BA’s 2012 Draft Report Card (with added scouting reports)

Today Baseball America released their Draft Report card for the 2012 draft (article can be read here  BA has put out some awards with a short blip, I have added some more information to each profile:

BA’s Quick Take:

Despite forfeiting their first-round pick by signing Jonathan Papelbon, the Phillies added a pair of promising high school pitchers with supplemental picks they got for losing Raul Ibanez and Ryan Madson.

Best Pure Hitter:

Andrew Pullin (OF/2B) – Pullin was the Phillies 5th round pick, an outfielder in high school the Phillies are moving him to second base.  Pullin’s hitting style is unorthodox but he keeps his hands in the zone and has the ability to spray line drives all over the field.

Cameron Perkins (1B/3B/OF) – Perkins drafted out of Purdue in the 6th round.  Perkins has a good feel for hitting and a fast bat, he proved throughout his college career that he can make good contact.

Best Power Hitter:

Dylan Cozens (OF) – Cozens was the Phillies second round pick, picked with the compensation pick for Ryan Madson.  There are questions about how his defense will profile long term and whether he will make enough contact.  However, Cozens’ raw power is immense and it could carry him through the minor leagues.

Chris Serritella (1B) – A college red-shirt senior taken in the 4th round, Serritella has plus power and a good feel for hitting.  He is limited to first base long term but he has better upside than most college first basemen drafted.

Fastest Runner:

Steven Golden (OF) – A raw high school outfielder taken in the 13th round, Golden is a good athlete with plus speed.  He isn’t a burner, on a whole the Phillies draft didn’t have a ton of high upside speed like it did in 2011 with Roman Quinn.

Best Defensive Player:

Zach Green (3B) – Green the Phillies 3rd round pick was a high school shortstop.  Green doesn’t have the range to stick at shortstop, but he is a plus defender at third base where he has great instincts and hands, and a plus arm.

Best Fastball:

Mitch Gueller (RHP) – Gueller was the second of the Phillies two supplemental first round picks.  Gueller is a great athlete who was almost as good a prospect as a position player.  His fastball sits 90-93 and can touch as high as 95.

Best Secondary Pitch:

Shane Watson (RHP) – Watson was the Phillies first pick of the 2012 draft, taken in the supplemental first round.  Watson’s fastball is a tick behind Gueller’s but his curveball is a true plus pitch that gives him a true out pitch.  Watson was limited in his debut when it was discovered in his post draft medicals that he had diabetes.

Other Things:

Best Pro Debut – Hoby Milner (LHP) – 7th round

Best Athlete – Dylan Cozens

Most Intriguing Background – Andrew Pullin – Pullin was an ambidextrous pitcher in high school

Closest to the Majors – Hoby Milner

Best Late Round Pick – Drew Anderson (RHP) – 21st round – showed a solid fastball and plus breaking ball

Ones who got Away – Alec Rash (RHP – 2nd round) Rash did not pitch well in the spring, including a large drop in velocity: David Hill (RHP – 17th round) Hill has more upside than Rash, but despite a strong push the Phillies were unable to sign him away from a Long Beach State commitment

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  1. The Best Defensive Player one surprised and delighted me. I hadn’t heard that about Green’s defense and also makes me like him even more now.

  2. Glad to see Dylan Cozens rated so high as an ‘athlete’. Perhaps that will help in his long-term profile in the field, since BA has questions about that. Nevertheless, he probably will be limted to three positions anyway…1st, LF or RF due to being a lefty thrower.

  3. Early returns on this class are promising. Since Watson has a plus secondary pitch already it wouldn’t surprise me to see him move quickly early on. I guess he’ll be working mostly on location and developing a changeup.

  4. Great to see Watson already has a plus curveball, that pitch looks nasty on video. Does that give him two plus pitches now? And does anyone have anymore info on Gueller? It’s hard to find info on him

      1. I’m not sure his fastball will play up to a ‘plus’ pitch his first season- I get the feeling his max readings have been played up more than his ‘sit’ readings. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him pitch mostly between 88-92 next year, which is fine and leaves him room for development.

        1. The reports I was seeing is that this spring Watson was sitting 90-93, touching as high 97 for some scouts. We will see what it looks like with a full offseason and professional work load. I think it is certainly above average.

    1. Have not yet seen our continual poster wanting Gueller to drop pitching and go to the position player side of the game.

  5. Watson always had the wipeout curve. He said “My curveball is my Visa Express Card” when he was drafted

  6. Overall the 2012 draft looks like the second solid draft class in a row for the Phillies. You never have enough good pitching!!!!!! With Watson and Gueller I hope they have two more quality arms for the future. Time will tell if they made a mistake with drafting and not signing Rash. However, you have to be impressed with the results of signing the rest of the top ten picks.

      1. Cozens has a great body 6’7 about 260 was a DE end committed to Arizona. He has loads of raw power and he is only 18 born in 94′. He struggled a little bit in the GCL league but caught a power surge in the last few games of the year. He hit .255 5HR 8SB in just 161 ABs, he is a VERY intriguing prospect hopefully he progresses well. His peak i would give him a comparison to Cincinnati’s own, Jay Bruce.

        1. About a month ago I threw a Bruce comp on Larry Greene Jr., the comp I like for Cozens is a former Red, in Adam Dunn. Dunn was a former quarterback also 6’6″ who just got too big to play the OF, actually put up a 19SB year. I don’t think Cozens will hit for average but as long as he can hit enough for the power to play and continue to draw walks he will be a good player.

          1. Yeah I was surprised when i saw Dunn’s SB numbers but i’m hoping Cozens is a little more athletic than and also that he has something near his power. I like that comp for Greene other than their frame. 6’0 235 opposed to 6’3 225

            1. Dunn is a good comparison athletically. They both are football players with at least average speed. Dunn was a big time recruit for Texas. Not sure Cozens is 260 now, but he certainly could be in that range when he matures. Hopefully he can settle more in the 230-240 range to keep his legs fresher.

        1. We say spring with Rash when in reality it was the summer, Iowa high school plays the bulk of their baseball schedule in June and July (after the draft) and so the velocity drop occurred after the Phillies drafted him

  7. Random draft thoughts

    I’m surprised Brady wasn’t mentioned. He pitched very well, often dominant sometimes. I’m hoping he’s doubled jumped tp Clearwater.

    I noticed Perkins played a couple games in RF towards the end of the year. With more highly touted prospects blocking him at 3B, I wonder if he has enough pop to stick at a corner outfield position.

    I hope Carmona can find a position other than 1B (LF?), from what I’ve read he struggled at 3B. I’m intrigued by his pop.

    Broussard is another interesting guy. Great success at a small school then pitched well in relief at WP. Do they stretch him out next year?

    Oh and I’m still upset at not signing at least one of Hill, Cody, or Starwalt.

    1. The new draft rules make it really hard to allocate enough money to get tough-sign high school guys that you take past round 10.

    2. I really like Brady, I think he was just behind Milner. They are this years obligatory two polished college arms who jump to Clearwater and have a future as fast track relievers. (Claypool, Buchanan, Morgan, Wright, Morgado, Zeid, Stutes, Shreve). If it works out you get a #4 starter, if not you have a chance a good reliever.

      Perkins can hit, I don’t know how much power but he will hit at every level and can play all the corners.

      I don’t know too much about Carmona but he seems more Cody Overbeck than anything.

      The draft rules make it so hard to get those guys late (something the Phils has been good at). I like that they took a chance, ultimately they just didn’t have the cap space to make the signings (I don’t really want them to go all seniors either, just take the best player available that you know you can afford to sign for the 1st ten rounds and then from there fill out the system and take flyers)

      1. I have concern about Perkins, which I’ve shared here before. I think his swing is too long and as he sees consistently harder fastballs and better off-speed stuff, I think he’ll struggle. I know the Phillies don’t like to mess with college guys during the season with big swing changes (see Cody Asche), but I’d be surprised if they don’t do something to start with his hands back a little more to eliminate how long his swing is.

    3. I really like Broussard. Slightly above average fastball, but I think his slider is dynamite. He would have been No. 7 on my list of top 10 Cutters prospects had I had the time to do an expansive list this year (stupid football). I think he’s a double-jump candidate profiling as a relief arm all the way through

  8. havent seen it mentioned.. but bye bye Tyson Brummett who was claimed by the Blue Jays. Orr and Lerud were also outrighted off the 40 man.

  9. So this is slightly off topic, but Keith Law scouted the AFL today and said Asche looked bad; very bad on defense, reactions were slow going to both left and right, but noted that he was loading his hands deeper to allow for more gap power.Eh, I’ll take it!

    1. It will take a little research, but go back in our archives to July and see Keith Law’s assessment on Asche’s bat, A bit different now from then.

  10. Is anyone else intrigued by the 2011 draft class? With Roman Quinn, Cody Asche, Larry Greene, and Adam Morgan i feel like this class has the most upside out of the past 5 years.

    1. 2011 will almost certainly be the best draft since 2008. In addition to the players you mentioned, we also drafted Austin Wright, Mitch Walding, and Kenny Giles, each of whom have a chance to be more than adequate major leaguers. The 2011 draft is teaming with upside.

      I’m not so sure how 2012 will work out, however. I never like to see high draft picks used on colllege players who project as first basemen in the pros unless the team believes that the player has a chance to be superb major league hitter like Allen Craig for instance (or unless, the player is a “placeholder” pick in the top ten rounds – being used as a gratuitous pick with the idea that he will be signed cheap and the excess player pool money will go to other “bonus baby” picks; what an odd system this is).

      1. Not to mention in the 2011 draft some other guys with upside who still haven’t done much like Shull and JDT, and Ryan Duke who looks like he could be a major league reliever and even Tyler Greene who has a ton of tools he just has some very bad contact issues right now.

        I agree here, I think Perkins projects elsewhere it is just easier to put him at first to get the younger guys on the field. The Serritella pick concerned me because he just doesn’t seem to have enough bat to be a power hitting first baseman it the major league level and if not what is he. Also the 2012 draft doesn’t have quite the same depth as some of the recent drafts.

        1. Can Tyler Greene afford to have another season in 2013 at the plate as he did in 2012? At some point, the talent has to manifest itself into more bat contact.

            1. I agree. I think Tyler Greene has more to prove than any other minor league player currently in system. I just get concerned that player who has been playing baseball this long has such severe contact issues. It should temper all expectations.

  11. I find it depressing to hear Asche can’T Field, Without any real power and cant field according to keith law, dont see much of a future for him.

    1. Nobody likes to hear these things, but I would not be so pessimistic.

      First, Law was observing what he saw when he was there. Assuming his views of what he saw were correct, that’s not to say that Asche can’t improve in the field. Reports are that Asche is an incredibly hard worker – apparently, he works on his hitting and fielding literally all day long. If he can make himself close to average and can hit, then he will be fine but, yes, it may take a little while. We have to hope that he has more athleticism than, say, Greg Dobbs, but I suspect he does – he’s certainly a lot faster than a guy like Dobbs.

      Second, Asche has been promoted so quickly that it’s a little difficult to project both his power and, ultimately, his plate discipline. However, the man is a hitting metronome and that’s always a good thing and both the power and plate discipline seem to moving along fine.

      This year will be huge for Asche because right now we’re not entire sure what to make of him.

      1. Look at Michael Young plays/played 3B wasn’t projected as a big power bat but is a FHOF. Of course Asche will not be a Michael Young, but thats just an example, heck even David Wright.

          1. Nor is he even particularly close. Though despite the fact that Michael Young today isn’t much, and never was close to a HOF level, if Asche has a Michael Young career we should be quite please.

            It is an interesting comp. The HR point is valid, but I think it’s already generally recognized that Asche could have the kind of mid range power that Young has – Young is not really, and was never, a “big power bat.” As hitters overall, there are a number of similarities, though Asche at this point has less contact ability, which is why I project him lower than Young’s career .301 BA. Asche is also by reports slower than Young was at a similar age, though just how much slower is a somewhat open question. That aside, Young is the sort of hitter we would hope that Asche becomes.

            Defensively, if Keith Law is correct, Young is also a good defensive comp, which is of course not a good thing. If other reports are correct, Asche could have an edge defensively over Young.

        1. Michael Young will never be in the Hall of Fame. Good guy, good player, not a Hall of Famer by any standards.

    2. I saw Asche’s every home game in Clearwater this year, and I can say that his defense was more than adequate. He made many tough plays and rarely botched the easy ones. Definitely looked way more comfortable there than at second base, where I watched him in 70+ games last season.

      I know the pro scouts’ opinions obviously are valid, but they may not get to see these guys play every day.

      1. That is exactly what I want to hear JSlash…the everyday knowledgeable observer who has seen him play.

  12. Most HRs Young has hit in the bigs is 24. In the minors his HR totals look like this
    9HR 276 AB
    16HR 522 AB
    5HR 495 AB
    7HR 533 AB

    1. True, but Young was brought up as a 2nd baseman. His first 3 seasons in the majors he was average defensively there. The Rangers thought enough of his defense to move him to SS. Granted he was bad there, but can you imagine the Phillies even entertaining the idea of moving Asche to short? Defensively, Asche is probably going to be a below average 3rd baseman. That’s a pretty big difference.

      It’s also worth noting that Young wasn’t really good as a hitter until he turned 27. He hit .277/.318/.413 in his age 24-26 seasons. That was good for an 86 OPS+, the same as Ty Wigginton had this year.

      1. They moved him to SS because they traded A-Rod for Alfonso Soriano. Soriano was such a butcher at 2B that he eventually was moved to LF so at the time it was a pretty clear choice, deal Young or try him out at SS.

  13. Cody Asche has the potential to be a average third baseman for the Phillies. I think he can hit .280-.290’s with 15-20 homerun avg. Utley never hit more than 18 home runs in the majors he had multiple 30 home run seasons.

    1. That sentence on Utley confuses me since you are contradicting yourself. Did you mean Utley never hit more than 18 HRs in the MINORS?

      1. Yes. Everyone is concerned about Asche’s power. Utley never hit more than 18 home runs in the minors but had multiple 30 home run seasons in the majors. Sorry for the goof up. Need to edit better.

  14. I don’t think so at all. He was on of the top DE in the country. There are plenty of linemen that are built like him, football players lift different my man.

  15. 2013 Philadelphia Phillies Opening Day Lineup:

    1 Rollins SS
    2 Scutaro 3B
    3 Utley 2B
    4 Ruiz C
    5 Howard 1B
    6 Ruf LF
    7 D Brown RF
    8 Fowler CF
    9 Hamels P

    Bench – Kratz, Mayberry, Nix, Frandsen, Galvis
    Rotation – Hamels, Halladay, Lee, Kendrick, Rosenberg
    Bullpen – Papelbon, Bastardo, Madson, Diekman, Aumont, DeFratus, Hyatt
    Traded – Worley, Valle
    DL – Herndon, Stutes, Pettibone, Horst, Gillies

    1. It’s unrealistic to expect to get Fowler AND Scutaro for Worley and Valle. I’m also not sure I even want Scutaro. Also, if we’re bumping Halladay from the #1 starter spot, Lee is next on the list. Lee, Hamels, Halladay is the most likely. Bumping Howard from the 4 spot isn’t something Manuel will do, and I doubt Ruf is our starting LF. Madson is extremely unlikely to be back in Philly, as well.

      I would pick a bone with you having Rosenberg in the rotation, but I see you project Pettibone to be on the DL, so I assume he takes over the #5 spot upon his return.

      Overall I disagree with a lot of this, but I appreciate the effort and see the arguments that could be made on your behalf.

      1. Dan, Marco Scutaro is an adequate 3B who could be a short term bridge gap to either Asche or Franco. I think that this would be an good FA addition without losing our 16th pick.

        1. I’m not saying he’s a bad player or anything of the sort. If we can get him for a reasonable price, I’m all for it. I just doubt we can do that.

    2. To throw my 2 cents in: I’m not sure I like Fowler – are you concerned with his home / away splits? I’d rather have Nate Schierholtz in the OF mix over Nix and I would rather see Galvis getting regular ABs in LV to start 2013 then sit on the bench in Philly. I could see Rosenberg in KK’s role as the long-man / spot starter, and what have you done with Horst?

    3. I don’t quite understand the DL list since injuries are near impossible to predict and you limit your projection. Otherwise there some things that are glaring here.
      – Hyatt has no business being anywhere near the bullpen
      – Rosenberg really can’t start, if it gets to that I would expect to say whoever of May, Martin, Pettibone, and Morgan is pitching the best (likely not Morgan as the others will be on the 40-man)
      – I am in the minority here but I think all the bridges have been burned with Madson, if you want a one year guy coming off injury Joakim Soria is an interesting option.
      Otherwise: Scutaro is nice, nothing special but a solid player who has value as a back up middle infielder if Asche forces the issue or another option comes along. I hope that is a Ruf/Nix platoon with Mayberry as the defensive replacement. Fowler’s splits concern me but if that is the cost I might do it. That team looks looks solid but it doesn’t look like a division winner.

    4. I don’t like Galvis as a bench piece. His biggest weakness as a player is his bat. If he’s not needed as a starter I would prefer to have him getting at bats in the minors.

    1. I am not sure about that yet. He put most of his home runs in Arizona where the ball just flies out (not saying he doesn’t have 80 grade raw power), but his slugging dropped almost .300 after moving away from there. And while he has had good patience, he has some real contact issues as well, striking out 78 times in 59 games. I would have loved the pick for us had he been there, but I am not convinced it is one that we will look back on with huge regrets.

      1. Also his bonus was huge and we would have suffered later in the draft for it. I’m verry happy with the picks of Gueller and Watson.

  16. From Ross of Ashburn Alley, Oct 16, 2012, ‘……I saw nine Instruct games during the three week season including two that were being played at the same time at the Carpenter Complex. In four of the games the Phillies Instructs hit balls that left the yard. Second baseman Andrew Pullin drove a high, long shot out to right at Carlton Field. Right fielder Dylan Cozens and middle infielder Angelo Mora hit tape measure shots over the wall to right at the Blue Jays minor league complex field in Dunedin. Switch hitting first baseman William Carmona lined one over the left field fence from the right side at the same field. Left handed bat Larry Greene hit a couple of long triples over center fielders’ heads in a couple of games that landed at the base of the .400 sign as did Dylan Cozens hit a double there as well. Chris Serritella lined one off the .335 ft. sign down the right field line that just missed going out of Brighthouse too. So the Phillies do seem to have some young power bats who will probably start out at Lakewood next season.’

  17. Baseball Ross of Ashburn Alley on Dylan Cozens,October 11, 2012 —- ‘We just made it to the next to last Instructs game today at BrightHouse. I only got to see Dylan Cozens work a walk late in the game but my baseball friend Jim scored the game. He reported that Cozens had two hits including a two run rbi triple down the first base line. In an earlier at bat he singled to left and stole a base. I saw him go back on a fly ball to right and make the catch look easy. If there were such an award Cozens would get my vote for Instructs MVP. Needless to say I am a Cozens guy. It’s hard to believe this guy is just 18 years old. He is listed on the official Instructs roster sheet at 6’6”, 225 lbs. He has shown great athleticism in the field and on the bases. Though he did not throw the runner out last week, I watched him throw a long strong throw from right that was off the plate up the third base line a bit but clearly he has a strong arm needed to play right field in the big leagues. Cozens is a five tool player. I remember when former Washington Capital coach Bruce Boudreau at the time was asked how he knows whether this guy or that guy was an NHL prospect. He replied “you know it when you see it”. That’s the way I feel about Dylan Cozens. You see Cozens play and he is a five tool player who will play in MLB. He has shown in the times I have seen him play in the GCL and Instructs this year that he can hit, hit with power, run, throw and field.
    I also like his clutch ability. One game in the GCL this summer Baseball Betsy and I decided to beat the heat and started to leave up the right field line in the bottom of the 9th in a game at Ashburn Field. We forgot Cozens was yet to bat. He proceeded to hit one of the longest walk off singles I have ever seen as he drove a long shot off the fence just to the right of the batter’s eye in center to win the game.

    1. The other day I expressed my reservations about the draft class of 2012, but Dylan Cozens could make it a good draft almost by himself if things turn out right. Great pick.

  18. lmao. so many guys get serious they think that they are never wrong. anyomous is a breath of fresh air, you dont have to read his post, but it breaks up the boring post,by a lot of the stat guys,

    1. I would say that it would average to AA, but keeping in mind that it fluctuates wildly with players from low-A and unaffiliated ball playing with AAAA types trying to get another shot.

    2. If you’re talking about during the winter and not during the summer I think it varies game to game just based on pitching. Most starters in the minor leagues are not throwing innings in the winter leagues and are shut down. It’s one of the reasons why you see guys hit so well in the Arizona Fall League which typically does not feature high quality starting pitching prospects the same way it does hitters.

  19. OK, I know off topic of this post – but still prospect related – but anyone have any idea what’s happened to Gillies? He hasn’t played since the 14th. He started out smoking hot and now hasn’t played. Obviously with him we assume injury right away. Anyone have any idea?

  20. Apologize if this is a duplicate. Thought I posted correctly but not showing up.

    Off topic for this post – but probably better than ranting at each other – but any idea what’s up with Gillies? One has to assume injury with him unfortunately but hasn’t played in a week.

  21. Sorry for the double post. For some reason, at least on my screen, my posts are being slotted behind earlier posts.

  22. Well, your incredibly earnest, having posted this three times, but it really isn’t a big deal at all. So Rash had a price. A lot of guys had a price, which they didn’t get. The Phillies had to draft Rash before he pitched his senior year. They observed him and decided he wasn’t worth more than $500K. In that case, best not to sign him. Not signing him costs us exactly nothing. We get the draft pick back in the 2013 draft, with our draft budget increased accordingly. From what the Phillies knew on draft day, it seems Rash was a reasonable risk to take. Had he pitched better, they would have been willing to give him something over $500K. Remember, this putative $800K was his value only in his family’s mind. If he was worth $500K, there were a lot of teams with draft picks before ours, who had more valuable slots and could well afford to give him $800K. They all chose not to. The Phillies valued him higher on draft day than any other team in baseball. In the end, they simply didn’t value him at $800K and weren’t alone in that thinking. Rash now gets to go to college and try to prove that he is indeed worth $800K.

  23. I’m curious: The Phillies drafted a guy named Alec Rash in 2012, but he never signed. What happened there? Anybody?

  24. Readers, please, when it comes to the draft or any other important baseball info – lets not mention Keith Law’s name. Do you think he has ever played a game of baseball in his life. Have any of you ever seen this clown. I work for the Phils, lets just disregard all his info and we will be fine. thank you.

  25. So i was thinking about where some guys are going to start next year, and this is what I was thinking comment if you agree/disagree
    Larry Greene-Lakewood
    Roman “Row Row” Quinn- Lakewood
    Dylan Cozens- Lakewood
    Shane Watson- Lakewood
    Mitch Gueller- Lakewood
    William Carmona- Clearwater
    Kelly Dugan- Reading
    Jesse Biddle- Reading
    Tommy Joseph- Reading
    Brody Colvin- Reading
    Trevor May- Reading/Leigh
    Sebastian Valle- Leigh
    Cesar Hernandez- Leigh/Philly
    Jiwan James- Leigh

  26. So i was thinking about where some guys are going to start next year, and this is what I was thinking comment if you agree/disagree
    Larry Greene-Lakewood
    Roman “Row Row” Quinn- Lakewood
    Dylan Cozens- Lakewood
    Shane Watson- Lakewood
    Mitch Gueller- Lakewood
    William Carmona- Clearwater
    Kelly Dugan- Reading
    Jesse Biddle- Reading
    Tommy Joseph- Reading
    Brody Colvin- Reading
    Trevor May- Reading/Leigh
    Sebastian Valle- Leigh
    Cesar Hernandez- Leigh/Philly
    Jiwan James- Leigh
    Cody Asche- Reading/Leigh

  27. Regarding Watson being diagnosed with diabetes, how will that will affect him long term? Are there other successful players that have played with diabetes? Does this affect his stamina or ability to work out like a pro athelte needs to? Forgive me, I’m pretty ignorant about the topic, but it says that he was limited in his pro debut after it was discovered. (most high school pitchers are pretty limited in their pro debut anyway)

    1. From what I understand it does not affect long term performance. However, it can take some time early on to make the adjustments to routine and diet. The most I can see is him limited slightly next year.

      1. It will not likely have any substantial effect during the time he is a player (affects on nerves, heart, etc), but rather as he gets older. I agree that it may take a little time to gt it under control, depending upon which type of diabetes he has.

    2. It can be managed with proper diet, care and treatment. I believe outfielder Michael Taylor is a diabetic.

  28. Shameless plug, Tyler Green profile posted. His one major flaw is that his swing as a lot of moving pieces and can be slow to get moving, this makes him vulnerable to premium velocity and affects his approach at the plate. The Phillies sent him out and told him just to hit and not worry about it and likely worked on quieting the swing during instructional league. Otherwise he has a chance to have a 60 or higher on all tools (hit, power, glove, arm) but his speed which is slightly below average now and will likely settle closer to a 40 grade.

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