Phils sign Brian Sanches, Scott Elarton

The Phillies announced yesterday that they signed RP Brian Sanches, along with SP Scott Elarton.  Sanches, 33, was part of the Phillies organization from 2004-2007, progressing from AA to the majors, seeing some time for the Phils.  Originally a 2nd round draft choice by the Royals in the 1999 draft, Sanches went on to throw for the Nationals and Marlins having a good modicum of major league success in FLorida over the passed three years. In 2011, Sanches was 4-1 with a 3.94 ERA in 39 games, throwing 61.2 innings for the Marlins.

The reclamation project of the 2012 Spring Training will be Scott Elarton, 35, who last pitched in the White Sox organization in 2010.  Elarton, a 1st round pick by the Astros in the 1995 draft was both highly touted and successful in his early career winning 17 games for the Astros in 2007, Elarton, a 6’7 RHP, last threw in the majors for the Indians in 2008.

The Phils also announced that they have invited 8 players on minor league deals to Major League Spring Training. Thse names include Kevin Frandsen, Pete Orr, Tuffy Gosewisch, Raul Valdes, Brian Sanches, Scott Elarton, Scott Podsenik and Pat Misch.

19 thoughts on “Phils sign Brian Sanches, Scott Elarton

  1. It would seem that the Phillies have committed to keeping LHV competitive and making Rune Sandberg happy. Sanches, Orr can help the big club. Valdes fills a need for left handers.
    Looking at another team, Clearwater looks like it is in for a long season. No hitting whatsoever. The pitchers are going to have to pitch exceedingly well every game.

  2. Valdes is interesting. He K’s more around 1 per inning but doesn’t walk many. He’s played in the big leagues parts of the last two season (70 innings). And he’s a southpaw. He’s listed at 5’11” and he’s a Cuban defector. He’ll get a long look as a the 2nd lefty in the bullpen but most likely he’ll be lefty insurance residing in Allentown.

    Keeping Tuffy was a good thing.

  3. It is hard to get excited over middle relievers when so many thing are up in the air or have been addressed in the most superficial way. The more I turn over the big pile of money for a closer vs
    the quality of the position player the worse it gets.

    1. Phillies bullpen as a whole is pretty cheap. Aside from Papelbon, I think the only guy making more than the minimum will be Contreras and KK

  4. Good to see we didn’t sign 20 some Mil FA’s. The system is pretty deep cosidering so many players have been traded. Lehigh was finally made competitive last year because of the public outcry. The Phil’s have done nothing since they moved there. The system is still bare at the top, but not as bad as the last few years. Ruben has learned his lesson ,let’s hope. Something Gillick paid attention to detail. I still don’t think they have given Charlie everything he needs to be sucessful as a team that suposeidly will play smallball, if needed . They are going to need a speed guy on the bench, especially since you are going to have to use a pr almost every time you use Thome. We haven’t had one since Bourn’s rookie year. Do you remember the excitment building , late in the game, when he ran out of the dugout.

    1. Ruben’s given Charlie all the pieces he needs to be successful. Charlie’s the one who refuses to get his bench the at bats they need to be sharp. He had to have given him something to win 102 games.

      The Phillies don’t have the team to play small ball or the manager. Charlie doesn’t manage that way. They don’t steal bases other than Utley and Rollins, they strike out too much, etc.

      Small ball isn’t what lost the Phillies the World Series, NLCS, and NLDS. What lost them the World Series isn’t something you can by: “clutch hitting.”

      1. the proverbial terminolgy I continually hear from the baseball people is ‘timely hitting’, good pitching and good defense.

        1. You can’t buy timely hitting. You’re either going to have it or you’re not. The Phillies offense in the playoffs in 2008 was terrible but they got the big hits. The Phillies in 2009 got some huge hits from Ryan Howard (everybody forgets he was the NLCS MVP).

          They haven’t gotten the big hits from anybody in 2010, 2011.

  5. Really like the Sanches signing. The Phillies have had a lot of success with these signings. Guys like Vogelsong, Gordon, Grilli, Valdez, Orr, etc. Guy who eventually contributed at the Major League level whether with the Phillies or Yankees, Giants, etc.

  6. Will Tuffy ever get a shot at the majors? I imagine he could be a decent backup he got a lot of praise from Doc.

  7. Sardinha is gone. Thank goodness. I will never except why he was used instead of Katz. You seem to have forgotten Lee’s clutch preformance. No one gets on base, therefore the middle of the order doesn’t get fastballs ,like in 2008. You seem to dismiss all reasons they falled this yr. except your own. I meerly stated one of many reasons they are home early this year. Your is the simpleist of explainations.

  8. Does it seem like Ibanez will be back? If there was an understanding he wouldn’t accept arbitration, as a free agent who would cost a first round pick, wouild the flip side seem likely that the Phils would pay him a lesser amount if no takers? Personally, he might not be Jeff Kemp in defense or average but I value what he has done for the Phightens,

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