Hot or Not

Edition Two of “Hot or Not” with plenty to talk about. At the dish, Reading had a huge night last evening, influencing numbers and sending Cesar Hernandez and Darin Ruf climbing up the charts.  Leandro Castro has also been consistently ,making things happen. Anthony Hewitt’s “promotion” is not going well early on and the struggles of Jeremy Barnes continue.

Nice to see Brody COlvin breaking through on the hot pitcher list, which included two nice starts by Trevor May.  Jesse Biddle had a rough outing this week, but too early for real concern.  The Lehigh Valley bullpen plays prominently in the Hot Reliever section with two real nice outings by Kenny Giles getting him some “pub”.

 Hot Hitters (Min 11 AB’s)–D’Arby Myers (.462); Cesar Hernandez (.459, 8r, 6RBI); Darin Ruf (.417, 6R, HR, 4RBI, SB); Mike Spidale (.400); Albert Cartwright (.389, 5R); Leandro Castro (.368, 7R, 7 RBI); Hector Luna (.364, 7R); Logan Moore (.357, 4R, HR, 6BI); Peter Lavin (.348); James Murphy (.333, 2HR 6 RBI). Honorable Mention: Kevin Frandsen, Brandon Tripp

Not Hot Hitters: Gustavo GOnzalez (.063); Anthony Hewitt (.083); Cameron RUpp (.167); Erik Kratz (.167);  Jeremy Barnes (.176); Scott Podsednik (.188); Derrick Mitchell (.188)

Hot Starters: Colin Klevan (W, 6IP 4H 0ER 3BB 5K); Trevor May (2W, 12IP 8H 2ER 3BB 13K); Austin Wright (6IP 5H 1ER 3BB 6K); Julio Rodriguez (6IP 5H 1ER 2BB 3K); Ethan Stewart (6IP 3H 1ER 1BB 2K); Brody Colvin (W, 11IP 9H 2ER 2BB 9K); Austin Hyatt (2W, 10.2IP 10H 2ER 8BB 7K); Honorable mention: Scott Elarton; Dave Bush, Perci Garner

Not Hot Starters: Jesse Biddle (4.1Ip 7H 5ER 2BB 7K); Adam Morgan (6IP 8H 5ER 0BB 6K); Tom Cochran (5.1Ip 6H 4ER 2BB 3K)

Hot Relievers: Kenny Giles (7IP 1H 0ER 3BB 7K); Jordan Whatcott (4IP 0H 0ER 1BB 3K); Tyson Brummett (4IP 0H 0ER 0BB 4K); Michael Schwimer (4.1Ip 3H 0ER 1BB 4K); Raul Valdes (4Ip 2H 0ER 0BB 5K); BJ Rosenberg (2IP 1H 0ER 1BB 2K, 2SV); Ryan Duke (2IP 1H 0ER oBB 3K, SV); Phillipe Aumont (4IP 1H 1ER 0BB 8K, 3SV); David Purcey (3IP 2H 0ER 2BB 3K); Jeremy Horst (2IP 0H 0ER 2BB 1K). Honorable mention: Jake Diekman, Justin Friend

Not Hot Relievers: Frank Gailey (1Ip 3H 2ER); Garrett CLaypool (4IP 4H 5ER 3BB 4K); JC Ramirez (4IP 7H 5ER 2BB 4K); Brian Sanches (3IP 6H 2ER). (Dis)Hinorable Mention: Juan Morillo.

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    1. yes, he is. does anyone know whether there are plans to move him to the rotation at some point this year or down the road?

  1. Might I take exception to Biddle on the Not List? 7k’s in 4.1 innings ain’t too shabby. Sounds like he got BABIP’d.

  2. I have been quietly following Logan Moore in the box scores, was too afraid to take him as a sleeper, but there was some buzz about him and if he can continue to put things together he is a nice catching prospect in the system.
    What is the industry consensus on Castro? There has been a lot of buzz here (rightfully so), but does he really only have 4th OF or lower upside, or is the industry waiting for him to continue putting these numbers up before talking about him.

    1. The industrial complex apparently has Castro ascending at an alarming trend, be it less then the first quarter posted official returns, so gains are favorable to this point.

    2. Also a fan of Moore, and keeping an eye on him. He’s a big athletic kid who is growing into his frame and into his position. His dad, Brad, pitched in the Phillies system and spent some time in the big leagues in 1988 and 1990.

    3. Logan Moore did very well at the end of last year. I expected him to make progress. I hope he continues. I haven’t heard much about his defense. His offensive ability is improving. Maybe he has gotten over the strangeness of wooden bats.

      1. The information posted above on catching prospect Logan Moore is inaccurate. He is batting .200 (not .357) after 10 games with 35 AB’s (7 Hits with 12 K’s & 1 BB) in Lakewood. This is close to his avg last year in rookie ball (GCL) where he hit .225 in 30 games with 70 AB’s (16 Hits with 17K’s & 2 BB). This stat line clearly wouldn’t qualify him as a “Hot Hitter”. On the other hand, Lakewood DH Chris Duffy is hitting .350 after 7 games with 20 AB’s (7 HIts with 8 K’s & 4 BB) and maybe he should be considered a “Hot Hitter” at this early point in the 2012 season.

        1. That information is correct for Moore over the past week. He went 2/18 to start the season so his overall numbers are bad.

  3. I’m really grasping at straws here, but all three of Hewitt’s strikeouts were on called strike 3’s.
    Not sure if it means he was fooled or he is trying to be more selective.
    I’m still paying attention because he had 36 stolen bases last year and i guess i’m bored.

    1. Too early to give up, you never know. I will agree that if we get to the end of this season and the same problems exist it is probably time to move on. I think he gets this year for me to show some improvement.

      1. Too early to give up?? Really? In 4+ seasons of LOW minor league ball Hewitt has wowed us with a .218/.259/.363 line. He’s struck out an astronomical 35% of his ABs and doesn’t play defense well enough to even have a position. Not even the most optimistic of Phillies faithful would describe him as a prospect anymore.

        I couldn’t disagree more, he’s had plenty of time and when Altherr, Eldemire, etc are ready to move up from Lakewood he’ll be gone.

        1. Yes, too early. He should absolutely tear up Low A ball and be advanced to High A mid season. If that doesn’t happen, he should be gone.

          1. In over 4 years of Low A ball he hasn’t even been able to reach mediocrity. What makes you think now 5 years in he’s going to “tear up” Low A pitching? Not happening. He is what he is, and that’s a .218 hitter. Time to move on.

            1. Didn’t say he will, said he should. I don’t see why keeping him around and playing this season is harming anything or anyone else. My point was that if he achieves mediocrity, he shouldn’t be kept around. He should excel at this point, because of the time he has spent at that level and his age. Sometime the light bulb can go on late and it’s not like we are keeping someone else on the bench that shouldn’t be and losing at bats to Hewitt.

  4. Please help me understand something: Many are bemoaning the Phils’ lack of power, how they have no one to drive in runs. All of their better hitters are “singles” hitters. And yet, if you got a guy in scoring position won’t a good “singles” hitter drive him in as well as the guy who’d hit a double?

    Again, Spidale is off to a very good start. I’ve been told there is no spot for a high avg OF who only hits singles, but watching the Phils go 1-for-12 last night w RISP, I can’t help but wonder how a high avg hotter like Spidale might have done. Sometimes a single is all it would take….

    1. Did you really just (essentially) ask if a single is as good as a double?

      Hypothetical: a runner on second with two outs. Let’s say Ruiz. Galvis comes up and hits a single to shallow right. Ruiz isn’t fast enough to score on it because it’s in front of the right fielder. Doc comes us to bat, and consequently strikes out on 4 pitches. No score produced by the Phillies.

      So no, a good singles hitter will NOT drive him in as well as the guy who would hit a double. I didn’t think that was something I’d actually have to explain here, but there you have it.

      Also, if our hitters can ONLY hit singles (oh hi there, Juan Pierre), that allows the opponent’s defense to play them as such, instead of as playing “honest.” The result of which may mean even fewer hits because they get to more of those would-be-singles faster.

      In short, we need power. Which I believe will come because almost no one of the team is hitting for as much power as they can and should be, but as of now it’s something we desperately need.

      1. Dan, let’s try what has been happening a lot for the Phils lately: 1st and 2nd, ZERO outs, or 2nd and 3rd, one out (and Ruiz, the 7-hole hitter with Galvis and the pitcher behind him ain’t going to be the guy on 2nd). Too often it’s Victorino or Pence or some other runner who could score from 2nd on a single that is getting stranded. And is Spidale’s “power” really as limited as, say, Juan Pierre? Would he never hit a gapper?

        I am tired of the call for guys who may have power, but also kill rallies because they’ll strike out rather than just HIT A GB to get that guy in from 3rd with less than 2 outs. I know an XBH is worth a lot more than a single, but put Spidale where Mayberry/Thome was last night (not sure if Spi is RH or LH and not looking it up right now). He gets on base; probably changes dynamic a bit.

        Just want to see someone who you know can get you a hit when you needs it on the bench

        1. Phils are 17th in mlb in hits, but 28th in runs. The problem isn’t singles.

          Phils are 4th in K’s, so the problem isn’t striking out.

          Phils are 29th in walks and 29th in XBH. I think that’s our problem right there.

        2. No one said anything about a Mark Reynolds, that is someone with legitimate power but not much else. You said your issue was that people wanted power when they shouldn’t. Well they should want power, and I think you know this (since you admitted that an XBH is worth much more than a single). Your real qualm seems to be with our team’s lack on OBP skills, which is a legitimate concern. That was the biggest reason people didn’t like the Nix and Wigginton signings; those aren’t guys that get on base. The same goes for Pierre.

          You can never count on a hit when you need one, even the best hitters fail 2 out of 3 times. Getting on base, however, is much more reliable. We should concern ourselves with not making outs, which is exactly what this offense seems to be proficient at doing. Granted it doesn’t help that Cholly gives the team free outs by bunting indiscriminately.

          1. Yes Dan, not making an out is exactly what I am thinking about. People who will get on base. It’s funny, I went and looked up Spidale’s stats to see what his slash looked like, and was initially taken back by his low OBP given his avg. Then it hit me:: nods understandingly:: singles hitter.

            I guess two things bother me, the 2nd being-as someone mentioned above-not using what may be (MAY BE) a viable bench option in the team’s minor leagues because a higher priced vet was brought in. I’d like to see Spidale get a chance in the Majors.

        3. Do the Phillies really need a player that went .238/.290/.285 in AAA on the ML team?

          Just because a guy can slap a few singles in AA doesn’t mean he can hit in the Majors.

      2. Add to your above post
        1. Why walk a singles hitter (last in team walks)

        Galvis has to learn to swing normally with men on. I believe he is just trying to make contact and hitting into DP. Not that would be a concern if someone driving in runs (make that run). RAJ should of signed ballplayer instead of “Muscle Beach” guys. You can look as impressive as you want before the pitch and it doesn’t count.
        Prospects are available even it would be a stretch but they are blocked by free agents.
        I would like to see Mr. Brown soon. Maybe before the end of this trip.

        1. On when Brown may come up:
          I saw someone point out before that if Brown doesn’t come up before May 1st arbitration will be delayed another year, so I am waiting to see what happens May 1st.

  5. Ummm……. He is a 29 year old who barely played above AA. I will take the opinion of everyone in baseball that he is not a real major leaguer. Now, i would like me some Dom on the big club.

  6. When did this become a General discussion topic? I guess it was the reference to Spidale being a singles hitter.

    Who is the youngest player, in the Phillies Pharm, currently playing full season baseball? If you said Maikel Franco or Lino Martinez, I wouldn’t fault you but Tyler Greene is younger by a few months. Pointer is 10 months older than T. Greene. Interesting factoid or maybe not. Ty’s learning on the job.

    1. If you are referring to my comment, yes it was a reply to Spidale even being remotely considered a player the Philies need. If the Phillies could use Spidale, then it is time to blow the whole thing up because Spidale is not, nor ever will be a major leaguer

  7. I cannot understand the love for Dom Brown. Pete Inclavilia was a better defensive outfielder. Even Matt Stairs could catch balls that were hit near him. Brown? An absolute butcher with a glove.

    But his bat, of course, makes up for his defensive problems. Right?

    Right! He is hitting a whopping .240 with zero home runs in AAA ball. In 50 at-bats he has managed a total of 4 extra base hits. Absolutely smoking! Tearing the cover off the ball!

    Can’t hit, can’t field and seems to have a fragile psyche. Not quite what you’re looking for in your top prospects.

    Quit judging prospects based upon your hopes and start being realistic. Brown is a fringe prospect who probably won’t be able hold a regular major league job.

    Destined for mediocracy…

    1. Chuck LaMar, last year, may have had similar sentiments…Ruben and Chuck parted ways last September due to differences. I guess Chuck was right after-all.

      1. Maybe Chuck LaMar was fired because he promoted Dom Brown continuously despite his fielding problems. Lamar is very overrated as Tampa was a doormat under him and Friedman used his high draft picks to build a continuous winner.

    2. You used “mediocracy” when the actual word is “mediocrity.” That means you’re “destined” for failure in using the English language, right?

      The rest of his career in which he consistently raked, including at the AAA level, for many more PAs than he has had this year suggest his bat is incredible. Players go through slumps. Who is your favorite player? I bet I can find multiple 50 PA stretches in which they hit .240 or lower with virtually no power.

      Maybe it’s not that people are projecting their hopes and dreams on Brown so much as it is that you’re overly negative about a player you apparently don’t like.

      1. You are correct, mediocrity is the would I should have used. Thanks for the correction.

        It’s not that I don’t like DBrown, I’m sure he is a great guy. But he isn’t hitting and his fielding is terrible. Yet, people on this site call or his promotion day after day. It’s annoying.

        He reminds me of Curt Blefary of the old Orioles. Frank Robinson use to call him, Clank, because that’s the sound the ball would make when it bounced off his glove. DBrown is a DH, but not a position player.

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