31 thoughts on “Box Score Recap, 07 April 2012

  1. Saw Biddle tonight against Dunedin. He pretty much cruised through the first 2.2 innings sitting at 89-90 with a few 74 mph curve balls. Did not notice a 3rd pitch. With 2 down in the 3rd he gives up his 1st hit, a double and should be out of the inning but Asche boots an easy ground ball and extends the inning costing 2 runs when Biddle gives up a bases loaded single. In the 4th Biddle seemed a little out of sync as his FB was 86-88 most of the inning, but he did hit 89 and 90 against his last batter. Also saw Knigge pitch at 93-94. At least they scored some runs tonight!

  2. We had better learn to say David Buchanan . Castro had better learn to take a walk if he wants to get to the majors. Other than that …….

    1. D-mitch went 3for6 in yesterdays double header. Had s great bunt, then SB. Two games before he had two unbelievable catches one of witch was replayed 5 times the next day at the stadium. He is really showing his atheism and ability to adapt to the situation. It was very impressive to see him have the awareness to understand he was struggling in the second game to lay off the junk so his third at bat he knew he had to get on base and he did so by laying down a beautiful bunt, then showing speed by taking a base. I feel he will have another big year and prove the naysayers wrong!!

        1. Yeah funny, he ment to say athleticism. His points are on the money. Derrick may have made a fielding error but from what I hear Ryan loves him because of his versatility. But I forgot the analysts on this site know more than the coach.

          1. Yeah, he was great this weekend. He had 4 singles, 0 walks and 6 strike outs, in 12 at-bats.

  3. Off topic but someone deserves a salute
    “The Astros have seven players on their roster that weren’t born when Moyer made his major league debut on June 16, 1986”

    1. But the bigger question.

      More players on the Astros who weren’t born when Moyer debuted or more players in the Astros organization who were Phillies?

  4. No wonder the Phillies jumped Buchanan to Reading. He was excellent tonight. Dom Brown with a big hit to win the second game. Clearwater refused to lose in win that builds character. Their bats came alive tonight. Knigge and Neris great in relief.

  5. Buchanan with an uncharacteristic k rate tonight. Historically speaking, he’s not that kind of pitcher. Maybe he was holding back an out pitch in prior years to work on other stuff, or maybe he’s facing a bunch of guys who’ve never seen him before or maybe he got a little lucky. We shall see as the year goes on.

  6. It’s really nice to see Valle rake. Also was not expecting to see such pretty lines coming from Purcey and Horst in relief. As for Buchanan, if the K rate stays up he’ll definitely be a name that’s known throughout baseball by the end of the year.

    Not reading anything into this stuff yet, just nice to see. Any scouting reports on what Buchanan was throwing that made him so effective?

  7. I’m actually a Buchanan fan but last night’s performance was still surprising, pleasantly so

    Am I seeing this correctly? Lakewood hitters, using the DH, struck out 17 times last night?

    1. I keep finding Buchanan’s success a little surprising, probably even more so than Austin Hyatt’s when he started climbing the organizational ladder. He just never struck as big-time prospect with his stuff or the results when he came through Williamsport. I wrote down my thoughts on David last night and posted them to my blog.


  8. Where is Anthony Hewitt? Is he injured?
    We need Brown to have a great start at LHV. It appears as if the big club will need some thump in that lineup.

  9. A few Sunday thoughts…

    1. What in the world is wrong with Valle? No walks? Oh, I guess we’ll let it slide considering he had three hits. He’s made me smile this week.

    2. Hello, David Buchanan. That’s how you do it.

    3. The Double-A team is fun to watch.

    4. Can’t wait to see the sample size grow. There’s a lot of guys in the lower system that I’m fascinated to see develop this season.

  10. Great start for Buchanan. Also good to see Valle keep hitting and Asche getting some early hits.

  11. Did phils move minor league section on web site? Not sure why I can’t find…I always checked box scores there…I can’t see the ones here on my 4g which is odd…thanks

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