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The last remnants of the Bobby Abreu trade is now gone as 23 year old RHP Jesus Sanchez signed a minor league deal with the Milwaukee Brewers.  Similar to Yohan FLande, Sanchez was a member of the Phils 40 man roster until just recently and was removed to make room for potential acquisitions in the Rule 5 draft last week.  After a successful transition from Catcher, Sanchez has thrown very well on the mound going 9-7 with a 2.99 ERA in 23 starts for High A Clearwater last year.  This followed an impressive debut on the mound in 2009 when Sanchez went 10-6 with a 3.44 ERA in 26 starts in Lakewood.  Most impressive last season was a WHIP that stood at just 1.09. 

Losing Sanchez hurts a bit more than Flande at this stage in my opinion as it may be still too early to tell what the Phils had or didn’t have in Sanchez.  A young pitcher who flourished in the low levels of the minors, with excellent control and what appears to be a rubber arm is what Milwaukee may be getting.  While it is difficult to argue with the Phils brass recently, the plethora of organizational middle infielders on the 40 man would be a good area to consider cutting for a guy that may not have reached his mound potential as of yet.

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  1. Reposted from several minutes ago in the last thread: The reality of the Phillies system is that neither Flande nor Sanchez were among the better of the Phillies pitching prospects and neither had much, if any, chance of ever making the Phillies or providing much return in a trade. Whether there were others that we should have rather dropped from the 40 man is speculative, and I, too, feel that the Phillies’ talent evaluators have a better handle on that question than any of us. That being said, while I am not sorry to lose Flande, I am a bit sorry to lose Sanchez.

  2. Perhaps the Phillies felt he was crowded out and wanted to give playing time to other prospects. Interestingly Sanchez might rate high in the Brewers’ farm system. They are barren after the Greinke and Marcum trades.

  3. The phils should’ve made him the player to be named later in the mike sweeney trade. did the phils ever give anyone in that trade?

  4. This obviously sucks but Schwimmer/DeFratus/Hyatt/ are all better than Sanchez and all are closer to the majors than Sanchez.

  5. Sanchez is a guy that I’m willing to bet will pitch in the majors at some point. The Phillies don’t make many but they made a mistake on this one. To keep Bocock over Sanchez makes no sense. I’m sure the Phils tried to resign him but his agent smartly guided him to a team with less minor league pitching depth than the deep phillies. Good luck to Jesus.

  6. He posted solid walk rates, but the reality is, he didn’t miss enough bats to profile as a good middle reliever, and as a starter, its hard to see him as much more than Drew Carpenter or Kyle Kendrick. He might provide some value to a team like Milwaukee, but its unlikely he was going to provide much value for the Phillies. Middle infielders (even those who aren’t great) are tougher to find than dime a dozen 5th starters/swingmen.

  7. I used to get annoyed at moves like these, but the Phils brass (even going back to the annual Ed Wade “trade marginal minor league prosepcts for Turk Wendell” type moves) have rarely gotten burned on a minor leaguer turning out to be anything of substance. Five years ago, with no sustained success and a barren system, this move would be a real eye-raiser. At this point, the marginal difference between Sanchez and, say, Naylor is immaterial to the big club so if the front office values Naylor more, I’m not going to question it.

    I assume Bocock needs to stick until Rollins is proven healthy (and the minor wrist surgery two weeks back probably further necessitated keeping Bocock) as any delay in Jimmy being ready for the season leaves Valdez as your only experienced SS on the roster.

  8. Understandable move by the Phils. He was just a victim of the high number of pitchers ahead of him here. He might have a better shot in Milwaukee.
    The Abreu trade was a salary dump anyway that paid off for the Phils.

  9. I just started following the minors a little over a year ago so I have a question. Why Naylor over Sanchez? Sanchez’ numbers at Clearwater look much better than Naylor’s did at the same age. Why not give him a shot at Reading? What’s the difference in stuff?

    Thanks in advance.

  10. No one wishes we received more for Abreu and Lidle than me but they did get something from the trade. They got addition by subtraction. The team went 36-22 from Aug 1- October 2006. They were 49-55 at the time of the trade. They made a valiant run at a playoff spot. That was 2 years in a row that they just missed the playoffs.

    I had visions of putting Sanchez at #30 on my list but now he’s with the Brewers. Good luck, Jesus.

  11. Though Flande was about 9 months older than Sanchez when he was at Clearwater, their numbers there were similar. Look what happened to Flande when he hit AA ball. I agree that Sanchez may have a little more upside because of his lack of experience pitching relative to most minor league pitchers, but let’s not give him more credit than he deserves.

  12. Jesus Sanchez was a steady reliable pitcher who was instrumental in Lakewood’s winning their championship in 2009. I wish him well with the Brewers. I’ll bet we will see him in a year or so with the Brewers. It is a chance that would probably never have been possible with the Phillies and a gift to him. Good luck, Jesus.

  13. “Good luck, Jesus.”
    Sorry Puddnhead out of context it caught me eye.

    What is the roster at now? 39?

  14. Agree that Bocock is a waste. He has no options left. I guess he could sign a minor league deal elsewhere but after getting Riverio who is a no hit SS for AAA with options, Bocock was redundant. Now, with Martinez added he is really redundant. Hopefully, when Phils sign a vet lefty Bocock will be next to go.

    However, I guess it made sense to see if they could sneak Sanchez and Flande through prior to Rule V and then quickly re-sign them. Their agents instead wanted to test a new place which is probably a good idea for their clients.

    At the backend of the 40-man (after adding Rule 5 protected guys) I would have ranked them as least useful to most useful:
    Bocock, Naylor, Flande, Escalona, Carpenter, Sanchez who all only have one more option year. Then Rivero (two options), Zagurski, Herndon (three options).

    Sanchez had good stats and was new to pitching. I think that upside is worth more than the immediate need help of Escalona or Carpenter.

  15. Galvis, C Hernandez, Valdez, obviously all need to be on the 40. Bocock AND Rivero AND Martinez….incredibly redundant. I have been swayed a bit on Bocock having watched him a good deal over the last year. His defense is simply awesome. However, having three Rod Booker’s up the middle in the organization I just don’t understand. There is always a Juan Castro on the waiver wire. Sanchez’s upside simply hasn’t been determined based on two (very good years) on the hill.

  16. Jesus maybe the 15th-20th best pitcher in the organization. Maybe worse. No need to keep him. Phils throwing darts at middle infielders to see who sticks. Those who don’t will be sent packing. They want someone to step up and earn their spot as a utility infielder. A year from now, no one will be talking about Jesus.

  17. May not matter much in the big picture, but releasing Sanchez in order to sign a utility infielder (Martinez) in the Rule 5 draft makes no sense to me.

  18. It is my guess that Jesus Enrique Sanchez’s biggest statistical minus is his size: Height: 5′ 11″, Weight: 160 lb. The Phillies like big pitchers.

  19. Just a word on Bocock. Post-ASB he hit .288 with an OPS of .801 and 9 SB in 160 ABs at AAA. Aberration or did he figure something out? I am not in a position to say, but possibly the Phillies minor league staff/scouts saw something.

  20. Reason for keeping Bocock over Sanchez is simple. Bocock has value by showing that he can play at the ML level at least defensively while Sanchez was putting up decent numbers in A-ball.

    If Sanchez had some outstanding ability (Velocity, dominant off-speed pitch, etc.) it would be a different story but by all accounts he is a smallish pitcher with average stuff. The Phillies have at least a dozen guys who are ahead of him both developmentally and physically and all of those guys won’t be making it to the majors either.

    I wish Sanchez the best of luck in pursuing his dream but he is a long-shot…

  21. Sanchez isn’t much like Flande–Flande is a soft-tosser, and Sanchez has a hard (91-93 mph) sinker. Think Kyle Kendrick but much shorter. Sanchez loss isn’t a disaster, but he’s better than a couple of guys on the roster, specifically Martinez. A small roster management mistake IMHO.

    In terms of the “addition by subtraction” mentioned above in connection with Lidle and Abreu, it’s been discussed many times, but the reasoning is flawed. Look up “post hoc fallacy”.

  22. Sanchez will definitely pitch in the majors in the next few years although I agree he won’t be a star, just another middle relief arm. The Phils tried to sneak him through and resign him but the agent did the right thing and got him into an organization where he’ll have much more opportunity. I guess the Phils needed to keep Bocock and the other middle infielder because they both only have one option. The thinking being that in the event of a short term injury, Bocock would be called up but then have to be released and resigned to get him back to LHV and that would have some risk at retaining him. Martinez is just a flyer and odds are that he’ll be returned at the end of ST.

  23. Jesus- Like said above listed at 5’11 160, which is probably his age 16 line, and may be bigger now, but not by much. Also not a big strikeout guy, looked at it the other day and it was around 1/2 to 3/4 per inning, so a long shot for big relief future. Good luck to Jesus.
    Naylor- I believe Naylor had the most Innings Pitched of any minor leaguer. The guys who pitch the most tend to have the confidence of minor league staff, and have been durable and reliable. Although Joe Savery was atop the list the year before, and somewhere around 10th even last season, so let’s see what develops there.
    SS’s are far more valuable than middle relief prospects, even as a field proficient -bat scuffler. They have some good fielders , who, given the wealth of hitting instruction in the organization, if they can be brought up to the level of hitting prowess, can be invaluable. As said above, Bocock improved toward the end of last minor league season. Middle Infield for Spring Training as it is now: Utley , Rollins, Valdez, Mike Martinez,Brian Bocock, Harold Garcia, Carlos Rivero, Freddy Galvis, Caesar Hernandez, and 3 Non-Roster Invitees who also play other positions Pete Orr, Josh Barfield, and Robb Quinlan. So that’s 9 on roster and 3 candidates. Better than A level relief candidates for these roster spots, I think so.

  24. If Sanchez threw a hard sinker at 91-93 (they’re not common) he’d be a very good prospect and pitching in at least AA. But I recall seeing reports of good control (low WHIP in Low A), topping out at 90. Anyway, I think we are overvaluing someone who was once in our system. I hope I am wrong, and wish him the best, but it won’t surprise me if he never pitches in the majors.

  25. Bocock is important because of the complete dearth of legit SS in our system in case of injuries on the MLB club. If Jroll goes down again (like he has the last couple seasons) Valdez is the starter and Bocock is the backup at this point.

    Martinez can spot start at SS but he’s more of a 2B really…and he’s a Rule 5 so there’s no real guarantee he’ll be on the roster.

  26. I think it makes sense to release Sanchez and draft Martinez. I would rather have Sanchez but if Utley or Rollins gets hurt in ST, Valdez will start and either Martinez or Bocock will take the place of Valdez. If Valdez gets hurt in ST, Martinez or Bocock will take his place. I think that Bocock was the only major league ready player before they drafted Martinez. Now they have two major league ready players in case somebody gets hurt.

  27. Also, Bocock is a fantastic defender and he had a great 2nd half…perhaps he could be a Valdez level player in a couple years or even next year.

  28. If the phillies would of offered flande and sanchez to Washington for Martinez u think they woulda took that deal? After st there is a possibility Martinez gets returned and the phils have nothing. This makes no sense to me. All three players are not anything special but what’s going on??????

  29. I was sorry to see this happen; I was still hoping that we could sneak in 1 player of major league value from the Abreu trade

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