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What to Expect in 2013: Corner Infield

The next installment in the off season look at prospects are corner infielders.  Traditionally the corner positions are where teams stick pure hitters and is generally the source of power in a line up.  Overall offense has been down across the league, and it has become more important that a player has to be a capable defender as well as have a bat that profiles for the position, especially at third base.

Before jumping into the discussion of how these prospects line up next to one another I encourage everyone to read gregg’s end of season wrap up on the corner infield position.

First Base:

To be a first base prospect you have to rake at every level along the way, all the way up to the majors.  True first base prospects are rare and their bats are special, many impact first baseman are playing the outfield or third base in the minor leagues and will be forced to first when their defense does not cut it for their current position.  Many college first baseman drafted will sit in the middle of A-ball lineups for years and provide stability and coaching to prospects, while never getting their own chance in AA.  In the Phillies system there are possibly 3 actual first base prospects and one of them (Darin Ruf) is currently playing the outfield and will be addressed when that position comes up for discussion, otherwise the real hopes for a slugging first baseman for the Philles are playing corner outfield spots in the low minors. Continue reading What to Expect in 2013: Corner Infield

General Discussion – Week of November 26. “That Week Between Thanksgiving and Winter Meetings” Edition

Hey, guess what, Ryan Madson didn’t come back to the Phillies.  If you are surprised he didn’t come back to the team that dangled a nice big contract in front of his face and then pulled it away like so many cartoon footballs and left him stuck with a 1 year deal in Ohio’s Armpit, then you’re a more forgiving human being than I, I suppose.

BTW – Not sure anyone calls Cincinnati “Ohio’s Armpit”, but I just did now, so there.  No offense intended, Cincy…just yackin’.

What to expect in 2013: Catchers

Traditionally Top 30 season begins with the Reader Top 30 right after New Years, to prime us for discussing the system as a whole, we are going to take a walk through the positional groups in the system.  The goal is to look at where they rank with regards to each other, how they profile going forward, and how they fit into the system as a whole.  I will try to post one of these every couple of days starting with Catchers, and then proceeding through the other positional groups (Corner Infield, Middle Infield, Corner Outfield, Center Field, RH Starting Pitchers, LH Starting Pitchers, and Relievers).  I am not James, nor am I a scout so I will be focusing on initiating the discussion rather than creating the narrative.

Additionally this will focus on “prospects” avoiding players who are organizational filler or minor league free agents.  If I have missed someone you think deserves to be on this list let me know and they will be added.

To start, if you have not read it all already, here is gregg’s positional recap of catchers.
Continue reading What to expect in 2013: Catchers

40-Man Roster Additions

According to Phils Media Relations, the team has added OF Zach Collier and RHPs Ethan Martin, Trevor May, and Jon Pettibone to the 40-man roster.  This protects them from the Rule 5 draft in December.  Mild surprise that neither Jiwan James nor Leandro Castro were protected, leaving both exposed to the Rule 5 draft, (among other, seemingly less enticing players).  Phillies leave 2 spots open for free agents or a Rule 5 pickup of their own.

AFL Finale Today

Heads up to anyone interested – the AFL finale is on MLBN this afternoon at 3EST.  Peoria made the final and Phils guys will participate.  I asked Tommy Joseph if he was catching and he said no, but I will guess Cody Asche will be at 3b and Zach Collier will also play, as he’s been on fire. 

I’ll follow up with results and a season wrap-up after the game, or tomorrow some time.  Enjoy!

General Discussion – Week of November 12. The “Stove Be Gettin’ Hot” Edition

Here is your weekly general discussion.  I propose the discussion be centered around free agency and trades, with a smatterring of post-season awards.  I am going to go out on a limb and say no one will be advocating any Phillies for MVP.  But “where to vote Cliff Lee for Cy Young” might be a fun argument.  Have at it!

Free Agent Compensation and the Draft under the New CBA

The basics of free agent compensation have been rehashed across the internet, however there are some more subtle things with the new CBA, that dramatically effect the draft, and especially draft strategy.

The Basics:

Qualifying Offers: A team can extend a qualifying offer to any of their free agents who have been with the team for the entire season equal to the average of the Top 125 salaries (in 2012 this was $13.3 million), the player had until Friday to accept that offer (just a one year contract) or reject it and become a free agent.

Free Agent Compensation: Any team that signs a player extended a qualifying offer forfeits their first round pick (if it is outside the Top 10) or their second round pick (if their first pick is within the Top 10).  Their old team receives a pick at the end of the first round. Continue reading Free Agent Compensation and the Draft under the New CBA

11-8-2013 AFL Update

Big news of the week – Cody Asche earned praise from a scout on Twitter…for his defense.  Wild.

As usual, here’s a link to all the stat lines for all of the Phils minor leaguers in off-season leagues.  Justin Friend continues to get the job done.  We’ll see what he can do in AAA next season, I imagine.  Continue reading 11-8-2013 AFL Update