Nice Phillippe Aumont article

Bob Brookover brings the words. Its nice to hear Aumont feels good about himself again. I think sometimes the human element does get lost in the mix when focusing on arm strength, walk rate, pitchability and the like, but its still vitally important. While Aumont may have had more value in the rotation, if he’s comfortable in the pen, and he rebounds to his 92-96 level fastball with his sharp curveball, there will still be plenty of value there to extract. So far so good.

28 thoughts on “Nice Phillippe Aumont article

  1. Wouldn’t we all like to know whose idea it was to make him a starter AND mess with his delivery. Lets hope.

  2. Let’s resurrect the Lee Three one at a time. Ramirez is off to a decent start too. Got to get Gillies going well this season. He may have the most potential of all, a good candidate to replace Vic if he can out the hamstring behind him.

  3. Man, there are some serious bullpen options for this team moving forward and watching the guys get shots and the order of the opportunities will be fascinating.

  4. I know there’s a lot of hype surrounding Stutes right now, but Aumont is the guy I’d like to see in the Phils’ pen this summer. My money is on Aumont replacing Lidge next year.

  5. In this world of internet sophistication and instant analysis, Aumont remains a reminder of the ebb and flow of Minor League development. Those who want to see instant/guaranteed stardom from an 19 or 20 year old should probably stick to basketball and the like where you know a 17 year old Kobe or Lebron will be stars for sure. Conversely, those who are ready to crown Aumont the next Lidge also might need to chill just a little.
    The folks involved with the development/management of the Minor League players themselves have just an incredibly difficult job. As a post above remarks, wouldn’t we like to know who wanted Aumont to go to the bullpen. The reality is: it could very well be the same person who ballyhooed the drafting of Ryan Howard or Cole Hamels; they aren’t batting 1,000 on that side of the ball either, and, in fact, like the players themselves, batting over .300 is probably pretty damn good!

  6. I wouldn’t put money on Aumont replacing Lidge as closer next year. I think that job will stay in the hands of Madson and Contreras. However, Aumont is the current minor league reliever I have the highest belief will become a back-end bullpen piece in the future.

  7. Agree dont think this team make aumont a closer next year/ but really not sold on madson in closer role, I Know he has the stuff,but his makeup worries me and contrares is getting old to put that much faith in him being the closer./

  8. Yeah a role that important for Aumont would be too soon next year. Give Madson the chance. But I do think Aumont has the highest ceiling of any of our relief prospects, edging De Fratus because of his curveball. He’s also less of a sure thing than a few of the other guys, but that’s often how it goes with prospects.

  9. I’m thinking Contreras may have another year or two left, maybe in a closer role. We’ll find out in a few months.

  10. Cheese Glavis stole home. Good for him. One hit scored two runs, maybe he is using his speed and forcing errors
    Harold is still hot.
    Nice job by Ramirez

  11. He sounds like he can play the point on the power play for the Flyers.
    Somebody needs to.

  12. What I’m about to state is clearly a best case scenario, but let’s imagine the greatness of this if it would happen to materialize…

    1. Contreras excels in the closer role this year and is healthy going into next year. Phils assume he will be the closer.

    2. Lidge’s option is declined and Madson gets an offer to close elsewhere that the Phils don’t match due to their belief he can’t do the job.

    3. Bastardo proves this year that he is ready to be the primary left handed set up man in 2012.

    4. Aumont dominates AA in 2011 and earns a September call up and pitches extremely well in the big leagues.

    5. Stutes earns a call up mid season and pitches great as a 7th inning guy.

    6. Herndon, Mathieson, and Schwimer all pitch well in their current roles and the Phils believe they have 1 or 2 capable middle relief options from this group.

    If all this were to happen, the Phils 2012 bullpen could look as follows:

    Closer – Contreras
    RH Setup – Stutes or Aumont
    LH Setup – Bastardo
    RhP – Stutes or Aumont
    Middle – Mathieson or Schwimer
    Middle – Veteran Free Agent (Durbin type from 08)
    Long – Herndon

    Their current bullpen is costing them about $23M this year, the cost of this bullpen would be about $6M. With that $17M plus $11M from Ibanez and another possible $8M if they moved Blanton and used Worley, that $36M would more than cover the increases for other players – Howard, Hamels, and Lee primarily, allowing them to have a few bucks more to spend on the offense.

    1. Only Dave $$$ Montgomery should be so excited about cutting all the salaries out of the pen. Losing Madson can’t possibly be spun as a good thing. Having young cheap arms in the pen is good to an extent, but not to the extent that only one guy has a track record. I’ll go along with most of your post aside from the Madson nonsense.

    2. John S. Middleton has $4 Billion bucks in cash and the Phillies are sold out and rolling towards a huge TV deal.

      No way do I want to see Ryan Madson go anywhere. There’s plenty of money for a couple of star bats.

  13. Anyone else see the comments about Rizz at the end? He needs to hit for more power in certain counts? I don’t know what that means. He needs to hit homers on hitters’ counts? Or hit for power on all counts? It was not as enlightening as I would have hoped in terms of figuring out why he is in AA. Also it said he needs to continue to work on his defense – then why does Overbeck get more reps at 1b?

  14. I imagine whomever is working harder on their defense and showing improvement will get more reps at first.

    The bottom line on Rizz at this point – he is out of shape, he can’t play the easiest position in the field even adequately, he can’t handle LHP, and he doesn’t hit for power in counts where power hitters need to drive pitches. Oh yeah, and he’s 25 years old and every team in baseball including the Pirates, Royals, Orioles, Rays, Mariners, Astros, and Diamondbacks could have had him for free and passed. He is not a prospect, his upside is the 40 year old version of Matt Stairs.

    1. And Matt Stairs can’t hit anymore yet got $700,000 last year and $850,000 this year. It cost half that to give Rizzotti a chance to prove himself.

  15. RULZ – I agree losing Madson independent of salary is bad. If they could resign him as a setup man at anywhere near what they are paying him now, I’d do that in a heartbeat. My point though was that I’d rather lose him than a) retain him as a setup man at closer money or b) give him a long term, high $ deal to be our closer (unless he gets the chance this year and does well).

  16. According to his manager he is working hard on his defense:

    While I agree he hits RHP better than LHP, he’s not exactly bad against LHP. In 2010:

    CLW vs. LHP: 310/356/357 in 45 PAs
    REA vs. LHP: 352/470/463 in 66 PAs

    I agree that he’s old for his league and has limited usefulness due to his defensive limitations. However, people are a bit more negative on him than they should be. Who’s to say he couldn’t be Brian Daubach? I would be pretty psyched if he turned into Stairs, who was pretty studly in the late 90s with the As.

    1. I agree people are a bit more negative about Rizzotti than they have to be. The negativity is caused by every thread being hijacked by the same group of posters asking why Rizzotti isn’t getting any respect.
      It’s been explained 100 different ways and some still don’t understand the simple concepts of age to level, or the offensive requirements for each defensive position(or DH).
      The Phillies even proved that he wasn’t a serious prospect when they placed him on irrevocable waivers, and still some are pissed that everybody doesn’t agree that Rizzotti is great.

  17. It seems that the Phils are not anxious to give Madson a real opportunity to close during this season. Only if Conteras can’t keep going for the entire season as closer AND Lidge can’t come back well enough would they give Madson the assignment to close. They are not in favor of Madson proving he CAN close…since that would increase his bargaining power in this, his free agency year, at ’11s season’s end. Bad enough that he has Boras the Big Tiger as his agent.

    They WOULD like to resign him but it’s a question also as to whether they want to commit to a long term deal when they seem to have so many seemingly good relievers on the cusp of the bigs. They could justifiably put faith in Aumont IF he continues to dominate at AA through AAA. Though he wouldn’t close right away IF he came up for ’12, he could be worked in as a late reliever. It depends if they could give him an audition late in ’11 IF the games then are not vital…or in mid-inning relief.

    As we know now, the Phils are not cheapskates but to re-sign Madson they’d have to pay plenty for a 4 year deal at least. That would not foreclose guys like Aumont from closing because they could work in the 7th 8th and ultimately close.

    The idea to me is to be able to work the best of Aumont, DeFratus, Mathieson, Stutes, and Schwimmer into a group of relievers in mid or late relief. The lesser salaries paid would allow them to answer gaping holes at SS 3rd base and power from the right side in the outfield. I think that’s the best plan…even if they re-sign Madson.

    1. They don’t have to give Madson a 4 year deal. When was the last time a reliever got 4 years? Cordero, Lidge and KRod all got 3 years at the top of their games. Madson gets 3 years 18 million, max. I’d bet he gets something a little less in total value. More like 2 years 13 million. Unless you are the Yankees, nobody is going to pay a set-up man more than that.

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