40 man roster decisions; Spring Training Invites

The Phils have added Justin DeFratus, Freddy Galvis, Harold Garcia, Cesar Hernandez, and Matt Rizzotti to the 40 man roster, thus protecting them from potential exposure in the Rule 5 draft.

Notably left off: Joe Savery, D’Arby Myers and Chris Kissock.

The Phils have also invited several non roster players to Spring Training.  They are as follows: Josh Barfield, Eddie Bonine, Tagg Bozied, Ryan Feireabend, Erik Kratz, Jeff Larish, Dan Meyer, Matt Miller, Brandon Moss, Pete Orr, Juan Perez, and Dane Sardinha.  Some brief comments on those players who are new to the organization and weren’t previously mentioned over the past week or two…

Josh Barfield, is soon to be 28, and was the Padres 4th round selection in the 2001 draft.  After spending the first several years of his career in the Padres organization, he was traded to Cleveland where he spent the last three seasons.  Barfield has over 1000 major league AB’s, and has a major league line of .264/.295/.375 with 16 HR 112 RBI and decent speed.   Barfield plays both 2B and 3B and spent most of last season at AAA Portland hitting .294/.325/.400 in 265 AB’s, with 5 HR and 36 RBI to go along with 4 SB’s.

Ryan Feierabend, 25, is a LHP that was drafted by Seattle in the 3rd round of the 2003 draft.  After missing 2009 following TOmmy John Surgery, Feireabend spent 2010 across three levels of the Seattle system, throwing over 120 innings as a starter.

Brandon Moss, 27, is an OF, originally drafted by the Red Sox in 2002.  Moss has seen major league time in 4 separate seasons, most recently with the Pirates last year.  Moss spent most of 2010 with Indianapolis (AAA) in the Pirates organization, hitting .266/.330/.470 with 22 HR and 96 RBI in 500 AB’s to go along with 12 stolen bases.

Juan Perez, 32, is a LHP who threw in the Dodgers organization last season.  Perez was 4-3 with a 2.96 ERA at AAA Albuquereque, appearing in 45 games, all in relief.  Perez had a solid 1.27 WHIP in his 45.2 innings of work.  Perez also saw some major league time with the Pirates in 2006 and 2007.

Matt Miller, OF, soon to be 28, was the Rockies 13th round pick in the 2004 draft.  He spent last season at AAA Colorado Springs, hitting .325/.404/.436 in 507 AB’s with 10 HR and 81 RBI.  Miller has spent his entire career in the Rockies system and has hit .313 working his way through the system.

65 thoughts on “40 man roster decisions; Spring Training Invites

  1. I agree with those choices, exactly what I would have done. Don’t see any of the three left off as sticking on a 25 man roster while the others potentially could have.

  2. Well deserved for all! Rizzotti, goes to show hard work in the off-season can really pay off…

  3. I agree with the moves as well. Couldn’t believe they had to think about Rizzotti. I think he could have good value in the future if he keeps up his hitting.

  4. 39 Total including Brian Bocock, so 38 leaving 1 Spot for an Outfielder, and 1 Spot for a Free Agent Reliever.

  5. I got 40 guys on the 40 man roster with 11 of them…that’s right 11….being infielders. There’s no freakin way they’ll go into the season w/ Bocock, Valdez, Galvis, Hernandez, and Rivero all on the 40 man roster. I’m betting after the rule 5 draft we see some guys get dropped. Maybe even some pitchers (Naylor, Escalona, Flande).

  6. Not sure I understand why Hernandez needed to be protected-not questioning it, just need a clarification from someone..thanks

  7. philly jamaal –

    That’s exactly what I am thinking except. Cause Bastardo and Zagurski aren’t going to be our first 2 options from the left side out of the pen.

  8. I was very curious what the Phillies would do with an older playoff team that needs roster spots for injury but also wants to keep as much depth as possible.

    Really no doubt about DeFratus (high level prospect), Garcia (infield depth, likely backup but has speed), Rizzotti (unkown projection, he raked at AA and would easily stick as a bench bat on a lesser AL team) and Galvis (slick fielding backup INF). I was hoping Galvis would not need to be protected, something about signing at age 16.

    Disagree with need to protect Hernandez as other noted in thread. He was in Rookie Ball last season and the Phillies are concerned he is going to stick at the Major League level? Phillies had the same situation with H.Garcia last year (and did not protecct him). Garcia had played full season ball but was older for his level despite his performance. Granted that middle infielders with speed and lefty bullpen arms are the most likely RuleV options, this still seems like a huge stretch and will eat up a roster spot all season long.

    Savery has not shown anything to think he will be an above average pitcher and is not worth the unknown risk as a hitter — likely stuck at 1B with way more questions than Rizzotti.
    Kissock could be a Herndon type for another team. Not worth holding a spot for him, plus Phillies could make $25K.
    Kennelly could be an interesting pickup as a bench guy for an NL team.

    Bocock, Escalona, Flande, and Naylor are likely drops from 40-man. Appears Phils do not plan to draft a Rule V player.

  9. I like the signing of Moss, Barfield an Feierabend. They were all top, top prospects at one time and who knows, especially Barfield. 5 years ago he was thought higher than Utley.

  10. I love the signing of Barfield and Moss. Both could seriously challenge for attention in ST. Hopefully, they’ll stick around even if they don’t make the roster. Barfield is a better player than Orr although not as versatile and I could see Moss as a power hitting pinch hitter if they could get the outfield squared away. I wasn’t aware they had to protect Cesar but if he needs to be, he’s automatic to me. He absolutely would have been chosen by a 2nd division team and stored for a year. He’s a 20 yr old (still very young) who showed an awful lot of ability last year and has good speed.

  11. What in the world is Kissock doing exposed when Bocock, Escalona, Flande, and Naylor are still on the 40 man roster. Not one of them would be in danger of being taken in the Rule 5. Amazing. And if by chance they were taken, so freaking what? Kissock appears to have more potential than any of them. Is there some magic in Bocock that we simply failed to recognize last season?

    I know the Phils are probably on top of all this. But I remember them losing Jorge Bell at a time when there was a lot of meh on the roster who could have been dropped. It just doesn’t make sense to keep marginal minor leaguers on the roster when you actually have a potential major leaguer, which none of those guys are.

  12. Would you take Billy Rowell with a Rule 5 pick this year. I know he is a long way away but he has to be better then Greg Dobbs, he is much cheaper and is a much better prospect.

  13. Vincent I ask people about him before . people who saw him tell me he will never hit,overated player.Cant hit breaking ball. They couldnt understand how he got drafted so high.

  14. Kissock had a good 2010 and AFL. I wouldn’t even say he is a top 5 relief prospect for the Phils. He is going to be 26 at the start of the season and pitching AA. Some of the names like Flande and Escolona stay (because they are lefty), Naylor (might be needed for an emergency start), and Bocock (you saw the injuries to the infield in 2010). I hope he stays to build off of last season. I think what made Monasterios attractive last year was that he could start and relieve for the Dodgers.

  15. Kissock is organizational filler. Maybe he makes the majors as a middle reliever but he’s hardly a guy you sweat.

  16. I have no problem with the 40 man – it’s really doubtful anyone will select Savery at this point, DeFratus has become a stud, and the Rizotti decision shows that the Phils have determined that he has some value – likely as a trading chip to second division team, but a trading chip nonetheless.

    – Jeff

  17. I think it would have been dumb for the phillies to protect Kissock because they never would use him. They have guys like Mathieson, De Fratus, Schwimer, and Stutes so they never would even use him. Flande could be like a Bastardo type and Naylor could make a start if he was ever needed. Also, I think that Bocock should be protected because if Valdez gets hurt, he would be the next guy to get called up.

  18. I understand that Kissock is not going to be s star, but we’ve seen a lot of Bocock at AAA and a very little in the majors. Is everyone here telling me there aren’t two dozen guys floating around who can replace Bocock, rather than having him take up a 40 man roster spot? Would someone actually be willing to keep Bocock on their major league roster for an entire season? What team would that be?
    He is the classic guy you do not have to protect because he is never going to be taken in the Rule 5. Kissock is the kind of guy who may be taken. Not going to be a star, but cold be a cheap middle reliever.

    I am not going to cry if someone grabs Kissock, but it just doesn’t make much sense to me.

  19. Not saying I would ever do it. Some team is going to over pay him and the phillies would never be that team, nor should they. Trade would no doubt wipe away more than a couple top prospects.

  20. Well Bocock must have been at least an isurance policy, because he was recalled last season when injuries started piling up. And the system is not exactly overwhelmed with MLB ready talent, especially at SS. Bocock can’t hit, but his fielding can help a big league club, in an injury situation. Plus he is young, and has MLB experience.
    On Billy Rowell, the difference between him and Dobbs, is that Dobbs has done it at the MLB level, where Rowell can’t get out of A ball. Rowell would be a Clearwater player most likely, nothing more at this point. He has struggled with the bat, especially his power numbers. Big guy, but not much power.

  21. I think the phils will sign zack duke to a minor league deal with an invite to st. cholly likes him. he picked him as an nl allstar in 09.

  22. I think they will try to sign Duke but he will likely go somewhere with a stronger chance to be guaranteed starts and possibly an MLB deal.

  23. i would love a zack duke signing…to compete with worley and kendrick…would also like to see blanton moved so worley has a better chance…also love the barfield and moss signings…i see they are giving Sandberg some bullets…LV deserves it for their GREAT attendance!!

  24. I’ve been looking at some winter league stats to see how Domonic Brown is doing. He was supposed to have been sent down there Nov. 15th. Apparently he hasn’t had a single at-bat yet. For some reason he’s riding the pine. I understand that he’s not in baseball shape at this point.

  25. Flande will never be a Bastardo type—–no fastball at all—saw him 3 times last year and he never hit 90 while I was watching. He pitches behind in the count on a consistant basis. Bastardo has a good fastball but needs to get the slider over more often before hitters will begin to swing at it.

  26. What would it take to get michael taylor back from the a’s? have they soured on him enough to get him back cheaply?

  27. Barfield could be next year’s Valdez….ie, the guy that surprises everyone and gets 200 ABs.

    Though Valdez got nearly 400 PA (nearly as many as Rollins actually).

  28. The Phils did sign/invite some interesting names for next year. I definately like Barfield. I think Larish, Orr, and Moss are all upgrades from LHV roster.

  29. I agree….Larish, Orr, and Moss are all legitimately good AAA players. Add in guys like Bozied and Rizzotti and the ‘Pigs should have a solid lineup for the first time in their history.

  30. So here’s an interesting question based on the number of fans on the “Bring back Michael Taylor” push…assuming those fans are saying that because they think he could be a RH OF that platoons at the MLB level, who puts up the best numbers next year in that capacity if given equal opportunity – Francisco, Mayberry, or Taylor? I personally think Francisco by a significant margin, and I think Mayberry at this point would outperform Taylor, although Taylor probably has a bigger upside at this point than Mayberry and possibly Francisco as well.

  31. Couple things on these signings….1) have to think the opportunity the Phils gave Valdez is part of their sales pitch to some of the better minor league free agents because this seems to be a much higher caliber level of players than we’ve signed in the past. And 2) as minor league prospects – like our young relievers – advance through the system it is really much better for their development to be playing on good teams that are in playoff races. Even though they say woinning doesn’t matter in the minors it doesn’t hurt to be more competitive so that young players expect and value winning early in their career.

  32. Does anyone see a Keith Moreland-Rizzotti comparison. Strong bat, no real position, but the type of player who can fill in when the team needs and offensive lift.

    I’m hoping that the 2011 Phillies can do what the 1980 Phillies team did—reach down and get some complimentary young players (Lonnie Smith, Moreland, Bob Walk, Kevin Saucier) who can push vets for playing time.

  33. As to why Brown hasn’t started to play yet, I read somewhere that his coach is somehow involved in the mets organization. Whether or not this is the actual reason is up for debate.

  34. I’m hoping what the Phils do is very careful on their spending this off season and start the year giving some young guys a chance at the big league level – Francisco, Mayberry, Bastardo, Mathieson, Worley, DeFratus – at least 3 or 4 of the above and they might catch lightning in a bottle with 1 or 2. If not, they’ll have the money for mid season trades in areas of need.

  35. I like Zach Duke as a Chad Durbin type option. Give him a shot at the # 5 spot in the rotation with Worley and Kendrick. Worst case, make him into a middle reliever. Maybe he proves some value and proves Blanton expendable after next year. Either way, can’t help but see value.

    LA Phils Phan: I have posted in the past about getting Michael Taylor back to the Phillies. He is major league ready and would fit in well in this lineup. Almost a Polanco type contact hitter with speed and will develop a home run swing in due time. Mayberry is lost in my opinion and has been given many chances to prove value. I am not sure what the A’s think if Taylor enough to know whether his numbers will be better than Francisco next year. It seems like many of the former phillies prospects have not adjusted to the trades. But I felt that Taylor was ready last year for the majors.

  36. I’m not sure I’m that high on him considering the Phils knew this was coming – need for young RH OF bat and they were unwavering in their desire to keep Brown over Taylor. You’d think if the two were anywhere near comparable in their eyes, they would have kept Taylor. I happen to think Brown will be a real good player but even he has some room for improvement before he’s an everyday player in the bigs. Point isn’t that I think you’re wrong but don’t think the Phils believe in him as much as others.

  37. Last few scouting reports I’ve read on Michael Taylor haven’t been positive. I don’t know why you’d sell high on a player and then want him back when he falters.

    Zack Duke is a bad idea as well. His strikeout rate has always been awful. He frankly only had one year in the last four where he wasn’t terrible. He allowed 25 home runs in 159 innings last year, and that’s in one of the better pitching parks in the majors. Why would you want him?

  38. Anyone could see the A’s tried to revamp MT. I would take him back in an Oakland moment. Interestingly he seemed to adapt to the 2 hole. Hardly conventional but whatever works.

    Glad to see the Riz on the 40.

  39. If barfield gets 200 pa’s that would not be a good thing b/c there would be another rash of injuries to our infield that we don’t need. Moreland played some 3b and of in the majors i don’t think rizz knows where 3b is defensively. that minor league system the phils had in the 70’s and early 80’s was stacked.

  40. I don’t know that I agree Mayberry has been given many chances to prove his value. He has never gotten an opportunity to play on even a platoon basis in the big leagues. I’m not saying the Phils should be the team to give him that chance based on our other players and resources, but I don’t think its fair to say he’s been given opportunities.

  41. Mayberry hasn’t earned a spot in the major leagues. By that logic, 80% of AAA hasn’t been given an opportunity to prove themselves in the majors either.

  42. akphilly…they didn’t have to “protect” Bocock. He was already on the 40-man roster, so the rules for him are a bit different. If somebody is selected as part of the Rule-5, then they must be kept on the 40-man roster all season. Since Bocock was already on the 40-man roster, he would need to be designated for assignment and another team could sign him to their 40-man roster and then immediately option him to the minors. The chances of that happening are MUCH higher than somebody signing Kissock and keeping him on the 25-man roster all season.

  43. Mayberry has certainly shown the ability to hit the fastball and lefthanders in general. Unlike 80 percent of AAA he has superior skills but has not shown the patience and intensity needed to develop consistant output. On the major league level he has smoked some ball as well as anybody could. He is certainly a better fielder than Francisco although he has loafed a few times.

  44. ****He is certainly a better fielder than Francisco although he has loafed a few times.****

    My scottish terrier is a better fielder than Francisco…just sayin’. Francisco is brutal in the outfield. No instincts, terrible routes, poor arm.

  45. I don’t see where Mayberry has the ability. He’s been in AAA three years and to this point he’s a corner outfielder with a .263 batting average and .325 OBP at that level. Last year he slugged .412. That is not going to cut it from that position. Ben Francisco by comparison hit .292 in AAA and had a .358 OBP.

    The bottom line is that Mayberry’s output is below MLB standards for an MLB outfielder.

  46. Unfortunately you are correct Alan–Mayberry has not produced at the triple A level but he does have ability and clearly has Francisco beat in 4 of the 5 skill categories:arm,speed,glove and power but he does flail at breaking balls out of the zone. Charlie will see once again if he can teach him some patience this spring.
    I cannot bring myself to believe that we would have an outfield of Francisco,Victorino and Ibanez. That will be as Nepp says “brutal” and fly balls an absolute adventure.

  47. Let’s hope Mayberry is open to Charlie’s instruction and can parlay that with his athleticism to finally hit the breaking ball. Isn’t he nearing that magical age of 27 when the light goes on for a lot of players?

  48. In my quite uninformed experience, people rave about the depth and quality of the minor league players on the Dodgers, Rays and Red Sox. Are there quality players there that anyone knows of that jump out as possible selections?

  49. Not sure if this has come up anywhere, but the Hot Stove Tracker on the Phillies Website indicates the team has signed free agent catcher Kevin Cash to a minor-league contract. The 33-year-old Cash has a reputation of being a great handler of young pitchers and has 641 at bats in part of seven big-league seasons with the Blue Jays, Devil Rays (back in 2005), Yankees and Red Sox.
    I guess it could mean two veteran catchers at Lehigh Valley in Cash and Erik Kratz or perhaps one goes to Reading to help groom some of the pitching talent there.

  50. This probably fits best here. Tonight is the deadline to tender contracts to arb-eligible players. So we’ll have our answer as to whether or not Kyle Kendrick remains with the club.

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