The Phillies are interested in re-acquiring Travis D’Arnaud

I thought this was an interesting little nugget included in Bob Elliot’s (Toronto Sun) column.

The Phillies have discussed possible ways on how to re-acquire catcher Travis D’Araund from the Jays. Good luck.

D’Arnaud is arguably the best prospect we’ve traded in the last 3 seasons. He appears to have star potential behind the plate if he can remain healthy. He was excellent in AA and is close to big league ready. The Jays have another good young catcher already in the majors in JP Arencibia, so they would be dealing from a position of strength, and they’d obviously ask for a ton in return. I’m sure nothing would happen on this, but its fun to ponder during the long cold winter.

79 thoughts on “The Phillies are interested in re-acquiring Travis D’Arnaud

  1. Mostly sounds like newspaper fodder but a good idea if it comes about.
    Note to Ruben: Excuse my passion but Cardenas is more needed immediately

    1. Barring trading an MLB regular like Victorino or Hamels, we have zero prospects even close to the level of d’Arnaud in value. It would have to be Dom Brown AND 1-2 other good pieces. d’Arnaud is propably a Top 5 in all of baseball prospect right now and he plays a premium position.

      Good luck, Rube.

    2. On Cardenas: His .791 OPS might look good in AAA but for the PCL, its a below average OPS as the league OPS was .807 last year. His team alone posted an .824 OPS combined.

    3. I don’t see Cardenas as a suitable piece honestly. Fielding % suggests he can’t stick at 3B. His ISO last season was .104. So if he doesn’t keep hitting .300, he’ll slug under .400. Discounting his SB totals for the A’s organization, he doesn’t profile as a real speed guy either. So if he can’t play second base every day (and the scouting reports profile him as below average), he’s just a utility player.

  2. Plus, he just had hand/thumb surgery last month, damaged goods now? Now you have to see if he will recuperate.
    ‘October 16, 2011, according to Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun, Blue Jays prospect Travis d’Arnaud tore ligaments in his thumb while serving as Team USA’s catcher at the 39th Baseball World Cup in Panama and has headed home to undergo a surgical procedure.

  3. You’d have to think that any deal involving d’Arnoud would involve Domonic Brown. I don’t see any other possible way the Blue Jays would even think of trading him back to the Phillies.

    1. I’d get Domonic Brown a passport myself. I’d rather have a franchise catcher than a franchise outfielder.

  4. I’ll start the ball rolling with a few packages, just off the top of my head, with not much thought. All in trade for D’Arnaud and a lesser prospect, preferably at 3B:

    Valle, Pettibone, DeFratus

    Valle, Brown

    Valle, May (ouch!)

    Don’t mind losing Brown for D’Arnaud, but hate to give up pitching.

    Too much? Not enough?

    1. Starting pitching like a May can NOT be included with a Brown. But Brown and almost any other regular position should be considered. How about Valle and Brown and a bullpen guy be it DeFratus, Aumont, etc?

      1. I’d do May/Brown for D’Arnaud. Going forward, I’d rather have a solid catcher than a #3 starter and a Outfielder who may or may not develop (I think he will, but Catching is still harder to find).

        1. Toronto probably doesn’t do that deal, so it really doesn’t matter.

          They see JP as their DH according to the Blue Jays fans I’ve talked too.

  5. I don’t think the Jays will be interested in any of our fodder, unless as a third or fourth guy when the first 2 or 3 are our best quality, so the offer will have to hurt. But could be worth it. Team that gets the best player wins the trade.

    1. …..why trade for a guy who just had thumb surgery? what is the long term prognosis…. wrist surgeries and thumb ligament surgeries are too risky

  6. If d’Arnaud’s thumb injury is not too serious, wouldn’t the Jays rather keep d’Arnaud and trade Arencibia?

    1. derekstairs ….amen to that……’skiers’ thumb’ injuries, involving the ulnar collateral ligament and the MCP, can lead to chronically unstable grasping abilities with the thumb. Just too risky at this point to predict.

    1. I’ll tell you again he is over rated. We have good all around outfielders in the system we don’t need someone who thinks he’s great.

      1. Interesting. Please post a link to the interview where he said he’s great.

        And what outfielder in the system is anywhere near major league ready?

        IMO, the Phillies will have a greater need for a young outfielder over the next few seasons than catcher. They need a left fielder now, and Victorino will be a free agent after next season unless he is re-signed. Ruiz, on the other hand, is one of the best catchers in the league and isn’t slowing down. They can wait on Valle to develop.

        I’d like to see them give Brown a full season of at-bats in the majors and see what he can do.

        1. The argument to that is that there are plenty of free agent outfielders every year and very few starting caliber catchers available.

          1. I understand, but the Phils do not have a current need for a starting caliber catcher and they do have a need for a cheap, young starting caliber outfielder. Besides, Valle is only a level behind D’Arnaud at this point, and is likely to be ready when Ruiz is done.

      1. So are you proposing to replace Ruiz with D’Arnaud? I don’t get it. Why not let Ruiz’s career play out, while grooming Valle to ultimately replace him? In the meantime, Brown gets a fair shake in left field, where the Phils actually have a need now.

        1. Because Ruiz isn’t a great catcher. He’s a good catcher but realistically, he probably has one year left. I think, other than Howard, Ruiz is the most overrated player on the team, especially by this fan base.

          He has one year left on his deal, at which point, D’Arnaud would be ready to contribute.

            1. Two years but at that point he and D’Arnaud could split time and Travis would take over in 2014.

              It’s a moot point because it’s not going to happen, Toronto fans consider Bob Elliott to be unreliable and don’t regard him as anything more than a “bs” artist. Toronto won’t trade D’Arnaud, they’ve coveted him since the draft, they traded their franchise player for him.

              I guess anything can happen, ,it’s a fun thing to debate and I’d sure rather have Travis than Valle as our starting catcher for the long term (unless Valle’s walk rates increase, then, I’d probably consider them more comparable).

        1. He’s been a full time corner OF for 4 full seasons. I was as bullish as anyone on him succeeding but his fielding is truly atrocious in the OF.

          1. Eh, he’s a left fielder now. That means you only have to clear the better than Ibanez and Burrell line for fielding competence. He’ll get there.

  7. So first we trade Cliff Lee then try to reacquire him. Then we trade d’Arnaud only to try to reacquire him. What the hell is Ruben doing?

      1. Oh right, let’s acquire the future HOFer we ALREADY HAVE by trading him and then getting him back. Glad you’re not the GM.

  8. Only workable scenario I see. The Blue Jays have Jose Bautista who is now 31. His prime will not last long. The second wild card gives the Jays hope of making the playoffs. With JC Arencibia, the Jays could consider trading a prospect for a “win now” piece. The Phillies’ position of strength is starting pitching, and Cole Hamels is a free agent after this season. Trading Hamels would free up $13 million or so for the free agency market, possibly to acquire a shortstop.

    Not advocating for or against. But I could see where trading Hamels for D’Arnaud + others makes the Phillies better.

      1. I’d consider doing that (and Cole’s my favorite player) but no way Toronto gives up Lawrie in any deal. He’s the future of their franchise.

      2. d’Arnuad tears his ulnar collateral ligament at his MCP joint in the thumb and you want to trade for him. His thumb can become chronically unstable at this point…and how do you grasp a bat?

    1. Yup…definitely I’m the dumb one…not the guy hiding behind “Anonymous” on a website where we already use anonymous posting handles.

  9. My guess is the Phillies call all the teams that have blocked players of whom the Phils think are very good just to ask what that team is thinking. Some teams trade the expensive encumbant (Phillies and Jim Thome) and some teams trade the minor league/rookie guy and keep the veteran. Some blocked players can move to another position but catchers are more unique. Would the Phils try to steal DArnaud back? Of course, they’d try. Does DArnaud profile as better than Valle? Of course he does after a MVP season at AA. However, Toronto GM has done a terrific job and won’t give DArnaud up for less than a large ransom and that will exclude the Phils who don’t have much to give. As for all the Brown noise, the Phils will absolutely not trade him now. They still believe (hope?) they have a good player in Dom Brown who needs a full season in LF in AAA to get back to where he needs to be. I still think he’s capable of hitting .320 there. How many position players do we have that we think can hit .320 next year at their level? Any? Brown (and Gillies)has at least done it before. Lastly: trade Hamels? Not a chance, not even worth debating. He’ll be signed to an extension before spring training.

    1. It’s something fun to debate though. He’s definitely the best prospect we’ve traded away in any of the deals, Singleton probably a close second.

      Alex Anthopoulos is a great GM and he wouldn’t give up Travis for a pile of crap, if he trades him at all.

    1. Bob Elliot isn’t a highliy regarded reporter, but this reminds me of the “Phillies discussing offering Ryan Howard for Albert Pujols.”

      Every team talks about every player. I’ve got to think D’Arnaud is untouchable except in the right deal, and the right deal is probably Cole Hamels for D’ARnaud +. Do the Phillies do that deal? If the other prospect is Lawrie maybe, but only if Cole makes it clear he won’t resign, which doesn’t seem to be the case.

      There’s no prospect we have left that equals D’Arnaud. Domonic Brown maybe, but his stock is, rumored, to have fallen around the league. I still think the world of him as a prospect but I would trade him. Good outfielders are easier to come by than a guy who can be your catcher for 10 years.

      At this point, it’s all speculation and I agree with others as well as Phuture Phillies, that its fun to talk about. I’d be thrilled if they could reacquire Travis but I don’t think it’s likely, especially as the Blue Jays don’t view JP Arencibia as an every day catcher long term.

      I don’t see any of the guys in the Roy Halladay deal getting traded for anything other than legit MLB talent.

    2. Halladay for DArnaud+. Don’t laugh. Is Halladay a great pitcher? Yes. Do I love to watch him? Yes. Did we win one World Series without him and reach a second one? Yes. Have we reached the World Series since we acquired him? No. Of course, it isn’t just Halladay, but the point is that having him pitch for us hasn’t translated into a championship or even a pennant. So, trading him back before he loses all his value may not be such a dumb move if we can acquire good players and reduce the payroll by $20 million.

      1. Sorry, I laughed. Trade the best pitcher in baseball? A future Hall of Famer who has shown no signs of letting up? And a guy who has agreed to a reasonable contract which regularly outperforms? I don’t think so.

        Let me explain it this way. The entire point of buidling and maintaining a championship team is to acquire players like Roy Halladay, not trade them away.

        Ruben screwed up once when he traded Cliff Lee. He’s not going to do it again by trading Roy Halladay. It would be insane.

        1. I hope that you ultimately prove to be correct, but, although it is not his fault,Roy Halladay has never been on a championship team. Pat Burrell has been on two. Some players are just lucky, I guess.

          1. Yes and others are unlucky, which is why Eric Bruntlett was on a championship team and Ted Williams and Ernie Banks (among others) were not.

            1. The problem is that I am starting to get the sinking feeling that Halladay may be in the unlucky category. I sure hope that I am wrong!

            2. Well, I don’t know about ridiculous. I began to think that Halladay might be unlucky when his team couldn’t even get him one run in game 5 of the NLDS last season. That is the only time that they have been shut out in the post-season since this run began in 2007!

            3. The premise of basing roster decisions on “unlucky” was the ridiculous part to me. For example Reggie Jackson (Mr. October) most people would probably reflexively say is an excellent playoff hitter, with a great record. Go look at his numbers though, and they are mostly awful, outside of 1978, the year he became Mr October.

              Halladay isn’t any more unlucky than most players in baseball who never win a World Series. In that regard Cliff Lee has never been on a championship team and surely is also unlucky and should be disposed off before he infects the team.

              I’m being hyperbolic, but only because I think it’s a completely ridiculous premise, though I understand how easy it is to fall into those assumptions when things haven’t gone perfect.

            4. I don’t think that Lee has been that unlucky; except for 2009, he just hasn’t pitched well in the post season. One could argue that, with a better performance from Lee in Game 2, the Phillies would have probably made it to the World Series.

  10. i think really
    valle pettibone and de frauts or cash

    or dom brown and pettibone
    why does ruban amro hate dbrown

  11. I don’t think RA hates D Brown, but Cholly might. Giving time to R. Brown and Mayberry means he can’t get or play a vet. Cholly loves vets.

    I think the notion that RA is actively seeking the return of Travis is bogus. Travis isn’t ready to start for us at C in 2012, either developmentally or healthwise. Valle is ready soon. If the Phillies were to trade for a star minor leaguer, it should be a shortstop or 3B.

  12. Just a thought, is it do able and if to would the people like it. Sign Reuse at short and flip galvis to for D’Arnaud. Also I am a Galvis guy but to have a catcher with that potential in the line up is nice

    1. And if you toss in Hamels, they might actually do that deal.

      d’Arnaud is one of the best prospects in baseball…probably Top 5 overall.
      Galvis is maybe Top 500.

      1. Sorry in the above I ment Reyes (Damn auto correct). I hear you on that not being enough but Galvis has to have alot of value considering the position he mans. Now good point heads up is not fair but I would think you could throw in some money and I guess through in Valle. Only need one top catcher at a time.
        All that’s goes out the window until docotrs check that hand out though.

        1. An exaggeration used to make a point. d’Arnaud projects as a potential AS at the toughest position on the diamond. Galvis projects as an all-glove utility guy in the mold of Adam Everett or John McDonald…there’s a world of difference there.

          Also, there’s a huge gap between d’Arnaud and Valle.

  13. I’m not sure how many GM’s over value the catchers position these days in terms of offensive production. It seems every time you have an above average offensive catcher the talk swings to moving them into the field when possible.

    These guys get banged up quite a bit a la Maurer and Posey. Would anyone disagree the chance of injury behind the plate is much greater than anywhere else on the field? I think my point is if your offensive tool is well above average I see no reason to have you behind the plate (if I can some how move you to another position)

    1. DMAR…you are absolutely correct….defensive catchers seem to be the desirable commodity anymore. The days of a Johnny Bench, Fisk, Munson, Rodiguez seem to be getting fewer and fewer.

      1. I,d rather have chase d,arnaud and neill walker. Or j.j. Hardy. For the overated d. Brown. If need be thowe in one of our many mimor pitchers. Signing kubel cuddyer or hill would be nice since we have 30 million to reach last years payroll and next years luxery tax, as mreaningless as it is, is 189.

  14. We have been lucky for a few years now. We have not had a logical long term replacement for Ruiz. If you think the price is high now. I would like to have someone Charlie has enough confidence in to play 40% of the games and Ruiz will be strongerbecause of it. It would be helpful if they progressed with the pitchers they will be catching. It seems impossible to find a lhh catcher of quality. That would be so much better to sit Ruiz down against tough rhp. Who is going to be the next Ryne Sandberg. Singleton and D’Arnaud are 1,2 in my book.

    1. Imo valle is the cather of the future and probably the only full time position player in the system. Ironically compared to the phils history pitching has been our strencght over the past 5years. With hamels and worley and two more of the youngsters say biddle way our staff will be set .trade the rest for inf,s.

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