Mathieson Out, Misch In

The Lehigh Valley roster has begun the process of taking shape with two transactions of consequence today.  First, the Phillies have released Pitcher Scott Mathieson and it is expected that Mathieson will be playing in Asia next year, earning in the neighborhood of $2 million. Mathieson, the Phils 17th round pick in the 2002 draft was out of options after bouncing back and forth between the Phils and Lehigh Valley last year, struggling in his time with the big club. For Lehigh Valley, Mathieson, still just 27, went 2-2 with a 3.28 ERA in 30 games, including 12 starts. Mathieson, as he has in the past struck out many batters but ran deep counts and walked hitters at a very high rate resulting in a 1.47 WHIP.

The Phils have signed 30 year old LHP Pat Misch, who played in the Mets organization last season, going 8-9 with a 4.00 ERA in 22 starts for AAA Buffalo. Misch pitches to contact striking out less than 100 in over 140 innings, having has good control with a WHIP that stood under 1.30. Misch also pitched in 10 games for the Mets and was hit very hard at the major league level. Misch was originally a 7th round selection of San Francisco in the 2003 major league draft out of Western Michigan University. In 2010, Misch was an IL All Star and won the Most Valuable Pitcher Award for Buffalo.

Late Note: The Phils have re-signed OF Scott Podsednik, who missed most of last season with a variety of foot injuries and have invited him to Spring Training.

68 thoughts on “Mathieson Out, Misch In

  1. Word has it that Mathieson will be closer in Japan for 2 million per season.
    Misch, is see in AAA as starter/relief type maybe a brief appearance.
    Podsednik, I say a longshot.
    As long as it’s a clean up the transactions thing, Kevin Frandsen to return to AAA.

  2. I am never going to complain about minor league signings unless they see a 40-man spot or block a prospect. It never hurts to grab a couple of lottery tickets with the hope that every couple of years you get a useful bench player or bullpen arm.

    Good luck to Mathieson, maybe his straight FB will play better there.

  3. I think the fact that they sold him to a Japanese team is an indication that the rest of the major leagues didnt think too highly of him.

    Bottom-line the dude isnt a major league pitcher. The scott mathieson fans on here were fooling themselves. I dont think its a coincidence that a lot of the Mathieson lovers on this website were Iron Pigs ticket holders who witnessed him mowing down 29 year AAA journeyman every night with his straight 97 MPH fastball. These same people apparently dont watch much major league baseball though because they are too busy telling us how erik kratz and scott mathieson and rich thompson should be on the phillies hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    1. My position on Mathieson was never unreasonable. But to take pleasure in a professional player’s failure is pretty galling and pathetic.

      1. Thanks Alan. I prefer to think of his courage in overcoming two very serious operations in order to pitch as well as he did. Scott and Mike Zagursky have been helpful to other teammates who have benefitted from their encouragement in working out their arm problems. May he do as well as he can in Japan.

      2. Stop taking yourself so seriously.

        And work on your reading comprehension. Am I really taking pleasure in a professional player’s failure? Please dissect my post and tell me where I profess joy in a player’s failure. Or was I really just giving a bunch of messageboards posters a hard time for not being able to evaluate talent?

        Keep telling us Rich Thompson and Scott Mathieson and Erik Kratz should be on the major league roster!!!! Thanks guys

    2. What the hell are the answer to ignorance. Just state your view. This site is not a way to elevate yourself by laughing at others. Search the internet you will find your level.

      1. Thanks for saying what I was thinking, people. I think most people here feel some attachment to most prospects, especially ones with talent who overcome diversity. That’s true regardless of our objective view of a guy. Agree reveling in the failure of a person is not attractive.

        1. Do you really think being a white guy hurt his chances in the organization? I can’t see that happening…

          sorry, that typo just made me laugh. Agree with what everyone here said.

      2. Stop taking yourself so seriously.

        And work on your reading comprehension. Am I really taking pleasure in a professional player’s failure? Please dissect my post and tell me where I profess joy in a player’s failure. Or was I really just giving a bunch of messageboards posters a hard time for not being able to evaluate talent?

        Keep telling us Rich Thompson and Scott Mathieson and Erik Kratz should be on the major league roster!!!! Thanks guys

    3. I am not replying to the comment above because it is mean-spirited and irrational.

      As for Mathieson, the issue is that he has not developed a consistent breaking pitch and he struggles generally with his command. But, due to injuries, his development has been odd and has occurred in fits and starts. He is smart to earn himself some money and then, when he is in his early 30s, he can try to come back and establish himself. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he’s a late bloomer like Farnsworth – he has a hell of an arm and his breaking stuff has improved markedly – he just needs some consistency. Don’t be surprised if Mathieson ends up being some team’s setup man in 3 or 4 years.

      1. when did farnsworth go to japan. when did every team in the league pass on picking him up.

        and for all you sensitive babies, i’m not bashing your mancrush mathieson, i’m taking a shot at the guy comparing him to farnsworth.

        so ddont all get your panties in a bunch

        1. Farnsworth spent most of his 20’s sucking his way through the majors. He said late bloomer, nothing about Farnsworth going to Japan. Work on your reading comprehension.

    4. I think pointing out what a pathetic posting this was would be a waste of time as so many others have beaten me to the punch.

      Are you really gloating about his release??

    5. TheAnswer333….like to see Scott M. come back some day into the MLs and have you eat your words. Now that would be true poetic justice.

      1. I’d love to see him come back ala a Colby Lewis or a Ryan Vogelsong.

        I can’t see it happening though. While I do agree with the original poster, some of the Mathieson supports (not just here, on many other sites) are pretty irrational with their support of him, posts like that are terrible.

        Nobody should ever root for anyone to fail at achieving their dream. (Unless they’re a New York Met… at which point, it’s perfectly acceptable).

  4. Like I noted in the other thread, Mathieson has accomplished all he can in AAA. Some people think he can make it in the big leagues, others don’t. But I’m a believer that succeed or fail, a high performer in the minors at least deserves an opportunity to fail. Mathieson deserves the opportunity to play, somewhere, and show what he can do.

    1. Agree. And a 96-99 FB deserves a full shot regardless of how straight it is. Agree with Catch we could see him in majors once he gets more experience and consistency. I think he worked so hard to get to majors, he was over-amped in his few opportunities, visibly so. Not the same hard-nosed competitive demeanor he had at AAA. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to give him the appearances it takes to get him comfortable.

  5. I was intrigued by Podsednick last year and am this year as well. Hit .297 with 35 SB in 2010. Injuries made 2011 a wash. Bounce back in 2012? While he is not as versatile, IF healthy, he a more accomplished upgrade over Michael Martinez as the 25th guy on the roster. He is also a decent 15 day disabled list call up….IF healthy. He is worth a shot. Worst case is he plays for AAA all year.

  6. Didn’t Vogelsong go Japan and learn enough to come back to the majors lgs and do pretty well for the Giants?

    Good luck to “Matty>’ You’ve earned MY respect to have had the determination and effort to overcome two surgeries to yr throwing arm and end up making $2 mil for yrself and family in Japan.

    Maybe you can duplicate “Voggy.”

    1. Vogelsong did pitch in Japan for three years (2007-09), but he was still mediocre in 2010 pitching for Lehigh Valley. I don’t know what to make of Vogelsong. His 2011 may be one of baseball’s all time fluke seasons.

        1. Vogelsong began to fade as the season went on. I expect his 2011 was a fluke more than a sign he has finally “bloomed”.

        2. Truly a statistical anomaly. I doubt completely he pitches to a 2.71 ERA for the rest of his career. More like 4.00 (which is fine for a 5th starter).

  7. They also resigned Kevin Frandsen which I actually think is a good move. If Rollins isn’t resigned, he could actually be in the mix for some playing time depending on what they do. He looks like a guy that fell thru the cracks to me. He’s had a very good minor league career and a very small major league opportunity in which he didn’t show enough obviously. He’s definitely a worthy AAA signing. He and Orr will provide seasoned depth down on the farm but interestingly neither will start (Garcia, Galvis, Rivera). Btw, I wouldn’t be surprised if Podesednik had an opt out clause if he’s not on the major league roster by May 1. At his age, he doesn’t want to be in the minors all season.

  8. I liked the Frandsen move when they first made it and like it the 2nd time around. As someone mentioned above I’m quite confident he can hit better than MM. I almost forgot about Scotty the “Podfather” he might be an option to platoon in LF. A Career .279/.340 and good defense.

    Not my ideal platoon partner for Mayberry but a definite fall back option. Good luck to Scott M he deserves a chance to make some $.

  9. Yeah, Mathieson can go to Japan, learn the shuuto and gyro ball, stick with the split finger and perfect that offspeed and semi-offspeed stuff for a time, and return stateside, maybe even as a starter candidate.. If/when that happens he should give Philly a generous home town discount for all they did for him. If he doesn’t I’m going to call him an ingrate.

    Despite the laudatory evaluations by some on here of Frandsen, recently. Seems like the facts of the case belie that confidence. If Frandsen was indeed better than Philly MLB options like Valdez and Michael Martinez, etc. , given the fact that Philly options are better bench options than most teams possess, and that there is a big shortage of capable Middle Infield types of any category, It should follow that MLB teams would have signed Frandsen. But no team, not even those administered by extreme stats oriented types, saw fit to do so. Frandsen , himself, was willing to sign to a AAA contract, and on a team where he is a likely bench candidate, given the presence of prospects Galvis, Rivero, and H. Garcia and/or Albert Cartwright, et. al. Not as praiseworthy or as strong a candidate as some would have it.

    The stats of Podsednik ,that should carry the most weight, if people were indeed sane, should be the most recent. Hasn’t done much lately, and is getting up there for a full minor league gig. And it’s not like there are no other candidates for LVIP OF. I’m going to stick with the most likely outcome, so I think he will be released 6 days before the start of the MLB season.

    1. This sounds wildly absurd to me if I understand it correctly. The only way I want Frandsen on my big league club is the choice between he and MM. I’m not calling Frandesen the next coming of anything but at least he has 568 MLB PA’s with a line of .243/.302/.335/.613

      As for Galvis Rivero and Garcia I want those guys playing every day not wasting time on the big league bench.

      1. The Phils still have to decide whether to keep Valdez and pay him more money. If they knew they were keeping Rollins or specifically signing “x’ to replace Rollins, they wouldn’t keep Valdez. Not knowing what will happen however will probably require that they keep Valdez around. Btw, to say that no other team wanted to sign Frandsen to a AAA contract, I don’t believe that. My guess is that he chose the Phils’ offer over others’ due to a small chance to get some major league time. Who knows, the Phils may have already decided that its Rollins or its Galvis/Valdez and that 2nd scenario might get Frandsen one injury away from playing time. Of course, no one signed him to a major league deal, that doesn’t mean anything. Frandsen can out hit MM and Valdez but his arm is not equal to Valdez’ while MM was a Rule 5 guy who could also play CF which was important last year because no one else could. Next year, Mayberry will back up CF. Either way, Frandsen is a guy, like Orr, who can step in and play at the major league level and depending on injuries, one or both could next year even though neither will start at LHV.

        1. I think they’ll keep him. He’s not going to crack $1 million dollars in Arbitration and he’s proven he can handle himself when called upon.

          I think Michael Martinez becomes the Utility Infielder in 2013 after a season at Triple A.

    1. No, they still need a spot for a SS and they’ll need a spot for a left handed hitting OF (Kubel or Raul unless they count on Podsednik) also.

  10. The Phillies signed Scott Elarton to a minor league contract. THERE’S your longshot bullpen candidate. Elarton is about 13 years removed from his last good MLB season.

    1. Yeah, I don’t see Elarton working out but who knows. They did however bring Brian Sanches back after a few good years in Florida. I expect he’ll have a good chance to make the pen.

  11. Speaking of minor league contracts, MLBTR et. al. reports Philly also signs , in addition to Misch, Podsednik, Raul Valdes, Pete Orr, Frandsen, Elarton. They also sign Brian Sanches, and Tuffy Gosewisch. All receive invites to Spring Training, MLB. Move Frandsen a little higher up with the invite. Don’t know if a strong chance is there for this list.

  12. Sanches is nice insurance and may be able to win a spot in ST. I mentioned before how I liked Podsednick. He has produced as recently as 2010 (.297 35 SB) Frandsen is a good move as well. Valdes is your typical lefty that K’s a lot but walks a lot. (…see Perez) and Elarton is awful. He can fill the Bonnie role. Not crazy about Misch either but he is a lefty. I like Orr and Tuffy as well.

  13. I’m really happy for Scott. 2 mill is a really nice payday. He worked hard and he’s getting paid. I hope things work out for him, I wish him well.

  14. Does anyone know if Brandon Moss will be back. He carried the ironpigs last year and in the playoffs. Or did he sign somewhere else?

  15. Wow I just read the rest of “TheAnswer”‘s comments. Just wow. Also, what’s up with his constant use of the word “us”?

    Anyway, I’m glad to see Mathieson is getting some money and actually getting out of the minors. I have no doubt in my mind that he probably had an offer for two to be a minor league free agent but now he gets to show people what he can do when he’s not being bounced around between AAA and the majors.

    I like that they brought back Sanchez too. I’d like to see them upgrade the bench a bit. Wilson Valdez filled in admirably but the fact is you can’t count on him the way a real contender should be able to count on every single one of its players.

  16. Sanches is a good signing for the Phils. He can be that 6th/7th inning guy. He is a sinker ball guy. I would say an upgrade over Herndon. Moss did resign a minor league deal right after they dropped him off the 40 man. Podsednick is good for insurance if he can stay healthy.

  17. Mathieson could very easily make 10 mlb rosters but not get paid as much as Japan.
    He will be a free agent after the one year and could then come back so smart move. Before we all get a tear in our eye for how nice the Phillies are, they must have got some decent money for Mathieson. Last year the Y Giants bought the Yankees closer for 1.2 million.
    I met him in LV and you really couldnt meet a more genuine person. The guy is massive and has a live arm. Maybe flat fastball but he did have three arm operations. I would like to see him back in a year or two with the Phillies

    1. Mathieson could not very easily make 10 mlb rosters. There’s a reason he didn’t get a legitimate shot, he regressed last year.

      BB/9 – up
      H/9 – up
      SO/9 – down

      And obviously WHIP and ERA regressed. He actually had a better case after his 2010 season for not getting a look in the majors. I understand people admiring the guys courage and dedication coming back from 2 serious arm injuries, but to say he’s a MLB pitcher right now is way off base. Maybe long man on the Royals I could give you but please.

      It also suprises me that the “Mathieson never got a fair shot / Mathieson is a MLB pitcher” camp doesn’t speak up more about Mike Zagurski. He also came back from a serious arm injury but he’s been consistant AND had a better year statistically than Mathieson did.

      Bottom line is the thing these two have in common is they got a chance, granted a limited one, and failed. Doesn’t matter if it’s 3 innings or 30. I wish him success in Japan but the only way he comes back to the majors is if he suddenly learns how to throw a breaking ball or get some movement on that 97 mph fastball.

      1. Zagurski and Mathieson are absolutely nothing alike. Zagurski got a shot way back in 2007 or so as a reliever and hasn’t been good ever since. Mathieson once was a highly-touted prospect in this organization as a SP with a 101 mph fastball who pitched a few games at the big league level and it was thought would be back up within a year or two before he had arm problems. The only reason he wasn’t with the Phils by 2008 at the latest was his arm problems.

        I’m in no camp whatsoever. I just can’t stand to see people who wrongly think themselves experts trying to judge players or throw them under the bus because they’re such bandwagons that they can’t ever go against the organization unless it’s something easy like that BS about “Howard getting paid too much”.

        Mathieson would’ve easily gotten an invite to spring training with plenty of teams, and he probably would’ve made one. His fastball was “straight” in the majors, and he pitched like crap because he didn’t even remotely get a chance to get comfortable. Then they converted him to a starting pitcher this year, in case you forgot, and he did pretty damn well for somebody who hadn’t started since before his three arm surgeries.

      2. Oh, and by the way… the majority of the Phillies relievers have had straight fastballs over the past few years. Durbin to name just one.

        1. Just to clarify for you there TruePhan, this year Zagurski had a better whip, era, bb/9, so/9. Zagurski also had Tommy John after his “chance” in 2007 so if you’re saying he had a better shot than Mathieson it’s kind of disingenuous. Reading the previous post it doesn’t sound like he’s trying to blast Matty, just pointing out that statistically at least he regressed a little this past year…which he did. He did do a nice job after converting back to a starter but still had control issues.

          I also am in no camp but can’t stand to see someone who says he’s unbiased go off after a seemingly inate post that if anything isn’t overly critical of Mathieson but of the poeple who have blinders on concerning his ability. You’re right though, Mathieson would have been with the Phillies sooner despite his arm problems even though posting a 7.47 ERA, 1.714 WHIP, 1.9 HR/9, 3.9 BB/9, and 6.8 K/9 in ’06 Yep, worse than Zagurski in his first stint.

          Before you go on a little rant about me being a front office apologist or Mathieson basher, please understand I believe Scott has a world of talent and it would have been nice to see what he could have been if he didn’t have the arm issues. But being a realist, I see a guy who now has the upside of a middle-reliever IF he could get at least a consistent secondary pitch. Yes other Phillie relievers have had flat fastballs, but they also had consistant secondary pitches, which from all accounts Mathieson doesn’t.

          People will always have players they pull for and players they criticize, we’ve seen it with Rizz, Mitchell, hell even Dom Brown (who many have been down on and who, like your argument for Mathieson, played like crap because he was jerked around and wasn’t able to get comfortable). I think it’s better off leaving this by wishing Matieson the best in Japan and hope he can progress enough to get a shot at the majors in a year or two.

          1. I’m actually a little surprised Mathieson’s BB/9 was that high last season. As far as Mathieson over Zagurski, it comes down to simple impressions. Mathieson is 6’5″, in shape and throws 96-98 mph. Zagurski is built like a beer barrel and throws 91mph. Watch each pitch and who are you going to think is a better pitcher?

            1. Exactly. This guy tries to make his argument with stats? Stats of a kid who had his first taste of the majors before he was even 25? Made a few spot starts while somebody else was injured?

              You compare that to stats of a guy who got chances to close and pitch in the 7th and 8th innings consistently? Are you serious?

              Stats don’t mean everything. Plenty of people (just like Zagurski) make it to the majors and their true ability shows. He’s out of shape and his stuff isn’t good enough. Maybe if he worked harder to get the most out of his body, it would be. Who knows?

              I loved Zagurski when he first came up. He threw hard, went after hitters, and his stuff wasn’t bad. Then he got injured and he hasn’t been the same since, let alone gotten better.

              That’s not even remotely the case with Mathieson, even after 3 arm surgeries. He still throws hard, still had good stuff (but a hard time with control, among other things), and he has a closer’s mentality. Compare his 2010 to Zagurksi’s 2011 and then get back to me. Don’t forget that it was his first full year ever of AAA or that he only pitched 32.1 innings the year before either. He had a 0.00 ERA as a Phillie this year by the way, his first time pitching 2 innings or more of pro ball since 2006. Obviously it’s a short sample-size but he certainly didn’t pitch “horribly” in the majors.

            2. Going to take this point by point since you obviously didn’t get the gist of my post TruePhan. Statistically yes, Mathieson regressed a bit this year, maybe it was trying to work on his breaking pitches, who knows, but his command suffered. I compare the stats of two guys who came back from Tommy John, who had similar roles for most of the last two years in AAA (late inning reliever/closer) and how there is so much love for one and barely a peep for the other. That is all. Not saying Zagurski has better stuff or is a better pitcher, or has more upside.

              Zagurski has been consistantly good in AAA since coming back from injury. It hasn’t translated to his brief stints in the majors, but to say he stopped going after hitters when his stats (I know they’re pesky little things) like BB/9 and K/9 stayed stayed surprisingly consistant with what he did before his injury is again disingenuous. I’m merely pointing out that these two guys have had similar hardships and pitched well in their returns. Thank you though for proving my point that people have blinders on when it comes to Mathieson. Stats aren’t everything but Mathieson posted a 0.00 ERA in 9 innings this year yay!

              Fun facts for you: Both made their MLB debuts before they were 25. Mathieson started 8 games in 2006 and while showing promise, didn’t exactly set the world on fire. Zagurski hardly was pitching the 7th and 8th innings in his first stint (2007), try to remember the guy started the year in A ball jumping to AA than the majors (pretty good year for the kid).

              Stop taking this so personally, no one, except maybe TheAnswer, is saying Mathieson is horrible or has no chance at ever becoming a solid MLB reliever. Like Alan said most of it is impressions, but John Kruk was built like a beer barrel and was pretty damn good, and even Ryan Howard had better years before he got in “better shape”. Not saying there’s a correlation, just fun to point out 🙂 Either way, it is what it is, I’ll still follow Scott and if he does well I’ll be happy for him.

            3. Actually, I did get the gist of your post. You tried to talk like you knew more than me by using stats with absolutely no context whatsoever.

              They’re not even remotely similar pitchers. Mathieson is a hard-throwing former starter and Zagurski is organizational filler who lets his inability to get in shape stop him from ever possibly doing anything. One’s clearly a hard worker and the other is definitely not when it comes to staying in shape.

              You talk like a fourteen year old, first of all. You also need to learn how to spell basic words before you try to use bigger ones or talk condescendingly to anybody. Talk like a man if you’re going to try to talk like you know more than somebody else. You use stats (first you used the little time Mathieson was in the majors, as a kid under 25, making a few starts when anybody with a clue knows that you don’t judge a young guy on his stats in such a short sample-size his first time up, then you try to judge him based on a year where he got yanked around between MLB and AAA and where he was converted to a starter later in the year, his second full year since 2006). Zagurski has not even remotely been consistent. It was different when he was a young (somewhat in shape) kid coming up and impressing in his first time ever in the majors. Unlike him though, Mathieson not only recovered from 3 arm surgeries but he got converted from a starter to a reliever and had a better year in 2010(his first even remotely full year since 2006) than Zagurski had in 2011. Unlike Zagurski, he’s improved since his last time up. Oh, and the 0.00 ERA was to point out that a) he didn’t remotely fail, and b) you can’t say that somebody who wasn’t given enough of a chance failed. I don’t have blinders, but you clearly do. Stop projecting.

              Who says sh*t like “fun facts”? Honestly? You sound like an idiot. But here I’ll go again with you… Mathieson made his debut as a starter, in a handful of starts. Zagurski made his debut as a reliever and got to relieve a lot more than Mathieson got to start. Not sure what you remember about Zagurski but he definitely got to pitch in the 7th and 8th innings. I watched those games. I also watched Mathieson’s games. I don’t need “fun facts” or stats to remember them. I could list the name of every starter or reliever prospect that pitched for the Phils at some point since 2003 because I watched all of them. Can you?

              Not taking anything seriously, thanks. Stop pulling this crap when you get proven wrong. Take it like a man. You said he failed. Fact is he didn’t. You tried to compare Zagurski to him when they’re nothing alike. I’ve never in my life been a lover or a hater of any player. I’ve never not been able to be objective about a player. That’s something most of us Philly fans pride ourselves on.

            4. Oh, and first basemen can be fat (somewhat) and still be good. Kruk was also a lot more built than fat. Players (especially pitchers) need to keep a balance. That’s how they get the most out of their ability. Kruk did just that. He was never built like Zagurski. He was lean when he first came up. He’s just built bigger. Zagurski doesn’t have power because he isn’t in control of his body. That’s what happens when you let your torso be the most prominent part of your body. He’s more fat than anything, whereas Kruk was built like a lumberjack.

              Zagurski, because of his build, was always going to have to get everything he possibly could out of his body in order to be successful in the majors. He hasn’t done that. He’s regressed and let his torso take over control of his body. That’s why he’s not the same guy he was in 2007. If you want another example, look at Joe Blanton. His best year was when he was in great shape. That’s just one example too. I could list quite a few.

            5. I didn’t mean to say Mathieson was better than Zagurski, just that those are the impressions you get from watching them superficially. I do think Mathieson is better, but purely because Zagurski’s command is clearly not strong enough to carry him any further.

            6. As much fun as this is, you’re reading comprehension could use a little work. I’ll try this a different way.

              I don’t use stats to show I know more than anyone. Since I don’t get a chance to see these guys pitch much unless they’re with the Phillies, I use them and whatever first hand accounts I can find to make my evaluations.

              I never said they were similar pitchers. I said they had similar hardships. They made it to the majors, had arm problems, and were trying to get back to the majors. I don’t know if Zagurski works hard or doesn’t work hard, I’m not with the team. If you know 100% that he doesn’t work hard to get in shape than I’ll take your word on it.

              I’m 32 with degree’s in business and communications. My spelling is fine thank you, and if saying things like “fun facts” to try to keep the tone light offended you, I apologize. I do remember both of them coming up. I remember being excited about Mathieson and having no clue who Zagurski was. Point I was trying to make was, neither can be said to have done well their first time around. That’s all. Again, I used stats to show that despite the rose-colored glasses that some people look at Mathieson through, he didn’t exactly do all that well his first time up. He may have had better success the next time he was up, but we’ll never know because of the arm injuries.

              You don’t take it personally but in turn call me a 14-year-old, an idiot, questioned my manhood, and even criticized my spelling *sniff*.

              I never said he “failed”. You’re confusing me with the anonymous up there. I did imply he didn’t do well in his 8 2006 starts……because he didn’t. A 7.47 ERA isn’t doing well by any standard, 8 starts or not. Yes, he did have a 0.00 ERA in 9 innings this year but as you said, that’s hardly enough of a chance. Thing is if you look at the numbers for both of them the last two years, they’re remarkably similar.

              I haven’t been proven wrong, since my point was they’ve both had arm injuries and have come back to pitch well. But if it makes you feel better fine, I’m wrong 🙂 You really are a True Philadelphia Fan, instead of arguing points you resort to name calling and selective memory. I’m finished trying to explain myself. I like Mathieson, I wish him the best. You on the other hand need to chill out, there are going to be times in life when people don’t agree with you. As you said take it like a man, make your point and move on, leave the childish attacks for the children.

            7. My reading comprehension is just fine, thanks. Your tactics and insults stopped being impressive in the third grade though, What did you go to the John Gonzalez/Deadspin/Bill Simmons school of arguing sports?

              You don’t use stats…. except that is exactly what you have been trying to do this entire time and what you did in your first comment towards me. I don’t use stats without context, something you clearly have no problem doing.

              I didn’t say he didn’t work hard. I said he clearly didn’t work hard at being in shape. It’s really not all that complicated to keep up a training regimen of some sort to keep your body in check. You also very much did make them out to be similar, and their hardships are nothing alike. Zagurski was a reliever, got called up to the Phils and looked like he belonged, had ONE arm injury. Mathieson was a starter who was highly-touted in the organization because of his 101 mph fastball, among other things, got called up to the Phils and did what you’d expect a young pitcher to do. Then he had one arm surgery. He was rehabbing to get back into things… then he had another one. Then he had another one, and he pretty much missed 3 entire years. He went from being on every fan’s mind as a part of the rotation for the future to being a guy who needed to work his a$$ off just to make a roster. This was all while Zargurski was pitching, after his one year missed due to Tommy John surgery. Just because they both battled back from arm injuries doesn’t mean they went through the same hardships.

              I don’t care how old you are and it’s people like you who make me feel bad for the future of journalism, assuming that’s why you’re a communications major. Your spelling is in fact not fine, otherwise I wouldn’t have corrected it. Consistent is spelled with an “e” for starters. I wouldn’t even say anything if you weren’t trying to be so condescending without a reason or right to be. You didn’t do things like add “fun facts” to be light. You did it to be a condescending d*uche. Don’t think I can’t see right through that crap. You clearly do have rose colored glasses because anybody knows that you do not judge a young starter and young reliever the same way. A young reliever doesn’t have to go through a line-up three times, for one thing. Zagurski was actually impressive his first go-round, and showed flashes that impressed a lot of people. Mathieson “didn’t do well” because he was a young kid making his first starts in the majors. Starters have a much higher learning curve. That’s common knowledge. To even attempt to judge him based on stats when he was that young is assinine.

              I responded in kind to your bullsh*t. Got a problem with it? Then stop trying to pull that bullsh*t with me. Also, I never “questioned your manhood”. I told you to act like a man if you’re going to try to act superior. Typing/talking/acting like a fourteen year old girl is beyond pathetic.

              Once again, you try to use stats to make an argument that a pitcher under the age of 25 in his first call-up to the MLB didn’t do well. Yet you think I have rose-colored glasses and that you clearly know more than me. “Their stats were remarkably similar”… except they weren’t. Except Zagurski only missed one year and in Mathieson’s best year he was the de-facto closer and Zagurski was on a committee. Except Mathieson was having his first full year since 2006 Zagurski had 11 saves this year. Mathieson has 20+ in 2010. Mathieson also had a good year this year statistically despite being converted to a starter late in the year. Do you think for even a second that Zagurski could do the same thing?

              I just proved you wrong… again. Stop comparing two completely dissimilar pitchers. Oh, and practice what the f*ck you preach or don’t preach at all. You’re right about one thing though… I am a true Philly fan, not some bandwagon a$$ loser thinking he knows everything.

  18. The Phillies don’t get money for Mathieson. They didn’t sell him, they released him. No compensation.

    Mathieson I’ve heard will get $2 million in Japan. He wouldn’t get more than that until he spent 3 years in the majors. Mathieson will make more money in one year than he would in three years in MLB. So really this is a no brainer for him. The only issue is whether or not he’s overworked. His arm is fragile after all.

      1. Don’t think it goes as far in Japan as it does over here, though. They have a very high standard of living.

        1. Tokyo is probably the most expensive city in the world to live in…by a good margin.

          $2 million there is like $1 million. in Philly. He’ll definitely be comfortable but not outrageously rich. Tokyo costs

  19. I wish scott well. His future was blocked and passed. Maybe he can learn a off speed pitch, although if you can’t learn it here where can you. The experience alone should be priceless

  20. It’s always seemed kind of odd to me how polarizing Scott Mathieson was. I thought after 2010 that he deserved a more serious shot at the Phillies bullpen last spring, but obviously, they saw something in Stutes that they liked and they wagered correctly, which is why I am typing at a computer and they are paid to assess professional athletes. But anyway, it’s not like there’s any guy–no matter how irrational supporters seem–that I’d like to see fail. I’m glad he’s going to Japan and making a lot of money, and pitching high leverage innings in front of huge crowds. It’s got to be a fantastic experience for a player, whether he ends up pitching back here or not. Good move for Mathieson, I wish him well.

    1. I’ve got to say, Stutes was a major surprise for me. I’m glad he’s turned out so well though. Hopefully he continues to progress and mature the way Bastardo has. Honestly this is the most excited about Phillies relieving prospects that I’ve ever been. Between Schwimmer, Aumont, Stutes, Bastardo, Savery, DeFratus, and the guys who are just a little bit behind them, it looks like we may finally have some real reliever prospects.

  21. You are wrong in that the Japanese didnt pay the Phillies. The figure is somewhere between 750k-800k from Y Giants

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