26 thoughts on “Box Score Recap, 08 April 2012

  1. Seems like the Phils took a gamble on a guy with arm troubles and chose Shreve and lost. They paid him many bucks to sign…about $500,00 (?) and have received little in return.

    If he doesn’t show a lot more in ’12, he may be gone. OTOH, he could resurrect his mojo at Low A.

    A vital season for him.

    1. I’m kind of writing off Shreve at this point. Moved into the bullpen, repeating low-A. Ehh, win-some, lose-some. I like that they tried by drafting him.

    2. Colby Shreve, drafted in 2008, signed out of JC for 400K:
      2008: Injured
      2009: Injured
      2010: Lakewood starter
      2011: Lakewood reliever
      2012: Lakewood reliever
      At this point, his goal should be to show enough to get selected in the Rule 5 draft next year.

    3. Never seemed to have gotten the velocity back after his surgery. Good gamble by the team even if it does not work out.

  2. I don’t know if it is a purposeful philosophy or just the people at the level but this LKW team has really been running a lot. It would be nice to see Altherr force his way to CLW (make him more age appropriate) and capitalize on the tools some. It is weird to say I am not looking for Franco to really bust out, more it seems that it would be nice for to just hold his own and move a level at a year and just improve along the way.

    I am really intrigued by Stewart and think he could be a huge breakout candidate.

    1. Yeah, the steals are ridiculous. Hudson already has 4! I think the team is trying to set a record.

    2. Altherr is 21 in low-A. I think that is totally age appropriate. Assuming he moves a level per year, he is in AAA at age 24, same as D. Brown right now.

    1. They not only faced two 1st round pitchers, but two major league, starting pitchers in the first two innings of yesterdays game.

  3. Top 10 prospects of opening weekend:

    1. Sebastian Valle
    2. Tyler Cloyd
    3. Leandro Castro
    4. David Buchanan
    5. Gauntlett Eldemire
    6. Aaron Altherr
    7. Jiwan James
    8. Lino Martinez
    9. Ethan Stewart
    10. Cody Asche

    1. Go figure. Outside of Valle, who would have guessed this list? James would have gotten some love, maybe Asche, but everyone else seems like the next tier after the top 10.

    2. Edgar Duran had a decent weekend also. Tyson Gillies got some hits, but no walks or steals.

    1. He’s definitely added lots of muscle and looks great. Let’s hope it translates to baseball… No one should rush our LWood outfielders to CWater. They all need time to just play. Eldemire has missed 1 1/2 years, Pointer skipped WPort, and Altherr struggled badly here last year (as did Franco). Very encouraging start though. And all that speed will cause the opposing catchers and pitchers to make mistakes.
      Also, I’m really encouraged by Jiwan’s start and the comments from his manager that he’s really improved his swing.

  4. There must be some type of weighlighting effort afoot. Word is that Jiwan James and Aaron Altherr have all gained significant muscle mass and we know from seeing them that both Galvis and Brown have put on a lot of muscle, which is great news as these are four of the guys who I think would benefit most from the added strength. If James and Altherr can truly hit for power it completely changes their trajectory as prospects as they have most or all of the other tools.

    And if Valle can continue to draw his share of walks – wow, does he become a good prospect!

      1. Agreed but this is clearly a make or break year for Dugan. Two unremarkable years in SS and a position change he might be @ the Last Chance Saloon already.

    1. We are? That generally doesn’t happen every year and we’ve had it happen pretty often the past few years.

          1. Having said that we may need a few pitchers to do it again this year. I know its early but Bastardo and Stutes did not look like they had the same stuff as they did last year. It was tough to watch a 4-1 lead evaporate before it got to Papelbon.

            1. I think Bastardo bounces back at some point in the year. Stutes I’m not as confident in. That being said, as we know, BP depth is one thing we have…

              Just waiting for De Fratus to get back to work and get the call up. And once Aumont has a ridiculous K/BB (I have faith), he’ll get the nod, too. Diekman can probably take over for Bastardo now if he needs some rest or rehab.

              Also, I wonder if that game will make Cholly consider using Savery. At the very least he hasn’t given us a reason to not trust him yet.

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