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    1. Is Eldemire being too selective at the plate? In addition to his 3 BBs, he had 2 Ks. They were both on called 3rd strikes. Is he looking for the walk and not being aggressive? I think I see a research project. Of his 14 Ks, how many are called 3rd strikes? This is his first year and he may be getting used to the pro game. We’ll check back on this in another 10 games.

      1. Nothing to see here. Move along. I did the research. Gauntlett has K’ed 14 times. 4 were called 3rd strikes so in the other 10 he was taking his cuts. He’s only batting .214 against lefties but he has a .500 OBP against them. I’d expect the BA to look like that in his 1st year and at the level he’s at. The OBP is a surprise.

      1. Those are the same. The Pickoff turns into a caught stealing if they get you at second instead of first.

  1. Obsessive Phillies fans and Latin phrases. I think I’ve finally found my people.
    I wonder if Elarton is moving himself into 6th or 7th starter position with his early
    performance. It is amazing how much more excited I would be about Overbeck’s
    start if he could play third base…

    1. Not sure if Elarton has an out clause if he is not on the big league roster. I wouldn’t be shocked if some team has some injuries they take a run at Elarton.

  2. Just throwing s*** at a wall to see if it sticks, beyond Biddle just being a slow starter, I was wondering if playing in Florida (heat, humidity, or whatever) is making him uncomfortable since he played HS ball here and then was in Lakewood last year. I am not too worried, his K’s really aren’t too down, he isn’t walking anyone (he is hitting them though), hopefully some of the hits start to find gloves.

      1. No its not, every player rotates a day off on every minor league team. They all take turns sitting a day.

          1. Every time he goes 0 for and/or has a bad day in the outfield he gets a day off. Seems like they want him to clear his head and not stress out. If this is really the case, we should all be worried on so many levels.

          2. No, he was the DH one day and sat yesterday. Its all part of the rotation. Podsednik, Mitchell, Brown, Thompson, and Montenez rotate.

        1. I figured the ridiculousness of my comment would help people notice my heavy sarcasm. Curse you, internet!

  3. Moore with 4 passed balls. If there is one thing a catcher must do is catch. Anyone have any first hand reports from this year on his catching ability?

  4. Crap above Lakewood.
    Nice to see Eldemire wind up on base 3 times. Also good that Pointer had a single and double. Great to see Franco homer and be on base 4 times. Moore’s batting line looks great tonight but the 2 passed balls aren’t good. Bad pitching lines all around, though.

  5. I miss the Reading box score. It’s so nice to have one of the teams above A-ball be talent filled. Lakewood is a good substitute though. 6 prospects in the lineup with solid or better starts to the year.

  6. Moore with 2 passed balls and 8 stolen bases allowed. I think he had a game like this earlier in the year too with a ton of SB allowed.

  7. Aumont with a hit batter, wild pitch and 12 balls to 4 strikes in his appearance. This is the kinda stuff I saw in spring training. Really hope he finds some consitency.

  8. Eldemire could be Michael Taylor 2.0. Different type of player, to be sure. I wonder where he would be now if he weren’t injured last year – Reading probably.

    – Jeff

  9. I love watching LWood’s offense every night. I don’t really care about their pitching, there’s not a prospect in the bunch outside of possibly Stewart. I’m really starting to have concerns about Hudson. The rest of his game is good but he can’t hit. The rest of the lineup has been fun to follow.
    Aumont’s occassional bad outings are something he has to figure out before he will get called up.
    Biddle is giving up lots of hits and runs. Its still early but I think we’re all nervous…
    Overbeck had a great game. If he puts together 3 more really good games in the next week and Mayberry goes 0 fer the week, you never know….

    1. I think the pitching at LKW is prospectish. Lino, Manzanillo, and Giles all are interesting in addition to Stewart.

      Mayberry plays the OF pretty well, so I don’t consider Overbeck a replacement for him.

      1. I agree that Giles is a propsect but Lino isn’t and I’m not sold on Manzanillo. I was thinking that if they sent Mayberry down, having a right handed bat on the bench would be helpful. That would mean that Nix (who can play LF obviously) or Wig would start every game. There’s a spot open on the 40 man so its not impossible but I agree its highly unlikely. They have always said that Overbeck is a good fastball hitter though. If Dom were hitting 350, the Phils would be spending lots of time debating.

        1. Why isn’t Lino a prospect? I don’t think he is a top tier prospect, but IMO I think he might be the top pitching prospect on that team. Young. Decent stuff. Really good command for his age. Athletic. Left handed. There is a lot to like even if he does not throw in the mid 90s.

          1. I would guess he’s referring to Lino’s strikeout numbers not being very good, even last year in Williamsport. It’s a valid concern but it seems like the scouting reports indicate he could be better, so he at least warrants keeping an eye on.

          2. Lino could be the exception but he’s a soft tosser to be sure and I don’t think anyone in the organization considers him a major league prospect. However, he’s lefty and that gives him a little better shot.

            1. Lino’s a full year younger than any other pitcher on Lakewood’s roster, and pennleaguereport had him throwing 87-89 last season at 18. If he can add another mph to that, he’s a typical lefty. I think the organization absolutely considers him a major league prospect- not exactly Hamels upside, but still a prospect.

            2. yeah, that was ugly. Eldemire took the *Hewitt on the night as well.

              *A Hewitt is an O-fer with all outs by K

              Pointer with a HR. JC with a clean line in Reading.

    2. Last I looked Overbeck has 1 HR and an OPS of .782 so I doubt he’s heading to the bigs any time soon/

  10. Watched the Lakewood game, what a crazy night it was. So many hits but tough night for the pitchers. Hudson had a nice assist to throw out a guy at home, perfect throw. Dugan just missed hitting a 2nd dinger, took it for a ride. Franco looked good both offensively and defensively, looking forward to see what he does this season, he certainly doesn’t get cheated with his strikes, every swing looks like he’s going to knock one out.

    1. Franco is the one guy who might blow up and suddenly be a top 100 prospect by the end of the year. Showing improved patience as well. I wish he had a little more speed, because by the time he is 25 or so he might no longer have the athleticism for 3B. But for now he seems to be improving on defense.

      1. Pointer, Altherr and Eldemire also all have the ability to jump way up those lists. Serious potential. Let’s keep those fingers crossed.

      2. what does speed have to do with playing 3rd base? can polanco run? can aramis ramirez run? could mike schmidt run during the 2nd half of his career?

        those are just 3 examples of many, but i dont think speed equates to being able to play 3rd base at all

  11. I like what I’m seeing from Franco. He’s showing power. He could probably improve a little on his plate discipline but it’s still early and he’s still adapting to the play in Lakewood. Tyler Greene has faired pretty well so far in Lakewood too. The numbers may not look all that good but he’s showing some power and I think he can improve as the year goes on and he adapts to the play. The amount of K’s he has right now is a little worrisome though. Does anyone know what either of these guys are doing defensively.

  12. I’m not worried at all about Biddle at this juncture. Weird line, though. Didn’t walk anyone but hit two batters in the first inning. 4 earned runs, 3 unearned–there was a passed ball, an error by Hewitt that turned a run-scoring single into a three-base-hit, another error by Duran. Your basic Single A slapstick stuff. It’s just a few games at a new level, small sample size, etcetera, etcetera, qed, ipso facto, reductio ad absurdum. (Just threw out all my latin there so I could fit in.)

    Hewitt, though, sheesh. Running him out there is starting to verge on cruel. I sincerely hope he invested that bonus wisely.

    1. There are probably 5 reasons that we could trot out about Hewitt’s slow start: Small sample size, injury, shaking the rust etc. But no one on this site can allow excuses for 4 years. He has a nice power and speed combo but you have to either take a BB or actually make contact with a ball to use either. Hopefully he banked that $1M and he can have some fun after baseball. It kinda reminds me of that old joke about the guy who is arrested for shooting a guy. The guy says, I was cleaning my gun and it went off.” The cop looks at him with a questioning grin and says, “6 times????”.

      1. That’s good. Obviously, Hewitt needs to pick it up. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the Phils trade him for someone else’s failed pick. I can’t see them releasing him this year no matter how bad he does. Ordinarily, they might send someone like him down but he was already there 2 years and that team’s OF is full. He never figured out how to recognize and hit the curve ball. I know the feeling…..

        1. Still, looking back through the first couple rounds of the 2008 draft, it’s hard to put your finger on anyone who is just a head-slapping, “coulda had him” guy after Hewitt. Gerrit Cole went a couple picks afterward, but he didn’t sign with the Yankees and went on to become last year’s overall number 1. Just to take another example picked at random, Brett DeVall, a #1 pick by Atlanta, was released last year. … So, just goes to show what a crapshoot the draft is outside of the first 10-15 picks, and maybe you can’t fault the Phillies for shooting for the moon with Hewitt and Collier.

          1. Even the first 10-15 are a gamble, the odds are just generally more in your favor than later on. I personally like the Phillies’ draft strategy. Outside of the first 10 or so picks (sometimes even fewer than that), you have the option to either draft raw toolsheds or polished players with lower upside. The polished players generally will be able to help out the team in the very near future, which is nice, whereas the toolsheds may never make it to the big leagues.

            The thing is, though, if you have the money and allure you can always get a FA to give you that immediate help for the big league club. Money and allure the Phils certainly do have, so why not take a gamble on a cost-controlled superstar?

            That’s my opinion, anyways.

          2. Isn’t it mind boggling that we all drool over the success of the 2008 draft class and neither of the two 1st round picks, Hewitt and Collier, did anything? Crazy business, the draft.

            1. Hewitt has a good chance of being the next Greg Golson…..and I think he is still playing somewhere.

  13. For those worrying about Biddle:

    Just read that he’s sporting a .472 BABIP. Granted BABIP is a slightly different beast in the minors, but anyone who thinks that’s sustainable is nuts. I, for one, am not worried about him in the least. As long as he keeps generating those K’s and limiting the BB’s, he’ll succeed.

    1. When I see numbers like that, I visualize straight fastballs down the middle that are being hit hard. He’s getting the Ks but what we don’t know is who is he getting to strike out. In looking at a minor league box score, I love to see who got the hits in a well pitched game. We all know there is plenty of dead weight on minor league teams. If they’re the only guys a pitcher is striking out, that’s not good. If a pitcher can’t get the good hitters out, also not good. If a hitter can’t produce against any of the good pitchers, not good either.

      1. “When I see numbers like that, I visualize straight fastballs down the middle that are being hit hard.”

        I’d be curious to see what his line drive % against is. BABIP is really a useless stat when it’s not used in context. That said, I’m sure he’s having bad luck and to be honest I really only care about the numbers he controls: Walk Rate, K-Rate, etc.

        1. To me it looks like Biddle will not have elite velocity. For being such a big guy with a perfect pitcher frame, he seems to struggle in the mid to high 80’s. Wonder if it’s just a system that some have from going to HS to Pro, I hope he will be able to pitch in the low 90’s on the regular at some point this year.

        1. I like Franco.

          Soler has a lot of upside but $30 million is a lot to pay for a lottery ticket.

        2. Like what ? Has he played in any Minor League game? Major League game? He is pure projection without anything to go by. So paying that kind of money is just plain nuts. Go take that money and sign 50 other talented kids and your chances to get a star are better. Just my humbled opinion.

  14. Ugly line for Lino Martinez…12 ER and 14 hits..Lakewood has some decent hitting but their pitching has been dreadful. Pointer going deep. Mitchell and Tuffy hitting Hrs for Lehigh but not much else..Reading was down 3-0 in the 8th and came back to win. Hanzawa with a big two out two run single in the ninth and Susdorf with the walkoff double.

  15. does anyone know anything about Ethan Stewart like how hard he throws and what pitches can he throw

    1. Baseball America scouting report—

      A 47th-round pick out of New Mexico JC in 2010, Stewart looked like a potential steal in his pro debut this summer. The Canadian has an average fastball that peaks at 92 mph, with a loose arm and big, physical frame to possibly add more velocity.

      Stewart keeps hitters off balance by mixing all of his pitches, including an average curveball and a changeup that has shown improvement. He’s extremely prepared, keeping a book on the hitters he saw dating back to last year before he even pitched in a professional game.

  16. Former prospects: Small sampling however, former Phillies prospects Anthony Gose and Travis d’Arnaud were both off to slow starts with Toronto’s Triple A Las Vegas squad. Gose was hitting .190 (12-for-63) through his first 15 games, and d’Arnaud was batting .188 (9-for-48) through 12 games.

  17. A year ago when he was at Lakewood, former BlueClaws pitching coach Steve Schrenk compared Reading’s David Buchanan to Phillies righthander Kyle Kendrick. “That’s a very good comparison,” Benny Looper agreed.

  18. IMO Tyler Greene’s experience in LKW will be beneficial, even if he finishes up the season with the Cutters. Similar to Mikael Franco and Aaron Altherr from last year. The exposure at the next level in invaluable to a players develpment.

    1. I agree. Greene is a HS kid just starting his pro career. I am sure he knows the road is difficult but now he knows what the next length of road requires. If he does need to go to WP, he will have a good idea what to do in the offseason and spring of next year to start again at LKD. I still feel like Brown was handled poorly though. Brown was sitting behind guys who were not producing and really never seemed like he could do enough.

  19. Like exposure to the major leagues . Am early coffee and bagel can show the player what has to be achieved. Some say it will break their confidence. Probably they never had any.

  20. Was at rphils tonight left during a rain delay it was 7-4 rphils losing in the middle of the 6th pettibone was not good Castro had a terrific catch in right James gunned a runner down at home and also had an RBI dbl so did gillies

    1. Interesting. The article makes it sounds like the last couple years were Stanford all over again for him.

    2. Wait for all the same negative responses to come …..when I mentioned this same idea 10 days ago I was lambasted with…. he is too old, 3 yrs at AAA, etc etc.

    3. I always figured that’s what happened to him. He looks like a guy who should hit 35 but that’s just not him. I would take him back in a half second, I wanted him back in the off season but it won’t happen now.

      1. Yeah, I wasn’t really making a plea to get Taylor back, just feeling a bit of regret. (Not that I would ever take back the Halladay trade, of course.) Still, the article is interesting in that it shows how physically gifted you can be and still be missing that one little thing mental or mechanical that makes it possible to break into a major league lineup. Something to keep in mind when we talk about Brown. And to a lesser extent Mayberry. I guess at Mayberry’s age he probably already is what he’s going to be.

  21. CSN’s coverage of the farm has been good in the past, but the “On the Pharm” articles from Czerwinski today are pretty awful. The Reading writeup feels the need to inform us of Tug Hulett’s slow start (who cares?) while the Lakewood report ignores Pointer, Franco, and Eldemire completely. I appreciate the sentiment, but if a media outlet isn’t going to put any effort into reporting on the minor leagues, why even bother with the token effort?

    1. I have communicated with Kevin quite often in the past and sometimes he needs to be reminded to focus on what truly interests fans…neither minor league teams wins or losses nor journeymen stats. I have asked him directly to report on prospects.

    2. There was some good stuff in the Inquirer today about Eldemire and David Buchanan. Also some notes on Franco, Ethan Stewart and others.

      But Phuturephillies is all anyone needs for news about the Pharm.

  22. I’m loving what Austin Wright is doing this season. It’s only a couple of starts, but still, very encouraging, especially on the back of a very strong beginning to his professional career last year. Now he just needs to work on that WHIP. … But I can see Reading in his medium-term future.

  23. Mickey Morandini said he never played with anybody in the major leagues who was as fast as Eldemire. “He may be in Deion Sanders’ category when Deion got going,” Morandini said.

  24. Not sure where to post this since we only are doing boxscores 4 days a week, but Diekman with another impressive outing. Valdes lines look strong since his one terrible outing. Rosenberg has pitched well out of the pen so far at AA, and DeFratus pitched a clean inning today at Clearwater.

    Have to imagine that at some point the Phils will try to deal from this position of strength (DeFratus, Aumont, Schwimer, Diekman, Stutes, Bastardo, Savery, Rosenberg, Herndon). Lots of talk about Michael Taylor’s great start in AAA, wonder if a reliever for Taylor would make any sense for Oakland? There’s certain names above I would obviously trade for Taylor (Rosenberg, Herndon, Savery), some I might (Schwimer, Stutes), and others I wouldn’t (Bastardo, Aumont, DeFratus, Diekman).

    1. Bastard or maybe Stutes could get it done one for one. And maybe also Aumont, Diekman or DeFratus. Others may require adding an additional positional player prospect.

      1. I’m pretty sure Taylor, as an everyday player prospect, has more value than a reliever prospect, unless maybe it was Aumont. You might do Schwimer? That’d be highway robbery.

        1. Michael Taylor is basically Mayberry 2 yrs ago. He’s a guy to take a shot on, not a sure thing. I’d trade schemer ahead of Stutes

          1. He’s not a sure thing, but Taylor has a better track record in the minors than Mayberry did when we got him. I think it’d take more than a Greg Golson equivalent to trade for him. I doubt Oakland would take Stutes for him either, although I’d trade Schwim before Stutes also if it came down to that.

          2. I think Michael would have more to offer this team than Mayberry as he’s had a better trackrecord of hitting for contact/obp. Maybery’s really only had a good half of a season as an elite prospect/player.

            1. Clearly as I feared, the article posted by Andrew Cleveland Alexander shows that the first thing the As did was try to make M. Taylor a slugger.(don’t they always screw up)
              I think that had he not been trade Taylor would of prospered.

  25. I’ll probably get a lecture on sample sizes, but RAJ’s moves this offseason are looking just horrible right about now. He traded a proven utility IF for a journeyman LHP who’s in AAA. He signed Jim Thome, who I love as much as anyone, but he is off to a terrible start. He signed Nix to a 2 year deal and not only does he look terrible, but they could have resigned Ibanez to a one year deal at the same money, maybe less. Ty Wigginton is what he is, and its nothing special offensively, and he’s terrible defensively. Brian Schneider is Brian Schneider, I’m not convinced Kratz or Tuffy couldn’t do the same or better if given the opportunity. We’ve talked the Papelbon deal to death on this site so I won’t rehash that but again the years and dollars were insane. The only move he has made that looks good at this point is Qualls, who I like as an 8th inning guy. What a mess

    1. I still don’t understand how trading Wilson Valdez is a bad move… he’s not going to provide any offense and Freddy Galvis has been arguably the best defensive second baseman in baseball this year.

      1. … in fact, if I was the GM, I would have non-tendered him so Ruben was smart enough to get something for the guy.

      2. Only in the light of having below average defensive replacement does the Valdez trade look bad. If you shine that light on the Martinez injury also it also look devastating.
        Tunnel vision has its price.

    2. When Ruben made these moves a lot of people were happy. The names he picked up were to improve the bench. Nix had some good numbers at Washington last year. Thome had some good numbers last year and we thought an improvement over Gload. Wiggington brings some right handed power. But the injuries to Howard and Utley have screwed up this line-up. Everybody is hitting out of position. Guys like Mayberry has taken a step back. I would love Ibanez in this line-up but nobody knew he was going to only sign a 1 million dollar deal (he made 10 million last year) I hate to say it but Thome looks like he has done. The moves for Juan Pierre and Chad Qualls have looked good so far. Take any team and take away their 3 and 4 hitters out of the line-up they are going to be screwed. Just hoping we see Chase and Ryan sometime by the break. Ruben has done a great job for this team. Making trades for Lee, Halladay, Oswalt, and Pence. We just need the Phils to stay afloat till the big guys comeback and then make a second half run. Maybe make a trade for a third baseman at the trade deadline.

      1. “Some good numbers” “Some good numbers” Only if you have tunnel vision. Doesn’t Ruben have scouts with eyes.
        Giving two year contracts to sub marginal player is INSANE. i had hoped for better from Thome but he should gracefully retire. You can’t load up your bench with bad defensive players and expect good things to happen.
        BTW Its not like we are playing the Yankees
        And if Ruiz goes on the DL , more floatsum???

  26. Whats Austin Wrights ceiling? Havent seen him live but looking at the stats hes a big lefty with terrific strike out numbers.

    1. I’m a fan of Wright’s. He is a big lefty with work horse written all over him. He’s 22 and won’t turn 23 until September so he’s not exactly old for A+. He’s a strike’em out pitcher which you always like to see. In yesterday’s game he struck out the side in the first 2 innings and he K’ed 2 more in the 3rd. As a college pitcher, the Phil’s started him in Williamsport last year and he ended in Lakewood. I thought there was a reasonable chance he’d jump all the way to Reading to start this year but if you look at the Reading rotation, it makes sense he’s in CLW. I would not be a bit surprised if he ended the year in Reading.

    2. I think I was the biggest fan of Wright this offseason, rating him #11 overall, which in retrospect is a *tad* high (ha ha).

      It was pretty cool he struck out the first five batters he faced, four of them swinging.

      I remember scouting reports at the time of the draft saying he throws 90-94 but was very hittable in the SEC. He also apparently throws a good curve and has a slider and change.

      The quality of hitting in the FSL is probably equivalent to the SEC, so while I am hopeful, I think the real crucible for him won’t come until he reaches AA. A lefty who throws in the 90s and gets lots of Ks has to at least have a ceiling of being in an MLB rotation, but I doubt it is as a #2 or #3.

      1. Agreed, both Wright and Morgan look like legit rotation prospects but both are more 4-5 kind of guys with an upside of a 3. Its tough finding a 2-3 in the mid rounds but Morgan was a 3rd rd pick.

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