Daily Archives: November 21, 2010

Scheduling updates

Hi everyone. I wanted to give a quick update as to my thought process going forward. The Rule 5 draft is December 9th, and my plan is to start the Reader Top 30 the next day. We’ll do one per day or so during the week. Factor in Christmas and stuff, and we’ll finish sometime in the middle of January. After we finish the Reader Top 30, I’ll unveil my top 30, in detail, and thanks to a suggestion in the comments, I’ll go one spot at a time. With each writeup, I’ll also include a poll question about the prospect, which should hopefully fuel more discussion. In the meantime, I plan on writing a few pieces, and I need to start collecting the data to plug into my spreadsheets to calculate the SONAR scores for 2010. So, look for more articles from me in the coming weeks/months, as well as the start of the Reader Top 30 and then a new approach to my Top 30. As always, thanks for reading!