Injury updates on Colvin, Singleton, and Gillies

David Hale offers updates on a number of our walking wounded here. Colvin will be back soon, while Singleton is still shut down, but the team is confident its just a normal ankle sprain with no long term ramifications. Tyson Gillies is starting to resume some baseball activities, but the team wants to limit the possibility of another hamstring setback, so they are taking it slow. Check out the article for the full details.

18 thoughts on “Injury updates on Colvin, Singleton, and Gillies

  1. So let’s assume for a second Oswalt is gone for a week or so and we need a spot starter, I think the move is to give that start to Vance Worley rather than Kendrick. Two reasons could be put forth – 1) Worley is better than Kendrick (my personal favorite) or 2) Kendrick has actually had a couple good relief outings in a row so maybe leaving him there is best for him and the team.

    1. Only catch is Worley’s rotation. He started the 24th, assume that puts him in line to pitch tomorrow. The Phillies will need a starter on Monday. Worley will have to throw off his schedule somewhat.

    2. Good question, but take it a step further. If Hamels, Halladay, Lee, and Oswalt all miss their next starts, who goes? Blanton on Friday, Worley on Sat, Kendrick on Sunday, and Heavy B on 3 days rest on Monday?

  2. The organization has just run out of middle infielders at A+. After getting hit by a pitch SS Hanzawa had to leave the game in the top of the 7th today forcing Schoey to SS, Mattair to second and Ruf the DH to third. No Thresher DH in the game for the final three innings.

  3. Alan – because the Phils have an off day thursday, they could skip Oswalt on Monday and pitch Worley on Tuesday on normal rest I think.

  4. Don’t sell Galvis short just yet—–already has the MLB glove and arm—getting the bat on the ball more now at Reading.

      1. Are you always a complete moron? Who is expecting a 21 yr SS who never hit, let alone hit for power to hit HRs. At least he is starting to hit a little bit,and I know last night he had a HR and a double. I’ll take that. In one night he matched Rollins #’s for HRs!

  5. But the big news:
    Domonic Brown, in the start of his rehab from a broken hand, went 2-for-4 with a homer today at Single-A Clearwater as the Threshers beat Lakeland.

    1. So much for the theory some people were pushing about how his power would disappear for months at least.

      1. That is not some crazy theory – most people with hamate bone problems report an extended loss in power. I hope that Brown continues to buck that trend!

  6. Rulz – nice response, that time of the month? Try taking things that you think are brain dead and ignoring them rather than making immature inappropriate responses. Go back and listen to WIP.

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