Brody Colvin to the DL

Matt Gelb of the Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that Brody Colvin has been placed on the disabled list by Clearwater after failing to complete the third inning yesterday.  Multiple outlets are reporting that the injury is a back injury. 

One other note, pitcher Ryan Sasaki, a 13th round pick in the 2009 draft has been suspended for 50 games for an elevated testosterone/epitestosterone level.

42 thoughts on “Brody Colvin to the DL

    1. Depends on what it actually is. Strained lat? Not a big deal. Stress fracture to a vertebrae? You got some rehabbing to do (though probably still not a big deal, see Hamels, Cole).

  1. Just to point out the futility of this stuff, I would imagine there were about a million words of copy printed this winter about how the most significant difference between Colvin’s and Cosart’s prospect status was injury history… and then 2 innings (!) and this.

    Not judging, Just saying.

      1. Perhaps, in my mind it depends on whether the back problems are muscular or structural.

        My real point is that there are things we understand and things we don’t, whether you’re Keven Goldstein or an occasional Phuture Phillies commenter. Not to say this is a definitive example, and maybe Colvin goes 7 strong innings in 4 days, but I just think people should be wary about making judgments based on sample sizes they don’t understand. For instance, we all agree Eric Chavez is “injury prone” in a meaningful way, but at what point does it become meaningful?

        1. I think it’s more of a spectrum. There is no definitive point after which one can clearly say a player is injury prone. I think if a young pitcher has pain in his arm, especially near his elbow, it can rightly be considered a red flag and one should consider that in evaluating him. As more injuries add up over time, then one can start to use phrases like injury prone.

          I liked what I thought your other point was, namely that with young pitchers health can turn quickly and a lot of the debate we had on Colvin vs. Cosart is now moot.

          1. These are not separate concepts though. It certainly is a spectrum, not a bright line. But nobody has a great understanding of “injury prone.” We spent a lot of time talking about, and for that matter, giving weight to something that is very difficult, particularly when we are talking about teenagers, to quantify.

            It’s just an observation, and it is fair to wonder about. And at some point we may know more (I remember will carroll talking about measuring biokinetics through computer modeling). But we’re still stuck on old tropes (Brody Colvin is 6’3 230lb horse! He’s much less likely to get hurt than some spindly ex-shortstop like Cosart.) that probably aren’t that helpful, so that spectrum you reference is still largely a mystery.

  2. Dave $$$ Montgomery signed this fraud for low dollars so that he wouldn’t have to pay a real prospect in the first round. Now $$$ will be looking for insurance money to expand his back deck.

  3. I hope that Brody Colvin’s removal was precautionary as the Phillies are usually very protective of young pitchers. Get well soon Brody!

  4. The Red Sox have never had a prized prospect get hurt, and they’re not afraid to spend money on prospects.

  5. Well know we know at least. I remember someone recently posted that the DL in the minors usually starts at 7 days??? If Colvin is back in that period then it would seem to be more of a muscle pull then anything too serious. Lets hope.

  6. to clarify my earlier statement, it wasnt me saying that it wasnt serious. It was what Matt Gelb said the phillies stated.

  7. Question: How does the DL work with Rule 5 players? I know Rule 5’s have to stay on the mlb roster the entire season but what happens if they get hurt? Is there a certain amount of time they are allowed to be on the DL and not returned to their former team.

    1. They can, and often are, put on the DL for even the slightest reasons. As long as they have 60 days of active service time (I believe that’s the number off the top of my head), they can basically ride the DL the rest of the way as long as there’s even the slightest injury.

        1. Yes, I think they can. I remember Everth Cabrera for the Padres got put on the 60 day DL then he made some rehabbed in the minors for a few games.

  8. Singleton just pulled from the Clearwater game after coming up gimpy in a slide into second on a double.

  9. Not sure – the announcers on the radio said that the training staff ran over to help him after a close play at the bag, and that he was walking off gingerly with them.

    It makes sense not to take any chances on a top-3 prospect, so it could be precautionary. But Murphy’s Law says it’ll be something more serious and he’ll lose some significant time.

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  11. any update on the singleton injury?

    losing 2 prospects to injury in one day… yikes

    on the + side, even though shreve is too old for lakewood, he put in a nice start tonight

    1. Maybe Shreve jumps up to Clearwater with the injury to Colvin. Age wise, he should at least be up there anyway.

  12. Hmmm, how to respond without responding, thank god, we will leave it at that…as to Colvin/Singleton, this seriously sucks but my initial thought is colvins injury is likely a 30 day injury…just speaking of having a sore back. Regarding the possibility of a fracture, I’d be shocked to say the least. Singleton’s injury doesn’t sound serious, but one never knows.

  13. “And if you decide to target my website with your bag of tricks, I will call my lawyer.”

    What’s the protocol on that? What’s a lawyer going to do? Serious question, I’m not a lawyer myself so I have no knowledge. How, legally, are you going to take action against an annoying poster?

    1. If I had to venture a guess, there was probably something going on in addition to the posts like spamming his inbox or even a directed hacker attack on the website server or something like that. Those things CAN be dealt with legally.

      1. That makes more sense. If you can take action legally against annoying posters, I was wondering why there weren’t more people sued!

        1. Unfortunately you can’t take legal action against morons or else he’d have been dealt with months ago.

  14. I was hoping for a Clearwater Championship this year, what is the likelyhood of our stacked A+ team keeping things together and then all moving forward at the same rate. I can only hope these injuries our prospects are getting are only minor and they can keep on track. Dom Brown as well, when can we get a brake!?!

    1. Phil, I would take a healthy season from everyone with good development over a championship but if both happen I won’t complain.

    2. Unfortunately injuries are part of all baseball seasons. Across the entire organization I think the Phillies need to be very careful with their top players (as every team should). That is also the reason why minor league depth is important.

      The Clearwater bullpen seems like a bunch of unknowns to me but maybe one of them makes a name for himself.

  15. I’m hearing that Adrian Alaniz will report to Clearwater from UT sources. That might mean he’s there to take Colvin’s spot for a while?

    1. The Nats released him sometime last week. Not really sure what happened with him since if you look at his stats he’s never really had a horrible season where he was putting up a 5 or 6 ERA. Guess they just figured he was never going to get to the big club. They put him back in A+ last year after he had 1 or 2 seasons at AA and he was 26… Now he’s 27.

  16. Based on what has been said, I don’t see a reason to be so glum on Colvin. His arm is healthy and he’ll likely be pitching again this season. I don’t consider this a black mark on his prospect status.

  17. Esposito started for Clearwater last year for a few games and did well. I would think he would go again to replace Colvin.

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