as a batter so he’ll have a lot of opportunity.

            Players such as Hamilton appears to be are so rare that a teams scouts can’t look for it. If they do they end up looking for jobs because the system becomes overloaded with toothpick bats who can’t put their speed to good use.

            1. It’s true that what counts is effective speed, not raw speed, and that raw speed is not a necessary or sufficient condition for having effective speed. But the correlation is quite strong. Players like Utley and to a lesser extent Werth are the exceptions not the rule. (Trout doesn’t belong with them; he is blazingly fast, it’s just that that is somewhat overshadowed by his abundant other talents).

              Most of the players with effective speed also have a ton of raw speed, Bourn is the poster child for this. Revere is a guy who people around here have divided opinions about, but not because he lacks effective speed – it’s because he (arguably) has little else going for him.

              Obviously we don’t know for sure that Quinn will be able to harness his 80 speed effectively, but early signs – both in terms of numbers and scouting reports – are very positive on that front.

        2. That’s because Darin Ruf is an anomaly. The chances Ruf becomes a decent MLB caliber player are very low and the prospect evaluators and scouts have a better eye for that sort of thing than Anonymous does on a message board.

          I don’t think there is a fan of the team who doesn’t wish Ruf turns into the next coming of Greg Luzinski or Pat Burrell. But the odds are stacked so much against him doing so. Why is this hard to understand? Just because most of the fans approach him with guarded optimism doesn’t mean they aren’t cheering for him. But the constant slobbering over him to the point of ripping anyone who casts doubts on his MLB prospects is a bit much no?

        3. One of the problems with the current comment system is that we have no way of knowing whether this is yet another comment by failed pizza delivery guy AEC, or some other idiot.

          But this narrative bears no relation at all to reality. Not going to waste my time demonstrating that, but I will point out one irony – Newman contrasted Quinn to another speed guy, Hamilton, who he DOESN’T like as much as the scouting community does. I mean, did anon even read the profile?

          Once again the comment section has been inundated by the ignorant WIP crowd. Racist morons from northeast Philly. Can we please do something about this? They are wrecking this site.

          1. It’s perfectly possible that the destruction of the site is being engineered by one guy alone. Maybe two or three. I probably shouldn’t post this, because I suspect that that is his/their goal. But it is odd that, over the last week, we have gone from rarely seeing these kind of obnoxious posts to seeing 20 to 30 a day. It seems likely the work of a few bad apples.

            1. I’m as annoyed as you are, generally speaking, but the specific point this poster is making is well within the bounds of reasonable debate. He says blazing speed is overvalued. So does Billy Beane. They made a movie about him. He says baserunning ability matters little if you can’t get on base. I think they made a movie that made that point too, and it was called “Major League.”

              Anyway, point is, just because someone is dumping on Quinn, doesn’t necessarily make him a racist. I get your point, I think the trolls are a menace but we should reserve our outrage for the truly odious comments, of which there are regrettably too many.

            2. Point taken. My bad, then, on that specific response to that specific comment. (Though I do suspect it was AEC; he’s the guy who seems to have an obsession with Quinn.)

            3. On the substantive point, of course, Quinn had 80 speed when drafted but no one put him in the Phillies’ top ten or talked about him as a possible national top 100 player. His standing rose because it’s beginning to look like maybe he can “get on base.” Not just because of the numbers; AEC overstates the extent to which short season ball numbers can be deceptive, but he isn’t entirely wrong. Rather, it’s because of the scouting reports (and only secondarily because of his numbers). His swing, his encouragingly quick adaption to switch hitting – and, to a lesser extent his defense, still a work in progress, but good enough that his chances at sticking at SS look greater than they did a year ago – that’s why his standing has improved.

              But you know that; I know you’re not the guy dismissing his potential.

            4. For me, the primary point on Quinn is that most scouting reports indicate that he should be able to stay at SS. Since I give almost zero value on numbers put up in SS ball its the combination of speed and the ability to stick at SS that jumps his value much higher than it was a year ago. If he was being moved to CF, that value would be much less.

            5. Scouts love walding too, but his performance was meh, does he get into the top ten? Just being devils advocate as I had Quinn at two.

            6. Probably not in my top-10 but not that far out. I place premium value on premium position players who show promise (C, SS, Starting Pitchers). Haven’t read enough reports on Walding’s defense and to know if he can stick at 3b..

            7. I love his ability to pull the ball and hit triples in his first year switch hitting. Combine that with his terrifc results batting righty and we have a big time prospect who looks like he can get on base to use that speed. He’ll have more value if he can stay at SS but he would have value as a CF also.

  5. Wow, another poll!

    I’m jittery with excitement.

    I’m going to go eat a big bowl of Lucky Charms and then make my vote count.

      1. When is a mock draft or something of that nature going to go up so we can start discussing who the Phillies should draft?

        That’s interesting.

        1. There will likely be no discussion of the draft until mid to late April, there is way too many variables, especially in high school athletes to do anything meaningful. Don’t expect any international coverage until June as the players available on July 2 become more apparent. If you want coverage right now go buy a perfect game subscription

        2. A mock draft would be useless. High School and College baseball hasn’t even started yet. With so much fluidity in who could be a first round talent and who has strong college commitments, outside of a handful of the top tier talent, you might as well be throwing at a dart board. It’s not like you can identify a weakness in the organization and expect them to draft on that either. Baseball is about the best available player on the board.

        3. They have mock drafts as the draft gets closer on minorleagueball where fans discuss and then vote on whom their team will draft. Don’t really see something like that on PhuturePhillies because it requires knowledge of other teams.

          1. They have already posted the first one.


            This is excellent for becoming familiar with who is available. Of course their value will change as we get closer to the draft. So what of it? There are at least three hundred guys worth discussing. There is no way you are going to start looking at three hundred guys six weeks before the draft begins and have any idea what you’re talking about a week later.

            This show needs to start now, not three months from today.

  6. Since I voted Roman Quinn #2, I am starting to think that I am NOT being fair to Tocci (i.e. having not yet voted for him). Is Quinn that much more projectable/further along? If one loves Quinn’s game, is there a statistical reason to not be as high on Tocci? I’m looking for some input before I cast my vote this round.

    Just asking: Is it possible to include some useful stats next to the player’s name in the poll (i.e. is there a character limit on the name, or is it large enough that something could be included)?

    1. Nope.

      You could vote Andrew Pullin into the top five as well.

      Half season ball is a joke when it comes to evaluating prospects.

    2. Quinn has an 80 tool in his speed, which is why people are so high on him. I don’t think anyone is saying that Tocci has an 80 tool in anything yet.

    3. Quinn is built smaller like a SS and is strong and hits the ball into the gaps while Tocci is only 17 and very tall and very skinny but has no power yet.

  7. Now it gets hard…I had to go with asche. But Tocci and Aumont are good picks for the #7 spot too imo,

    1. And Larry I’m also from the Northeast and listen to WIP…even though I don’t think I m one of the people you were refering to…does that make me a rascist idiot? Because isn’t a rascist idiot someone who judges someone just based on generalizations? Hmmm?

      1. Can we take the race conversation to the general discussion at least? Unless you’re really high on Marek Minarek and think he’s getting the shaft at #7 because he’s from the Czech Republic.

        Did I get that right, Czech Republic? I didn’t look it up.

        1. I apologize because there should be no race discussion at all but when I read a comment like northeast rascist or rasict from the northeast I take exception to that. I also like your Czech point cause I logged back on fired up and started laughing…lol…thanks!

          1. The only comments of yours I have ever deleted are ones where you call someone a retard or some vulgarity. Poke fun at people if you must – people needle one another on this site all the time – just know where to draw the line. Aside from that, have at it. Toothpick bat, Dave $$$, whatever.

            You obviously enjoy the topic. If you can’t abstain from the one thing that would get you in trouble, it’s not my fault.

            1. It’s pathetic, honestly, that this guy spends so many valuable hours picking fights and trying to make this site about himself, his hobbyhorses and his alleged ostracism. Engaging him, as Larry does, is only giving him what he wants.

            2. brad, people give me grief for engaging him, maybe justifiably, but this is far worse. AEC needs to be banned. Unless he is banned or leave voluntarily again, this site is dead. He’s a one man wrecking crew with nothing positive to add. I suspect that ALL of the 100 or so noxious comments over the past week are him.

              You guys have a real problem here and need to figure out the best way to address it or the best (only?) Phillies prospect site will be a ghost land before the next season starts.

            3. This is a site I use to enjoy very much, for info on prospects,, but it has become a site for uneducated comments and self promotion, .I hope we can see some improvement

      2. Did I anywhere say that everyone who listened to WIP and lived in the northeast fit that characterization? Of even most people? No. Of course not.

        Is it a stereotype that has a basis in reality? You live there, you tell me. But be honest.

        Context matters. Consider the spate of nasty, nasty comments that the site has seen over the past week. And as I made clear in a follow up post, it’s likely one or two or three bad apples with WAY too much time on their hands (yes, the irony of that comment does not escape me).

        One could, I suppose, say that I shouldn’t let myself sink to their level, but I don’t think you’ll find many examples of where I was nasty other than in response to other’s nastiness (and the few examples that you might find I apologized for).

        Especially recently, my commentary has been respectful & polite, until the return of AEC [edited out]

        1. Larry I believe quote was rascist morons from northeast philly…and technically maybe you were right..but you did not need to say Northeast because it came across wrong…and I’m looking to move and your neighborhood sounds good since its racist free…no need for a long winded reply I’m done with this nonsense…I’ve got bigger problems like getting people to vote for Martin…also take your own advice and do.t sink to their levels…also the more you feed into it the more they will do it

  8. Pettibone again. I think he’s in line to be the first man up from AAA in 2013, ahead of Martin and Cloyd, (who may or may not be the long man in the MLB pen – I tend to think he’ll be starting in AAA). I also think that if Pettibone maintains his good BB rate and manages to enduce groundballs in a statistically significant way, he could easily have a long big league career as a starter, even without big K numbers. How good a career might depend on whether he can pull those K numbers up a bit without sacrificing control.

    I’ve always been fairly high on him, he was 14 on my list in 2010 when the poll had him 17, he was 4 on my list last year when the poll had him 7. Quinn and Morgan were much lower on my list last year, and Joseph was elsewhere, which since my opinion (and I think concensus opinion) of Pettibone hasn’t changed much, is actually a good sign that he’s fallen to where he is being debated now. Means the system has some additional high-ish level talent we didn’t have last year. Would be nice if we were debating a back-end-of-the-rotation upside AAA starter at #11-15 instead of #6-10.

    1. If Pettibone can turn into a Jon Garland type of pitcher, that would be great. If he has upside to be better, I think lots of phans will be excited.

    2. I had Pettibone 6th on my list and actually thought when they traded Worley he would get a long hard look to break camp as the 5th starter. Apparently not with the Lannan sign.

      But let’s keep it real. We’re really grasping for straws.

      1. Meaning the system is bare or that the pitching stinks? Because the depth of the Phils upper minor league teams for starting pitching is pretty good.

  9. I deleted some name calling before I saw Riggs responded. Now Riggs looks like he’s talking to no one. My bad.

    Guys, name calling will be deleted. Whatever else is fine, just don’t go out of your way to insult one another or the moderators or say one bad word about Cameron Rupp. Vengeance will be mine on that one.

  10. Who hijacked the top 30? Anony-mouse maybe needs to come out from the shadows and allow the world to see him/her. I hear the Stones in the background, “Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name?”

    1. I am grossly offended that you blame me for the stupidity and craziness on this website which is coming from anonymous ($$$$$ AEC?) posters. Not one post i have ever made would bring shame or be considered trolling to anyone on this website, which i love very much. I would appreciate if in the future you would direct your vitriol towards the deserving characters.

  11. I weighed the old upside-proximity question and went with Ethan Martin. I’m perfectly happy to see Asche here, though. I still have some questions about whether he’s a tweener–not quite enough bat or glove to play as a regular–but as Greg Dobbs shows, you can have a long major league career if you can play third semi-competently and provide a professional at-bat off the bench when called upon. I think Asche should be that, at least, and possibly more.

  12. I have been avoiding getting on the soap box but I can’t resist any more.

    The purpose of this site is to provide Phillies fans a place to hold a civil debate and discussion on the minor league system. When it comes to the people who “work” on it, we don’t do this for pay and provide our time outside of our normal jobs in order to support the goal. Gregg pays out of pocket ~$130 a year to keep this site running, without asking for any sort of reimbursement. I don’t ask that you agree with us, frankly I don’t care and rather like it when my work inspires a coherent civil argument with someone, I don’t know everything (and it isn’t even close). I just ask that you respect the time and effort we put in because we do it to provide a place for all of you to talk about the Phillies minor leaguers.

    Next, you do not have the right to free speech to post whatever you want on this blog. The moderators have the right to delete whatever posts we want, this site is left open for all to post to encourage everyone to participate in the discussion. Additionally, we allow anonymous posting (as opposed to making everyone get a WordPress account) because there are people who wish to not be known and those that are just stopping by. The majority of the traffic to this site does not post or comment and they are just as important as those of you that are regular participants. Just a note here: we have the administrative tools to track your posts even if you continuously post as anonymous so don’t think you are hiding under the radar and we don’t know who you are.

    This blog is read by a wide array of audiences. This includes front office staff of major league organizations, bloggers and writers, players, and players families. Realize that this is not some little unknown place of the internet that you can go crazy in. Those of us who write for this site are aware that our writing is scrutinized, and while we may not harbor ambitions of going on to do this as a career it is still our name attached to the writing, realize that your comments are known as well.

    Thank you to all who help make this a good site for intelligent discussion, I realize that we spend much more time dealing with a few rather than creating a better and more interesting environment for you, we will continue to try and make this a good place for all you to come as well as roll out more interesting and informative topics and discussion.

    1. Good on you bMatt for posting this. However, the thing is, people like myself (and yes, I do occasionally step out of bounds) read this, take it to heart, and try to comply.

      There’s one guy who I suspect doesn’t care, and he’s the biggest problem by far.

      IMO your’e going to need to move to a WordPress type commenting system, even if it means losing some good commenters.

      1. Yeah, I think I’m pretty patient with folks, but last week, he drove me over the edge. After I spent some time picking apart his arguments, rather than trying to respond in a way that made sense, he started in with the personal attacks, essentially calling me the type of person who exterminates people in death camps. Needless to say, as a person who had family members who died in said death camps in WWII, I was not a big fan of that comment. I am sorry he lost his job at Dominos – things are tough for many people and that is unfortunate, but when you engage in full out hate rants as he has, I have no sympathy for that whatsoever nor is it excusable or tolerable. At this point, I refuse to intentionally respond to him and I don’t care what he says or writes (just ignore it), but it would be nice if his posts could be blocked.

  13. Talk about pot/kettle. And a text book case of projection (not just this comment, but just about every comment he has made).

  14. Notwithstanding the uncertainty expressed by Asche doubters, we have to ‘get it” that he made amazing jumping progress through the High A and AA leagues without skipping a beat. And this in his first full season in pro ball.

    Mention has been made of his fielding skills, being somewhat negative. However, there have been several mentions by scouts of his strong arm and corrective feet positioning to go along with the superior work ethic he carries in his back pocket. Issues fading.

    Reading the statements he’s made, we know that he knows how to respond to the press. A bit of maturity there but certainly adds to his “mystique” that good things should be expected of him when combined with that surprising conquering of the minor lg system in one season. I consider the BA choice of him as the system’s best hitter–and that is something that’s hard for me to ignore.

    Pettibone IMO deserved better luck here, since IMO he will form an important rotation righty pitcher that looks like a lefty emphasised gang with Hamels, Biddle, and Morgan. Joining Pettibone in that role would be Martin (my candidate for 1A status IF he improves his command).

    So Asche now, then Pettibone, then Gillies.

    P.S. I note that one commentator listed Asche at 185 lbs…when his stat page says 180. Whatever. But he certainly knows that some increased power would solidify his status as a solid MLB 3rd baseman. PERHAPS an offseason conditioning program will show ’13 results as ambition realized.

    Several of us caught on to Asche when his numbers at Clwtr remained steadily surprisingly great, and he continued into AA with much the same results. Congratulations to the others who saw what was there to be seen. Welcome to our soon 3rd baseman, and good luck to Franco when he tries to unseat Asche from the position.

  15. (And I WILL be communicating my serious concerns to you privately via e-mail if this assaultive comment isn’t deleted in the next 30 minutes. In fact, consider this a DEMAND that you immediately remove every comment by AEC that references me directly, or indirectly).

    IMO you guys have no choice but to shut down ALL comments IMMEDIATELY until you can institute a commenting system that will allow you to exclude comments from this obviously deeply disturbed creature..

    [i edited out what could be used as fodder for him, brad and I are on damage control and cannot do more w/o gregg-Matt]

    1. Looks like you already removed it as I typed the response. Thank you.

      You still IMO need to shut commenting down untill you can fix this problem.

      1. Larry, you left a comment saying someone should die in a fire not too long ago. Free AEC is annoying as hell, but at least he seems to be self-aware. Just ignore him please, you leave more than enough comments as it is.

    2. Yeah, thanks, I don’t want to be part of the problem. Really, though, it has gone beyond all rational bounds at this point.

    3. Really I have to hand it to you guys. Seems a new comment goes up and comes down every 2 to 3 minutes. Policing this site at the moment looks like a full time job. I’ll simply absent myself until it is under control.

  16. I’m not sure what, if any action, the mods of this site can take, but for us commenters- and I know it’s a longshot that this plea will be accepted- the best thing to do is to just ignore him. He gets his jollies every time somebody let’s him know he’s gotten under their skin. By replying you’re really just adding fuel to the fire. 90% of his posts don’t deserve a response anyway.

    1. It’s so true. I actually don’t usually mind his wacky comments about how cheap the Phillies are, etc. He has his point of view, as weird as it is. It’s when other people get into with him that things start to get out of hand. Just ignore it.

      That said, I’m all for whatever the guys who run the site feel they have to do. You guys do a great job. I feel bad that Matt had to post that wall of text above laying down the law on an internet forum for talking about minor league baseball players. Think about that…everyone please get a grip.

  17. I recommend to not respond to his posts.He’ll quit,its you responding that eggs him on,and almost seems like you’re stooping to his level.

    We all need to be more respectful of others opinions.That’s right,it’s just someone else’s opinion!.

  18. I am trying to understand why you irritate me. Concentrate on baseball and not defensive personal attcking.

  19. Guys. Seriously. Just stop replying. It’s the simple. Just HARD IGNORE. You shouldn’t need the mods to IP Ban the guys(Though it would be nice).

  20. Martin here again. I really like seeing that his bb/9 decreased 1.5 this past year. Imagine if that goes down another 1.5 this year. He’s definitely better than Pettibone then who I would have voted for here at 7. Am I putting too much stock into the possibility his bb/9 decreases more this year?

    Everyone keeps talking about Valle. Would it be possible the Phils try to change his approach and stick him back at A/A+ then work his way back up? Has that ever happened before? Maybe Valle has matured and realizes he needs to change his approach if wants to be a starter in the Majors. No question he has the talent to be a starter. New approach wouldn’t work at AAA probably because he’s never been a patient hitter.

    1. His bb/9 is still too high for me, especially since his k/9 isn’t quite off the charts. I am more of a Pettibone fan for his 1) excellent control, 2) ground ball tendencies and 3) consistent, sustained results. I truly believe he will give the Phils a lot of good innings, even if he’s never a star.

      1. I wonder if Martin’s are a result of him just missing the strike zone or if he gets really wild. If he’s able to get control, his k/9 could be great because according to what I’ve read on here his stuff is great. That is what really intrigues me about him.

  21. And holy crap! Asche has half the vote!? How does a 280/15hr all around good 3B get voted ahead of 2 very slightly possible #3 starting pitchers? Still can’t believe Ruf is ahead of all 3 of these prospects. All you can say for sure about him is he’ll be a player who should get 250/300abs a year like Mayberry. It would not surpise me at all if hits 270/25/85 this year though.

  22. Am i crazy to think that, with his superior athleticism, Asche would even be more valuable at LF than Ruf will be? Also, that is not even considering Asche as a 3B. Still confused Ruf beat Asche, Pettibone, and Martin.

  23. Slander? You are anonymous. I do not see one comment using your screen name. P.S., those are paint chips you are eating, not grape dorito’s.

    1. Banning yourself is kind of counterproductive, right? Please continue to post your baseball related thoughts. The more baseball related posts the better. I for one always make sure to read what you say and appreciate your efforts to get chatters on other websites to answer Phillies questions.

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