Hot or Not

A look back at the time period of Aug 19-26th. Look for the last edition of Hot and Not on Labor Day.  Musings of the week…When will Tyler Cloyd get some real publicity?….JuRod doing it again…Biddle staying strong…Brody Colvin’s woes continue another week….DeFratus/Cisco putting up noticeable numbers, while after a rough start is Diekman the LOOGY to watch in 2012?

A fantastic week for Cesar Hernandez….Cody Overbeck coming around….Tyler Greene ready for the step up next year….and of course, Freddy Galvis doing what he does, hit?…Strong year for Valle and Mitchell but falling off a bit.

Hot Starters: Julio Rodriguez (14IP 8H 0ER 1BB 17K); Tyler Cloyd (14IP 13H 2ER 1BB 17K); Jesse Biddle (5IP 1H 0ER 3BB 2K); Austin Hyatt (11IP 7H 1ER 4BB 6K); Austin Wright (8IP 4H 1ER 1BB 12K); Paul Cusick (5IP 2H 0ER 0BB 4K); Jon Pettibone (7IP 3H 1BB 0BB 6K); Joe Esposito (5.2IP 4H 0ER 2BB 2K); Ervis Manzanillo (5.1IP 2H 0ER 1BB 2K); Adam Morgan (5IP 4H 0ER 0BB 4K) Honorable Mention: Edell, Buchanan, Bonilla, Garner

Not Hot Starters: Brody Colvin (11IP 14H 10ER 5BB 5K); BJ Rosenberg (2.1IP 3H 3ER 3BB 1K); Scott Mathieson (3.2IP 4H 4ER 6BB 3K); Gonzalez (3.2IP 6H 4ER 2BB 4K); Tyson Brummett (5IP 9H 5ER); Josh Warner (4.1IP 6H 4ER); JC Ramirez (5.1IP 6H 3ER 4BB 2K)

Hot Relievers: Mike Cisco (7.1IP 4H 0ER 4BB 7K, 1SV); Tyler Knigge (7IP 2H 0ER 1BB 4K, 1SV); Jesus Pirela (6IP 6H 0ER 0BB 5K); Jacob Diekman (5IP 1H 0ER 2BB 6K); Matt Campbell (7IP 4H 0ER 1BB 2K); Justin DeFratus (4IP 2H 0ER 0BB 7K, 3SV); Ryan Feireabend (4IP 2H 0ER 1BB 6K); Austin Brough (4.1IP 3H 0ER 0BB 2K);Hector Neris (4IP 2H 0ER 1BB 4K); Colby Shreve (4IP 2H 0ER 1BB 7K). Honorable Mention: Whatcott, Cota, Savery

Not Hot Relievers: Juan Perez (1IP 5H 3ER 3BB 2K); Mike McGuire (3.0IP 5H 3ER 3BB 3K); Y RIos (3IP 3H 3ER); Craig Fritsch (1IP 1ER 3BB); Chris Kissock (6IP 9H 5ER); Mike Zagurski (4.1IP 6H 3ER); Justin Friend (5IP 7H 3er)

Hot Hitters:(Min 12 AB’s)Cesar Hernandez (.520, 6R, 5SB);Chris Duffy (.476, 4R 2HR 4RBI); Tyler Greene (.462); Alejandro Vilalobos (.444); Cody Overbeck (.421, 7RBI); Gustavo Gonzalez (.400); Matt Rizzotti (.387, 5RBI); Kevin Frandsen (.379); Freddy Galvis (.375); Mike Spidale (.371, 9R). Honorable Mention: Young, S Singleton, Collier.

Not Hot Hitters: John Hill (.000); Michael Marshall (.050); Troy Hanzawa (.118); Brock Stassi (.133); Drew Hillman (.148); Sebastian Valle (.150); Edgar Duran (.150); Cody Asche (.150); Derrick Mitchell (.160); Matthew Holland (.167); D’Arby Myers (.167).

39 thoughts on “Hot or Not

  1. Good to see Tyler Greene’s name as a hot hitter, looking forward to seeing how he develops over the next few years.

    Too bad about Colvin, does this mean he will repeat at Clearwater next year? I haven’t followed him too much but every time I do it hasn’t sounded good, I know there’s been some injury problems and that can hamper any prospects development so whatever’s best for his future at this point.

    Chris Duffy I remember hearing about after he was drafted but haven’t heard too much on him as I’ve only recently found this site, which is great btw so thanks for the efforts, how has his season gone and will he be in Lakwood next year?

    1. I think Colvin has to start the season in High A again and get a good 10-12 solid starts under his belt before the Phils consider a callup to Reading.

    2. I feel like Chris Duffy has gotten buried and never given a fair shake. He had a stellar college career at Central Florida and a solid GCL debut last year (not W’port) making the GCL all-star team. His reward for all that was a return trip to the GCL where he hasn’t even been given regular playing time. I have no idea if he got hurt along the way but he was healthy during spring training when I spoke to him. Anyone have any word on why he repeated GC?

  2. J.C.Ramirez has to develop a secondary pitch in order to succeed. If he does this , he could be really good since he throws 98. David Herndon took some time to develop a slider.

      1. Who is Irene? Did she clear waivers? I’m trading for her…sounds like she could be our 4th starter next year and go 4-15 for us…

    1. Maybe he’ll throw even harder when he’s coming out of the pen next year. He sure seems headed that way.

      1. Went to the R-Phils game last Monday night that JC pitched…the New Britain Rock Cats gun was picking him up at 89 mph’s whenever it did pick him up,(the gun was probably only registering about 25% of his pitches for some reason). Which ever it was 89 or 98, he was frustrating to watch pitch. He consistenly ran high pitch counts and Dan you are correct, he didn’t have an out pitch.

  3. Does anybody else follow Jiwan James on twitter? Its amazing to me the intellectual and maturity disparities between some of our young players / prospects. I remember reading some of the comments / blogs from Schwimer as an example and you see a very well read, intelligent, mature young professional with great self awareness and ability to honestly assess his performance and growth areas and then you see a Jiwan James and all I can think of is boy I sure hope he has some crazy raw talent…

    1. The twitter format doesn’t exactly lend itself to intelligent discourse. Theres probably something to be said for a college education too. But his twitter doesn’t seem that bad. Just some slang and common twitter speak.

      Hey, he said J-Rod sits 97-99 and touches 101 with the fastball. The scouting reports have all been wrong!

    2. you persuaded me to check out his twitter. Honestly didn’t think it was so bad. I think thats the 2nd time i’ve ever looked at an athlete on twitter. The only other one was earlier this season (i think it was cosart…it might have been another of our pitching prospects) and it was enough for me to not want to ever look again. I don’t really want to know much about these guys personal lives cause theres a good chance that they come off as frat boys in these twitter snap shots. Not hating on them for acting the way that most any young men is gonna act cause really, they’re kids, but it definitely kills the intrigue of following these guys.

    3. Schwimer’s a college grad (UVa) from a very good prep school. James is a high school kid who has been learning to play baseball. There is no comparison. Watch James play ball. If his twitter account is that interesting maybe he has some ability there.

  4. I can’t tell you if Ramirez has ever thrown 98 but I mentioned last week I saw him a week ago, in Reading, and he was 89-91, touched 93 maybe once. Struggled that game as well (of course all of his last 7 starts or so have been stuggles). Didn’t look in very good shape – he could just be worn down.

  5. I saw Ramirez twice hitting high 80s on the stadium gun. Regardless of the gun accuracy, there is no way watching live that he was anywhere close to mid 90s.

    1. There was a report last week I believe in the Sunday Inquirer with Woelver talking about JC and thowing in mid 90’s and how he needs a second pitch if he wants to succeed.

  6. BTW, Reading, Lehigh Valley and Williamsport are all in dogfights for playoff spots. Once baseball resumes, this is going to be a heck of a week.

    1. I know the minors aren’t about winning as much as development, but it sure is nice to see our AAA, AA, A , A, and Rookie teams all above 500 and most fighting for playoff spots. Will be great experience for the prospects and doesn’t hurt giving them a few more games to play.

      1. Learning how to win is part of the process. The Phillies are aware of this. Look what some attention has done for Lehigh Valley.

  7. Can’t say enough about Cesar Hernandez and his turnaround. After jumping a level and struggling mightily for the first 1-2 months, he has brought his average up to almost .270 with 20+ steals. He certainly needs to make more contact, but I am still impressed with his perseverence to turn around what could have been a lost season or a demotion.

    1. Even isolating Hernandez’s August stats his K/BB ratio is still poor. I was probably the biggest Hernandez booster on the site before the season. Now he’s probably back end of the top 20. He does deserve a break due to the double jump, but it complicates things that he only has two options left (I believe).

  8. I am high on ceasar. If he had just an avg. first month in reading he would be batting .290. I f he didn’t double jump he would probably be hitting .340 in clearwater and moved up to reading last month. Could he be our future shortstop in 2014?

    1. You are one level off- he skipped Lakewood and is playing 2B at Clearwater this year. You might be confusing him with Fidel Hernandez who plays SS at Reading and is more of the journeyman type.

  9. No I was thinking of ceasar just didn’t have my coffee yet. I look at his box score almost everyday yet still said reading

  10. Daren Ruf’s numbers are awesome – .316 17 hr 79 rbi and 41 doubles. Wait till he plays in Reading which is a more hitter friendly park compared to Clearwater.

    1. Strong organizational filler. Just much too old for his level.

      Let’s say we picked a player of the year completely regardless of prospect status. That is, just on performance. Freddy Galvis, Brandon Moss, Darin Ruf, Jim Murphy, Matt Rizzotti seem like the top candidates. Given defense and playing time, there’s a good argument that Galvis was possibly the MVP of the minor leagues this season.

      1. Re-read. Did not say he was a prospect. Just the best performing position player in the system. That’s who that award goes to. Not necessarily a top prospect. And he could hit a mess’o’HRs at Reading and still not be a prospect. I think he has an outside chance to be a role player, based purely on consistent performance (never any extended periods of struggle in pros) and that he has an excellent frame of mid–confident, even-tempered, mature guy. I’m hoping he does. He’ll need to learn how to play LF to increase his value, but could at least get a cupajoe as a PH next Sept or 2013. All depends on whether he continues to stay in top shape and perform at a high level. I’m not one to just ignore fringe guys. I like to give props to those who earn them.

      2. I think Galvis and Ruff are top candidates. Moss a bit too old and just treading water at AAA, Rizz out of grace, Murphy way to low a level for age. It’s between those 2.

  11. I agree that Galvis should be the minor league player of the year based on his improvements he has made. The top pitcher is between Schwimer, May, Rodriguez, and Biddle. The Phils only need org fillers at 1b for now w/Howard. L.Greene Jr might get a look down the road as Howard’s deal is ending.

    1. Julio Rodriguez is easily Phillies minor league pitcher of the year. Trevor May is a better prospect IMO but Rodriguez had a better season.

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