Box Score Recap, 06 April 2012

I’m going to ask nicely. You probably won’t listen, but I’m going to ask anyway. Do not start drawing conclusions from box scores for at least a month. Its April, its the first game action for these guys in like 5-7 months. Pitchers are still getting stretched out. Hitters are still getting up to speed. Do not get carried away, either positively or negatively. Just gaze at the box scores and tuck the info away. Then, in a month, we’ll start to make some sense of it. Box scores to gaze at are below the fold

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  1. Really cool to see Gillies have a good night. That has to be a confidence builder for someone who has barely played in the last two years.

  2. Wow I guess if we wanted to ignore small sample size last night and say how overmatched Gillies and James were, I guess tonight we should be promoting them to AAA.

    Valle with two straight games with a walk. Also notice our pitchers throwing a lot of strikes which is a good sign.

    1. Two walks in two days for Valle…too lazy to look it up, but if memory serves it took him over two months to accomplish that last year? If he can keep that up – look out!

      Lakewood kids are running. That’s a fun line-up right there.

    2. Overmatched is not a small sample size issue like being out due to unlucky BABIP. It is a function of not being able to figure out what the pitcher is throwing and make good swings on the ball or not catching up to a fastball. Jiwan James had a lot of bad swings when he was badly fooled during his first game. It happens a lot early in the AA season, when guys can’t deal with a pitcher who commands an array of pitches including the changes and bendy stuff. For a young hitter experiencing AA for the first time, each starting pitcher he faces can be an entirely new universe, small sample size and all. The good ones learn and adjust. The Ryan Howard who left Reading was a very different hitter than the Ryan Howard who started that season at Reading.

      1. So the Jiwan James who played his first AA game on Thursday was a much different hitter than the Jiwan James who stepped into the box the following day?

        1. No, and it takes quite a twisted approach to reading to read that into what I wrote, but it was a different pitcher. The first pitcher over-matched him. The second threw stuff he could handle. We’ll see what he does going forward.

  3. Two mediocre starts from May and Colvin. Hopefully Colvin in particular will be able to settle back in after last year.

    1. I take some solace in the fact that all May’s runs came in one inning. At least he was probably pretty good in all the other ones.

  4. Another walk Valle! Clearwater had 6 steals, including 3 of 3rd base.

    This might’ve been addressed already, but does anyone know why Shreve is still in Lakewood? He’s 24 and was decent last year. I’m not saying he’s much of a prospect at this point, but wouldn’t it be better to put him in the Clearwater or Reading bullpen? At least then you have a better idea of what you have.

    1. You’d think that, especially considering he was somewhat OK last year but look what happened to Eric Pettis. He did pretty well at every level he pitched but was still cut.

      Obviously, unless he started ST out really slow and they want him up to speed, there just isn’t any value to him other than org. filler.

      It’s so early but it’s good to see Valle get two walks, Gillies/Eldemire getting ABs in general, & Susdorf back in action. I know he isn’t a prospect but he seemed to be a really cool dude.

  5. Well, two games is enough for me to say Brown and Greene are busts and J. James is future mvp. Whats that you say, wait a month to jump to conclusions? ok ok, if PP insists i will wait until May or June before making outlandish and insane predictions.

  6. I really believe dom Brown will not succeed with the Phillies. Ruben really messed this up. He wont give him a shot. If Ruben wont give him a shot over guys like Nix, Mayberry then hes never going to give Brown a chance. But i think he will go on to have a very nice career just not here.

    1. But we got the superstarrrrrrrrrr! Juan Pierre!

      But yes I absolutely agree with you, Amaro butchered this one so bad.

    2. Patience, patience. Brown is just 24. Utley and Howard were both 26 when they got their first shots as MLB regulars out of spring training and it worked out well for them.

  7. Hyatt’s start was not that bad. Cust singled in a run in the first. Kevin Frandsen caused two unearned runs and the last run scored after Hyatt left the game with two outs.

  8. I won’t draw any conclusions off one game but… Gauntlet Eldemire is a boss!
    I hope he mashes for about two months, so they can get him up to Clearwater. He lost a lot of time and was a college guy. If he could get to Clearwater by mid-season he would be nearly caught up.

    1. I wouldn’t worry too much about Eldemire catching up from an age perspective this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if he stays in Lakewood all year (and has some growing pains along the way) but ends up at Reading by mid-year next year. He has never played a full season of pro ball so no reason to push him in his first season back.

  9. I think we are all going to like the Reading team. They have a real nice line-up. Some good prospects with some minor league veterans like Susdorf, Spidale, Kennelly, etc. Trevor May not the start he wanted but he did fight back with 3 shut out innings after giving up 4 in an inning. Down at Lakewood I’m liking Eldemire’s start. They may need him to have a couple strong months like Anonymous VOR says and get him up to Clearwater. That line-up is not looking good at Clearwater.

  10. Put me on the Eldemire bandwagon. Met him in ST and he impressed me with his down-to-earth personality and BP session. He is a big Dude with speed! Hope he stays healthy.

  11. It is also good to see Altherr get 2 hits early. I believe it was on Blueclaws blog, I read that he got off to such a slow start he couldn’t help checking his batting avg on the scoreboard everytime he came to bat. He said it made him press once he started 0 for 11. Hopefully having some hits early, settles him down this year.

  12. It’s so much fun to be reading box scores again. Lots of guys to follow. I wasn’t worried about Gillies or James after game 1, they look a lot better today, huh? No question, all but CWater have great lineups and the potential to score plenty. All three came back last night after falling behind and I love that. Eldemere was definitely the guy that stood out the most in spring training so it’s great to see him start so well but I love that entire lineup. Now it’s time to get a few good pitching performances. I just have a hunch that Buchannan will do well at AA.

    1. Is Kelly Dugan a terribly slow runner? I noticed that Dugan failed to score from 1st, with two out, on a Double from Franco. That seemed odd from a guy who has been an Outfielder

      1. First instinct was he might have misread it off the bat, but then I noticed you said it was with two outs… maybe he was held up for whatever reason? Or maybe he stumbled. I find it hard to believe he wasn’t fast enough to score. Didn’t see it, though, so maybe.

  13. I still don’t understand why they cut Eric Pettis. He had great stats since being drafted and he was still only 23. I’d much rather have him on Reading than Chapman, Brummett, Kissock, Morillo, Friend, and Rosenberg.

  14. Watched most of the Lakewood game, missed the last 2 innings but was impressed with Gauntlet Eldemire the most, he showed nice hustle on the triple as I thought it looked more like it was going to be a stand up double.

    Kyrell Hudson also looked good running the bases as he was aggressive when he stole 2nd and then 3rd which led to Moore knocking him in with a flyout to left.

    Dugan’s error at 1st was a tough one, it was a good throw but it just popped right out of his glove.

    Manzanillo got into some trouble after the error and seemed to be a little wild after that but got out of some jams.

    Sasaki also seemed to struggle with his comand but Shreve came in and was able to throw strikes, looked solid.

    Hope to catch LV and LK games today.

  15. Gillis is doing amazing and within 2-3 months if he keeps doing what he is doing should go to AAA and maybe to the Phils in september or earlier if/when there are injuries

  16. I absolutely love the thinly veiled disgust that phuturephillies has for all of us. “I’m going to ask nicely. You probably won’t listen, but I’m going to ask anyway.” Cracked me up.

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