46 thoughts on “Box Score Recap, 18 April 2012

  1. Player IP H R ER BB SO HR ERA
    David Buchanan (L, 1-1) 6.0 6 2 2 1 4 1 2.37
    Jay Johnson 1.0 1 0 0 0 1 0 4.15
    Justin Friend 1.0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0.00

    1. Velo jumped 8-10 mph in 3/4 months…pretty amazing. I have seen a 4-6mph velo jump, but usually not that much.

  2. The deik is looking better every outing. Lets hope this is permanent and not just an early hot streak.

    1. After watching Bastardo last night, I am hankering after Diekman. The loss could be mostly pinned on Wiggington who didn’t come up with a routine ground ball, but Bastardo doesn’t have his good fastball right now (topping out around 91) and reminds me of Lidge, the last two years, trying to get people out with sliders. If he doesn’t get the fastball going, I think that they will have to replace him. Diekman has the fastball that Bastardo used to have.

      1. This smells of a news release a week or two from now that Bastardo is going for an MRI. Pitchers don’t lose this much velocity at this time of year for no reason at all. He was consistently hitting 94-96 last year and is now 90-91. Alot of pitchers lose 1-2 mph due to building arm strength but this is more than that. It seems similar to Pineda of the NYY, they got him an MRI and he had tendonitis and is getting it treated. If he had not finally admitted that he had soreness, that tendonitis could lead to something more serious. He needs to get checked out now and if he isn’t getting people out, it’s time for him to get it taken care of and allow a Diekman, Savery, or Valdes to get the call.

  3. Diekman…must’ve been filthy. Looks like a decent start for Buchanan.
    Pointer doubles and walks. I think 6 of 8 Greene hits are now for extra bases? Like to see him K less, but hopefully the contact he does make is good. Wild but overall good start for Stewart. Am also going to spend the next day pretending Carlos Perdomo is Joe Savery 2.0.

  4. Steve Lerud was so upset he didn’t get to play in the prior day’s laugher that he had his 2 – 3 yesterday. Buchanan looks like he made one bad pitch. A HR with a man on. 4Ks, 6 GO and 2 FO. He also was helped by a some/most of those DPs. Abreu was in on 4 of the DPs but he also had 2 errors. Altherr is 6 for his last 11. He’s a guy I really hope gets it going. He’s a toolshed but can’t get it going and keep it going. 1 AB at a time, man, one AB at a time.

  5. For some of our prospects, maybe “Sic transit gloria mundi” would be more appropriate.

  6. Hehe – Lehigh’s pitcher was Tom Cochran. Someone needs to give him the nickname “Red Rider” and he needs to play Lunatic Fringe when he’s introduced. That should be a no-brainer

  7. (insert standard “it’s early” disclaimer here)

    There is a lot to like about the line that Pointer has put up so far – over .300 iso, about 15% BB, even a decent amount of speed.

    – Jeff

  8. OT – but does anyone know why Jarred Cosart hasn’t pitched since April 4th? I was just checking out some of our former propsects and noticed.

  9. Eldemire went into a little slump so that should quiet the “move him to CWater” talk for now. Pointer seems very steady to me but I’m also very excited about Altherr and his ability to do something every game. He’s a very big guy (6’5″) with all the tools. Diekman and Aumont look really good, Schwimer looks better and DeFratus is coming soon: the pen won’t be a problem.
    What’s the over/under on Hulett at bats before his first hit? They kept him over Barnes? (not that barnes has shown much back in A). Any word on Harold’s wrist?
    The Phils can’t hit so what do they see when they look at their AAA roster (with the 11-4 record)? Not one hitter over 244. Luckily the AA roster is filled with 300 hitters for now.
    Stupid thought: Ruf has hit everywhere he’s been and has gotten better the last few years. He’s 26 yrs old I think. Maybe they should promote him to AAA to see what he can do there. If he or Overbeck were to get white hot, they’d be an interesting right handed bench option in Philly.
    Sorry but: Mayberry is playing himself back to AAA and a right handed bench option would be nice to have. I wonder if Nix has options to send him down… end of major league talk.

    1. Even with the slump I think Eldemire should still be one of the first promoted. Note, I don’t mean promote him now. But maybe a little earlier than most.

      As for Ruf, right about now I’d take him as the everyday 1B… is it even possible to get worse production from him than we’ve been getting?

    2. Nix shouldn’t and I don’t think Mayberry does either…

      It’s been 2 weeks against teams/pitchers that historically we’ve struggled against. Other than Domonic Brown there’s nobody that can come in that would be considered an upgrade over those two.

      1. Can we at least wait til they each reach the high minors? Seems premature to regret that considering neither of them is contributing to the big club in the next 2-3 years.

        1. I’ve had worries about Biddle since halfway through last year to be fair. But you’re right, Biddle and 5 million today, by mid year if % based stats don’t change, 10 million.

          1. Biddle starts slowly every year. Second half of last year he had the lowest ERA in the league, despite being its youngest pitcher.

            6’5″ LH pitchers do not grow on trees.

            1. I realize that, but a blue chip 3B prospect who’s the same age and could hit double A this year AND at a position of great need, don’t either.

    1. He just had a day off doing DH didn’t he? I’m not feeling terribly excited about the start to the year by our minor league team. None of our top 5 look any better today then they did coming into the year. I’m really hoping someone moves into the top 25 in baseball this year, or even top 50 if it’s a position player.

        1. Brown has been my biggest disappointment over the last two years, some of which is his fault some of which isn’t. I had/have seriously high hopes for him and nothing but discouragement since. Clearly the talent is there, but he’s got no luck. Breaks his hamate, then all of a sudden?!? can’t play defense, team needs him in the worst way. I really wish he was hitting .350 with 5 HR’s at this point, basically forcing Charlie to STFU. I wish I could fast forward to 2 years from now for Brown so I could stop getting disappointed while I wait.

          1. Dom turns 25 in Sep….time marches on…his time is running out to excel to get to the next level.

      1. It is still early…I think May has started off well. Same with Aumont. His ERA jumped after walking two then Savery gave up a hit. I think 6 (Valle), 8 (Galvis), and 10 (Pettibone) have had good starts too. Plus they have gotten some pleasant numbers in the 11-20 group (Stewart, Castro, James, and Altherr)

        1. Looks like Brown is offically on Reuben’s **** list. Just keep marching Pierre, Wigginton and Nix out there and watch those runs pile up.

  10. Tug Hulett needs to go. I don’t mind when an older play is in AA when they do good but he’s 0-21 so I’d rather see a younger guy like Barnes or Alonso get a shot. I don’t really understand what happened to him because he has been pretty good in AAA the past few years and even made it to the majors.

  11. Something should happen soon. They are in a single hitters park with giant outfields and still
    having trouble against a …. team.
    That brings me to this point Galvis has way surpassed anything we knew about him (.333 since the 0fer and doing everything right). Are there any other gems in the minor that management wants to ignore?

  12. Yes, my son is living in Philly, as a NYY fan he didn’t think he could take anhoter playoff round of Phillies fans’ insanity. Now the locals will have to root for the Eagles! (good luck with that, Nightmare team not Dream team).

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