First Person Scouting Report – Lehigh Valley 5 August 2011

Evan, a loyal reader, provided me with a first person report from Friday’s LHV/Durham Bulls game. Here it is, and thanks to Evan

PITCHING: RHP Nate Bump opposed RHP Ryan Reid. Bump went 5.0 innings he pitched well, he had zero strikeouts two walks and six hits allowed. Nate let up two runs (all earned) in a two-run bottom of the third on a DH Stephen Vogt double to left. The Vogt double was a sinking line drive that Domonic Brown should have fielded on a hop, Brown made a last second dive and missed the ball by about three feet. Dom had a rough game in left, he misplayed three balls off of the 30 foot high wall in left. Before the game during batting practice roving coach Steve Henderson was working with Brown in left, it shouldn’t be problem with him in left in 2012. Back to pitching Bump topped out a 93 MPH with LHP Joe Savery following in relief, Joe allowed a infield base hit to 3B Daniel Mayora, Mayora moved to second on a groundout. Mayora stole third on the next pitch and ended up scoring on a throwing error from Catcher Dane Sardinha. Joe surrendered one unearned run and finished the inning with a strikeout. BIG Mike Zagurski (225 lbs. on a good day) followed Savery, Mike threw a perfect seventh inning and followed it up by striking out 1B Dan Johnson to record the first out of the eighth. Aaron Heilman finished the eighth, Heilman had a good changeup and slider that he used with two strikes, the pitches varied from 78-84 MPH. Phillippe Aumont was impressive in the ninth, he threw a 1 hit inning for his second save. Aumont hit 96 MPH with his fastball and consistently hit 78 MPH with his breaking ball. Aumont got two fly outs to centerfield before allowing a SS Reid Brignac single followed by a CF John Matulia K.

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OFFENSE: The Ironpigs offense was nothing special today, they had the luxury of poor Durham defense (three errors). RHP Ryan Reid shut down the ‘Pigs for four innings before falling apart in the fifth. Delwyn Young led off the fifth with a single to center, 1B Cody Overbeck K’d, and with Sardinha at the plate, Reid over threw the first basemen to move Young to second, Sardinha popped out; the Lehigh Valley two-out rally began. Freddy Galvis (2-4) singled up the middle to score Young (2-1 Durham). Josh Barfield followed with a single to advance Galvis to second. Durham brought in LHP Cesar Ramos who allowed a two run double to 3B Pete Orr (3-2 LHV), Domonic Brown walked but was stranded when Brandon Moss lined out. Sidewinder RHP Joe Bateman came on for the Bulls in the seventh, Pete Orr led the inning off with a unusual ground ball that was thrown into right field by 2B Ray Olmedo, Orr went to second. Brown struck out and then Brandon Moss singled in Orr (4-3 LHV).

OVERALL: The Ironpigs played a good game and they showed that the Phillies have a bright future out of the back end of the Lehigh Valley Bullpen.


PETE ORR (3B): 2-4 with a RBI and started a 7th inning rally with a single and advancing to second on an error. He was hit by a pitch and stole second in the game as well.

JOSH BARFIELD (CF): 1-5, not a great day at the plate but had a solid game in center. He ran down several balls in the gap and made two nice catches running in on line drives in the ninth.

DOMONIC BROWN (LF): Dom didn’t really standout but I have to mention him, like I said he needs work in left after misplaying a few fly balls. 1-4 1 BB and 2 K’s, and he showed excellent speed in the ninth legging out a ground ball to avoid a double play.

FREDDY GALVIS (SS): 2-4 at the dish with a RBI and run scored he has hit well in his few AAA games (.333 AVG.) which is a surprise to most, but what isn’t a surprise is his glove, Freddy showed tremendous athleticism and a strong arm, he had three great plays charging in on soft hit grounders. I can see the Phillies giving him a September call and potentially take Valdez’s spot next year.

BULLPEN: JOE SAVERY (LHP) got the win and showed that he could be a lefty arm besides Perez, and Zagurski in Philly. MIKE ZAGURSKI (LHP) impressed with a perfect inning and a third. AARON HEILMAN (RHP) pitched well but is simply in LHV to fill a bullpen roll and mentor De Fratus, Aumont, Schwimer, and Zagurski. I’m sure the Phillies have plans of promoting him in September if he impresses them at the Triple-A level but he seems to be just as good as any other AAA middle reliever. PHILLIPPE AUMONT (RHP) seems to have a spot in the September and 2012 Phillies bullpen with his name on it, he could be up now and handle himself better than the likes of Herndon and Perez. His “slurve” is nasty at 78 MPH, follow it up with a 94+ heater and he will be able to get outs at the big league level.

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  1. It is great to read about Aumont after all the roasting of Reuben over the trade for Lee. I would find it very ironic IF all 3 players ended up playing with Lee in Philadelphia.

    I also appreciate the positive attitude about Brown with a rough night. Great, balance write up!

    1. All three? It’s looking like one of three. But, if Aumont ends up being a back-end bullpen piece with potential to be future closer, that would be nice return (IMO).

  2. Gotta disagree on Galvis being Valdez’ utility infielder replacement for the team next year. Not because he isn’t a good/excellent SS prospect, but because he needs a full season at AAA LV then.

    He probably has made the most (unexpected) progress in his entire game, particularly his offense, of all the Phils minor leaguers in 2011. He is now probably one of the best SS prospects at the upper levels of minor lg ball. The final refining of his game at LV.

    Probably in the Phils first five. ’13 arrival. J-Roll’s issue still obtains.

    1. Agreed. Not to start the season anyway. In many ways, Valdez has already been replaced.

      Evan: Thanks for the report. Any velocity reports on Savery?

  3. All 3 acquired players joining Lee in Philly? I think Tyson Gillies has to actually play in the minors before he comes to MLB (and JCR is really struggling).

    1. It is very possible that Mayberry is playing his way past Brown as the primary LF candidate next year or at least earning a platoon with him.

      1. If “very possible” means the same thing to you as “not even remotely plausible unless the Phillies decide they are tired of winning ball games,” then yes.

        1. Yes because I’m sick and tired of watching Mayberry tie games with homers in the 9th inning, play strong defense, and aggressively run the bases.

          1. One week and now he’s the left fielder of the future? He’s going to have to do a lot to jump Brown in the depth chart next year.

            1. He’s had much more than one good week – the baserunning and defense have been on display all year and ever since he was recalled and altered his stance, he’s hit really well. Its hardly a stretch to see them in a platoon next year, Brown plays about 75% of the time, Mayberry the balance.

            2. Needs to convince only one guy—-Charlie. And right now, Charlie thinks sabermerics is the star character in the latest transformer movie.

            3. There’s a difference between a platoon with Brown (which I think is going to happen) and playing his way into being the primary left field candidate. John’s turned himself into a solid 4th outfielder/right handed bat off the bench.

          2. In a perfect world, you give Mayberry and even Brown more ABs with no trade for Pence and benching of Ibanez.

            But this is not 2007 and you do whatever it takes to win even if the most ideal decisions do not pay out right away. Platoon in LF next year all the way unless Brown or Mayberry prove to be too hot at the plate. BenFran will not be tendered this off season as there is no room for him on the team. Go Phillies!

    2. Does it make any sense to leave Brown in RF and instead move Pence to LF? Or is this just a non-starter for some reason?

        1. I guess that’s one way to look at it. However, now Brown has to make more adjustments. Changing positions doesn’t seem like a good way to help his progress.

      1. Brown has the worse defense, he needed help in Rt and now in Lt . Why would anyone move Pence for Brown. Brown’s been there, done that and still can’t do it. Why keep making excuses for Brown’s lack of talent. Either you have it or you don’t. Why not give Mayberry that chance. There are other players in the farm who can play good defensively if you don’t like Mayberry. But you should atlease give Mayberry the chance.

        1. It would be much better to make excuses for Mayberry’s lack of talent? Brown isn’t a great defender, but it’s worth noting, his line is very similar to Schmidt’s rookie line. Not saying he’ll be that good, just that it’s a little early to give up on a 23 year old and call for replacing him with a 4th Outfielder.

        2. Raul Ibanez is the worst defensive outfielder in baseball and they’re 8.5 games up… I think they can live with D. Brown in left… at the very least, he’s going to save runs because of his arm and for the most part, our staff is full of ground ball/strikeout pitchers… besides Worley.

  4. Galvis may come up in September, but he’ll be in LHV next year to build on his progress. He won’t get enough reps as a utility guy.

    RF is Pence’s until at least 2014 so moving Brown to LF makes sense. Mayberry’s new stance has served him well . Hopefully Brown can learn from this and shorten his swing. Are his hands still too high or is he working on it?

  5. I suspect a transaction tonight or tomorrow to read as folllows:

    Phillies place 3B Placido Polanco on the 15 day DL with a bum hip. To fill his roster spot, they’ve called up RHP Phillippe Aumont from AAA Lehigh Valley.

      1. I think Aumont has become the #1 relief prospect. As good as Schwimer’s #’s are… if the organization thought he was ready, he’d be up here by now.

        Has his #’s against lefties improved?

        1. I don’t think there’s any question Aumont is a better prospect (so’s De Fratus), but that’s not the same as saying he’ll be the next call-up. There’s been enough “he’s earned a chance” comments from FO types about Schwim that if there’s a pitcher coming up, I think it’s him.

        2. Schwim getting called up would mean a change to the 40 man, and start his service clock. That’s likely the only reason he isn’t up. He may come up in September, but my guess is he’ll break camp with the team next Spring.

          1. Carpenter wasn’t on the 40 man roster either. They chose him over Schwimer. Aumont has the stuff to come up and dominate.

            1. Don’t think the team was concerned about starting Carpenter’s clock, service time, being unused, etc. He was a stop-gap filler that the team wasn’t worried about losing. Both Schwimmer and Aumont are in a different league.

            2. Drew had previously been on the 40 man and was DFA’d with no other teams placing claims on him. Adding Carpenter to the 40 man left the Phillies with options, as they could DFA him to make space if they needed to add Kratz or if any deadline trades happened which would require moving someone off the 40 man. If the Phillies DFA’d Scwim, he’d get grabbed up by someone. Carpenter is easier to move on and off, if needed.

  6. I wonder what Pence looked like on D at Brown’s age. Some have to acquire the talent. Brown will be ok in LF next year. Hopefully.
    Ryne should be the manager of the year.

    1. You’d have to ask his AA coach.

      Remember that, when Pence was 23, he was in AA.

      Brown will figure it out.

  7. Thank you Evan. Your presence at the game and your willingness to report on it makes everyone’s perception clearer. I appreciate your report.

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