11-8-2013 AFL Update

Big news of the week – Cody Asche earned praise from a scout on Twitter…for his defense.  Wild.

As usual, here’s a link to all the stat lines for all of the Phils minor leaguers in off-season leagues.  Justin Friend continues to get the job done.  We’ll see what he can do in AAA next season, I imagine. 

32 thoughts on “11-8-2013 AFL Update

  1. I was happy to read that Ruf will be shut down soon, he has to be exhausted at this point. I hope that explains in the 30% strikout rate….
    Asche said in the article on him the other day that he’s been very focused on his fielding and his footwork. He’s working on the little things that will help him improve his range. He made two nice plays in the all star game and his arm is plenty strong enough for 3rd. I’m confident that he can become good enough at 3rd to stay there.

  2. Zach Collier’s OBP over .500 last 10 games in the AFL. Sure would be great if he keeps this up through Reading next year. Then hopefully Tyson Gillies could be showcased in LHV for those times he plays and another GM will take the bait and bite.

  3. Gotta agree but Gillies has got to show something . Right now he has as much value as a two day old cupcake. Just about the time the Bandwagan drives up he tanks.

  4. Okay.. I know what I read about the korean pitchers can’t be true,keith law says he has 91 miles a hour fastball. fringy curve. seems like bullpen guy ,because of body type. so you pay 25 million for his rights, and now have to get a contract done.Is la dodgers going nuts. why did they need this guy?? makes little sense.The dodgers are just throwing money around. and imo arent improving, crazy what boras can get for guys.

    1. The thing is, Boras doesn’t see any of that 25million, it all goes to his Korean team. The Dodgers are gambling that giving him a 4 year 30-40 million dollar contract will be a better investment than Sanchez or Grienke. Every time I see the Dodgers in rumors I just roll my eyes, they have the money but they are just throwing it around with what looks like no direction.

    2. Assuming we believe Keith Law actually knows what he is talking about. I think the Dodgers and their people, while may be flush with cash, would make a better decision than that. After all this guy has been pitching in Asia for a while now.

      1. Maybe, but there’s no question that there’s been some awfully bad contracts for Asian players. The Red Sox paid $100 million for Daisuke and he was league average and injury prone. $52 million bought the Yankees the best pitcher in the history of Scranton. And I’ll question the wisdom of the Dodgers’ front office when they’re paying Juan Uribe $8 million next year.

    1. I would say that the KBO (the Korean league) is AA level. It gets AAAA talent like Hee Sop Choi, Ryan Garko, Karim Garcia and Brian Gordon and they usually do well here, except Garko was just as bad here as he was in the U.S. Ryu misses a lot of bats and using simple metric to imperial conversions, his fastball tops out at 92-93. His change up is nasty when it’s on.

      The White Sox scouted him heavily a couple years back, and their scout thought he had MLB talent, but at the time was AAA at best. My take is close to the same, a back end starter with a 4.50 ERA would be my prediction. Personally, I don’t think he’s worth what the Dodgers bid on him.

      1. The Dodgers are going to end up spending $50M plus total on this guy and he was ranked the 37th best free agent this year. Maybe compared to Carl Crawford, this looks like a deal to the Dodgers?

  5. I know the AFL is a massive hitters league but Collier’s numbers needs to move the Phillies to protect him, right?
    I still do not think Collier can hit MLB pitching and is not good enough defensively or on the basepaths yet to be a asset to a major league team. Also, he’d basically lose another year of development. Since he does not project as a star (maybe above average in CF) would he be worth the risk and the wait to choose him?
    I guess I could see a team choosing him (and/or James, Castro, Rodriquez) then see what they have in Spring Training and decide if he is worth the investment.

      1. Based just on reports and stats. Certainly I have a legacy of prior reports.
        I have only seen Collier play once but I have no scouting ability to assess him anyway.
        I’d be curious to see what the current scouting reports say about him; if he now projects as likely starter after a month in the AFL.

        What I do find interesting is that Jiwan James and Leandro Castro were more highly ranked than Collier in August poll compiled by The Reading Eagle.
        My opinion is that his performance in Lakewood and Clearwater are not significantly better than Jiwan James. James is a superb defender and Collier likely a better hitter. My question is does his AFL performance require Phillies to protect him?

        1. He is already on the 40 man roster. From what i have seen of him this year in reading he still has a strong bat but still needs work on tracking balls down

        2. As far as the ranking, James and Castro were already in Reading, so it’s natural, in a newspaper poll, that they would be ranked ahead of a player at a lower level who they had never seen play. Also, Collier is a surging player. He is more highly thought of now than he was in August. His growing plate discipline is very encouraging. If he adds some power, he becomes a very interesting prospect.

  6. Tim Kennelly is listed as a first baseman in the ABL. He’s pitched 1 inning too. It sure looks like a wild inning. He had 3Ks, 2 BBs, 2 WP and an unearned run was scored. I wish he was pitching more but I guess they need a first baseman.

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